4-23-12 Hoover Dam expected to be the next 9/11

Update: 5-18-2012    Major Event Prediction Countdown is 2 days away

Update: 6-10-2012   Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam

Update: 9-10-2012   A Stargate Is Born

Update:12-26-2012 Star Wars Unmasked

Hitler was born on April 20 and the British Petroleum Oil Spill’s elite sponsored sabotage blew their wad on the same day exactly two calendar years ago. But, the Hoover Dam isn’t going anywhere this month. It’s speculated that other events of a variety of sorts that are being mulled around the curious minds of the alternative news research groups as well as the ‘what if this then that’ crowd. Hoover Dam exhibits a multitude of symbolic references offering clues as to an impending action that could be taken by the powers that be. The overall construction of the dam, the sculptures, and placement of the art is significant.

If total chaos is indeed their aim, then obliterating the water supply as noted by the recent disappearance of all the water from a huge natural water aquifer in the Shasta Mountain region is eminent. But, it’s not stealing the water from Lake Mead they want.. the water would be used to lubricate a fault line area east of the San Andreas. This could be accomplished similarly as seen executed during the rainy season within the Mississippi River basin.

Hoover Dam (in composite image below) prior to shutting the river bypass system. The completed structure clearly exhibits the symbolic 11 11 towers flanking the north sides of the dam.  The numbers 9 and 11 predate the keypad combination on telephones for use when calling emergency services. 911 is a sequence of numbers that identify the alien human genetics program as well as the symbolic destruction and renewal, or rebirth, of this new world.  The number nine (9) stands for the 9th Ray Isolate (Bluebeam) disclosed in the film John Carter which really refers to the 9th strand DNA transhumanism/genomics.

The number 11 stands for the twin angels seen especially at Hoover Dam, the New York Trade Center Towers, and so forth.  Wherever there are these twin structures, there is the possibility that they are earmarked for destruction.  The 11 means a gate that ‘splits’ like cracking the genomic code.. a duality.  The arch means passage through and rebirthing of the New Man perhaps.  I’m still not clear.  

Pictured above is The Canadian National Vimy Memorial is one of Canada’s most important overseas war memorials.  It was constructed as the national memorial for those Canadians who gave their lives in the First World War.  It’s located in France, on the site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The memorial stands atop Hill 145, near the towns of Vimy and Givenchy-en-Gohelle.  France deemed the area surrounding the monument, about 1 km², to be Canadian territory in 1922, as an expression of gratitude to the Canadian people for their sacrifice during the war and for capturing Vimy Ridge in April 1917. Click the image to view the detail.

An older vs a new $50.00 bill represents Hoover Dam before and after a breach with a spilling over of its water “Birth of a new race”.The nuclear power plant in San Diego has been shut down since October of last year and in lieu of the Fukushima Diaitsu catastrophe, apparently inflicted by Israel as a false flag operation, it is quite possible that an excuse for breaching Arizona’s constructional wonder is possible. As we have seen with the controlled demolition by extra ordinary energy weapons upon New York’s trade center buildings over ten years ago, the Hoover Dam is nothing more than an easy target.

Why would this happen? The recent exodus by world scientists from Encenada last July is one clue. They secretly debated about plans that had been made to initiate earthquakes in Baja that would severely cripple and kill residents of Encenada Mexico on the Baja Peninsula. They were aware two years previously that technicians warned of plans that HAARP would be implemented as the catalyst that triggers earth changing events there.

Often we experience the invitation prior to the event that occurs by watching Hollywood films. The film Dam 999 has its story to tell and it may be a preview to the real destruction of Hoover Dam. The fifty dollar bill may be the mimicked Trade Center Towers featured on the twenty dollar bills folded the same way.


The Washington Monument when viewed directly from above maintains the exact same configuration that Hoover Dam was architecturally designed to emulate.  The pattern you see below includes a 120 degree 1/3 arc slice of a circle.  The roadway and landmarks carbon copy the water intake towers and their bridge paths of the dam.

A fundamental pattern is repeated architecturally & in the art

The outstretched hands hold both sides of the chromosome makeup of a human being. When merged, they foster the birth of a “Newman”. This New-hu-man race is a result of the New World Order design for a transgenic being that will be used for the continued program of slavery, deception, and obedience to the New Order of gods, namely, the global elites. The infamous 11 11 is also represented in sculptor Oskar Hansen’s the dual angel statues “Winged Figures of the Republic” at Hoover Dam. Similar ‘duality’ angels are represented world wide.

Oskar Hansen new something about geometry and occult symbolism.  Actually, he knew a lot.

The sculptor, Oskar J. W. Hansen, rose from a Private to Major in the US Army. It was noted that ‘he was esoteric, almost dealing with the occult, but very spiritual and his ‘near-death experience’ changed his philosophy of life’. From one of Hansen’s speeches in 1928, he expressed that affinity to the occult by saying:  “Man has always sought to express and preserve the magnitude of his exploits in symbols. The written words are symbols arranged so as to preserve in objectified form the thought of man and to record his variant states, both mental and physical. All other arts are similar as to their symbolic significance. They take their place among the category of human endeavor simply as the interpreter of life to itself. They serve as an outer object typifying the inner process. They form the connecting link between the spiritual and the material world. They are the shadows cast by the realities of the soul.”

Credit goes to Jonathan Kleck for originating the symbolic relationship between the Occultic subtext ‘rebirthing of the newman’.  Kleck claims that the upper torso configuration of the sculptured memorial that dedicates the men who died during the construction of the dam is suggestive of the female reproductive system.  And that’s it.  He stopped there.

Destroying Hoover Dam.. are there three smoking guns?

Symbols of the occult can be diagrammed, plotted, and decoded. The art of the occult follows a geometrical pattern usually as a framework of the genetic code and when comparing the figure in his relief sculpture to the Satanic goat symbol, there is a striking formula that was adhered to.

Symbolic assumptions aside, it is important that we become aware of what may happen this year 2012. If Kleck is correct in his prediction that Hoover Dam will be destroyed in November, then it will have happened one week after the presidential elections.  If for some reason the elections do not go the way as planned, then it would make sense that martial law, if not already implemented, would become a reality one month prior to the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012. November 11.  By then, it may so happen that Washington will have relocated to the Denver Airport in Colorado.

The O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bypass Bridge was completed in October of 2012.  Dam(n) it! And, it’s right smack dab in our face.

This bridge spans Black Canyon between Nevada and Arizona and is positioned 1,500 feet south of the Dam. It is almost 1,000 feet above the river as well as far above the surface of lake Mead and the dam. Hoover Dam, incidentally, is a serviceable preexisting bridge that has adequately allowed passage of extra wide cargo. For what reason a four lane width was necessary is explained with nonsensical rationale.

O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bypass Bridge 2010 under construction.  Highway 93 to the bridge has been designated a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) route. The increasing congestion caused by the switchbacks leading to the Hoover Dam site and the restrictions at the dam crossing, they claim, have led to the development of the Hoover Bypass Project.

After the Trade Tower saga of 2001, commercial vehicles including not only big rig trucks, but passenger buses were routed through Bullhead City for ‘safety reasons’ concerning what.. a possible attack on Hoover Dam? This was the ‘set-up’ matter of concern that would eventually set up the need for a bypass bridge within ten years in preparation for this speculated event.

A second peculiarity comes to the surface concerning minor earth movements dangerously near Hoover Dam.

James Smith, a concerned citizen, inquired with the USGS Event Notification Service asking for email notifications for every earthquake that would register greater than 2.0 on the Richter scale. He did this after the March 2011 Fukushima event and was thereafter in receipt of earthquake information until

September 28, 2011. After seven months there had been sixty six movements that registered at least a 2.0 near the vicinity of Hoover Dam.

The movements, he found, had occurred after 6:00 am in the morning, but never after 9:00 pm Arizona/Nevada time. He noted that measurements never were logged in on Sundays, but on rare instances on Saturdays. This would appear to be an odd, and yet realistic coincidence. One would wonder what the odds are that a Tuesday during three quarters of a year had no recorded Richter scale readings.

The third smoking gun

came to being on April 26, 2012 added as an update further.  Scroll down this post to view.

Ladies and gentlemen, really, it is unnecessary at this point to theorize or argue. There are no valid points of contention as to why this expensive and well planned redundancy was built. They could have somehow added lanes to Hoover dam.. Modern engineering is capable. We’ve been deceived so often that to THINK we’re told the entire truth now is, well, just a waste of time.

Militia Watch: Arizona Mexican border

In the March 31, 2012 edition of the SNC, I covered the potential of the increased Arizona border’s militia. There was a legislative move to expand a mass border territory in an acquisition for a government’s logistical ‘Safety Zone’. The British Royal Air Force practiced for an entire month as they do every year under ‘Operation Snowbird’ within this multimillion acre territory.

Brian Bennett reports on April 18, 2012, that the Pentagon began flying military helicopters and surveillance planes over the U.S. Border with Mexico in March of this year as part of an effort to withdraw all but 300 of the National Guard ground troops who have helped patrol the rugged border in Texas since mid-2010.

Brian J. Lepore, a director at the U.S. Government and Accountability Office, told a House homeland security subcommittee hearing that the 19-month deployment of 1,200 National Guard troops on the southwest border has hurt recruiting efforts and threatened to strain diplomatic relations with Mexico. What this actually means is that they need an excuse to swap the Guard with military personnel.

Operation River Watch II employed 12 Blackhawk helicopters and several surveillance planes to patrol the Rio Grande to analyze smuggling routes in command centers miles from the border. This is the American drug cartel in competition with south of the border drug traders.

The Obama administration deployed the National Guard to build access roads for border patrols and to help spot smugglers (the competition) while the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol hired an additional 1,200 agents.. a building of a border military in disguise. Further use of National Guard troops..

..could create a perception of a militarized U.S. border with Mexico. We need to have a long-term vision and whole-of-government approach to securing the southwest border that will replace the ad hoc application of resources that has, to date, epitomized our approach to border security..” said subcommittee chair on border and maritime security, Candice Miller.

Meanwhile, an alert by a USGS contractor insider that ‘police state armored’ vehicles are being railed into Arizona further reinforcing the theory that the National Guard is being replaced, and that support is not being reduced.

An estimated 900 of the National guard’s troops responsible for the construction and the also the crew that groomed the territory with roads and structures to help create a militarized outpost are now being disengaged from border service. This outpost expands the entire Mexican USA terrestrial border line under Maritime oversight. What sense does that make if they are there to protect our border? Answer: All the sense in the World when military is involved.

Maritime law under globalist planning thought-line follows that water, under the guise of marine law, will be physically manifested through ‘terraforming’. This is how it is possible for the release of water at Hoover Dam to widen the Colorado River, earthquakes that may separate the California/Baja/Arizona land masses, and preparation of a Littoral Class of warships are being developed for the Navy becomes a reality. One of these shoreline battle ships was recently named The USS Gabrielle Giffords, a fallen Arizona legislator. Giffords never addressed her constituents, however, she was always present at military functions even through 2011’s holidays venues only concerning our military personnel.

Update: April 26, 2012
The original post of the Hoover Dam story is intended to share the geological history of the southwest with regard to earthquakes, but I elected not to at the time of post.  In light of new seemingly plausible testimony, which I think to be partial disinformation, from a Douglas informant, I’d like to posture an added conspiracy.

Normally I don’t place additional information if it has no real support to back it.  To mention that an earthquake that shook the town of Douglas, Arizona in 1887 would be material that distracts from the issue at hand.  But, on April 26, however, I received information that may lend credibility to the conspiracy against Hoover Dam.  And if not Hoover Dam, the incredible occurrences of quakes recently to affect Mexico which includes the most current one in Baja could be answered.

Historically, the area south of Douglas, Arizona experienced a major earthquake in the late 1800’s.  This earthquake was a rare one and it is unknown when another would shake the earth.  It does indicate that there is a sensitive fault line east of the San Andreas fault plane.  A scheme that attaches terrorists (as always doe and raises red flags in my mind) to a defense from nuclear attack could very well be one, but this incident is not an act of terrorists from a waring country as we’re lead to believe.

No name is offered to the letter that follows, however this current ‘Nuclear terrorism scare’ activity is highly probable.  It follows a more probable paradigm than the one disclosed publicly through the alternative news pundits.  The charade is cloaked in secrecy — most possibly riddled with deception as to what is actually occurring.

This news comes to us in the form of what I believe to be disinformation when it is actually the real action in disguise.  It is a planted propagandized twist related to terrorism in order to hide a secret society action in PLAIN SIGHT.  This source claiming to be a law enforcement officer in the Douglas area of Arizona whistle blows details to ensure that the recipient receives the notice.  It is explained in his/her letter below:

April 26, 2012

Steve [Quayle],

On Saturday 04/21/2012, there was major activity along the border at Douglas, Arizona. I personally witnessed approx 20 civilian vehicles pulled over (approx 1 mile from the border heading towards Tombstone), many were high speed chases. In addition, approx 30 Border Patrol vehicles were traveling in a convoy towards to Mexican border.

Monday, I heard an interview with a San Diego reporter and Border Patrol agent, asking about this activity. The BP Agent stated they were looking for weapons of “mass affect?” I’m sure you heard this interview? When asked for further clarification, he said “nuclear devices.”

Didn’t Iran just threaten to set off nukes in several American cities if they were attacked?

You probably already heard this, just wanted to make sure.


I find the letter difficult to accept as authentic because it would be a law enforcement officer who is interested would find out for certain and not as hearsay.  Radio police scanner witnesses are credible. It could be a simple cover story for an operation whereby a nuclear device is secretly, but in plain view, planted into the fault area.  This would give the shadow government the major earthquake they’re expecting to produce to create a precedence for martial law and the closure of the border.

And you thought this police person of sorts was being genuine!  He/she may have been an unwitting pawn allowed to express a valid thought.. I’ve seen it demonstrated on several alternative news venues.  Beneath the globalist counter intelligence program, a clever one it is, is the careful control of the system of deception and their ability to disseminate it successfully.    All of these apparent disclosures are intended to infiltrate the alternative news arenas to keep the reality from making sense.

Thank goodness for you all, Sheldon in particular, for sending me the Quayle report. If I don’t get this information, I can’t diagram the blueprint in my mind.  So, thanks to everyone helping to feed the whatever it is in whatever form it is in my way.

Update: 5-18-2012    Major Event Prediction Countdown is 2 days away

Update: 6-10-2012    Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam

Update: 9-10-2012    A Stargate Is Born

Update:12-26-2012   Star Wars Unmasked



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    realnuz: It took some time and some theoretical guesses before I found the ultimate conspiracy that Hoover Dam may be retrofitted into a Stargate. To do what I do, I have to debunk my very own theories. The others don’t.

    You can read A Stargate Is born and also Starwars Unmasked for the final resolve on study/investigation. I suggest that you don’t make cryptic comments for the reason revolve is a word out of context unless you meant resolve and scrawled has no meaning unless you intended to say that everyone’s talking about Jonathan Kleck’s theory. I started with his notion, but ended up realizing what 2018 looks like for mankind. Herb, you’re another one of those people who don’t fully research before putting your foot in your mouth. This site is for entertainment only. It’s also for people who are like myself.. truth seekers. I hope that each and every one of my theories is wrong becasue who wants all that shit happening to them? If you lived where it flooded in the Mississippi river basin, resided in New Orleans, had a child attending Sandy Hook, went to see the opening night of a Batman movie in a town called Aurora, and were wanting Gabrielle Giffords to sign an autograph, you’d think very very different about me being zealous. Do you realize I was only one of two people seriously investigating Judge Roll’s murder? Do you know that I had to live off the grid ‘underground’ for over a year? Do you know that because of me, many counter intels have had to regroup several times? This is my year where I take down the nastiest of conspirators and unfortunately dealing with mindless folks like you has to be added to the mix.

    I’m the first worldwide to prove that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon. The ones on the Giza plateau follow Orion’s star pattern as well and I didn’t make either one up.. the Egyptian overlay of Orion has been ‘Scrawled for years’, but certainly not for the Grand Canyon. You prove by showing someone else has done the work I discovered and that all of it has been previously ‘Scrawled’ and I’ll take down my site: https://fourthdimensionalrecovery.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/grand-canyon-map-superimposed.jpg

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