Celis abduction: Tucson ‘Perp’ search is a cover for convenient nationwide warrantless searches

05-05-12 Investigation update is now  available towards the end of this post.

05-08-12 Blog update

05-08-12 Update (end of this post)

This campaign is a national event story intended to invoke self induced surveillance while TPD self enriches itself.  It is a staging for what will become free invasions into your home by police.  They may leave, but not without interrogating, logging, tracking, & monitoring..

Not far from the home of Isabela Mercedez Celis is a billboard with a convincing ‘red herring’ that tells us about the significance of the investigation.  Is this really a case of abduction, or is this a diabolical plot to allow Big Brother free entrance into your home to know whether you are armed or not.  This is about disarming their enemy.  Meanwhile, this is an enrichment scheme investment through the Tucson Police Department further fleecing Americans for their last dollar based on instilling fear.

It is unfortunate that this happened to a young female child. Although any other ethnicity is hardly of notice, there is no question that this was indeed an abduction of some kind and that it happened under unscrupulous circumstances.  I am appalled as all who will follow this story are, and as all of us are, with the hope that Isabel Mercedes Celis is safely recovered in health and well-being.  Caution as to what is presented by network news coverage should be exercised simply because the implication that a specific profile of the abductor is being formed without any shred of evidence.

Without any leads and very little clues, even the FBI and federal marshals are engaged in a massive ‘manhunt’ which includes aerial grid searches and checkpoints on the ground. Note that I used the term manhunt.  If I said ‘womanhunt’ then 300 million viewers would think entirely differently.


FBI dogs are being flown out from Virginia to help with the search. Approximately 250 people are said to be working on the case. This is the same figure, a quarter thousand, of FBI agents dispatched to Tucson’s ‘Operation Safeway’ after the January 8, 2011 shooting of a federal judge and a congresswoman. Why such a large crew for the Celis disappearance, but comparatively small for elected officials.. no real witnesses are involved? This scenario is most likely a way to create witnesses while at the same time gain ease of entrance into private lives – the underlying agenda.

Pictured above is the media ‘command center’ one month later relocated at the Hardesty Sub-station.  It is the corner stone on the southeast corner of what is to become the largest FEMA concentration camp in the heart of Tucson, Arizona.  A stones throw away is an NSA Emergency Intelligence hub nearing completion by year’s end.  There are plans already to eventually shut down the golf courses.  Once the parks are rendered useless to the public, DHS will convert them over.  The search for the missing girl is a front by which the media are positioned permanently for readiness during future events that take place.  I took this picture when a major press conference was conducted and I got to see how the operation worked.  I was appalled at what I heard in person and what I saw reported.  Incidentally, I was unaware of the conference.. it was by shear coincidence that I was there at the exact moment it took place.

The suspect/s could be of any gender, any age or anything.. be it a corporation, a government official, civil employee, grade school janitor., another child, teen, young adult, mature adult, or an elderly person… it could be an alien for all we know. Blame is being placed on something, but ask anyone and they’ll have a profile already set in motion – a male adult with a record of perversion. This is what they know and what they want this news to promote without drawing actual conclusions. Already seventeen sex offenders have been noted in the neighborhood. There is nothing implicated and nobody or anything held accountable in this case. It’s a free for all. Be smart and see this for what it is. Propaganda!

There is a huge hole in this story, however, and that is it seems that the powers that be are hard at work empowering themselves once again with enrichment opportunities beyond belief as well as solidifying the ongoing unwarranted activities by a military force in pardon the expression, ‘town clown’ dress. Although they promote their slogan “Ready to Protect Proud to Serve,” what is asked by those who question.. just what master are they serving? I could be served a search warrant, but am never offered services I can write home about.

Jose Guereña was gunned down under para military firing squad conditions that was ordered by Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik. Barbara LaWall, the county attorney who justified SWAT team members for their actions was not a court of law nor jury of peers and had no more authority than the local garbage collector, eluded to the public that search warrants are administered through SWAT and not a ‘peace’ office. That lawless action slipped past the public’s eye. Or, the people of Tucson bought it hook line and sinker. Actually, this was international news, so, the world bought it. The accomplishment beneath the sleight of hand was that a brutal message by an American Drug Cartel was effectively sent to its south of the border competitors. The messenger clearly demonstrated that innocent family members will be executed as their loved ones are forced to watch at the hands of US law enforcement para military tactical henchmen whose backs are covered by elected officials.

SWAT execution on Jose Guerena

This time, for neighborhood wide invitation to search without a warrant would have to occur. Occur it did, but not long after a new ordinance was illegally thrust upon the unwitting residents within Tucson city limits. This ordinance is called the ‘False Alarm Ordinance’ which requires a 20.00 annual fee plus penalties when an alarm is set off falsely. A revenue generating scheme to say the least. But what it really is will astound you.

Profiling the community as a demonstration for the entire nation

Police began investigating door-to-door on the 25th questioning neighbors about strangers in the area or suspicious activity. Tucson Police uploaded a down-loadable five page questionnaire titled “Neighborhood Canvas” as a profiling mechanism that has the underlying intent to catalog and document vehicles, verify residents, and begin a continued tracking roster.

It is evident that the questionnaire is asking for volunteered consent to search. How would you feel if you filled out this questionnaire, but check boxed that you do not wish for your home to be searched? Could there be repercussions and further interrogation?

The ongoing effort to promote a plea to the community to find Isabele’s abductor is growing to donated billboards and the statement that the search will not stop.

Coincidentally, the suggestion that this first grader is a team member of a little league is very reminiscent of the Christina-Taylor Green story is remarkable if this were to be considered a trade mark planned event.

What better way to search every home not only in that neighborhood, but to conduct what could be a practice drill using helicopters to scout out the area days after the incident??, and to move ‘soldiers’ into dwellings, automobiles, trailers, sheds, storage facilities, mobile homes on wheels, and so on. They are not leaving one stone unturned and nobody is requesting privacy. They are allowing them entrance into their private lives without even with a signed petition by the court system or a judge. They’re just waltzing through.

This is the set-up for a nationwide warrantless procedure that will be gifted to FEMA, DHS, National Guard, police, and everyone else. Your privacy has been breached.

The only clue to Isabela’s abductor is that he/she/them may have entered through a window.

ImageThat’s if the little girl didn’t open it herself. There is the possibility that abuse from an elder instigated an ‘escape’ from someone’s control, but those have been ruled out. I believe the open window story has more to do with a strategy by which a commercial sales scam is born. Alarm systems by the thousands could be sold to the public now fearful for their own children and personal safety.

With these systems come surveillance options and that is the danger. That is the idea behind this police drill. It is to get the people to install ‘Big Brother’ right into their homes and businesses. As a result of the house to house search, seventeen ‘sex offenders’ living in the area have been found. What those offenses and the actual circumstances are unknown and they don’t want you to know. The details and facts are nebulous so that you automatically fictionalize the rest of this story.

Authorities did not issue an Amber Alert because they said they were uncertain whether the child was abducted or walked away from her home. Federal guidelines require that law enforcement confirm that a child has been abducted before issuing an Amber Alert; the fear is that false alerts will make people stop taking the system seriously.

This, however, seems to be a very big false alarm because there is no evidence that the girl was even abducted. It has ‘false’ written all over it and just in time.. on April fools day, Tucson Police issued a False Alarm Ordinance in which you and I pay for a false alarm. Meanwhile, this is a very big alarm that is days into a leadless search.. who will foot this false alarm penalty?

Nationwide people are watching this case unravel. The probability that something wonderful will avail will result is greatly minimized by the fact that Occultically, if this is programmed event paid and authored by the global elite, that April 20th.. the day Isabela was abducted, was a symbolic of human sacrificial needs by sickened operators of these agendas. For the child to be miraculously recovered would be a failure because if that happens, people would be relieved and no sales of alarm systems would take place. The police, in effect, would be considered heroes and that they would succeed again in finding the perpetrators of the future.. people just can’t even afford alarm systems and fees!

If there was even a small excuse why not to pay all that money, they would use the success of a ‘false alarmed abduction’ of a little girl to illicit a purchase. So, I’m sorry, but the girl may never be recovered for that reason.

Please, prove me wrong by producing Isabela safe and sound. Show beyond the benefit of any doubt at all that there was a human abductor.. male, female, alien.. other. I want to proven wrong!

Incidentally, a $6,000 reward is offered for this child and yet hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent by ABC to cover the story. Their advertising subsidiaries are buying commercial spots for God knows how much. There are perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars invested in this program of deception “scheme” once people nationwide are required to pay fees for ‘False Alarms’ going off at inappropriate times.

Authoritative presence: “Ready to Protect Proud to Serve”


Bottom line.. This operational drill in disguise is about warrantless searches with the purpose to install RFID, smart meter broadcasters, and video surveillance cameras that all tie into the Google search cloud. Google… btw, is most likely allegedly the common denominator in this agenda.

About the False Alarm Ordinance:

The draft False Alarm Ordinance version is designed to enrich the Police Department. It also serves the purpose of connecting the NSA into an emerging ‘Emergency’ networking central hub under construction in Tucson, Arizona. This renovated building that will connect all the alarm systems will be centrally located at the old Valley National Bank, facility. Currently, it is being rebuilt with a reinforced foundation for an expected earthquake. This event is known, to them apparently, but not disclosed to the public.

This Alarm Ordinance has been approved by Tucson City Council and is effective April 1, 2012, but currently being finalized for the City website and will be available for viewing in the near future. No date has been set for the public to view. Stated in the ordinance is:

.. This Article shall not apply to audible alarms affixed to motor vehicles, audible fire alarms, Medical Alert Devices, and Alarm Systems that are operated by the City, County, State, or Federal Government and installed on premises which such entity occupies or uses for governmental purposes. However, such entities shall apply for and obtain a registration for each Alarm System it operates and the registration will be waived.”

This means that, because of the nature of the beast, only persons in the private sector personal and business are deemed guilty under this ordinance. They will be paying directly to the police department fees and penalties for false alarms.

The City of Tucson News Release from the Chief of Police Roberto A. Villaseñor states:

‘..violations of the alarm ordinance will no longer be cited into City Court. Instead, an assessment invoice will be sent to the alarm user. Alarm users have the option to “opt out” of registering, but to do so will be to forego police response on any burglary alarm and will result in a higher false alarm fee should police officers respond to their false alarm.’

In my opinion, there is no legal requirement to register or pay a fee. There is no legal ramification, therefore, to pay higher penalties if an officer responds to a false alarm. If people register, then they bind themselves to a business contract with the police. An assessment invoice is not a citation. It is a prepaid tax funded service payable again upon receipt of invoice.

Update: May 15, 2012 – Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor says that they have confirmed that Isabela Mercedez Celis was abducted.  While they have not ruled the parents out, they are raking the family over the CPS coals. It is clear that they are raising the ante up a notch.  ‘This could happen to you and your children while we investigate you’ is the message being broadcasted.

“Someone played a part in her disappearance. Some person is responsible for Isabel’s disappearance. Isabel did not just wander off.” said Villaseñor.  That is an investigative ‘FAIL’.  Without any evidence, the chief of police is implying that a single person, not two or more, was involved in the child’s abduction. Or, he is correct and concealing the truth that perhaps there had been an order put forth by ‘some person responsible for her disappearance’ and that professionals (meaning that whoever aducted the girl was paid to do so) carried out the order.  This explains why 250 agents couldn’t come up with any evidence or leads.  They most likely covered up any evidence and leads so that the operation is not compromised.

They’ve separated the father from his older sons.  They could not do this ‘politically’ from the onset of the case because that would spoil their plot.  People would not tolerate the activities conducted to date without a shred of evidence to go on.  Even with the separation, they have no grounds to do so.  What this means is the on going process of conditioning people to accept the police invasion o family and home.  The police, I allege, are responsible for shielding the actual abductors who happen to be paying their salaries and writing the rule book.  Divide and Conquer.

Investigators are in daily contact with the parents, but the relationship has become “much more strained now.  They are frustrated [because] the parents are being asked very pointed questions now.”

Robert must be charged with harassment as well as false alogations and thusly sued by the Celis parents.

I spoke with an officer last week asking simple questions about the investigation and its progress.  I was careful not to offer an opinion at first.  The policeman was liberal with the information about the progress of the search and the reasons why it is uncoordinated.. nothing at all new of course.  But, it was when I suggested that the same features of both Isabela Celis and Christina-Taylor Green at age six are strikingly similar and that this abduction could have elements that profile the suspected abductor, he froze.  I said that the person could be targeting like-featured children and that the trademark is that of a ritualistic killer.  He stopped talking and waited for me to leave.  I felt the unusual sensation that I struck a cord.  What was unbelievable was that he did not call that information in while I stood there nor ask me who I was.  So, that indicates to me that all of them have orders and are not searching for the child or the suspect(s).

Update: May 1, 2012 – It has come to my attention that a municipal meeting took place before the Gabrielle Giffords shooting over 15 months ago with alarm systems companies and installers from Tucson.  The questions raised at this meeting regarding false alarm incidences were answered by the various groups and persons who were in attendance.  The worst ‘false alarm systems offenders’ were asked to stay after the meeting ended.  The representatives from the other companies who retired from the meeting had satisfied many of the questions as to why alarm failures occur when systems repeatedly sound off at inopportune times.  The overall answer was explained not in the design of the alarm, but with the assembly of the system regarding wiring.  One company, for instance, had rarely if ever experienced complaints with an alarm that would go off unexpectedly.  They could go for years without a problem they said, but once in awhile they’d come across a faulty system.  The problem was in the technique used in wiring practices.  This company soldered every wire connection which resulted in alarms that would not sound off accidentally by its own.  The offending company with a horrific reputation for alarm systems routinely going off NEVER soldered their wires to terminals.  This seems an easy fix that doesn’t require an overhaul on the level of the creation of a citywide ordinance, but one that solves the problem with alarm systems installation.  A requirement by the manufacturer and installer of alarm systems to soldered their joints would have been the correct action to take.

The problem is never supposed to be solved, however, because the intention is to create a revenue generating scheme by acquiring an ‘opportunity’.  The problem winds up being the goal.  The reason the two companies asked to stay is speculative.  Can the reader of this post guess who the remaining two offending alarm system companies were?  I’m not saying, but they are aligned with this false alarm ordinance.  Perhaps one of you can find out and post it as a comment.

The Arizona Daily Star’s May 1, 2012 update citing Richard Kastigar as saying that the video surveillance tapes showing possible witnesses to be on the wrong date.  The article’s intention, basically, is to fix our minds into the belief that black and white video cameras lacking date stamps are a major stumbling block for investigators in this case.  This news is a strategy by which a convincing argument for purchasing technologically advanced systems is important for investigators.

Bumbling professionals.. reminds me when Sheriff Clarence Dupnik neglected to sequester a video surveillance tape 21 years ago when a Tucson man was implicated, forced to confess, and almost sent to prison for the 1991 Buddhist Temple Murders in Phoenix.  9, not 6 casualties occurred making national news.  The Gabrielle Giffords event that took 6 lives took second place making the Temple murders the largest mass murder case in modern Arizona history.  The tip came from another youth undergoing psychiatric treatment alleging the boy’s guilt.  Victor Zarate was finally released over a month after a private citizen directed the attorney general to the attention of governor Fife Symington that a security tape showing Zarate was at work at the time of the murders occurred was available.  Why didn’t all the investigators from the FBI, let alone the head hancho of TPD, think of this?  Meanwhile, the department enriched themselves by pushing the investigation and finger pointing just as we’re seeing in the Celis abduction investigation.  Wonder when they’ll have made enough money before sending in the scuba divers!!

Update: May 5, 2012–  The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the parents of Isabela are vowing to be more visible in the abduction (missing persons) investigation.  The media is suggesting that Sergio and Becky had come under some criticism for not speaking to the media or the public in the search effort as well as lacking emotion while appearing on NBC’s “Today” show.  The mother said, “If you know how we’re supposed to be acting, please let me know.  I don’t know what they’re expecting from us.”

The fact is they purposely did not question them in the beginning, or at least that’s what the news reported.

I’ll tell Becky what it is expected of them.. the authorities in charge expect that you and the public believe your child was abducted by a commoner and that we do everything they say and comply with every search wish they make.  They didn’t probe you for a week, however, they did probe everyone in the neighborhood asking them questions.  You had nothing to hide because they are hiding the truth.  Your chief investigator, Villasenior, is on record for admitting he didn’t even know if the FBI talked to you, yet.  So, my dear, how can you possibly be the focus of criticism?  And yet, you are – we in fact – are afraid to confront them with questions regarding investigation logic.

Results of polygraph tests are not to be made available to the public because you are not guilty, but they do not want anyone to suspect anything now and for as long as the investigation goes on.

Sergio Celis said he accepts the scrutiny leveled against him by investigators as well as some members of the public. Asked again how he feels about speculation that he is involved in Isabel’s disappearance, he said: “I really don’t know what to answer to that, other than you’re wrong.” He “absolutely” feels Tucson police should have cleared family members as suspects by this point and he is most definitely correct in that demand.  The problem is that the family is being told that the detectives have to do a thorough job. What they’re actually doing is covering up any and all possible evidence showing that the girl was taken for the suspected (alleged) human ritualistic sacrifice conducted by the most powerful people on earth.  It is striking how Isabela looks similar to Christina-Taylor Green.

“We don’t understand the situation, we don’t understand why, we don’t understand what happened,” Becky Celis said. “We are just as dumbfounded as everybody else is and so when Isabel comes home, and she will come home, then we’ll get all of our answers and everyone will understand and then we’ll have a big party to celebrate her welcome home.

Update: April 27, 2012 –  The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that police are “looking around basins, lakes for Isabel.” in which they’ve moved their search also to city parks and other bodies of water and several water-retention basins in the area.

“The department is not using dive teams, but is looking for anything around the water that could be connected to Isabel’s disappearance and exploring all possibilities,” Chief Villaseñor said at an evening news briefing.   He even thought “we’d be remiss if we didn’t search those areas that could possibly be a location.”

I’d think we’d be remiss if we didn’t search those areas that could possibly be a location.”  He went on to say that FBI profilers are still involved, but didn’t know if the specially trained agents have questioned Isabel’s family.

In my day, we had television shows like Columbo and Dragnet.  The title name Dragnet is exactly what they do.. use nets to drag the lakes and reservoirs for bodies.  I remember Peter Falk would say immediately when an episode about a missing person was aired, “First, let’s check bodies of water…”

Here’s the problem with that excuse; first, there are local dive shops whose patrons or store owners would be more than happy, and most likely at no charge, volunteer to perform the task of underwater searches in all the water locations.  Looking around is half-assed if you ask me.  It just indicates that they’re not interested in looking for the body if there is one.  Second, search and rescue dogs supposedly (it would be of interest to know if the dogs were in fact drug sniffing hounds) were specially flown out of from Virginia.  That’s expensive.  A scuba diver wouldn’t require a plane ticket.  come on Villasenor, you’re not fooling anyone.  Third, how can the parents not be queried.. wait, how can the lead investigator, Villaseñor not know what’s going on?  I’m feeling ill at the moment.

Isabela’s father, meanwhile, was forced to appear for an arraignment charges regarding frivality — Dog vaccination, licensing and running-at-large violations. He didn’t appear heavy to me.. jogging isn’t a crime.  This is what the media does.. they take emotionally distraught people and advertise their personal problems while putting their noses into our business.. a smack in our face on all fronts.

Note: Effective April 9 just days after an April fools day debut of the new Tucson false alarm ordinance, Operation Garden Plot came into being.  Garden Plot is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command. It provides Federal, military, and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances according to a Wikipedia write-up.  Garden Plot is a subprogram of Readiness Exercise 1984 (Rex 84) which is the military’s plan to impose martial law and intern dissidents and others in an undisclosed number of concentration camps.

4-25-12 @hushmail.com

“Someone played a part in her disappearance,” Villaseñor said in an interview with the Star. “Some person is responsible for Isabel’s disappearance. Isabel did not just wander off.”

  1. I’m not quite understanding the context of the comment. Either your feelings were hurt in that you believe the news that a girl is still alive and that 250 CSI couldn’t find a “shred of evidence” and that you bought that contrivance in the news. Or, you felt the news was ambiguous, which it was, and that my article filled in the rest of the logic. You tell me what you meant and I’ll either help or not be able to understand the comment in the context you intended. If you cannot write clear and intelligently, then how can you think clear enough to deduce logic? How can you possibly understand this case and that which has analyzed it in the same community it happened? I talked to practically half the people here to find this information out..

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