4-26-12 Military complex FEMA-nizes a downtown transport hub

A major militarized transportation hub transformation project in downtown Tucson commences with the Linda Ronstadt Bus Depot


Updated 5-2-12 end of post: Also, Intel references: Tucson NSA fortress under scrutiny   NSA ‘fortress’ adjacent to suspected FEMA concentration camp   An ultimate warship built to patrol the border

One month prior to the Gabrielle Giffords ‘Congress on your Corner Massacre’ shooting plans were already underway to enhance security in Tucson, Arizona. In reality, these plans are statewide under the militarization of the US Mexican border before martial law is officially instated.

At the same time that the plan became public, a major dent to the transportation system took place. This was a system wide closure to the information booths at the SunTran bus depots. This overall surveillance and security plan was to include the closure of funds necessary to keep the information booths operational at three major bus hubs and the excuse was that the transportation committee claimed they needed to cut costs. A 1.2 million dollar federal fund, however, was gifted to the transportation entity in order to create a surveillance and security system staring with the downtown hub.

What they’re doing is building an infrastructure conducive to handling people under controlled conditions in conjunction with a railway system in concert with the public bus system.

In April, ground is being broken to enhance the Linda Ronstadt central SunTran bus hub in downtown Tucson. This is a proposed effort to beautify the station with see-through steel fences, surveillance and security systems, and amenities that can only be construed as a controlled coral for human transport.

Meanwhile, the question all are asking is why all three major hubs have had their information booths closed one month before Gabby was shot and why are community leaders suggesting that the way to stimulate revenue for the city is to also make it attractive for tourism. How can a tourist be attracted when, if they choose to use the transit system while visiting the community during the gem show or the rodeo as examples, that they are forced to hunt down information somewhere else in the city? Who would they ask to find out where?

Over one million dollars is being spent on non-essential paint, entry arches, graphics, lights and cameras. All that while important items such as purchasing monthly passes are made to be inconvenient as well as not encouraging for out of city tourists asked to drop money into the community. It doesn’t cost over a million dollars a year to operate three information booths. I’ve observed city police officers enjoying the air conditioned booths during the past two summer months.

The Contractors

The city of Tucson was funded by a 1.2 million dollar grant from the Federal Transit Administration for the five-month. Project to “upgrade safety” (surveillance) and “aesthetic appearance” (cages and fences) at the Ronstadt Transit Center to be completed by mid-September of 2012.

Speculation as to the real purpose for removing the bricked pavers and replacing it with flat concrete could be viewed as eliminating the possibility that people, while revolting, would dig them out and weaponize them against a police force as well as to break through the caged environment.

Major elements of the project include construction of a wall with metal panels and a security gate. They plan to replace pavers with a new concrete sidewalk. This invites the potential inclusion of RFID readers that track chips embedded in the soles of shoes.

Aside from the Big Brother security cameras planned throughout the facility, a fresh coat of paint and “new user-friendly signage” will be installed. The technology behind the paint and the signage, while speculative at this point, could have RFID, CCTV with facial recognition capabilities that feeds into the NSA intelligence hub being developed within the city of Tucson.


The new arched entry and signage for buses at the entrance is reminiscent of the archway at Nazi concentration camps.. Auschwitz as an example, codified and stamped for actual intent.

The construction bid was awarded in March to DL Withers for $999,600. Interestingly, the design of the video surveillance system, lighting fixture upgrades, and signage package went to Poster-Frost-Mirto who were contracted to the Gabrielle Giffords Family Assistance Services Center built within the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. The is within a few yards of a major railway system and the main switching yard in Tucson.

Note: Gabrielle Giffords if you are not aware, did not make a public appearance during Thanksgiving in 2011 when the center completely ran out of food. Empty shelves were shown to the public in the Arizona Daily Star to prove that. Instead, she was serving food to military men and woman at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

Surprisingly, there are absolutely no architectural renderings of the proposed aesthetic enhancements available to the public. This project has been planned before the Giffords event in January and is planned for completion soon, but nobody in Tucson has seen, let alone complained about the depot being an eyesore, which it is not (Linda wouldn’t have it that way), and one wonders just what is it with our community leaders and their decisions.. in other words, they don’t want us to compare the FEMA camp design atrocity in disguise to the existing beauty of the bus station.

Governor Jan Brewer and top legislative leaders say they have an agreement on a new state budget that includes Brewer proposals for more spending on schools, social services, prisons and other programs.  9 billion is 1/10 the proposed budget for preemptive war on Iraq in 1991 and again after the World Trade Center Tower fiasco.  That’s enough money to build this prison environ within the school systems while not paying instructors of education what they should be entitled to.  

Update: May 2, 2012

There are an estimated forty prisons in operation in Tucson and between Tucson and Phoenix.  The prison system is clearly marked, however, there are potential holding areas, or prisons being built within the city and cities in your area if one looks at them carefully.  The student high rise complex can be converted into a prison.  The architecture is designed using small windows and the only street access by stairwell which is fully enclosed with steel framed see through framework that fencing can be installed.  It is the prelude to what is being installed at the Ronstadt bus terminal.  Nobody knows because nobody has seen the actual architectural improvement concepts worth 1.2 million in federal funding.

It is very peculiar, but not illogical, that the architectural renderings that show the aesthetic enhancements necessary for beautifying the Linda Ronstadt bus terminal in downtown Tucson have not been made public.  The transportation department releases information to the news, but not one person at the transportation department located at the zoning and planning department building in downtown Tucson had seen for themselves what the project is going to look like.

At the time of the Ronstadt renovation article came out in the local news, the only pictorial reference  (click image at left to enlarge) that can be compared alleging that the actual intent of the ‘aesthetic upgrade’ to the central transportation hub is the rendering proposals for luxury student high rise apartments. The University of Arizona’s 14 story high rise student apartment complex under current plans and development, but under neighborhood scrutiny as an ill-aesthetic intrusion, has what appears to be a fully ‘caged in’ staircase system in the present form of a framework than can be modified later.

While the structure implies transparency, steel grating and thick barrier mesh can easily be added to prevent entry or exiting of the building.  It is ‘a fenced in’ environment and is most likely similar to how the bus terminal will appear once completed

Update: May 27, 2012

I managed to obtain two documents from the Sun Tran Transportation department that shows most of the design proposal in plan views.  There are a few photos illustrating the guard screens that will prevent exit and entry, however, I don’t believe these are complete.  What I found very intriguing is that the color scheme is prison like and will replace the turquoise beauty of the terminal.  The aqua and turquoise color pattern that has been the look of the terminal is known to resemble the gem show that takes place in Tucson, and the fact that the Southwest Native American Indians prize turquoise.  Instead, we’ll get a jail-yard color code.

(Click to Enlarge) This plan view demonstrates that the transportation terminal is federalized because the MLK buildings are associated with the blueprints.  Image to the right is the original colors Suntran used just prior to the prison nation color scheme changes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso of utmost interest is the use of plans that do not seem to originate for the transportation hub.  The plans used are integrated with the Martin Luther King buildings that flank the station.  I think that this entire facility and its outlay is federalized.

suntran bus color scheme

Incidentally, when asking for this information, I found it peculiar that not one person including the top level personnel had seen the plans.  We all chuckled and teased and finger pointed, but I knew the under belly truth.. I’m always biting my tongue.

New signage statements declare rules that target the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. State Legislation was authored and passed by Russell K. Pearce to in reality only allow weapons into federal buildings by federal employees.  What that means is that you and I cannot carry a weapon.. and they’ll find a reason to turn us away, but allow federal, legal, and attorneys to carry into those buildings.  Here, while we have the right to bear arms will not be allowed to enter a facility now bought and paid for by Uncle Sam.  Try as you might, the cops will take you in for contesting the legality of this sign.



To understand more about the military complex springing up in Southern Arizona, follow these links:

Tucson NSA fortress under scrutiny

NSA ‘fortress’ adjacent to suspected FEMA concentration camp

An ultimate warship built to patrol the border



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