5-4-2012: Glenn Close closely resembles Nazi fellowship in the film ‘Albert Nobbs’


Picture credit: Lionsgate

It is uncanny isn’t it that Hollywood has remade Nazi Germany.  This film is conditioning us to be subservient to the elite.

Let’s leave the story plot aside for now.  The film is designed to cause the acceptance of our genetic transformation with regard to three major principles.  1. Our social structure becoming destructured whereby man and woman are separated on many levels. 2. Our financial prowess degradated beyond what was a normal mode of existence.  3. That to survive, we must reach lower levels than humane.  See the film for the movie to capture the story, but look at it with the eye of a two headed eagle.

“The Killing Game” (images pictured far right) As the holo-Nazis continue to pour out of the World War II holoprogram and into the corridors of the USS Voyager, which has been turned into one huge holodeck, Captain Kathryn Janeway and 7 of 9 fight their way to astrometrics.

Pictured above are Glenn Close’s facial features.  Close has pronounced cheek bones, thin lips and non remarkable eyebrows.  Most notably are her beady and deep set sallowed eyes. The straight jacket costuming is stages a Nazi presence intended for the character to exude.  Albert has an appealing little man complex and as strange as it seems, could be a play on origin of the disorder.    The militaristic stature within a self-induced protective shell is prevalent throughout the film.  She is stoic, static, is static and yet possesses some greater power as the images we see page after page of archived photo stills of Nazis in uniform.  Television has also emulated the same.. Star Trek The Killing Game, Part II“.

Disclaimer:  I’m not criticizing the actor Glenn Close.. I admire her skills and have so throughout her career.

There can be no doubt that the resemblance to aliens are similar and that the notion that Hollywood is working feverishly to indoctrinate our conscious thoughts as we near the suspected faked alien invasion disclosed to us by NASA’s Vernher Von Braun.

Best known for his comic role of ‘The Tramp’, Sir Charles SpencerCharlieChaplin was also known for his dramatic speech in The Great Dictator, which was critical of following patriotic nationalism without question, and his vocal public support for the opening of a second European front in 1942 to assist the Soviet Union in World War II were controversial.

This is the cloak by which an illusion of trust to an ideal embedded with the character Albert Nobbs, yet it links Adolf Hitler, the Charlie Chaplin character, and Albert Nobbs into a single unit resembling the unification of the ‘Order’. Pictured below is a comparison of an image representing Charlie Chaplin to Albert Nobbs.

Courtesy: Deviantart

The film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a case in point

No, I am not Edward Chiarini a decidedly known disinformation agent who compares for the purpose to deceive.  I am showing comparison examples for you to form your opinions.  I do not expect to convince you in bias.  I present these side to side comparisons so that the reading audience can conduct its own investigations.

An example of conditioning the entertainment audience to admire seemingly admirable elitists in many films and television program actors is seen in the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  This film, without describing all the details, is an attempt to depict non other than CIA operative Osama Bin Laden as a marty.r.  It is a very subtle and diabolical psychological relationship involving genetically modified foods and the elite.

What?  Sure.. why not?

(click above) The look of live world figures good and evil and or in Bin Ladin’s case, CIA counter intelligence and false flag operations.  This film was made at the time Ladin’s body was reported missing at sea on purpose.

Salmon are a species of fish that are specifically cold water fish, but are genetically modified to thrive in temperate to hot climates.  Not once in the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen do they utter the names of non modified salmon such as ‘Pink salmon, Alaskan King salmon, Coho salmon, etc.’.  The desire to keep the audience laughing at jokes is astounding and carefully crafted… I could not even comprehend the humor.  The elite cast in the film are showing us that Osama Bin Ladin as an example is played by a handsome ethically and morally conscience sheik (actor).  He is in fact the image they seek to display as a poster child of genetically modified foods.



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