5-6-2012 Jeannie of ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ is Gabrielle Giffords…

‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ served its initial purpose in the late 1960’s for the visual and mental imprint NASA required for the 2012 transition over to a New World Order.


The New World Religion plays a significant role in which the ‘Order’ will maintain a significant staying power.  There are four aims that this television program accomplished, and still does with its reruns.  Barbara Eden who plays Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie parallels the real life story of former Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords and her recent marriage in 2007 to astronaut Mark Kelly




There is a basic principle buried deep inside the premise of the show and it is subtle, but very evident.  Project Bluebeam, and the modality of the false god religion the New World Order wants implemented is a paradigm Bluebeam is attempting to have molded.  The religion Hollywood describes is rooted in materialism, greed, selfishness, and the promise of the American dream.  This dream is taught to us to be always just out of reach for the common citizen.  The Barbie Doll appeal is present and a common denominator with Gabrielle Giffords and Barbara Eden.  Secondary, yet very important, is an impression that G.I. Joe vs astronaut Mark Kelly is signatured here.

(click for an IMDB overview) Larry Hagman as Major Nelson, Bill Daily, as Roger Healey, Barbara Eden as Jeannie, & Hayden Yourke as Dr. Alfred Bellows

I followed the Giffords Congress on your Corner Massacre beginning on January 8, 2012 and continue with the independent investigation 16 months later.  When we looked at the life of Gabrielle Giffords, her rise to power, and her activities at Capitol Hill, it dawned on me that there was a correlation to the television show about an astronaut who becomes the luckiest man on earth.  Jeannie could be the answer for an average man in a seemingly glamorous job with NASA.  I purchased season two of the three season series to discover that my hunch about project Bluebeam was spot on.

The incidental character roles also related to the agenda behind the Loughner shooting aftermath in which two main ideals were pushed on the public.  One was to cause intense fear of weapons in the wrong hands.  By doing so with an event such as the Jared Lee Loughner profile could realize for ‘them’ a dent to the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.   The second ideal was to install the drive for mental health care.

47 years ago, people were not prescribed pharmaceuticals as prolifically as today and if the show made a resurgence, they certainly would add that feature to the character of the psychiatrist.

The Giffords case is mostly about these two aspects of what appears to be an agenda.  In I Dream of Jeannie, the staff psychiatrist Dr. Bellows, plays the mad scientist in constant pursuit of a truth, but never finds the evidence.  He intuitively knows that Major Anthony “Tony” Nelson has a magical person in his life, but ultimately self diagnosis himself as crazy.  Take notice of the similar facial features of both characters of two different shows playing the role of scientists.

In the television sitcom series Gilligan’s Island, another character representing science happens to be the Professor.  The professor is scientifically renowned and trusted by the castaways.  This is a clear indication of similarities of a compelling nature.  We trust science and scientists during times of strife and disaster.  When there is fear, there is science that explains it to quell the masses.  The professor’s character in Gilligan’s Island performs this task and is very a apparent that he is in control of all the collective thoughts of the castaways which includes who you and I are to perceive as the leader, the Skipper.  The skipper is not the person to be trusted and is evidenced in every episode of Gilligan’s Island.

Roger Healey is Tony Nelson’s best friend and astronaut companion who exemplifies the greed aspect of consumerism.. the integral component of the New World Religion.  Major Nelson represents a person of great reserve on all levels of lifstyle living.  He has a woman,  but does not engage in intimacy.  That demonstrates a concept tactic to create a society that lacks relationship and child bearing.  It is part of the eugenics depopulation program.  He also represents what they would like us to believe is a ‘Master’ which is the title Jeannie has given to the character role.  We are being entrained to think that the adversary lives by moral and ethical values.  The reverse couldn’t be more true.

The concept of materialism’s role in society is evident with the dynamics Major Nelson and Roger Healey share that are opposing with the magical Jeannie representing the incomplete or unattainable American Dream.  The Master, Major Nelson who discovers Jeannie and posses the power to have anything Major Nelson prefers to live a regular life and work an everyday job without additional luxury items that can be provided freely by a magical entity of innocence and beauty.

But who is Gabrielle Giffords and how does her presence in our society find an equation to this picture?

Giffords sat on the Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics for NASA.  She did not present anything to the public nor is there any record of her doing anything that served a purpose for the space program.  The public did not receive any special advisement.  It was as if she did not do anything but ‘sit’ on a committee.  The responsibility of the committee is of legislative jurisdiction and the special oversight and investigative authority on all matters relating to astronautical aeronautical research and development as indicated in the following:

The subcommittee has legislative jurisdiction and general and special oversight and investigative authority on all matters relating to astronautical and aeronautical research and development including:• National space policy, including access to space Sub-orbital access and applications

• National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its contractor and government-operated laboratories

• Space commercialization, including the commercial space activities relating to the Department of Transportation and the Department of  Commerce

• Exploration and use of outer space international space cooperation

National Space Council

• Space applications, space communications and related matters

•  Earth remote sensing policy

• Civil aviation research, development, and demonstration

• Research, development, and demonstration programs of the Federal Aviation Administration and space law.

Based on the parameters that specify her function and knowledge base on this committee, we had to develop a theory regarding a contingency (those that conspire to do damage would be a conspiracy) if that was an element that drove the mechanism by which the shooting event was, if it is true, staged.  The theory I developed was that there would be a US based antichrist figurehead when the nation shifts into a martial law and dictatorship (it already is, but I mean on paper).  Gabrielle Giffords would become an automatic savior to the people.  She would be one that people admire and love.  And they would follow her direction.  The antichrist, then, would be the Biblical beast depicted in the blueprint of the Scriptures.  I will paraphrase it for sensibility from Revelations 13:3.

“The beast will have miraculously recovered from a mortal head wound and become the antichrist”

Sheldon Day who worked with me on the investigation is known for his study of Planet X, or Nibiru.  I postulated ot him that it is possible that Gabrielle Giffords was perhaps not injured at the Safeway shopping center (Toscana) and was in fact preparing to be shuttled to the International Space Station either on the Endeavor’s STS-134 mission, or the final shuttle program mission aboard the Atlantis.  Sheldon suggested that she could have been trained to be an astronaut at a secondary Space training center.  That idea cannot be discounted.  After all, she was well integrated in the space program and was given information the public does not see.

Shortly after I had related the antichrist theory that Giffords would miraculously recover from her gun shot wound, a former NASA informant who feeds filtered information to George Noory of coasttocoastam.com and Kerry Cassidy of projectcamelotportal.com, Nasa’s science adviser Richard Hoagland, presented mid 2011 to radio show host George Noory in a ‘science related’ interview that Gabrielle Giffords would be asked by Barack Obama to run with him in the 2012 elections.  It was a political opinion that had zero place in the subject matter expressed during the show.  He did not say why other than Giffords was being healed by the spirit of the community, but seemed to be convinced that the miracle of her recovery superseded her actual capacity to reason.  If the ‘science adviser’ drew from any semblance of logical reasoning, he would never had delivered this theory.

Delivery of information that poses as whistle blower intel, however, is the tactic used by the elite understood as ‘disclosure’

Giffords was not known to be the sharpest knife in the drawer before being shot through and obliterating the left hemisphere of her brain.  She had no idea what to do upon high school graduation.  It is well known that she is unable to perform the function of decision making evidenced by her retiring her seat in Congress.  Hoagland, peculiarly, is not positioned to be a maker of predictions nor an advanced thinker on the level of politics.  He is a scientist.  Why, pray tell, is he offering that information?  I believe I could be close to correct with the theory that ‘Gabby’ was a plan to be tried if it is indeed one of several plans to install an antichrist, but I question Hoagland.  This is because the information venues disclose the truth wrapped in deceit to cause circular thought.  It is a designed installation of discrepancy. Richard’s prediction told a half truth.

Note: Comparison images are intended to show how the media replicates mirror features throughout the decades of televised programming.  This is the device in which the globalists condition the youthful viewing audience using remarkable facial similarities as a tactic so that people identify with leaders of the Occult.

The sitcom ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ had three appearances of Barbara Eden’s real life Syrian born husband Michael Ansara, as ‘The Blue Djin”.  He was bald just like Giffords husband Mark Kelly.  He was painted blue.  Blue is the color associated with Project Bluebeam.  Jeannie had a twin sister whose character was not innocent and engaging, but sinister.  This has a direct reference to Sarah Palin (dark hair as Jeannie’s twin played by Barbara Eden) noted when on her political website posted an image of Gabrielle Giffords as if seen through the cross-hairs of a long rifle sniper’s sight.

The original image Palin posted has been scrubbed from the internet.

Palin and Giffords were staged as enemies in order to escalate the compassionate side of Giffords.  I had suspected that Sarah Palin is trained and handled under Monarch mind control protocol by Dr. Henry Kissinger.  Mark Kelly would oversee ‘Gabby’.



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