5-8-2012 Isabela Mercedes Celis: A Ritualistic sacrifice linked to another Tucson False Flag operation

On April 20, 2012, a 6-year old had mysteriously disappeared with no evidence trace, leads, or investigative results to an ongoing search that is said “will never end”

Original post: Celis abduction: Tucson ‘Perp’ search is a cover for convenient nationwide warrantless searches

This case has all the earmarks of a ritualistic abduction and possible killing sacrifice that could be linked to the targeted death of the sensationalized 9/11 girl, Christina-Taylor Green.  Green was one of the victims during the ‘Congress on your Corner Massacre’ event of January 8, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona.

Left: Isabela Mercedes Celis                            Right: Christina-Taylor Green

Separated by 15 months, the two Hispanic children who share very similar features are exemplified by the comparison images of the same age. Questions surrounding the actual intent for the victims are diabolically obscured by the orchestrators of both very different events.  There is an underlying agenda, however and it is not a conception executed by anyone from the general populace.  This is a program carefully planned by the same organizations under a One World Order paradigm of control.

The sacrifice of then 9 year old Christina Green propagandized to the American public through the media is a symbolic hero of the 9/11 tragedy.  The truth is, Green represented the Occult’s desire at the time of her death to destroy (kill) American freedoms.  This event took place a decade after the twin tower disaster where The United State’s lifeline, or umbilical cord, was severed from the rest of the world.  The death of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords ended our sovereign right to bear arms which in effect separates us from the Constitution and all its provisions – Divide and Conquor

The taking of Isabela Celis is part of establishing a collective mind-set accepting a prison nation.  This program strongly drives a fear based awareness, false as it is, that we must elect to install the eye of surveillance in our very own homes.  By doing this, ‘they’ will know who is armed and who is easy pickings.

Click the image to the left for an ongoing report of the Isabela Mercedes Celis investigation that leads nowhere. The tactic used is for the continued drive to install big brother surveillance, enrich those that conspire to falsify information, and the complete neglect for human dignity. This blog report is dynamic in that because the progress of the operation will never end, new information relative to the building of a complex militarized infrastructure is being revealed.  This is a partial segment to the story of how Americans becoming prisoners of the New World Order.

Police Chief Villaseñor is conducting an investigation that doubles as a revenue generating scheme.  It is similar to one pioneered by Pima County Sheriff Clerence Dupnik when he failed to properly investigate and allegedly helped to frame 5 young men for the Phoenix Thai Buddhist Temple Murders in 1991.

Something to think about.. the same number of agents which included the FBI worked immediately upon the shooting deaths of a congresswoman and a federal judge as in this case involving a 6 year old child abduction.  The quarter thousand investigators revealed not a thing relevant to finding this girl. Apparently, they threw their hands up in the air and, well, just “gave up”?  Think about what it takes to contain a secret plot that perpetuates a deception.. all bases must be covered and all potential evidence with witnesses involved must be accounted for, manipulated and worse, silenced.

I recommend following the JT Ready killing.  Here, you will observe an evolution of the mishandled FBI investigation relative to a botched assassination cover-up.  This is helpful to understanding how a false search for a missing child (price tagged at a guess 1000 times more than the award money) is perpetuated by the media.  The cost unfortunately is forced upon the people while the operators growing wealthier laugh all the way to the bank.



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