Royalty & power players have always hidden their alien form

The global elites are chipping away at the Ten Commandments and transforming them just as they had done with themselves.  It is a hybrid process that spans everything from genetics, language, social behavior, the law and religion

vain (v n) 1. something that is empty, vain, or valueless 2. the quality or state of being vain, such as a vain attempt (one that did not produce desired results)  3. inflated pride in oneself or one’s appearance: conceit, such as a vain person

We are witnessing the rapid transformation of ideals and concepts once valued by mankind as authentic moral values as unrecognizable.  In the case regarding the Ten Commandments there is a common thread set of parameters in which all formal religions have adopted into their dogma. Their goal is to strip away the altruistic intent of the Commandments by reformatting them into the paradigm of the New Age World Religion under the controlling ‘eye’ of the NWO.

We The People observe the Constitution of the United States being systematically down graded to non existence.  In a way the same is happening to the 10 Commandments and instead of it being tossed into the garbage bin, it is being recycled into the exact opposite of what the rules command

I’m Jewish and wondered what the concept was even when I was a little boy. Basically, as I understood it, the covering represents being under the house of the Lord. In reality, if God intended a manifestation of himself of a house, h/she would have created that during one of the days of creation, if that is so. Meanwhile, we were born without a helmet, hence, don’t need one but for when it’s chilly, snowy, or downright blizzardy… a broader hat to deflect rain. There is no need for a cap other than, like I formed an opinion about, that they were designated to be worn by those being altered at the altar of having alien heads during a rather rustic transformation process involving surgical procedures. Our Illuminati contrived medicine as well as creature dressings are remnants of a past history in which aliens were always hiding themselves from public display and those they butchered covered up. They spawned a bloodline unfortunately they pegged “Judiasm, hebrews, whatever….” and the stigma of being Jewish is not so pleasing. Back to the ‘hats’… the tall ones the Pope wears represents what aliens had to wear to hide their elongated heads and their militia, soldiers, guards, wore them as well and is evident with the customary dress of the British guards with their comical fuzzy head dresses. What better way to be picked off trying to hide in the brush? Hence, not economical as protection or for warfare, but as a way to blend with people so as not to be recognized as alien, although people knew… a matter of conditioning to acceptance. Their jobs thousands of years ago was to stand near, posing as humans, protecting them. The very ones who conditioned human beings to call them in subservience, ‘gods’. The pope is merely a more human like extension of the past, perhaps as a result of this transformation, in which the duty is to maintain control over humanity.

“Slave Species of god” taps the source idea and links it with our ancient history.  It accomplishes this with regard to how religion was manufactured to control us.  Tellinger coined the term ‘Slavespecies’ which I believe to be spot on.  I agree that humans were created by a non universal creator.  We are a construct of a vain god from another world in their image.

Tellinger suggests that we are genetically formulated by the beings from Nibiru and through their arduous and highly technical process of engineering conducted over a great period of time.  in essence, we were designed to be worker drones. By comparing ancient tablets, religious artifacts, historical accounts of royalty and their dress, the religious doctrines and the circumstances of control we then visualize the design of the matrix.  The matrix is a four dimensional blueprint, believe it or not, describing all of world domination.

The confusion with understanding whether it is the Reptilians, or shape shifter species that have interbred with the Illuminati blood lines and the story Tellinger tells about the human genome project spearheaded by the Anunnaki may be explained as follows:

We were originally created by the blending of the Niburians, or Anunnaki, of Planet X “Niburu” with hominids indigenous to Earth.  The Reptilians parked their limousine 10,000 years ago near the Earth’s vicinity.  We call it the Moon. There is a history that tells us that the Moon was not there before the latest ice age.  It cold be said that the Reptilians went into competition with the Anunnaki for natural resources including gold, but had to interfere with the human genome project with one of their own.  They did not have the technology to hybrid themselves into human form, therefore, they used drastic measures to do so which is told to us through Biblical news.   What we are experiencing on the level of pure evil is the result of a war between these two battling off world alien nations.

Let’s begin with the Ten Commandments:

A question for you first.. and I sneak this one when in discussions with many people involving religion, “What is your interpretation of the Commandment ‘Thou shall not use God’s name in vain?‘”

To date, not one person has successfully pin pointed an answer as I see it. I like to gather as many opinions as can be collected so that I can confirm or debunk the theory.  But, as I describe what my opinion is about that commandment, I actually do get positive reflection from those I ask.  And I ask anyone from all walks of life.

Most people will say, “you can’t mix foul language and God’s name in the same sentence.. usually” Each person has offered unique and creative interpretations — I’m fascinated.  My answer is, “If that were the primary intent of the command, then it should more directly proclaim that you must not use his name ‘profanely’.  There should be no room for interpretation and why most people don’t argue the point is baffling.  Also, that upgraded versions of the Bible have been drawn up without changing the word vain to profane. The word ‘vain’ basically means being inflated with pride of oneself in a conceited way.  This is what the Commandment is eluding to.  It’s actual meaning in my opinion is that the powers that control the people do not want the individual to take a place among the elite.

It means we better not play the role of god. “The Commandment is stating that you will not identify yourself as God”

 Guards and aliensThe master race who created us in their image under an incredible hybrid genome project of intelligent beings had to place controls upon us.  It may be that the Royal leaders also stem from a genetic pooling from an alien hybrid program.  Perhaps for 10,000 years a transition from very alien to a more refined human form to fool the masses was under construction.. so to speak. Earthly workers had already been designed ‘in their image, god’.  These curators of the servants then must have gone through a genetic modification process, hence the royal bloodlines come into existence.  An early king and queen for example would exhibit the physical traits of an Anunnaki being.  The royal guards whose job was to protect the Royals had to be the same alien bloodlines.   These guards were trusted to be close associates and in near proximity to them.

Note: Each commandment  is being reversed.  Regarding the New World Religion, the “I AM” of the New Age movement is construed as one of spiritual intent.  However, it is clear that the motive behind the “I AM” is to in time add the word ‘God’.  When that happens, the New World Religion will be permanently installed.  The globalists progressively edged out the Universal God as we intrinsically and intuitively understand God and transformed the institutionalized commandment to now read,  “Thou SHALL use God’s name in vain”.

Because of their blatant physical features, Anunnaki aliens would not want the people to revolt and take charge if they knew. Therefore, they would install a censorship rule commanding that we are not to mimic them, record their image, and dangerous to them, document what they actually look like and what they did ‘in heaven and on earth’.  Otherwise, they’d lose control over their project (flock of sheep).  The goal is to hide their identity from us so that generations having seen what they look like and pass to their offspring detailed stories are eventually forgotten.  This is the hurdle they jump to ‘in order’ to make themselves publicly available.

In the beginning we were quite content with our naked bodies, but virtually over night as if by magic became ashamed of our nudity.

Cucuchuros‘ seen here in the Ecuadorian city of Quito ‘Jesús del Gran Poder procession’ comes complete with a Virgin Mary.  The KKK adopted this style of dress for their cloaked processions for the purpose of lynching American Arfro Americans, but the origins as to whom was dressed in the original costume form may go far and beyond Christianity as seen depicted here.

For some reason we were taught to fear our own identity.  It makes perfect sense that a non god would instill fear.  Perhaps this was so that we would shy away from them out of fear if they were disrobed.  Mostly though, it was so that they would have reason to hide what they actually are by blending in with us in preparation for a future event.  With each passing through the sun’s solar plane, like the intersection of a quiet street, the 10th planet named Nibiru from which these aliens originate, the suspected mass transference of gold is takes place.  The activities are identical to those that are documented historically and is reoccurring in 2012’s galactic alignment scenario.  Their intentions are becoming visible after having been carefully hidden behind religious doctrines, financial structure, and the social interference from what should be natural and normal.  I comprehend it and so too should you.

The wikipedia page on the Ten Commandments explains the chaotic numbering system in which 10 ideas were extrapolated.

They were the commanding rules that would in time hide the fact that aliens live among us.  You shall have no other gods before me.

Nabooian emperor

I’m simply making comparisons wishing not to appears is if debating which, for example, Bible version is more on the ball than the other.  I don’t argue theological doctrines.. I find the original truth had driven the doctrines into existence which could lead to verbal fist fights.

Graven images of god:

There are three godly announcements that show clearly their control over the people. There are two that accompany ‘Thou shall not use the Lord’s name in vain’. One of them reads:

“You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.”

Hollywood’s conceptual artists are given access to actual content as reference for their conceptual models represented as the cinematic art, futuristic vistas, alien beings in science fiction, props, symbols etc.  There can be no doubt that not only are voiced and symbolic messages that are being transmitted, but also the visual reality of all things foreign to earth and humanity.  The entertained are actually subtly shown accurate details to the most minute nuance.  Pictured to the right compares what alien form might be hidden behind the shape of the flared out ‘crown’ worn by a high priest.   Note the flared out crown of the alien (concept) and the Pope’s crown. Coverings came in a variety of shapes to hide the variety of features of the ‘gods’.  The Alien film franchise is continuing to show us the breadth of forms with one specific species

Skulls that have been recovered and classified as ‘deformed’ may not be deformed at all.

If the skulls are of alien origin, they may explain the reason why dressing the head of leaders that presided over the general populous who were like us and of our specific homo sapien species was important to keep hidden their elongated back side ends of their skulls.

The installation of ‘Thou shall not make graven image of gods’ was to prevent them from going on record.  All the Sumerian tablets (with the exception of one) that seem to have survived history reveal no such clear and concise etching into stone an image of god which with exacting measure says, “this is it folks”.  If there were such a find in modern literature after the campaign that destroyed any evidence of alien beings as the masters, those have long since been secretly archived, destroyed, or otherwise.

Why the long robes?  Why do the fingers of European aristocracy depicted as also strangely elongated and boney?  Why did they wear gloves?  These Pharaohs may have been aliens with elongated heads that had to be covered and that their faces of alien appearance always documented as artist representations equating a human’s facial features.

For what purpose and any other reason other than subservience would European leaders throughout history require ‘taxpayers’ to bow their heads upon the close proximity to them?  Why would those opposed to this so-called ‘etiquette’ end their freedom to serve a life in prison, or be put to death if they looked upon their face?  Perhaps this was to keep the secret sealed.  By ending one’s life do they not pass this knowledge on.  The ornate head dresses, the heavy makeup, all of the elements used to disguise themselves on is a matter not only a matter of fashionable aesthetics, but one derived from necessity. They cloaked when in public by day and also during the night when venturing from their strong holds i.e. castles protected by heavily guarded walls surrounded by moats.  We see this being done in today’s secret societies who continue to live in castles and mansions.

It is said that history repeats itself.  This couldn’t be more true, however, it is partly the reality.  What goes on today and well into the future has always been a fluid activity continuing from the past. An ‘event’ does not happen all of a sudden. The conditions by which we are controlled and made to live has always been in flux as fashion and technology changes.

The Pope wears a yarmulke.  Why?

Is it possible that the conspiracy theorists were right about the president?  Could Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama have been cloned and as an infant, had his elongated head augmented for future use as a world controller?

The skull cap, or yarmulke, represents that one is under the house of the Lord.  On the other hand, however, this piece of fabric could be the fashionable dressing for a craniectomy.  Real archeological skull samples of humanoid skulls appearing alien, but classified as deformed with the purpose of misleading the scientific community, have been discovered.  These skulls exhibit an elongated boney mass that could theoretically have been surgically modified on the ‘altar’ where people had ‘alterations’ performed.  This would allow them to blend in with human populations.

Aside from the ultra reformed Jewish faith, the yarmulke is the standard element and common denominator, or even a link, to the most misunderstood truth about our ancient history

Today’s papal court subjects and priests who wear skull caps include; Bishops, Cardinals, Deacons with other designations, and in many other religious faiths crown themselves using over sized hats as was done throughout their history.  Having devised a system by which their alien form was covered, they developed an organic presence about them which served its purpose of domineering and sensationalized theatrics.  They appeared larger than life, that they had something more valuable and important, suggested verility, and other typical associations with us today.  Our movie stars, prize fighters, politicians, well to do, and so forth.

Anyone wonder why men go bald at the top back of their heads?  Humans underwent a genetic creation project that, for the last several thousand years, underwent an era of hasty hybrid practices between 10,000 to present..

If we follow along a theoretical line of thought in that the true ‘nature of the beast’ is alien, then the altered state appearance could be observed by a visual scar. This evidence could logically be what was felt to be hasty genetic engineering, but in reality be ‘rough cut’ surgery where the ‘altar’ was realized in the religious practices of the occult.  We know that hair growth is non existent where tissue has been damaged or removed.  It could be that hasty genetic engineering through hybrid process instead of genetic splicing had resulted in the fact that testosterone levels play a role in a specific patch of hair loss at the top of the human head occurs with age.  To hide the fact that radical craniectomies had to be performed to homogenize their appearance, then the yarmulke is the simple remedy for hiding the excised evidence.

Today, the people who are playing these priesthood roles in the Catholic church continue wearing these devices for tradition only.  Since they have successfully transcended the hybrid program, only Reptilian shape shifting issues cause relatively little problems today.

Why does the head of the Sphinx seem elongated towards the back and draped over with a covering?

  1. James Rink would help you with understanding the techniques used for taking samples. Skin craters are actually more commonly chicken pox scars. I see them on the face and foreheads often. All of us are sampled from birth.. blood samples. Incidentally, the famed Roger Leir who surgically removed alien implants passed away recently.

  2. robert said:

    thanks for your post and insight. I am curious as to your thoughts regarding the current state of hybridization of humans. As one who has received these “scoop marks” or “punch biopsies” along with other marks.. I have now noticed them on the foreheads of celebrities..granted they are actual scoop marks- though they appear to be. Do you feel that the whole population is somehow being sampled. I just don’t see what are DNA would be used for. Is it further hybridization? Hope this question doesn’t seem to far out. Sincerely. Robert

  3. realnuz said:

    Good then. A good thing to do is attach the web site to your emails and make it viral. Thanks for the compliment too:)

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