5-15-2012 Oro Valley Is Mission Control for Pima County

They are training our youth for operations involving mass shootings

The New World Order master command center is in Israel.  The watchtowers by which the controls, switches, and levers are pulled are at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem dashboards..

There are localized centers throughout the United States. In Tucson, we have a prominent scaled down version of which has ‘Mission Control Room’ written all over it. This command center is likely localed in Oro (gold) Valley which is a subdivision of North West Tucson.  This is where the elites live and thrive.  The logo above eludes to an entity that is active and prevailed before during and after the Giffords shooting.

Tucson central hosts the Scottish Rite ‘Cathedral’ in downtown.  It clearly depicts the double headed eagle.  In Oro Valley, there may be a Mason affiliate related to the Rite in the form of the Oro Valley Police Department.  This department is, like all others, is known as the FOP, or Fraternal ‘Order’ of Police.  The logo shown is proposed to be that of a very secret fraternity fronted by an entertainment company headed by a suspected grandson of a prominent Masonic leader.  The grandfather’s last name is Pittman, had worked for the Pima County Sheriffs and Police departments in which an offspring with possible blood ties, Brandon Lee Pittman, had associations and was hired to do stage lighting for Gabrielle Giffords during a previous public local event ‘Tucson Meet and Greet’. The fraternal Order as you know is a Masonic Order and very well integrated with whatever secret society and ‘Cathedral’ is in operation.  I will discuss this offshoot, but the important ‘order’ concept and its symbolic structure in the focus of this update.  for now, the purpose of this post is to show what is happening to our youth.  Click the image of the masonic temple to view its details.

Brandon Lee Pittman’s company Radian-Helix Media Entertainment logo design seen here.  The logo is displayed in Oro Valley at his studio.


The Oro Valley police played a supposed prominent role

With what is believed to be an assassination of a federal judge and the near fatal and very crippling injury of a United States congresswoman.  This is an independently investigated case under careful scrutiny and will be revealed soon.  For now, the on going activities – the corruption within Pima County where Tucson, Arizona, hosted an event known as ‘The Congress on your Corner Massacre’ continues to evolve.

(Click to enlarge)  The logo above that may be linked to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting is for the purpose of disclosing how the Oro Valley Police may have involvement in her shooting, but for now is intended to link the Freemason clicks.  The logo is thought to be a hybrid of a symbol that is not made public.  This representation is in the open.  If there is a symbol that is real it is certainly that of a fraternal connection to the Cathedral.

Military Infrastructure

There is a fully functioning military infrastructure that can be seen subtly built around the residents of Southern Arizona.  It is a burgeoning police state where people young and old are unwittingly under a spell – they are becoming involved without reason.  And it is not by choice, it is through careful planning and deceptive interest groups working night and day to bait and hook their fish.

In Today’s local Tucson newspaper, registration is now open for the Oro Valley Police Department’s Teen Academy. The program gives Oro Valley teenagers from ages thirteen through seventeen the chance to learn about the police department, see SWAT, K-9 and DUI demonstrations and process a crime scene in late June when the kiddies return from vacation. or need something to do during the summer break..

As Veronica Cruz writes in the Arizona Daily Star, Marana High students experience hands-on crime scene investigating is a part of the law and public safety class at Marana High School.  She says that it has come a long way since its inception investigating mock crime scenes now with blood splatters made with ketchup and making it as real as possible.  Of course this is the conditioning required that acclimates everyone into accepting death – anticipated morbid revolts.

CSI Photos couresey:  Benjie Sanders, Arizona Daily Star

In the five years more elaborate scenarios are established and they create them using such props as latex stab and bullet wound theatrical ‘makeup’ adhered to students who play the victim roles.  Stage blood is smeared on their clothing and the area around their bodies, bullet casings are strewn about and weapons placed in nearby trash cans.  These are all the makings of a whodunit that is left to teams of students playing first responders, detectives and photographers to study and solve.

“We’ve been practicing and practicing, so it gets me excited because I know it’s like, ‘Oh, cool, we get to work on a crime scene,’ and it’s more hands-on.  You don’t just sit in the classroom and learn about it, learn about the procedures. You do it.”

Sydney Ciarniello is the lead homicide detective on the case pictured above and is involvd in the last project for first-year students in Richard Pines’ two-year-long class. It is part of the Career and Technical Education program. Here, they are responsible for securing the scene, collecting fingerprints, locating, labeling and processing evidence, taking measurements and interviewing witnesses. This is all in the desire for establishing a motive and suspects in the staged crime.

Pines says that he hopes they further their career in criminal justice, and for those that go into crime-scene and police investigative work that they’ll be in a real-life situation.  Here, they in the least will have gone through a mock crime scene for the first hand experience. He goes on to say that, “In education in the 21st century, it’s all work-based. You’ve got to return the learning to the students. So, the more fun activities we have in this generation of technology, the more you’re going to be able to hold their interest.”

The truth is, after all those years of studying and practicing, the tell tale signs of shoddy CSI techniques are very evident in the botched crime scenes that have taken nation wide notice and media coverage.  this includes the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  These students are not practicing the art of keeping a contamination free environment.  No booties, no gloves.  but, they do have the stage props for the effect of real blood and guts visual exposure.  The fact that these kids are training under ‘drill’ conditions, there are similarities to the Giffords crime scene in which agency people walked all over contaminating the crime scene.  It took until the afternoon, about 5pm on Saturday the 8th, 2011, before the coroner was allowed to collect the bodies.  By then, everything was walked over by so many various people that the scene was entirely breached.
All that we’re lead to understand as correct procedure is convoluted with the teachings of seemingly professional intent by our teaching staff.  No, they’re nothing more than pawns..they are taught the incorect approaches and in this case of highly technical philosophy, CSI, is nothing more than nothing at all.  It’s not about solving crimes and more so that of veiling the truth.  It’s all a front.
The girl with the bloody knee capped pants is not a CSI agent, EMT, or otherwise.  Yet, she is there almost an hour after Emergency medics were even allowed on the scene of the Safeway shooting where Congressional law maker Gabrielle Giffords was supposedly shot.  Why was she there?  Why were the medics wearing gloves, but not protective crime scene preservation booties?  That is one of a myriad of errors conducted on January 8 last year when a CSI investigation that should have been professional was not so professional.  Why are our children being taught CSI practices without understanding what a true investigation should really be conducted as?  Don’t they make it clear on CSI styled television on how to do it?

Four months later, County Attorney for Pima County, Barbara LaWall and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, exonerated five Swat team participants for killing an innocent man.  They said they were justified for the kill.  The two were justifying themselves really for they ordered the kill.  Otherwise, this case would have been justified in the proper proceedings before a court judge and its jurors.  Right?  Right.  That crime scene incidentally was fully covered with CSI protocol, but for what purpose and why the expense.. the killers are above the law anyway in which the outcome was pre-planned.

What these Oro Valley children in school CSI labs are being trained to do is not investigate the police for illegal murders, but for you and I when a DHS drill gone ‘real’ occurs in school settings.. to force us into submission since we’re under the law.  Keep in mind that these are the offspring of the elite in that area subdivision.  Crime scene techniques and protocol is NOT being introduced to inner city students who live anywhere else in the city of Tucson.  It’s in the area where Gabriell Giffords, a law maker, and a United States Federal Judge were compromised 15 months earlier.  They want kids to make calls on these future and similar crimes that you and I will be inclined to believe were done correctly and without reservation.

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