5-18-2012 Major Event Prediction Countdown is 2 days away

The San Madrid Fault.  Predictions that did not take place.

Updated 5-21-2012.  I’ve been wrong on all my predictions for the expectation of a large scale earthquake that would occur in the United States for over a year.  I was wrong with this one too written two days prior.  I’d like to share the idea, however, as it may be a consideration for the future.

I felt that if the San Madrid Fault would be triggered, it would have commenced on specific months and days last year. Until now, I expected it the following window of time that would coincide to Occultic dates symbolic to their rituals depending on political interactions, the movement of Planet X through the solar system, the Mayan Calendar, etc.which would factors. in with the equation.  I was wrong, however, I do note that what seemed to be benign events did actually take place on each of those days. To me, those things are epic nonetheless.

On April 20th 2010 the British Petroleum deep drill platform, Horizon, purposely failed.  Two years later and to the day, a 6 year old girl was abducted from her Tucson home by what I believe to be a ritual ‘taking’ and ordered by the global elites.  The next post I make today will chronicle that with a full explanation.

This year I expected the San Madrid to be set off in November one year after the first prediction of November 2011.  I felt that if it were to be an inside job that it would not be done before March 10, 2012 which was the federally announced and promoted ‘Passport Day’.  Its purpose was to photograph, document, profile, and merge medical records with no intention of really allowing people to travel abroad.  Martial Law would put a stop to that, so what then was the purpose of the worry free passport offer? An event that would prevent collection of revenue such as our April 15th tax collection, which of course is the deadline for paying taxes, Hitler’s birthday of April 20, or before May 20th which is said to be symbolic day used by the Elites.  But, since both the Bilderberg scheduled for June in Virginia and NATO Summit Meetings will be big, that it is possible that they would clamp down the nation for it to take place without concern by the public. That is if the people’s attention is diverted to problems elsewhere.  The talk is that Obama is to continue his reign beyond the November elections.. ‘at all costs’.

The Eclipse: This could be an additional Hoover Dam smoking gun ‘tell’

Pay particular attention to this coming Sunday. An 80% solar eclipse occurs on that day. They need a false flag of some sort.

An annular solar eclipse will take place on May 20, 2012.  It occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun.  in this Sunday’s eclipse the sun will have an annulus because the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun causing it to appear as an annulus ring.

Wait.  Why is the Sun’s prossesion plotted with a ‘kink’ for the annular eclipse?

The sun is rising so far north from its usual easterly rising points. This occurred relatively unabated every morning for thousands of years.  But, in the last two or so years, the sun rises and sets so far north that suspicion that the earth is experiencing the most eccentric wobble has been observed. It is not discussed by NASA”s media liaisons of late.  Compare the path of the track along the Pacific Ocean and tell me that there is no evidence of an earth wobble.  Actually, this is the 6 minute shadow cast duration which does not indicate the wobble of the earth during at least a 12 hour cycle.  But, I questioned what the path looks like if the sun’s position was plotted and compared to recent past years much like the one diagrammed to the left.  I have yet to find one.

Take notice of the path along the southwest portion of the United States scheduled for Sunday May 20th.  South Westerners will have front row seats to the eclipse.  Las Vegas and Hoover Dam falls within the tract of the eclipse’s Central line and southern limit.  I announced that there may be a smoking gun that ‘tells’ of a plan to destroy Hoover Dam.  It happens that a redundant bridge was manufactured for the assumed purpose that the Dam was unsafe after the Trade Towers were brought down in 2001.  The bridge is more likely there so that military movement can proceed after the dam is destroyed, if it is planned to be destroyed, at a time when milita must be deployed at that crossing. Why else would a rather expensive project be executed when American bridges are in disrepair?  Please read the linked blog below for a detailed study.

Read 4-23-12 Hoover Dam expected to be the next 9/11

The Earth is wobbling

I contacted sculptor dialist, John Carmichael, to understand the workings as well as the problems associated with sundials when the earth experiences wobbling.  I then asked Mr. Carmichael if in the recent year, or two, that sundials had been adjusted or moved since the wobble of the earth had been noticed.  He said that no, any anomaly associated with a shift other than the orbit and tilt would be negligible. I didn’t buy that argument for the reason that I felt sundials that used to be publicly available are no longer available and that denial from even the most knowledgeable is questionable.

The Oro Valley Sundial is his latest installment at the Innovation Corporate Center in Oro Valley which is within the range of command central of the Arizona based New World Order.

Carmichael did share information about watch time versus sundial time that interested me.  It had nothing really to do with the issue of the earth’s eccentric position, but it did with respect to dates. He said that there are three specific days that well calibrated sundial reads the exact ‘watch’ time with its ‘shadow’ time.  Those three windows of time during the year that ‘zero out’ are; Columbus day, tax day of April 15, and Christmas day.

It is rather peculiar, incidentally, that where sun dials were once a common feature outside municipal or educational buildings no longer exist in abundance. Once again the deception is announced.

Pictured below is the sidewalk sundial at the Flandreau Planetarium at the University of Arizona. This dial uses a person as the gnomon which casts the shadow.  It could be said that this is inaccurate giving reason why not to adjust or remove the time piece.  Carmichael had spoken with an authority of the La Placita Museum sundial who said that approximately two years ago was to be removed.  If you notice sundials and the lack thereof in your community, ask questions please.  Get those answers sent back to me as I will follow up with this investigation into the earth’s wobble – catastrophic prediction fail or not, the earth is still lopsided.


The sundial pictured above is positioned where a shadow is cast that, for no other reason, prevents the sun at some point from ‘telling time’. The sundial located at 420 S.Main Street at the La Placita Museum in Tucson, Arizona, for no apparent reason at all, was scheduled to be removed.  If anything, moving the object casting the shadow or the time piece itself, but why make it disappear?

Ancient Sundials and their probable connection to 2012’s latest annular alignment of the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Somewhere, the disclosure of a secret is hidden in plain sight.

This composite below contains images of sundials in antiquity.  The large image to the right is from a Sumerian tablet which also depicts Anunnaki Hominid hybrids.  I wasn’t sure of the correlation of the Sun figure with lines radiating from it. I do think it has to do with genetics, but there seems to also be a reasonable correlation with the measurement of time related to the spin of the Earth.

(Click to enlarge) The plate below is featured in my article Royalty has always hidden their alien form.

We all were looking at the Mayan Calendar almost exclusively, but remember when historically we were taught that people feared eclipses?  It was the Anunnaki gods that knew how to rule.  The people of Sumer kept fairly accurate journals.

The Denver Airport:  Note the corner stone symbolizes the radiant Sun

A report prepared by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation from the Kremlin on the joint US-Russia military drills taking place in May 2012 in the State of Colorado says that the plans received from the Americans call for Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) during this strange exercise to “take and hold” the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) main facility, the National Security Agencies (NSA) main facility and the Denver International Airport (DIA).  It is proposed also that the airport is the relocated Capitol infered as the Capitol of Panem in the Film Hunger Games.  Notice that in the corner stone for the Denver Airport the similar symbolic radiation from the Sun, or the Eye of Horis in relationship to the sundials.

There may be some truth to Chicken Little’s “The Sky is Falling” slogan.  The angels from heaven that I assume to be the ancient Anunnaki predators who put us all into fear and have kept us in fear throughout the ages may initiate martial law this weekend.  They’ve installed the Russian and British forces who will be conducting ridiculous drills at the Denver Airport. The US is calling for Russian airborne troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport.  If there is a move to shut the US Mexican border because of a major event that may take place at Hoover Dam or an earthquake south of Douglas Arizona, or both, there will be a shuttering of the borders with a massive switch over from our 200 year old system to the brand new One Nation Ordinance.



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