5-22-2012 NSA ‘Fortress’ Adjacent To Suspected FEMA Concentration Camp

Originally published on November 30, 2011

Tucson NSA ‘fortress’ under scrutiny: Will a Tucson-based ‘fortress’ under renovation be linked to a secretly known, yet undisclosed catastrophic event?

TUCSON, Ariz. — An existing concrete poured reinforced building originally engineered to be a bank in 1972 has been designated Tucson’s NSA CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE HUB.  Its location is said to be in preparation for a massive catastrophic event that government officials predict, but do not explain.

“It could be anything catastrophic” they announce

While this proposed event is not defined, there is a suspected militarized infrastructure being erected under the noses of Tucson residents. The city was epicenter to a mass murder involving a member of the U.S. Congress, in which the murder of a federal judge took place in early January of 2011.

Above: Vehicle-stopping security bollards and rock walls.  These photos were taken on May 17, 2012.  When asking what the building was for, a workman said, “It’s a sheriff’s station”.  The others did not correct his answer.

The object of this article is to begin to illustrate a significant aspect of what is perhaps being hidden from public knowledge before its very eyes. This is a complex subject in which several updates will follow.

The NSA Intel Hub was in planning since 2004 and it exemplifies the activities that parallels similar projects throughout the United States.  It is as a clear example of federalization and installment of installations converted from acquired properties. This is the continuation of the military- industrial complex.

In Tucson, Arizona, there seems to be a militarized infrastructure logistically planned along a rather straight north to southerly tract.

This tract line begins at Steward Observatory on top of Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains (directly north of Tucson) and connects the Jewish Community Center, the former congresswoman,Gabrielle Giffords relocated democratic district office, and the largest park in Tucson ‘Randolph Park’.  The Valley National Bank building which is turning into an NSA intel hub and juxtaposed to Randolph Park then connects to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in which Gabrielle Giffords was honored, the growing Kino Medical Park, and finally south to Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

Pictured above is a bank building acquired by means of the tireless work of the County Administrator, Chuck Huckleberry, for the National Security Agency (NSA).

This logistical arrangement is in perfect linear alignment

We begin with a surface analysis of the NSA information hub. In an article posted on May 10, 2011, “Pima plans new communications hub Midtown structure of ‘Brutalism’ style facing demolition,” by Tom Beal of the Arizona Daily Star, it is announced from a memo submitted to the county board of supervisors, Chuck Huckleberry, that he intends to proceed with plans to tear down a 500-square-foot round building that once served as the Valley National Bank’s cafeteria.

“Demolition of this structure is necessary to minimize risks associated with maintaining public-safety communications during an emergency.”

The Administrator also said, “That is the only place on-site where an Emergency-Management operations center can be located,” said county administrator, Chuck Huckleberry

This emergency, said county director of facilities management Reid Spaulding, that the building, “… needs to withstand certain seismic and cataclysmic events.” Supporting statement by Valdez went on to say that he’d like to save the round building, but “… we really need to have an emergency operations center. It’s vital we have it up and running.”

The overall feel of the article was crafted with a spin in mind. This diversional concept is embedded with historical value of the building rather than identify what the ultimate agenda beyond the stated reason of the building is really intended.

The question raised, if one looks at the remarks made by officials is; what specific cataclysmic event are they referring to and for what reason is this facility going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars? What warrants this decision when nothing else but federal buildings are designed to withstand ‘some event’ not validated anywhere for any specific scientific reason?

It is based on speculation rooted in fear. In my opinion, this is one convincing tactic implemented in order to acquire approval for non affordable funding.

In a subsequent article posted in the Arizona Daily Star on August 3, 2011, “Pima County refuses to save ‘Brutal’ architecture,” reporter Rhonda Bodfield reports that almost 100 million dollars is being used in an effort to overhaul communications throughout the county which includes several communications towers.

She continues on stating that almost 15 million of it went to Sundt Construction for the building currently under renovation. When the anticipated project comes online in 2014 [overall project] the communications center will allow every police and fire agency in the county to communicate to one another, but does not include the state and federal systems.

I’d like to interject a concept that may link to the actions taken for a comprehensive communications system. It is alleged that former Pima County Detective Cindy Butierrez working closely with a software project termed “CopLink” is implicated in the Gifford’s “Congress on your Corner Massacre” as being very similar in appearance and voice to Roxanna Green, the mother of Christina-Taylor Green who was pronounced dead at the scene on January 8, 2011.

The two women share near identical voice characteristics and appear as if they could be identical twins. CopLink is currently in use today and provides the same function as this proposed NSA intelligence center.

In my opinion, the local parameters of the communications systems will be expanded and not be limited to Pima County, but instead encompass all of state and federal systems.

I also question a testimony by Drexel Heights Fire Chief Douglas Chappell, “When all hell breaks loose, this place better be here, and it better work,” and because of a statement by activist Mark Mayer, who said, “The complex will end up being akin to an ‘industrial fortress’ with a massive facade of masonry, to accommodate security concerns and to guard against natural and terrorism disasters. The design incorporates fencing to prevent any visual observation of staff movement, security barriers to deter cars from crashing into the building, and segregated parking to protect from any explosions.

These combined remarks expose questions which begs for appropriate answers as to the over kill engineering design for not just this, but all federal buildings. Why is this future event an immediate concern to a commercially dying community?

People are leaving Tucson in search of work today. Those listed in the article admit that a catastrophic event is near. What credible scientific entity or agency has made this southern Arizona prediction and why is it equally shared by so many people of ‘official’ standing?

It’s a simple matter to divert rational thoughts while at the same time instill fear to be awarded the millions upon millions of slave-driven money to get an agenda followed through.

In an update addendum to “Giffords would do better to care for her people in Tucson”, it is very peculiar, but quite obvious as to why the local newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star and its web-based news subsidiary azstarnet.com, did not announce on Thanksgiving day that Gabrielle Giffords was conducting a public relations “photo op” at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  The base is just south of the new people’s donated money service center dedicated in her name. Other news services including the Associated Press shared this news with the world, but no announcement was made in Tucson on Thanksgiving day. Question why she was not serving meals from her own food bank. Question why she did not support the community of Tucson and surrounding towns, but instead serve food from a Government facility.  Question why she said not a word to the community who supported her recovery when she, after interviewing with Diane Sawyer, did not deliver holiday and New Year’s wishes.  Not a peep.

The point is that there is a military build-up and Giffords fully supported it. And so did Ron Barber.  Barber returned to work as reported on July 5 in an article in the Arizona Daily StarFor Barber, return to job will be test of recovery,” by Tim Steller, records him as saying, “My first job will be to meet with every one of the staff.  I’m concerned about the workload they’ve been under.”


Giffords stands down on her very own food services to the needy

Giffords would do better to care for her people in Tucson as they did for her all year long.  While Gabrielle Giffords was recovering in Houston and under going intensive physical and speech therapies, her friends in Washington were busy raising money on her behalf.

In a July 15, 2011 article titled, “Giffords Raises Money With Help From Her Friends”, Jessica Taylor reports that $325,104 dollars in donations were ‘pulled in’ and Giffords still has over $787,000 dollars in her campaign account according to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. $122,250 dollars of that total came from political action committees, including several donations from party leadership. Giffords close friend, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz, gave $5,000 dollars  through her leadership PAC, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer both donated $2,000 each. Other $1,000 dollar donations came from various colleagues.  These figures illustrate how much money Gabrielle Giffords has made for her own use political or otherwise.

People worldwide also donated money to Gabrielle Giffords because of the ill fated event that occured the first week of this year, 2011.  With money donated within the US as well as overseas, a total of 193,000 dollars was announced by president and CEO of the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank, Bill Carnegie, and used toward building a service center within the Tucson based food bank to assist the needy.  The dedication opening on September 27 and celebration of the food bank’s 35th anniversary featured speakers that included Ron Barber, County Attorney Barbara LaWall and others.

While being interviewed by Tony Paniagua on Arizona Illustrated (www.AZPM.org), Carnegie explains that the lines of people resemble the Great Depression era. Carnegie does not predict that there will be bare shelves in the 140,000 square foot building this holiday season, but this actually does happen as twenty days later in an article on November 17.  Did the food disappear practically over night?  Did the community who rely on this food purposely not be alerted to dwindling ‘stores’ of supplies as would be obviously known at the time of his interview with Paniagua?

And now there are bare shelves as reported in the Arizona Daily Star on November 17, 2011’s article by Carmen Duarte, “For 1st time, agency won’t be able to hand out holiday boxes”.  In the article, Bill Carnegie states, “We have no money or food to do it [provide holiday food boxes]”.  This food that would otherwise be stored at the community food bank comes from supermarkets all over the city of Tucson. No supermarkets have closed doors and posted out of business signs as of yet.  Their shelves are full and they still donate, but where did it go this year?   They continue to donate food and at the same rate as before.  But where is the food?  Carnegie blames the economy and that more people are seeking food.  While this is partly true, more people have applied and are using food stamps than ever before.  Not everyone is starving or clamoring for food at the food bank it would appear.

Here is where the logic surfaces as to what is on the mind of a lawmaker whose concern is for the community.  There is almost a million in Gabrielle Gifford’s campaign account and almost 200,000 dollars of raised money for her benefit was used to build a service center on Mark Kelly’s wishes (but for what service? certainly not to buy food).  Articles in the paper and by television news except for Gabrielle herself is soliciting the economy struck residents of Tucson to help donate more and more to cover costs for feeding people who are in need during this holiday season.

If Gabrielle Giffords thought enough for those that gave to her during this year she was recovering, one would assume she would see to it that the community she adores and who adore her reciprocate to them.   Not only here, but people all over the country prayed for her health.  They are buying her new book like crazy.. a certain revenue stream.  Meanwhile, people are wondering where their holiday turkey will come from, because it isn’t coming from a food bank that honers her name.  Lurking in the shadows of the glitz and glamour of this ‘sensational book’, her interview on ABC with Dianne Sawyer, and the newly dedicated center named after herself complete with a dinner that fed the wealthy and friends of Gabby.  Carnegie admits, “We don’t even have turkeys to give to the Salvation Army like we did last year. I think, right now, we have eight turkeys.”

Gabrielle Giffords has almost a million dollars in campaign money.  She can certainly afford to match the eight turkeys available with eight more.   Giffords adventure on Capital Hill to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling indicates that she cannot think for herself because if she could, she would consider her credibility to the public with an intent toward providing sustenance for the community who elected her. Did she let southern Arizona slip through her hands in order to write a feel good book?  If otherwise, Tucson would be a thriving city.  It is currently a commercial disaster and Carnegie is by design placing blame on what has happened rather than those that allowed it to happen for the lack of food at his bank.  What better way to divert blame.


Who was calling the shots while Gabrielle Giffords was recovering?

Was it Pia, CJ, or Ron Barber from his recovery bed?  They made decisions beginning January 9 all the way to right now.  And nobody has said a damn thing about unelected staffers in charge.

But, then the next item on his itinerary was to resume his liaison work with the U.S. Border Patrol and ranchers in the border area, as well as re-establishing his contacts with the military installations in Southern Arizona.  That means Ft. Huachuca which is the biggest information hubs used by the military.

But take special notice to the fact that since July, there has been absolutely nothing said about Barber’s interaction with the community that requires the help of the elected lawmaker and community wonder woman Gabrielle Giffords. Ron Barber is not mentioned as addressing issues of the community and for the community.

His role is mainly emphasized toward military protocols. Barber’s priority was to ‘visit’ Ft. Huachuca and surrounding military installations as well as the border police often referred to as the well funded government tracking entity ‘Border Patrol’.

Giffords did not visit Tucson to address any perplexing issues regarding the economic crisis here. She did not making it a priority to help those in need during the holiday season before her retirement. Military personnel are quite content with their high percent pay raises and no lacking of food.

All she did was serve it up for the camera, but she didn’t make a show at the Community Food Bank that desperately needs the assistance. Can it be more obvious why there is no mention of the problems associated with the community food bank in the media while she is in Tucson?

Posted: December 12, 2011

TUCSON, Ariz. — The largest park in the city that Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords resided may be turned into a FEMA concentration camp. If the president uses totalitarian authority to sequester through the National Defense Authorization Act hundreds of thousands of residents for suspicious activity, they would have to be penned somewhere large.

Randolph Park combines Reed Park Zoo as well as an eighteen hole golf course. It takes up one major city block. Its southeast corner is anchored by a fortified police substation with an iron shield facade.   Surrounding this station is a waterway named “Citation Wash” that meets with a water reservoir directly behind the building.  It is possible to open the flow of water into the wash. The result is a permanent water barrier against “terrorists” using vehicles as battering rams. This facility can then be considered a castle like fortress.

(click to enlarge) The face of this police substation is designed as an iron shield and wall structure.  While it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, its intent is like any other federal stronghold.. over engineered and designed for preparedness against a revolt, or civil war.


Patrick J. Hardesty Midtown Police Substation features an iron shield covering the facade

and a ‘moat’ anchoring Randolph Park of a major intersection in Tucson, Arizona. Would this attention to engineering design protect the building in a catastrophic event? Or is this routine design?  One might ask, “Why am I paying so much for all this design and not told anything about an earthquake now?  Should I make my home terrorist proof too? Come on, someone give me some answers.. Tucson is an economic disaster!”

The police substation is the cornerstone building that houses the officials when Randolph Park converts into a FEMA concentration camp.  Its fortress design incorporates a castle-like moat that can be filled with water in minutes from a reservoir right behind it.The space between the fence rail and the iron shielded wall is how wide it is.

Directly west of this shielded facility is a 10 million dollar seven acre construction project intended to be the home of breeding elephants.  This is an addition to the park said to facilitate the need for elephant ‘welfare’.  For decades, two closely related pachyderms, married so to speak, are going to be separated. One of them even relocated out of state.  This in a sense is a forced divorce by Zoo authorities after all these years.  Reed Zoo was home to a couple who lived undisturbed. The  completion of the new habitat is near and yet so far for them. Directly south of the Elephant habitat project situates the NSA Intel hub.  This is a former bank building reported on November 30, 2011 Tucson NSA ‘fortress’ under scrutiny and is currently under renovation. The northwest corner of this property has a rather wide trench that stretches southward along the west side and eastward along the north sides of the building.  A robust wall no doubt, but how high will it be is the question.

Activist Mark Mayer said:  “The complex will end up being akin to an ‘industrial fortress’ with a massive facade of masonry to accommodate security concerns and to guard against natural and terrorism disasters. The design incorporates fencing to prevent any visual observation of staff movement, security barriers to deter cars from crashing into the building, and segregated parking to protect from any explosions.”

(Right) “Citation Wash” encircles the substation to the reservoir behind it.

Looking north from the site across 22nd street at the elephant habitat is evidence also of barriers using concrete, old telephone poles closely configured, and steel fencing… all security blockades.  Inside the habitat is a reinforced cinder block building they call a “barn” intended to house the elephants.  But, what if the plan for the elephants changes during a cataclysmic event and must be used for something else?  Will this habitat and the buildings erected be converted into something else?  Will the park presumably convert into a massive FEMA encampment when the ‘big one’ hits, or worse, when terrorists from half way round the world or even a lot worse, ETs attack?  Elephants were not evolved to thrive in enclosures unable to view their surroundings.  This building restricts what an animal as tall as an elephant can see.


The habitat at the Reed Park Zoo within Randolph Park features a concrete wall which is typical of the barrier type constructions that face the perimeter of the park that faces the NSA hub. 22nd Street is sandwiched by the ‘overly engineered’ NSA intel hub project currently under construction. The street will in effect be a secured corridor bisected by these two walled projects.

The Arizona Daily Star has reported that Connie and Shaba have been together for three decades but will be separated because of a trade off venture between the San Diego and Reed Park zoos.  Zoo officials claim they are against doing so, however have recently decided to follow through despite opposition.

In my opinion, it is suspected that bringing this decision to the public in the manner they did is tactics used in brainwashing. It is required to equate to the experience human families will encounter when taken to FEMA camps, in particular Randolph Park if this actually does happen, in an effort to control mass hysteria that accompanies parental splits.  It is a tactic in which good intention is falsely reported in the mainstream, but seems to always precede pre planned decision.  I don’t buy it.. it’s how politics work.  This 10 million dollar project has been on the drawing board for quite some time.. it didn’t just happen over night, hence, the fate of Connie and Shaba had to have been also on the drawing board.  Otherwise, zoo officials would have sought common ground long before which would satisfy the ‘welfare’ of the resident animals.  It would have been a community priority.

This will put us on the map for elephant management and welfare,” said zoo education curator Vivian VanPeenen.

Photo: David Sanders – Arizona Daily Star

The NSA Intel Hub, FEMA, political kingpins and alternative news:

As seen in the detail of the construction taking place on the street facing NW side of the NSA intel hub, a rather wide trench is dug as the foundation of what may be a robust wall.

So, what is really going on in Tucson? It is what’s happening nationwide.  Through the efforts of Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR, details are outlined for outfitting FEMA and US military camps with emergency services and facilities contracts.

It would be essential to be prepared, nonetheless, and is why you must use the example illustrated from this article.  Allow it to cause concern in your community.  Observe what building projects have been manifesting over time.  Look at your municipal buildings and where railroads lead.  The core infrastructure as is being built from the ground up before our eyes, however, precedes these ‘intelligence leaks’ from anonymous sources Preserving their jobs you might say?  Why then are these whistle blowers continuing to work for them if they now have a conscious… and perhaps are appalled themselves?  Are they waiting for the ‘big story’ for submission to the mainstream or more directly to the alternative news media?

Of course not.. this is the game that’s being played. It should be a clear and present warning that elected officials also become aware of our awareness.  If only Gabrielle Giffords knew!  Of course she does.  And so does Ron Barber.  Seeing to the military establishments was Barber’s first order errand on his return to work for Giffords list of things to do. I’m certain Tucson’s newly sworn in mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, is aware of these construction jobs and logistics plans.


1.    “Zoo plans to split elephants in return for breeding herd” November 22, 2011


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3.    “New Law By Obama To Jail 500,000 American Citizens Or More For The Crime Of Opposing Their Government” November 17, 2011


More_ For_The_Crime_Of_Opposing_Their_Government.html

Sparking the concern of Russian diplomats over the growing totalitarian bent of the Obama government is the planned reintroduction of what these reports call one of the most draconian laws ever introduced in a free society that is titled “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”.

4.    S. 1253 will allow indefinite military detention of American civilians without charge or trial” November 26, 2011


A sinister bill has quietly been introduced, so expansive in scope and dangerous in nature that it makes the PATRIOT Act look like the Bill of Rights.

5.    Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State” November 27, 2011 http://www.blacklistednews.com/Congress_to_Vote_Next_Week_on_EXPLICITLY_Creating_a_Police_State_/16759/0/38/38/Y/M.html

The Senate will be voting on a bill that will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military in a war zone, but at American citizens and other civilians far from any battlefield — even people in the United States itself.

6.    “KBR Government, Defense & Infrastructure”


7.    “Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S.”



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