5-23-2012 Napolitano to infect and kill humans with Clostridium difficile

Planned implementation of biological detection in Boston’s subways will employ dead soil bacterias as a pathogenic efficacy test


An abstract from George H. Karam MD, says, “For clinicians who prescribe antibiotics, there are several important lessons from the experience with Hurricane Katrina. Two can be linked to the problem faced worldwide with antibiotic resistance: tailored plans are more effective than large-scale, generic templates; and if we do not plan well, the response options are extremely limited, if nonexistent, when the disaster ultimately occurs. With antibiotic resistance, perhaps a greater understanding of how resistance develops will allow healthcare providers to adapt their response to this growing concern. This article discusses important issues of resistance in three organisms: multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA, and Clostridium difficile with profound degrees of toxin production.

The Massachusetts public health department working closely with Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security and the MBTA to test “how quickly pathogens can found in the underground transport systems”.  But, the real purpose is to find how fast people can be infected by the C. Difficile bacterium that is now the fashion for hospital infectious disease problems that surpasses the MRSA infection (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus superbug).

It’s not the ‘benign’ soil bacteria Bacillus subtilis in which the FDA sponsors as safely acceptable for consumption.  This test goes far and beyond a simple detection system.  This is how the global elites will alert the public as to a pathogenic contaminant found that can only be treated through  vaccination using the Hepatitis C antidote.  What they’re doing is going to infect the vaccinated with the Clostridium difficile infection.  C. difficile causes dysentery and death by dehydration.

How this conclusion came about

A Japanese patient in Japan, it was discovered, had a robust mutated strain of Hepatitis C.  His viral samples were researched and then developed into various world and regional strains as a vaccinated treatment for Hep C.  Clostridium difficile becomes a problem with subjects infected with this specific liver disease.

The Associated Press released an announcement on behalf of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on May 18, 2012  proposing that all Baby Boomers born from 1945 to 1965 get tested for hepatitis C for a “one-time” blood test.  This accounts for 2 million Boomers of the 3.2 million Americans infected.

Their excuse is that “it can take decades to cause liver damage, and many people don’t know they’re infected.”

While CDC officials believe could save more than 120,000 live, ‘chief’ Dr. John W. Ward says that that the, “CDC views hepatitis C as an unrecognized health crisis for the country because several developments drove our push for wider testing, and we believe the time is now for a bold response.”

Several developments?  Drove?  Push?  Wider testing (as in Boston Subway System)? Time is now?  Bold response?

(Above Center) SF Mayor Newsom speaks with Dr. John Ward (left), CDC head of Viral Hepatology, during the VIP reception before dinner.  San Francisco, like Boston, is a target for the hepatitis C vaccination protocol.

Dr. Ward jams all the key depopulation red flags into one thought line.  It says, “Let’s boldly go where no man has gone before” sort of thing.  I would have to say that John Ward is, in this case regarding the hepatitis C agenda, the alleged Baby Boomer Murderer and perhaps for all people predisposed to liver infections (see snapshot in the left column).

Two synthetic ‘interferon-simulator’ drugs hit the market last year that promise to cure many more people than was previously possible.  These drugs are a result from the research and development coming from the hepatitis C mutant strain from Japan.  Why, then, would Baby Boomers supposedly infected with a non-current strain of the virus need to be vaccinated?  Few even say they shared needles which is the primary way the virus enters the body.  You can see the lie right before your eyes.

The new testing recommendation for a disease that the CDC claims there are no vaccines yet developed for hepatitis C as well as stating that the best way to prevent spread is by not sharing needles is expected to become final later this year.  Again, “several developments”? What pray tell developed chief Ward?

My comment appeared 2-years ago on G. Edward Griffin’s website realitynews.com.  Below is the excerpt:


March 15, 2010

“The next phase of vaccination may be an adjuvant or addition, the catalyst potentiator, for those who accepted the first round, or multiples and other various vaccines of live H1N1 shots doled out in 2009. These are laboratory grown genetically engineered strains of Hepatitis C targeted to North Americans as well as worldwide.”

They used the same propaganda and tactics during the resurrection of the the 1918 swine flu virus “to study and develop treatments”. Their intention is vastly different than what mainstream presents. We saw what Baxter Chemical did last year claiming accidental inclusion of the live Avian flu strain with the regular flu shots that almost made it undetected to 18, or more, countries outside the States.

The intention is too wipe out our immune efficacy. An attack on the liver spells double trouble because, from what I have learned as one theory, that what ends the life of those infected with the swine flu is the condition of dysentery, i.e. mutated strain of C. difficile. A person becomes so dehydrated as a result of diarrhea which leads to death.

The important connection is where the article “Engineering a new way to study hepatitis C” reads, that the the discovery of a rare, actually the only, robust hepatitis C viral culture from a Japanese patient survives outside the liver.  This facilitates the study and the ability to genetically modify Hep C for “study and research”.

This scenario parallels the Hela Cancer Cell story involving an extremely rare cancer cell taken from one person, Henrietta Lacks, in 1952.  These cells were stolen from the deceased woman in order to build a cancer industry that enriched beyond comprehension in the trillions.  This revenue was generated for research and development, but her cells were sold for cancer research without compensating her family.

The next round of vaccination formulations — the Hep C strain — may be hidden in other ingredients, if forced or under coercion (potential Martial Law), and else ways.  I trust my research and and I sense that this article, propagandized and seemingly benign as it is, has far reaching implications. This is a very big one. No joke.”

Lessons learned from the Katrina debacle

In the hours following Hurricane Katrina, Baton Rouge was transformed with the arrival of thousands of evacuees, many of whom needed medical attention.  An intensive care unit was opened in the Louisiana State University basketball arena with an acute care hospital that was task forced adjacent to it.  More than 6000 patients were admitted in nine days with more than 15,000 triaged.

Clostridium difficile infections are not classified as reportable in Louisiana.

There were a total of 19,174 cases of C. difficile in hospitalized patients in Louisiana between 1999 and 2008, ranging from 800 to 2,500 a year. The number of cases increased from 1999 to 2005, declined in 2006 to 2007 and has returned to its previous peak in 2008.  People suffered from dysentery conditions while spending days in the Superdome.  Rather than receiving help, were these people undergoing a sinister infectious disease test?  If C. difficile is not classified as a reportable disease, then the conditions by which anonymity and secrecy would prevail for an assumed test for human genocide in Boston is realistically plausible.

Obamacide is a continuation of the U.S. government historical testing of dangerous biological agents on theAmerican public.  The Department of Homeland Security spearheaded, or king-pinned by Janet Napolitano, claims that a bacteria it plans to release in the Boston subway is to test biological sensors is harmless.  The agenda driving this protocol is farther from their ‘truth’.

I believe that the intention of the Boston subway ‘test’, the past history of live virus’ shipped worldwide two flu seasons ago, and the aggressiveness Bill and Malinda Gates have with the vaccination agenda, etc., are far more serious than meets the eye.  It should all be viewed in a single context.

All tests ever conducted are veiled with cover stories and the actual motive is to fulfil the Georgia Guidestone prophecy, among others, for world depopulation.

Thank you Alexander Backman for sending me the ‘Boston Disease Party alert because if I am correct, it is linked with the Hepatitis C vaccination protocol that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) through the World Health Organization (WHO) is close to rolling out.


  1. Certainly I’ll report on this. Keep in touch using my hushmail account you’ll find at the end of most articles and fill me in with more details, her history, where she lived, what was going on, and so forth. I wrote an article about the Boston subway testing you can link to here. You’ll have to encourage her to obtain a new test and there after begin a liver flush and body detox protocol so that she doesn’t live the rest of her life burdened with health problems. These things can be subtle traumas that should be treated using the re-birthing therapy so that the mind can take control to better heal the physical self. The biochemic reactions that should activate will cause the body to assist itself with toxicity flushing. As a precaution, she could do a weeks worth of Epsom salt baths. Soaking in magnesium oxide extracts radio active contamination from whatever it is that may be radio active on the east coast especially in NY, New Jersey and everywhere else. She may have eaten a certain food product that contaminated her and over time cause this degradation of body mind and spirit.

  2. fran tiche said:

    have you heard about the NYC subway testing of a odorless, harmless gas from July 1st 2013 to July 31st 2013 during normal work hours? Supposedly to “prepare” for some kind of possible attack. Check out the news stories. The gas is called Perfluorocarbon. Please report on this. My previously healthy daughter lived in NYC for 5 years she is so sick now with debilitating symptoms. luckily she moved before the subway test, but something is up, her Dr “lost” the results of her heavy metals toxicity test. over 20 dr visits and they say she’s fine, but I almost have to call an ambulance every week she is so sick- she is definately not FINE!

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