6-15-2012 The Anunnaki are demonized in Promethius

Their target date for world domination may be as early as October.  The clue appears at the ‘end credits’ of the film.  The date stamp suggests that a major solar event is predicted to occur.  It may indeed be a ‘corporate’ construct because they are “bringing ‘an event'” to us:

“Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds since 10/11/2012?”

Wait a minute, why is this date, but not the premier of the film’s date time, stamped about a month before the presidential elections?  In the new Batman installment Dark Knight Rises, the bad guy detonates bombs around the New York Manhattan Island “Gothem City” and says “Let the games begin”.  He says this with plurality and to me sounds and looks just like an issue that will be related to the Olympic games.  I wonder what Olympic game is scheduled for October 11th this year.  The October 11 date is also the day when the film is released to the video rental outlets.  I continue to question why the reference to “Building better worlds” in those ending credits indicates nothing about the release to  rentals from the dollar theaters?

This image below of a synthetic immortal antichrist, David, figuratively dominating the world in his hands is the most prolific of all sequences in Promethius because it is the global elite’s statement as to their intent. 

David, a robot, figuratively controls our world. This is a testament to the elite’s desire to rule Earth

The film Promethius is nothing more than a showcase of conditioning ideas with the intent to fabricate deception.  By today’s standards, all these films maintain a compliance to administer to the audience a fantasy using thought lines rooted in desires.  In this way we are pleasantly whelmed with awe, therefore, the huge theatrical film making expense.  Also, Promethius is the new prescription for a faked alien invasion, the infamous project known as Bluebeam, a government secret marred in blood when Canadian reporter, Serge Monast, was assassinated in ’96 for disclosing it on record, Bluebeam has to be sold to the public.  It becomes necessary for these franchises to enter into the viewer’s minds three dimensionally and as realistic as can be done as we near their anticipated real life theatrical premier.   Alex Jones of prisonplanet is giving credit to the film (magic) makers and the film (the magic trick) that he should be alerting you and I to dismantle.. This is where I step in.  And that, my friends, is how I can tell he’s working the other side.

If you have seen Promethius, I suggest first skimming over this list of plot holes and humorous thought provoking insights.

Promethius is the story about the search as to how, when, and by whom human beings were crafted.  From the beginning, the story makes it clear that a Universal God is not our creator.  The plot tells us that an advanced off planet race created the human being.  I found it intriguing that this film did not directly suggest that it was the Anunnaki who conducted the genetic engineering humans, but convoluted the Sumarian historical record among other civilizations in which man has manifested.

Promethius can be super analyzed from top to bottom just as thoroughly as John Carter, however, I would like to be plain and simple.  In recapping from last analysis I believe it was the Reptilians who joined forces with the Grey aliens later who battled against the Anunnaki as much as 10,800 years ago.  While I am not 100 percent set on this theory, it sure seems to work when I look at films, see what is happening around us, and what visionary outcome there must be for the future. Somehow all that I see fits the paradigm.

The Reptilian bloodline then is what our leaders have been hybrid to be so as to fit in with humans in order to keep us, use us as commodity and genetic patenting.. we are considered property stolen from the Anunnaki. They are in the process of preventing humans from seeking the help of the Anunnaki when they either return as Nibiru in the solar neighborhood in 2012-14.

A clever person posted a comparison of Frankenstein with the stone head found within the alien spacecraft (bottom left).. a detail even I missed.  My article suggesting that an antichrist figure ‘head’ is being genetically constructed may be the Hollywood ‘tell’ seen with this image mirror of Frankenstein’s monster that includes a comparison from the movie Avatar.

The true story behind Ridley Scott’s Hollywood ‘tell’ is simple.  It is the subtle undertone, or the notion that the Anunnaki who created the first people on Earth had been attacked by the Reptilians.  It suggests that there indeed is an active ongoing war for possession of three inter system things.

Above: The Therns of John Carter and the engineer of Promethius both play evil controllers of doom.

The three primary agenda points are of hijacking the Earth and sterilizing it of life, kidnapping the people and their souls, and stealing Earth’s resources.  The Anunnaki created man in their image in which they called themselves gods (the Bible contradicts itself by suggesting there is one God with Christ as his son, but also refers to several gods in the same text), but also the food and natural medicine they need to live here.  Our food supply as part of the transgenetic operation is intended also to destroy what they sustain themselves while present on Earth.  The secret societies are working against man and the Anunnaki ‘gods’ to take control of them both.

Charlize Theron plays a character role who is rather vile.  Forgive me.. I had some fun with her screen shot. I would rather have her character in Monster join me for dinner instead of the one in Promethius. Meredeth Vickers commands Elizabeth as to what her mission role is when encountering the aliens.  She tells her, “When you engage them, you won’t talk to them, you’ll do nothing but report back to me.”  This is a clear signal that if we should encounter the Anunnaki that we must not mingle nor communicate with them.  What clearer message for the masses during a faked or real alien invasion (Bluebeam) can there be?

Noomi Rapace as seen in the original 2009 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo changes her appearance from repulsive to enchanting – character ‘arc’ transformation.  While not sporting extra terrestrial features for this role, she somewhat does in some frame shots for her role as Elizabeth Shaw in Permethius.  Why is it that her name Elizabeth and Lisbeth in two separate films be similar?  Cinematic tricks are by no mistake coincidences.  Production ‘brass’ know precisely the feel of these symbolic projects.

I question the character, Elizabeth Shaw, for the reason she has a peculiar look to her face.  It has neither the features other female actors have.. it has to do with the high cheek bones, small mouth, and non specificness of her lips in profile view. It’s almost as if her overall shape mimics Martians in recent film such as Mars Needs Moms, We see Martian races depicted as having hardly  a nose with small mouths that resemble Elizabeth’s.  I caught this right away not thinking any of Promethius had Martian themes until those themes made a stage appearance.. it was then that I was confirmed.

Alex Jones plugs Promethius saying:

“RidleyScott, arguably one of the greatest living directors, is set to release his prequel to his 1979 mega hit Alien.  Promethius. One of the most anticipated sci-fi films in recent memory. Infowars.com research analysis shows, Promethius is not just a film, it’s a revelation of the method revealing the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion.”

Jones then goes on to say:

”I do happen to have a lot of contacts in the media as viewers and listeners know.  And, I have been able to secure a copy of an early script and it follows very closely to the… in synopsis, this is a film about the origins of human kind with a super race of near immortal genetic engineers who are contemplating a genetic overwrite, or rewrite of the planet Earth.  When meddling humans stumble in the magicians laboratory they are punished for their trespass. The so-called space jockey is the advanced species that have engineered humans back on Earth and produced the bio-weapon that we know of which is the classical Alien. That burst out of your chest. After feeding on food in your intestines.  The reason we’re taking time out to examine Promethius is its story line. Its plot mirrors that of many ancient societies. And the ideas presented in Promethius are at the core of Western Secret Societies.”

He continues speaking and convolution of the issue with rants about ancient civilizations interested in off world beings, but does not, nor will not tell the story any other way.

I must respond by saying that since this ‘alternative news machine’ and his close ties with the entertainment industry offers one of the few behind the scenes analysis of Promethius regarding secret society messaging.  I spot the deception as a propaganda ploy immediately.  Jones’ script was just that.. a script that promotes the director and film as ‘arguably the greatest’, ‘mega hit’, ‘securing a copy’, and ‘core of secrecy’.  Take notice of how human beings are described in this description where Jones says, ‘meddling humans’, ‘magician’s laboratory’.. this race was not using magic. They used precise scientific and highly advanced technology.  Why would Jones announce them as magicians?  It was stated that humans felt invited.. they did not intentionally trespass, however, in the film they were absolutely inept professionals not respectful of their environment.  The occult uses entertainment magicians, such as contracting the services of Ridley Scott to perform tricks in an experiential theatrical format.

The occult is not representing the Anunnaki, but as the Alien itself.  The Aliens in this Hollywood franchise must then be representative of the Reptilian off world race in which they compensate Scott handsomely to accomplish their agenda.  That is what the agenda is as asked of Charlize Theron’s character:

“Ms Vickers, is there an agenda that you’re not telling us about?”

David, the synthetic symbol of an antichrist, uses big brother interests into the private lives of people. Here he is viewing Dr. Shaw’s dreams for the reason he needs to be in control of all knowledge.  To know her is to understand and anticipate her motives..  Take notice also of the style and design of his helmet.. for what reason a robot needs alternative gear is rather unnecessary, but the visual shape of the visor and helmet, it’s orange blue coloring, are the cues used to ‘train’ the audience that these are acceptable devices of future technologies. 

The film opens with a sequence where some genetic juice is consumed.  It instantly transforms a humanoid being into something Reptilian in formation. The clue is that the coloring of the fluid happens to be blue.  The color blue part of the orange/blue color scheme interwoven and the common visual denominator used visually on screen in the entertainment venues today.  The 20th Century Fox logo is a shade of steely blue, a departure from the standard color scheme.  Even Madonna’s performance during the Superbowl was color schemed this way.  Blue and orange (shades of blue and grey), it seems, is the Martian color wheel.  It is also that of our newly developing prison environments from FEMA concentration camps to the clothing and graphics at federal installations and so on.  Note the orange and blue color scheme of David’s space suit.  These are the colors of modern day federal establishments with shades of blue, grey and orange.

Below: An obscure character, who happens to ‘like rocks’ and as the geologist produces not a thing, but for howling like a wolf, is color coded as Martian. He is also branded with perhaps the mark of the beast.

It could also be that we are being conditioned not to trust them nor desire their help in the effort to keep people from switching alliances.  In other words, they don’t want the Anunnaki  to reacquire Earth as what Reptilians and Zeta Reticulans believe to be their rightful property.

“A king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable”- Meredith Vickers

To simplify matters, what Promethius is doing is actually staging the Anunnaki gods (the genetic engineers) to be considered the villains.  In the plot line, the ‘Engineers aka Anunnaki’ were on their way to terraform, genetically manipulate and, wreak havoc on this planet; order out of chaos so to speak.  The protagonist, Elizabeth Shaw, takes action to stop it.  The reality is the Reptilians masquerade as the alien of the Alien film franchise whose intent is just this – establish human control through entertainment.  Why else does the Alien consume human bodies?

Above: A color scheme in use by SunTran bus transportation system in Tucson, Arizona.  The federally funded central transportation hub, Ronstadt, is under reconstruction for over 1 million dollars when Tucson is becoming a dead city.. the face lift includes repainting the facility that will be outfitted with steel gates and over 60 surveillance cameras when there are already an adequate amount of six.

They are not a bio-weapon, but a competing race against another for slave labor, food, and resources. Instead, they are staged as a weapon of mass destruction to instill the mindset of fear.  In the franchise stories, the idea is to mask the Reptilian breeds and portray them as the villains with a motive that must be addressed, destroyed to be exact, when in truth they are the masters of dominion over the masses.

It could be said that the Reptilians fear that the Anunnaki they represent as evil in the film and are actually returning to kidnap us back from them.   That’s if you are in the business of reversing all that you are shown.

Promethius is mainstream spin designed to discredit the Anunnaki.  The film has more to do with supporting the global agenda that is mastering the human genome project, or transhuman genetic engineering, the quest for the mineral gold, and control until death to this once great and prolific planet.

In the movie, it is established that the planet is a bio-weapons manufacturing outpost.  The real world in which the human engineers reside is elsewhere.  I think it to be Planet X, or Nibiru.  The archeological truth hunter, Elizabeth Shaw, decides to seek out this world even after realizing the engineer’s intent was to inflict harm upon Earth and humanity.  That would prove to be a huge undertaking if it is her intent to destroy the creators.

Below and right: Could the light pattern on the surface match up with stars of a constellation, Orion’s for example?

The release of subsequent plot lines should, if I’m right, prove that they are in the process of destroying “god” for the reason the NWO must create a new religion and establish a figurehead “antichrist”.  The only way to accomplish this is by destroying humanities concept of God. But, it is the Anunnaki god that they refer to.  The Universal God cannot be destroyed.  At least that is my feeling.


A Hollywood ‘tell’ or two and and a plot hole… or two

Click Right to enlarge: Would anyone like to take a guess at what the scene to the right represents?  Think in terms of ‘womb’, ‘fallopian tubes’ ‘blue as in blue beam’ and the spider design as the central ‘altar’ in the shape of a disc.  All the recent films to date show a spherical ball generated by a radiating schematic diagram.  Dual portals on either side of the chamber are entry into the felopian tubes.

Promethius takes place well away from our solar system and is 80 to 90 years from today’s date.  By that time, Mars will have been further colonized and traveled to on a regular basis.. but in this movie, they make references to Mars and Martians as if it’s still a mystery for today’s people.  Mars is mentioned in the movie while they are so deep in space that if you catch the mistake, you’ll understand the ‘tell’, or message and that Mars is a clear redundancy in story telling. however, suppose that Hollywood is disclosing a significant role with bio-engineering.  This is how to identify this film and categorize it with the human genome project.

Above: Women are at their most fertile between 16 and 20. The proportions of their uterus reflects the golden ratio of 1.618.  This proportion is named after the mineral, gold, for the reason gold is the single most desirable element by off world beings who designed human beings.

films are largely curriculum for secret society students

Ridley Scott uses the blue and orange color system heavily and is the commonality with most all film and television today.  ll the designs created for Promethius are of Martian geometry and style just as in comic book hero movies and television, then it is Mars that the film is eluding to as the bio-weapons outpost of the Alien.  The story of Promethius takes place beyond our solar system, but it is actually representing our inner planetary system plus the secret battle between the Anunnaki and Reptilians (with the assistance of the Grays).  Of course, there are many other off world entities observing and even interacting, thus waiting for a piece of the pie.  Incidentally, if there are benevolent aliens who are working to enhance the human condition, they sure as hell not doing an adequate job of it.  Therefore, I trust not one of them.  Sorry Alex C.. if the Andromedans really cared, they would have stepped up to the plate and not made your life miserable, kept the rest in question, and use more of us than just a few of you to make necessary changes.

In the movie, the structure that the crew of Promethius has entered is referred to as a pyramid. A pyramid?  Really now.. doesn’t fool me for a zillionth of a second.  The thing was round and had a face stamped on it.  “The” definition from Wikipedia describes a pyramid as a structure whose shape is geometric with its outer surfaces triangular and converge to a single point at the top. The base of a pyramid can be trilateral, quadrilateral, or any polygon shape, meaning that a pyramid has at least three outer triangular surfaces with at least four faces including the base. The square pyramid with square base and four triangular outer surfaces, is a common version.

“The captain of a trillion dollar mission smokes on board the ship, sexually harasses a crew member then leaves his post to have that sex, and then takes the word of one hysterical archeologist who just cesareanized a squid baby destined to destroying the ship and crew. He forgets that for a trillion dollars, there must be a ray gun installed (we have them today), escape pods to avoid suicide, etc. Do they do mental stability background checks in the future?” ~ catmunch

Well, nowhere in the definition of a pyramid is it described as a dome.  And, that’s exactly what protruded from the planet’s surface and appeared to be.  Since the elite have a fascination with pyramids, then something about genetics must be related to earthly pyramids, and that Project Bluebeam is suspected as being a recently made pyramid dressed up like a hydro electric power plant. Can Promethius be telling us that the Alien bio-weapon is store housed in this Arizona ‘outpost’?  In other words, it was by no mistake that the reference to a dome shaped pyramid was intentional.

I’d like to think that David’s head would have slithered along its slime juice into a crack in the hull, rolled down a shoot, and out the back as the ship careens to the ground.  Kind of like when your groceries fly when driving in a rush.

Plot holes and Hollywood ‘tells’ are important, however, and I had to laugh when after the alien ship had crash landed back to the surface of the planet, that when Elizabeth returned to David, his head having been snapped from his body and left on the floor was still in the same place it fell.  Now, how can that be possible?  Watch the film to see this complete negligence to reality of a false reality.


Timing Markers

The prevailing question is why were the holidays of Christmas and New Years take on such an important role.  As a timing marker?  Why did the Engineers decide to destroy humans? Although this is not explained, hints throughout the movie suggest that humans angered the engineers about 2,000 years ago, as seen when it is discovered the decapitated one died at around that time. The film also takes place on Christmas through New Years, and Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth?) Shaw is impregnated with an alien also makes reasonable sense to assume that the Anunnaki crafted Jesus Christ.  When humans crucified Jesus, they decided upon eugenics as recourse. This is all speculation, but with a quote from Ridley Scott in a recent interview it seems to make sense: “If you look at it as an “our children are misbehaving down there’ scenario, there are moments where it looks like we’ve gone out of control, running around with armor and skirts, which of course would be the Roman Empire”.

The intent of the Illuminati and their superiors is to recreate religion by destroying what people believe today.  To do this, they have been attacking Christianity.  This is why Christ’s birthday ‘god’s son’ is represented in the realm of the creator’s genetic program.


Click below: Weyland logo – Sumerian Anunnaki eagle

Symbolic countdown

“Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds since 10/11/12

Above: Sumerian depiction of a winged god symbol is the basis for the Wayland Corporation logo design.  End credits read:  “Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds. Since 10/11/12“.  This then must be a serious date that may not be silent.  If a prediction for something catastrophic occurs on this date, then there will have been detrimental meaning to its significance.  The logo design Below is not by coincidence the alien ‘snake’ thing that if you watch the movie, it latches onto the face in a real bad wake up on the wrong side of the bed sorta situation.  What the corporation is conveying is that they are either the real life bio-weapon manufacturer of this real life alien that we haven’t seen yet because they’re not yet rolled out, or the alien simply represents the reptilians. Either way, it’s not pleasant:)

The three-triangle logo of the Weyland corporation is visually similar to that of the actual Weinstein Group is derived from a pattern appears in the original Alien film.  The logo can be seen as part of David’s fingerprint.

A perceptive reviewer discusses Prometheus

(somewhat edited for typos and clarity)

The story begins on the Isle of Skye in Scotland where a fictional cave painting is discovered that predates all the other (real) scenes from around the world depicting the same star map. They interpret the map as an invitation and the main premise of the movie is of this team setting off to try to get in touch with the original creators. They call them the Engineers and we don’t recall the word Anunnaki being mentioned at all, maybe once early on but will have to see it again to check. It is all about the Anunnaki though, and the idea that this might not go according to plan is well worked out as a ‘new’ story.

Though we are now in far into the future in this movie, the story is equally relevant to the early Sumerian texts and takes the idea behind the flood, according to the tales of Enki and Enlil, and uses elements of this story in a new way in this movie. There are some great reenacted scenes of some of the real clay tablets depicting ancient aliens from various world locations. Also there is a great recreation of what the Anunnaki may have looked like, but we’re not going to say more about that in case we spoil the surprise.

The downside is that it is ultimately an action movie with plenty of regular and standard sci-fi plotting – i.e. survival, contamination, mutation, battle etc. But it is all very watchable and exciting. However having to give so much room to the action, leaves less room for information and more detail and background on the Anunnaki and all of the information written on the walls. David, the ships android, spent the two years traveling on Prometheus studying ancient Sumerian and other languages and we feel he could have been used more to translate the inscriptions and maybe pad out the story of what this location is really about and why.  When the ‘truth’ is discovered at the end it seems to come out of nowhere and it almost felt like a scene was missing or perhaps was cut.

The plot hole for us was surrounding Elizabeth’s boyfriend. Why did he go on a drinking spree when they had made the discovery of a lifetime? And why wasn’t he in the room with Elizabeth watching every step of her genetic analysis of the body they found? It felt like they just wanted to have an excuse to get rid of him as soon as possible when he had fulfilled his function as a means to get Elizabeth pregnant with a contaminated hybrid baby.




  1. I never said I was serious, and yet you quote me as saying serious using quotes around the word as if I had. You neglected to add a secondary space between a period and the word How. I’m a single writer. A single author is not several people indicated by the word they. My spellchecker did not catch the error. All you had to do, fool, is help out with a suggestion that the word be changed so that you and everyone else who doesn’t take information serious unless it’s passes your scrutinous measures according to the powers that be that created our language. The spelling of each word in the English language is misspelled you idiot moron. So, it doesn’t matter. How the fuck old are you anyway??

  2. Dave said:

    It’s actually called “Prometheus”. How could I read a “serious” article when they misspelled the title so many times…

  3. dublinmick said:

    I have a small post on this topic myself.

  4. blaketruth said:

    everything was indeed relevent except for the annunaki…….i’ve been doing research myself and it was found that the reptilian hybrid were supposedly the ‘giant ones’ or annunaki…to support that it is sensible to say that this is possibly true because ‘annu’ in summerian means:from the sky and naki meaning fall or came so what annunaki basically means is falling from the sky and seeing that occultism is related to this could it mean the fallen ones….from the heavens they fell and onto the earth as giants…the bible makes reference to the annunaki as a breed of giants who mated with the woman of the earth to give birth to a breed of hybrid nephili or similar reptilian beings…..i wonder what the bible is actually for?

    realnuz: I’m happy that you have found these articles and take an interest with them. I’m a conspiracy analyst. The secret societies that drive the entertainment industry shows us exactly what it is they are up to and what they plan to execute through film projects before the events take place. The Anunnaki was principally the single most important ‘hidden’ agenda about the movie Promethius. What is an engineer you may ask and why didn’t they easily define by name who these human like beings were? Did you ask why in the film a dialogue exchange took place between crew members referencing Martians and the planet Mars as if in 2089 man had not ventured there? The far reaches of the universe had apparently been reached by the ship Promethius in search of something based on a sumerian styled ‘map’. There’s a new theory that the Reptilians in a joint venture with alien greys settled here as far back as 10,800 ago with the intention of battling against the Anunnaki of Nibiru for earths resources, gold in particular, and it’s human slave species the Anunnaki created through a breeding genetics program. This battle is going on now and that the Anunnaki may very well be poised to do battle against the Reptilians between now and 2018 when it is at its closest proximity to earth. The faked alien invasion projected in the heavens can very well be a real one that takes place underground between them to repossess earth and human beings. Sounds far fetched, but what doesn’t any more? Any history that we refer to is a moot point because the real issue is not learning about particulars, but about what may be really happening. That’s where I fit in.. the conspiracy theorist from hell. If Zacharia had it wrong and none of the other specialists have concretely confirmed the actual ancient history, then your research is simply learning what they may be right or wrong about.

    The second installment of Promethius is the determination of the archeologist to destroy the inhabitants of the Engineers from the first films story line. Now, if you understand that Hollywood is illuminati driven and that they are directed by the Reptillian Grey alliance, then you’ll understand that they are training us to be on their side with an allegience against the Anunnaki. Again, the Anunnaki are the engineers which is the reference to genetic engineering. They’re not making mechanical constructs as typified by the term engineer. It’s all about the human hybrid project here, on Mars, and so on. The point is, to fight a real war coming soon if there is truly one to occur, then they want all of us afraid of the Anunnakis depicted in Promethius when in fact, it is they who want to keep and protect their investment. The problem is and this is my opinion if the theory is accurate.. all three mother fuckers are bad news. :) This planet is yours and mine and everyone’s to share respectfully without borders, war, jealousy, or control by anything else but a common universal consciousness.

    One last item for consideration.. in the STAR TREK series, there was the ‘Prime Directive’that stated that earthlings are not to interfere with off world beings as they travel the universe. And yet they do. Furthermore, they defeat them if adversarial or solve their problems against other waring alien nations. The answer is that we are the most powerful beings existing in the universe based on this television program’s ‘tell’. This is why it has taken the aliens so long to destroy us, otherwise, they’d have achieved their goal tho9usands of years ago? I don’t know.. you tell me your thoughts.

  5. i wanted to thank you for this great read!! i am definitely enjoying every little bit of it i have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. thanks for all.

  6. realnuz said:

    I’m glad you did stop over for the visit. If you come back, I hope that you make your comments known.. anything you’d like to say regarding the opinions I post. This is all about you and those you can carry a message to in the effort to explain, through our teachings, something helpful. Thanks again..

  7. Hey just wanted to stop by, Was just browsing google reader and I really love everything you have to say.


  8. Aléxia said:

    Your work is very appreciated for me, I always read your posts.

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