FANTASY – Earth Wind and Fire is inviting you to ‘trip’

Below is the first of several analysis of song lyrics.  I’d like to preface the song “Fantasy”, written by Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire, with the rock group, Who’s, “Eminence Front” in order to show what it is I spot in Pete Townsend’s lyrics.  Eminence Front is fundamentally illustrating the elite lifestyle and that the common person has the same opportunity to follow suit.. to live and breath in bliss just like them.  It is a result of a thorough and many decades, centuries really, of mass dumbing down with endless amounts of ‘private expenditures’ for private lives at the expense of the world slave, particularly in Europe and the United States, convinced they have the same opportunities.  The elite, in Townsends lyrics, suffer the same hypnotic state of denial as those that attended Who concerts in the hey days in which we all, myself definitely included, were sequestered away from the reality they made for us into a false reality they also made for us to dream for.  This analysis is as a primer to reveal an absolutely hidden agenda.  They’ve successfully kept the opaque veil over a master planned scheme and many of us tried to peel the music onion peeling to reveal it.  Fantasy is the first of some song lyrics that I’ll hopefully find whose target is the human genome project.  this is because I believe I’ve found the most secret agenda they’ve conjured.  It is the subtle hints of encouragement in which human commodity will be surreptitiously accepting to go places they would not normally go.. if they knew what was in store.

the difference between these two songs is that Eminence Front describes what the elite are doing which gives you and I hope that we can enjoy the high life, however, Fantasy shows us what our fate is.  If I am right about the human animal farm of mad science, human cargo to off worlds including Mars and all that business.. Fantasy was prepared for us to accept that one way ticket to hell.

Don’t get me wrong.. I love Earth Wind & Fire.  Growing up as a kid in the 70’s to now, I am right there with what I consider the all time greats.  But now, whoa is me, I can’t enjoy a damn thing in the theater or concert hall and just stare at my incredible shelved collection of music.

I have a feeling I will be discussing a lot about lyrics and the musical entertainment arenas.  Therefore, this first blog will be lengthy so as to describe to you what it is I can do and why it is important that I share this information.  It will demonstrate more about reverse engineering so that you’ll have insight into how those blog posts unravel themselves.  My next analytics or comparisons will be short and sweet and I hope you’ll bear with me..

First look.. “Eminence Front” by the Who

A while back, maybe two years ago or so, a friend at the time sat me down and had me listen to Eminence Front.  This friend incidentally was someone I later detached, realigned with, detached, realigned once again, and then finally it was over because while I couldn’t place my finger on it at the time, he was mind controlled having served in a militaristic capacity.  Perhaps I’ll lecture on that some time, but just know that each and every instance and person that I encounter, I remember.

“The sun shines People forget The spray flies as the speedboat glides People forget Forget they’re hiding The girls smile People forget The snow packs as the skier tracks People forget Forget they’re hiding. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Behind an eminence front An eminence front put-on It’s an eminence front It’s a put-on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come and join the party Dress to kill Won’t you come and join the party Dress to kill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The drinks flow People forget That big wheel spins, the hair thins People forget Forget they’re hiding The news slows People forget The shares crash, hopes are dashed People forget Forget they’re hiding. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Behind an eminence front it’s a put-on It is an eminence front An eminence front ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come and join the party Dress to kill Dress yourself to kill.”

I’m autistic, I think.  It’s possible I am an undiagnosed savant of a functional order since I manage somewhat within social settings.  I have a photographic mind to a degree that isn’t usual for those that are in this class, but unique in that I can combine thousands of thoughts into one strain rather quickly.  I accomplish this with ease because I’ve mastered the fundamentals of just about all that I’ve been exposed to.  While most of the time I’m oblivious and quite the gullible creature, it happens and hits hard as a revelation.  Thank goodness I can more or less handle money, otherwise, I’d be sequestered for life next door to Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt.  Incidentally, I don’t count cards, so don’t worry Vegas.

To preface again, I have a short story about my sense of hearing.  I hear everything and yet I can’t hear people’s words when they sing.  I’m still trying to figure that one out.  I filter very little, however, which makes my life unbearable sometimes and have to practice time way from human intervention, a lot. An example is the family joke that always comes up when I’m laughed at, or with depending on my attitude, when I thought the words to Eric Clamptons song title “Lay Down Sally” was “way down south”.  I just couldn’t make out the words.  Why?  I don’t know.  They still laugh at me.  What they don’t know is that all songs I’ve ever listened to are in my mind as digital recordings like.  I can listen to a song as if it’s being played in a real studio setting.  I wonder if others that experience this.  Hmmmm.

There was an early period just after finishing my schooling at California State University Long Beach when I thought that I was losing my hearing and scheduled a doctors visit to a auditory specialist.  Oh, I was upset.  There I thought I was over aging at 28 and there I anxiously sat in the sound proof ‘tank’, as I called it, raising my hand whenever I heard a tone.   When done, the doctor eye balled me with a peculiar look, hesitated a moment before saying something. He  then smiled and asked if I was an audiophile.  I thought, “What?”  I figured he assumed I was some kind of sexual social clinical disaster of the deviant variety.. I’d never heard the word, but because I was pissed, assumed it had something to do with being a voyeur using the ears rather than one using the eyes.  He chuckled then said, “No, your hearing is fine.  In fact we took you to a level that has never been successfully achieved by any of our patients.  Not even I could hear what you can.  You’re able to hear at levels ranging beyond… yadda yadda yadda..” and he went on about how remarkable it is that I felt that I was losing my hearing.  Finally, he recommended that I stop drinking so much because the alcohol dulled my senses.  I said what again.  He was right.. I wrote that on the damn medical form that asks that battery of private questions.  My hearing was restored upon advisement.

I’ve been a music appreciator my whole life.  What happens is that I listen to the music, melody, timing, sounds of the instruments and the style of voice rather than the words.  I’m more interested in the subtle details.. I can visualize the person performing based on what I’m hearing. It’s weird, but I can.   I don’t for the life of me understand what the singer is singing though.  It’s really weird also, but that’s what happens.  And so when I obtained the written lyrics of Eminence Front, it was instantly clear what the meaning of the words was intended for.  I’d never known what the heck he was saying until I read those words.  The theme of the song was evident through the suggestion, references, and lifestyles and so forth which amazed me.  I still listen to the song and enjoy it for the music.. for I don’t hear the words at all even though I now know them, but when I read along, I’m always sad.  While that song is a small part in the whole spectrum of ‘tells’, it is in the sense that Pete Townsend had described in Eminence Front of the elite as delusional recreationalists filled with reality altering drug use. Wikipedia describes the song’s theme as “a party in which people hide from their problems behind a façade”.  Townshend had introduced the song during “The Decade of Greed” at a live performances saying: “This song is about what happens when you take too much white powder; it’s called Eminence Front“.

The truth is, and this is what I believe to be the key to Eminence Front, is that the word ’eminence’ is used based on one of its meanings: “A title of honor, especially applied to a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church.” Eminence then has roots with the Vatican and vested in as with papal powers, and thus the hierarchy order.  I noted in some of my previous work that the reference to “Master” exemplified in the television series “I Dream of Jeannie” as well as military designations including ‘Master Sargeant’, etc., is designed to designate who is in charge and to differentiate who is not.  The song could have been titled a number of ways.. “Royals Front”, “Masters Front”, “Majestics Front”, “Fascists Front”, and on and on.  I favor the word eminence because it has a nice ring to it, no?

Eminence Front means in my opinion is: ‘The veil that cloaks the Vatican powers of control over you by controlling what seems to be a carefree and abundant pleasures’

Pete Townsend, like so many other performers who rose to stardom did not get there by chance or popularity alone.  Once established through careful planning behind the scenes, the artists are given advice so subtly and through the introduction of drug use and perhaps MKULTRA sex ‘plants’ these words and ideas to muse with and the final decision always made by the ‘producer’.  If you compared their garage band lyrics to the popularized albums that are studio cut and released as ‘labels’, there is an incredible difference.  It’s almost as if, and I contemplate this often, band members and their styles drastically change seemingly over night and they instantly became lunatics.. perhaps the writer stumbled upon a hallucinogic drug beyond normal.  Whelp, it’s obvious these concepts find their way into the song writer’s ‘inbox’ once they become known and had that  ‘talking to’.. about their careers.   The higher ups that control what music is disseminated and what is benign to accompany as filler material to have enough tracks for an album.  My same friend that introduced me to his interpretation of this song also described most of the Beetle’s lyrics I was not aware had occultic meaning.  Thanks Robert.

Song lyrics are as detrimental to mental health as the commander and chief is to mental health.  I wish it was different.

“Fantasy” Earth Wind & Fire is inviting you to ‘trip’

I then came across my favorite bands of the 70’s while I sat and did my work this morning.  I hadn’t heard Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire for some time and turned the volume high while finding a high quality youtube.  Guess what.. I heard every single word .  Every one.

Every man has a place 

Click Above to listen: In November 1977  “Fantasy” written by Maurice White, was  released in yet another Egyptian post modernistic themed album cover.  All ‘N All featured the hit singles “Serpentine Fire” and “Fantasy“, and achieved triple Platinum status. Starting with this album, the Japanese artist Shusei Nagaoka began doing the artwork and the illustrations for several of Earth, Wind & Fire’s album covers.

Enslavement.  Everything will be tagged as in RFID and every object including human beings will be warehoused in work, penitentiary, or slave labor camps.  As was and as always)

In his heart there’s a space And the world can’t erase his fantasies

They know that there is an area of the heart, perhaps where the soul resides, that the world, as in the new world order elites, can’t control.  They have to create a style of fantasy other than natural such as a material world that they can control and then erase.  Then, they have a complete clean slate since we’ve forgotten what fantasies should be and be able to manipulate and feed into the ones they installed.  Make sense?).

Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasies All your dreams will come true right away

Most entertainment stories contain modes of transportation that, ironically, incorporate rail transport.  You see it in Hugo, Hunger Games, War Horse, Polar Express and so many more that now that there is a program designed to encourage space travel to the Moon and Mars that they’re promoting, or guaranteeing that you’ll be pleasantly serviced.  Your wishes will immediately come true.

“Every man has a place In his heart there’s a space And the world can’t erase his fantasies Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasize All your dreams will come true right away And we will live together Until the twelfth of never Our voices will ring forever as one Every thought is a dream Rushing by in a stream Bringing life to your kingdom of doing Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasize All your dreams will come true miles away Our voices will ring together Until the twelfth of never We all will love together as one Come to see victory In a land called fantasy Loving life a new degree Bring your mind to everlasting liberty As one Come to see victor In a land called fantasy Loving life for you and me To behold to your soul is ecstasy You will find other kind That has been in search of you Many lives have brought you to Recognize it’s your life now in review As you stay for the play Fantasy has in store for you A glowing light will see you through It’s your day shining day All your dreams come true As you glide in your stride With the wind as you fly away Give a smile from your lips and say Are you free yes I’m free And I’m on my way”

And we will live together Until the twelfth of never Our voices will ring forever as one

Now here is where I sank in my chair.  What they’re talking about is a time when all will be clustered and warehoused as human genomic breeding slaves for labor purposes.  The phrase ‘Until the twelfth of never” has no true origin that I can find and soon will, in the meantime, the number 12 is significant when thinking in terms of the figure most popular thought of as the core Illuminati families.  “The Twelfth of Never” is used as the date of a future occurrence that will never come to pass.  In the case of Johnny Mathis’ song, the 12th of Never is given as the date on which the singer will stop loving his beloved, thus indicating that he will always love her/him.  The song draws a similar link between the cessation of love and a number of other events expected never to happen.  Perhaps this may have to do with the hybriding out of love in humans.  There is a problem with relationships, sexual identity, and a lack of traditional love already.  We’re being drugged to death.

Every thought is a dream Rushing by in a stream

This has a lot to do with mind control strategy.  In my study of the Jared Lee Loughner case, where mind control was a definite consideration and I had to thoroughly learn about it, it was very clear that sleep deprivation and the possibility that traditional techniques were used to condition one Jared Loughner into knowing, and stating the phrase “conscience dreaming”.  Jared had a list of books films and music that he favored, but Maurice White’s song “Fantasy”, where every thought is a dream, was not one of them.  Incidentally, drugging a person as a Manchurian candidate is the same process by which musicians are staged to play similarly for the public.

Bringing life to your kingdom of doing Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasies

You are deceptively encouraged to board a space craft and will do so by consent.

Our voices will ring together

Now this is a stretch.  The word ring is not the same as sing.  This is a song sung by a super group known as Earth Wind & Fire whose music hit the top echelon spots on the music charts.  They didn’t ring to that rung.. they sang their way.  Why are they suggesting that our voices will be ringing?  I’ll say that the only, and I mean the only reason I can think of (if you can debunk this I’ll be grateful) is that ancient people used their voices in unison to achieve a specific frequency range that ‘RANG’ so as to vibrate heavy objects until they levitated.  This is how pyramids were built.  It may be that we will be mind control through all these decades of hypnotic suggestions as being ignorantly happy to sing these tunes in mass under prison/slave conditions to create massive structures.  I would figure that their technology can achieve that, but maybe it takes the human spirit, the soul, the strength and power of our beings to give them what their machines can’t.  Who knows.. that’s why I said this was a stretch!

We all will love together as one

Rodney King once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”  This is what the elites have kept us from doing because they know that if a mass of people got along, they’d realize what had been perpetrated upon them and revolt.  Interesting it is that we have no heroes.  Not one.  Tiger Woods yes when they needed an Afro American in office, but then what?  They disallow those that follow to follow leaders other than their own which is why this new age religion that hails in the antichrist for the order to take full control need us to believe we will become one… all while making it extremely difficult.  This way, when we all are looking for help, it will come from them and them only.  That is when we’ll believe we are one and that’s how the New World Order paradigm works. Note that the line does not read, “We will all love EACH other as one”.

Come to see victory In a land called fantasy

This can either be interpreted as a victory outcome of some war on Earth or off world like Mars.  The film John Carter demonstrates a victorious war there.. John came to see it and at the same time participated at the correct timing.  How convenient.  It happens here though and what they have created is a land of make believe.  We do live in fantasy land.  I was conditioned by Fred Rogers to fantasize during each episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood in the 1960’s when the Trolly, a rail system reminiscent of Nazi Germany, took us to ‘The Land of Make Believe”.  There, aristocracy ruled the stage and Molek the owl named X (for god’s sake, why name an owl X when millions of other names are available?) professed logic and reasoning (mad science out of mad wisdom).. I’ll go on at another time, that we truly were taught to reclaim what our forefathers escaped.  Their victory is establishing dominion over the planet.

Loving life a new degree

How many degrees are there in the Freemason societies?  Nothing is new and history repeats itself as it is said.  They want us to love them as newly established ‘gods’ in a place they’ve developed they interpret as life.

Bring your mind to everlasting liberty

I think this goes without interpretation.. you decide.

You will find other kind That has been in search of you

The importance of this line is epic.  I don’t believe it is another human being that “other kind” refers to.  Are being coerced through the incredible degradation of the society we live in to be in search of something other than ourselves, our mates, or our saviors (government and their antichrist figureheads)?  I view this as a direct ‘tell’ that an entity is looking for us.  How can a band suggest that all that listen to the music are in need of “another kind”.  If I’m happily married, then it is the suggestion of something other than human being professed.  And, riveting as it is, it’s scouting for me.

Many lives have brought you to recognize it’s your life now in review

This is a two part phrase. The interpretation could be that many people who have sold out have put forth great effort to manage our minds and mold them to understand “Recognize” what our lives are.  We’ve been destroyed to the point that as clean slates, we review from the time we could remember to present that some change is necessary.  That change Obama expressed upon entering into power is exactly that change.  It is the transformation of a sovereign being into one of passionate submission.  If I detest my life (because they’ve stripped me from my understanding of God) then I’ll be attracted to this new world paradigm.  The specific wording, however, says that our lives are in review by others and not by ourselves.  So, the entire two part phrase is talking about people being formed into a recognizable format that is under scrutiny.  We have no control over it unless this is understood.

As you stay for the play, Fantasy has in store for you A glowing light will see you through

The context of the word Fantasy appears to be a noun.  Fantasy then is in group conscious with a deceptive identity calling itself fantasy when it is really the global elitists.. or the world we believe is controlling us.  We are clued in now that this is a staged event coming soon.  A play, or stage play.  Or that some fiction is played out as a fantasy.  This glowing light that is mentioned is not identified as a color, such as white with the context being that of God, but as a guidance system.  If they meant Blue without saying the word, then that may refer to as the 9th Ray Isolate announced (idea fixed in the mind) in the film John Carter.  Project Bluebeam incorporates a light show of fantasy to instill fear.  This showing of lights in the form of three dimensional terrorizing.. aliens perhaps as predicted.. will guide us to what we will be told is a safe place.  We will be guided through to another side, place, world… something.

It’s your day shining day All your dreams come true as you glide in your stride with the wind as you fly away.  Give a smile from your lips and say are you free yes I’m free and I’m on my way”. All your dreams will come true miles away

The fantasy turns to reality.. the nightmare will become true, of course, and it is my opinion that they will traffic humans to outer world outposts far from this one.  Mars may be one destination depicted in recent films to have made their 2012 mark.  They are implementing hypnotic suggestions as the dream state and that nothing harmful can happen when in the condition of exctasy, bliss, and love as a single unit.

An electronic mind conditioning technique used today

I observe that youtube and Skype as well as other web based music and entertainment upload and download and communication streams, in what is assumed to be a compressed format, is the quality of the sound output invariably garbles.  It happens usually when artificial intelligence detects key words that are suspicious to the NSA.  I wonder if the mind control goes as far as implementing an auditory simulation of the Grey Alien speech patterns, and even their actual speaking language.  It is very possible this is true.  Personal accounts of people who come into contact with them claim they have heard their auditory verbal communication (other than psychic) and describe them as sounding interestingly similar to what I hear on Skype and youtube.  I trigger AI all the time.  In fact, this happens so often I’ve decided to blow off trying to speak in code.. I think as we all make that valiant attempt.. because honestly, who the heck cares anymore.

Next time: Pink Floyd “Goodby Blue Sky” and Roger Water’s “The Powers That Be”.  Also, look forward to the film analysis of “Hugo”, “War Horse”, and an old one with Bruce Dern entitled, “Silent Running”.

  1. Hi Thalia, My favorite band was Earth Wind and Fire. There were no others that could touch them. And you’re right, “most” people were not awakened at the time and neither was I. Thank goodness because I would have been a social basket case. But, when you privately speak with people like Maurice, like I did back in the day, and those memories of what was said “click” when in this day and age we’re seeing the world collapse and the signatures are spelled out in the lyrics and themes from so many performers, this can’t be helped. I know you won’t believe me when I say they truly were ‘my kind’, take a look at what they’ve done to an 11 year old girl in my latest video Breeding Monarchs Here is an example of showing a truth. Do you think television would have shown this back in 1971? Of course not. Lee

  2. thalia trinity said:

    I don’t know what kind of antidepressant drugs you are on but you completely missed the point I am sorry. In 2012 you are still in the dark ages of seeing nothing but bad in something this group is more enlightened than you will ever be and they have been that way since 1971 before most people have even been awakeneddo you think anybody really cares about your comment would you think people of Earth Wind and Fire for their enlightenment?

  3. realnuz said:

    You got it my friend.. I’m still alive and doing the deal here.

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