7-23-2012 “SPACE” A smear campaign against Steven Greer

Ed Lauter is casted as early as late 1993 as a set-up to discredit the alien disclosure project headed by Dr. Steven Greer, to keep the whistle blowers from “blowing” the military complex secrecy about extra terrestrial intervention and public disclosure.

X-Files: Season l, Episode 9  “SPACE”  November 12, 1993

Plot Summery:

(Paraphrased from IMDB) – Mulder and Scully visit Houston after a NASA employee, Michelle Generoo, reveals evidence that a previous shuttle mission was sabotaged with an aborted launch seconds before lift-off.  Another launch that is scheduled puts Scully and Mulder on the scene to determine Generoo’s allegations with Mulder’s childhood hero, Col. Belt, the man in charge of the program.

X-Files originally aired from September 10, 1993 to May 19, 2002 and was a Fox network smash hit. Slogans, such as “The Truth Is Out There”, “Trust No One”, and “I Want to Believe” were stamped into and as popular culture touchstones to this day.  The X-Files ingrained itself into public mindset of governmental  mistrust plus the targeting of large institutions, and embraced conspiracy theories all unto their own as the cast centered on efforts to uncover the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Belt may be the saboteur, yet he claims that no such thing lead to the scrubbed launch and the talk of sabotage.  The second launch with Generoo’s fiance as shuttle commander lifts off problem free under the newly appointed ‘X-Files’ technical decision makers (lol), however the mission command soon encounters communications blackout related to a psychological issue that happened to Belt during his last Gemini flight which is now affecting his judgment.

I have never seen a single episode of X-Files.  I’m not kidding.  Up until yesterday, however, which is approximately twenty years after the time of its debut, it was suggested by my dear ‘best thinking’ friend who I’ve been close to for as long as March of 2011 during the Loughner shooting case, was insistent about me looking at all of the X-Files regarding the human genome project.  I took her advice, as I always do, what I didn’t expect took me by absolute surprise..

What I unearthed screws the lid on Kerry Cassidy’s tereatment of Dr. Steven Greer in an impromptu interview that resulted in a combination bias assault on the side of Project Camelot against Greer’s disclosure project.  This instance which is one of personal ‘manys’ is the camel’s back breaking straw that I think I’d like to spring board off and while I’ll be rekindling a new bridge fire.

Above: Col Marcus Aerelius Belt “Space Shuttle Program Director”

Could a more subtle and effective smear campaign from the inner circles of alternative news disclosure projects be in the works?  Let’s take..


a look at Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan’s Project Cemelot

“We publicly challenged the motivation, information and agenda of Dr. Steven Greer..”

(Click below for youtube interview)

“We stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out… no matter how radical those ideas may seem.” – Project Camelot Mission Statement

In Project Camelot’s open letters, Bill Ryan posts #3 as response to political attacks for the Greer Interview… 3) “We [Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan] publicly challenged the motivation, information and agenda of Dr Steven Greer (who we are sure has bona fide connections in high places, as he claims). No-one else has ever dared to do that as we did. (We encourage others to do so, by the way. Don’t be afraid of the fire you may draw. Something is very wrong with that picture. Most researchers stay silent. We called him on his false information.)”

“We called him on his false information”

Camelot, however, didn’t call themselves on their very own conflict of interests and never will.

The question as to what brand  ‘of truth’ do Kerry and Bill care to allow voiced and acceptable to their cause became a matter of concern on this interview… whose paradigm should it had fit?  Greer made a valiant attempt to explain exactly what he presented during the conference they all attended in the interview where Kerry attempts to trap him in her concept of her own view.. Bill follows suit.  Even I ran with the idea that I should side with them against Steven since I was unaware of the dangers becoming involved within their inner circle. These informants are connected with Kerry’s network amidst the totality of whistle blowers; who may be in biased alignment to Kerry’s tastes.  There’s a learning curve even for me.

(Wiki) In philosophy, the concept of good faith (Latin: bona fides, or bona fide for “in good faith”) denotes sincere, honest intention or belief, regardless of the outcome of an action; the opposed concepts are bad faith, mala fides.  If Greer was ‘mala’, then that would be their accurate accusation, but as Bill’s choice using ‘bona’ then what is the purpose of this dismantling of someone working in with honest intentions? 

Project Camelot publicly challenged the motivation, information and agenda of Dr Steven Greer who they were as stated “sure [he] has bona fide connections in high places, as they say he claims.”  Cassidy and Ryan add that “no-one else has ever dared to do that as we did.  We encourage others to do so, by the way. Don’t be afraid of the fire you may draw. Something is very wrong with that picture. Most researchers stay silent. We called him on his false information.”  The problem with this is that most of Camelot’s whistle blowers have friends in high places — Bill Deagle, John Leer, Richard Hoagland and many many more.  The mere fact that we all have friends and acquaintances should not entirely implicate anyone with guilt by association.  Until, of course, there is a definite trend.  I don’t agree at all with Greer on the intent of aliens and it very well may be a ploy from the beginning.  For Camelot to spin the logic is the point here.



Installing Gabrielle Giffords

“My fiance is shuttle commander on that mission”

Four years after the premier of this episode, an STS-134 shuttle commander slated for the year 2011 named Mark Kelly weds a Tucson, Arizona girl, Gabrielle Giffords, in 2007.  This woman then accelerates her congressional status interestingly enough as a member of the sub-committee for the Space and Aeronautical division directly tied to NASA’s flight program.   What was the Mission Control Communications Commander, Michelle Generoo, in ‘SPACE’ symbolizing when she said that her fiance was mission commander for a suspected botched mission? What did Ed Dames say about the dangers of flying for NASA’s Shuttle Program?

In “SPACE”, I find two people then who are similarly matched.  The second is former congress- woman Gabrielle Giffords whose name not surprisingly resembles the episode’s stage name of Michelle.  Gabri_elle and Mich_elle shares the appendage elle.  Generoo and Giffords share a few letters of the alphabet and there’s really nothing to juggle for a positive match, but I’m certain that if they don’t have the similar hair style, facial features, general appeal, and social relationship affiliations to the Shuttle program that it is just so coincidental that, well, whatever.. form your opinion at this point please.

Above: Lisa Nowak, the former NASA astronaut accused of attempting to kidnap a romantic rival in 2007.

Many dynamics are played out on SPACE based on real events that preface what they required to damage control beginning with the failed STS-51L Challenger liftoff seven years before X-Files is realized for television. This incident ended the lives of on board female astronauts mission specialist Judith A. Resnik and Christa McAuliffe, the first space teacher, a  relationship between Giffords and Kelly, the threat of alien disclosure brought about by Steve Greer against the wishes of the CFR, etc., and even preempts the 2009 love triangle drama revolving around “Diaper-wearing astronaut” Lisa Nowak, and so forth that this episode encapsulates it all.

My opinion on alien intent

the question regarding benevolent vs ill intentioned aliens continues to be debated.  The Greer interview was one such argument between differing camps of thought and I have my own.  To preface what I’ll say,  I bid all those the best of luck if people are practicing or attempting to channel a nice bunch of extra terrestrials from pretty little star systems.. I’m sorry, but by all logic and reasoning, I’ve deduced that they want you for self-seeking reasons and it’s not in your best interest.  For if it was ladies, gentlemen and your children, they wouldn’t allow your neighbor’s infant child to be dismembered after practicing sick rituals behind heavily guarded mansions by global elitists.. exercising perversion while spilling the blood of that six year old child.  What, they render nuclear devices useless to prevent those big events, but maybe, just maybe they are sparing us in order to harvest souls.  Therefore, the channeling could be a clever trick to gain trust.  You channel while someone kills your family and they didn’t do anything to prevent that..

It’s what so-called benevolent aliens and their advanced technology don’t do to help humans that concerns me.

In my opinion about the intent of off world entities other than terrestrial humans, I differ from both parties discussed above.  I lean towards Kerry Cassidy than I do with the doctor — I have heard his side.  It appears that he is waiting for affirmative proof that aliens are evil while I am not.  Kerry is dancing around it.  I just go with my intuition that all aliens are looking for an edge and want something other than our welfare, otherwise, the benevolent ones would not have let Isabela Celis, for instance, be killed by the secret societies that abducted her.. she represents most all the abducted innocent souls on this beloved planet and not one alien is doing a f__ing thing about it.  So f_ck them and their plan to salvage whatever person is left when the you know what hits the fan.  What, are they observing anyway, really? Are they actually a voyeuristic audience leaning towards sadistic practices and seeking entertainment?  Are they salivating at the chops to see an outcome of human beings that make the transition or not.  Is it what we saw in Hunger Games; a virtual arena from space of the ugliest worldwide ‘Coloseum’ there is?  Again, fuck them aliens good and bad.  They’re stealing our shit, have savagely wounded our mother earth and are limiting our expression with all this DNA changeover into their new world paradigm.

I don’t know to be confirmed since I have my opinion that actually is a blend between the ‘Camelot’ and ‘Disclosure’ regarding this interview.  I’m still contemplating.  I am, however, not about to discard either of both sides educational intel and personal opinions.  I have severed my relationship long ago, if there ever was one, with Kerry because it was my absolute intuition based on personal experience that I’m relying on.  I feel the same vibrational disturbance when in her presence at conferences and it is same as I feel when Richard Hoagland is nearby.  I’m sorry, but I do feel negative energy and much of it is just arrogance.    I’ve pegged Hoagland, but I’m not saying anything yet about Kerry until there is a response to this blog by her personally.  And if you know what I’m saying, those of you who really understand the intelligence community, you know I speak sincerity and truthfully.  The rest may skip to Mr. Roger’s’ Land of Make Believe’.   :)


As to my final analysis, I believe that NASA was compelled to conduct damage control though Fox Network that would help to cripple Dr. Steven Greer’s credibility and perhaps his career.  It was damage control for alien disclosure while at the same time preliminary induction of an unusual political posturing of Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly, and the fate of the Shuttle Program.  If Kerry Cassidy is indeed a counter intelligence operative, or supporting NASA and the Vatican’s agenda in ignorance, then it was her job, known or unknown to herself, to assassinate Greer’s personal opinion and his character. Both she and Bill Ryan went against their ‘bona fide’ mission statement which honors the opinions of those they interview, or testimony posted on their website, then I must say that it’s been a long wait for that public apology, unless I missed it and, well, sue me.

I can’t let Kerry Cassidy fool her followers into believing that Dr. Steven Greer is conclusively something other than he is.  He’s looking for proof that some aliens have shown ill actions, well there’s my logic presented above and I’m sure he’d agree.  Sorry, however Steven, as it is my opposing opinion to yours.  You do know that I defend your credibility nonetheless and I did it here in this article.. and until Camelot presents proof that you’re drawing a paycheck from an alphabet agency or attending secret meetings with the local Freemasons, and that each questionable whistleblower has separated from the powers that be with that proof too, Richard Hoagland specifically, I’m not buying Kerry’s stance regarding you and a damn thing she says when I detect a ‘something’s fishy’ in her pond.


  1. Kerl Eichelkaser said:

    Absolutely pertinent subject matter, Really enjoyed reading through.

  2. lista de email said:

    could you tell me when you’re going to update your posts?

  3. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate?

  4. realnuz said:

    Thank you. Please come back as more will be published as news happens.. I always reply to my people (you) and to what’s happening in our world.

  5. C Gene' said:

    Good read! My gut feeling is you are tuned in to this issue pretty well.
    Steven Greer is accused of having too big an ego. Check out his medical background.
    I’m sure his brain is too big for some people!

    realnuz response: Thank you. And I hope you get fully tuned in. The more you tell others the more they tune in. We all have to switch it on! Who knows if Steven Greer is legit.. if he calls me I’ll know. If he doesn’t call me I’ll know. When they don’t call, it means they’re cointelpros. It’s Kerry I’d like to step up to the plate and either read me the riot act, or reconcider how she treats people she interviews. Funny, the ones she rails on are now my dearest friends. Anyone who refutes anything I post that’s solid logic (I make mistakes and want to be corrected) is fine, but when they don’t come into the open I always know that they are bad news. I’ll talk to anyone at any time and be admittedly wrong if there’s good evidence even without showing it that I’m a dunce. Guess what.. nothin

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