The Cure For Anorexia Nervosa

Part I:  The way this works

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The body and mind must be rebooted using Warm Water Re-Birthing.  There needs to occur a jump back in time over two specific traumas when a human being has not yet experienced bodily harm and is forming in the safe environment of the womb.  A pleasant re-experience at birth takes place and once rehabilitated, the injured subject can then glide seamlessly through the experiential traumas in a trauma-free way.  The perilous and treacherous route up the windy mountain side then becomes the beautiful scenic route; it is then that one can comfortably and effectively be therapeutically treated with conventional methods.

Interestingly enough, this is the true nature of brain washing.  But, it is the pure essence of the action and not what it has been stereotyped to be.  It is not meant to turn a person into a robot imprisoned by mind control.  We are washed clean of the miserable anchors and ‘loops’ that keep us in perpetual holding pattern having never landed the plane.  I think that daily, millions upon millions would like their brains washed.  Many do so using synthetic analogues that are dangerous to a healthy mind.


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I learned of Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT at a period in my life when I experienced real fear.  It was that impending doom fear that I could not break loose from.  I ran with the feelings of paranoia and doubt.. I would make friends and lose them just as fast.  It happened that although I was skeptical in a way, I had to do something about it.  Once I did and realized it really worked, it paved the way for me to understand the implications of the Re-Birthing technique.  This therapy can actually change the world with an immediacy unprecedented by anything else.  It is how to break the mind control installed into us from birth.  Warm Water Re-Birthing is the flagship of all Kinesiology movements.  It is the one performed to reset our mind in order to short circuit the repeating cycles of thought that a computer goes through when the only way to solve it is by flipping the on off switch.

Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms.  In the discussion about the treatment, we’ll observe that the Kinesiology movement applied is stillness with a specific posturing, the fetal position, that allows for the stimulation of movement by the surrogate mother and the motion of the pool of water.  The electrostatic connection between the assistant (mother) to child is through the arms that hold the subject and the current carrying water.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT restores one with Anorexia nervosa to his or her’s original self.

Emotional Freedom Techniques are forms of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of natural medicine modalities (I refuse to use the term alternative because allopathy was considered that until ‘they’ convinced the world that it was ‘conventional’) including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. During an EFT session, the client focuses on a specific issue while tapping on “end points of the body’s energy meridians” mostly located on the facial areas of the head.

In my studies of Kinesiology I learned thousands of ways to adjust the disposition of organ tissues, bio-chemical and physiological reactions withing the body mechanism and all that wonderful stuff that western medicine abhors.   I always wonder if there is a cure-all for any modality of healing.  Most always I’ll find it and I believe I did it here with the Re-Birthing Kinesiology movement.  It is one of inutero stillness and peace and I believe is the ultimate emotional freedom technique procedure.  It is conducted as a simulation at a time when the mind was first creating its building blocks in preparation to be filled with experiences. It prepares our drawing board for the repainting of our lives.  It is the purest form of brainwashing.

“You create your world and if it is chaotic, there may be a chance to reboot your on board computer.  Your mind and body is precious!  It should not be subject to a conventional system, medical or other,  that works to cycle around an already confused mind.”

Does this treatment really exist?

Of course.  The treatment is real and works for most all circumstances involving the distorted psyche.  Most of all, it could cure an entire world under a hypnotic spell of disillusionment.  It has profound implications above and beyond being a resolve for a health issue.  It’s really not about Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa although contained here is true about a real cure, but the key to waking up a world of people imprisoned under the influence of a false reality that encapsulates them into submission.

There is a solution to the problem of Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa

This is the ultimate Kinesiological study.  It goes beyond the utterly simple and yet it is so profound. The industry of ill health kids us with hope, but behind it is merely a revenue generating scam.  It is wrapped in so much deception that the simplicity is often disregarded as hopeless when it is not.  If a world under the influence of mind control, even riddled under a sea of psychotropic drugs designed to quell the masses keeping us under the influence, a human rebooting of mind and body could theoretically snap most everyone out of the hypnotic controls they have been conditioned to throughout a life time.  That’s 7 billion people.  Could it be that this is the key natural approach the secret societies fear most?

If the subject who had been victimized by a sexual assailant during puberty, that person may likely manifest the disease Anorexia nervosa.  The condition is characterized by self-starvation provided that there is an event that occurred at birth.  What I didn’t know is that the primary trauma actually does begin at child birth and not the molestation itself.  The premise is this; physical trauma to the body remains resident within the organ or tissue.  It must be removed. Therefore, the common thread among men and women who manifest the critical disease is that they had experienced a problematic birth that remained festering when a secondary traumatic event occurred.  These birthing defects can happen in many ways, but for the most part it happens to the infant or the mother who has some sort of health or mental problem that transfers to the birthing infant.  This is why not all people who are sexually assaulted enter into the abyss of this magnitude.

While the issue with the birth may not affect the child into adulthood, the trigger for food related issues manifests if the child is abused usually at a young age, but does happen at any time during adulthood.  That person begins to rationalize the traumatic event with an across the board reaction that is shared by 95% of women who are affected.

This is an example of what the industry believes:  No one knows what causes Anorexia nervosa.  Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa can occur simultaneously. With Anorexia nervosa, the refusal to eat may be accompanied by compulsive exercising, self-induced vomiting, or abuse of laxatives or diuretics.  Anorexia occurs in 5% to 10% of the population; about 95% of those affected are women. This disorder occurs primarily in adolescents and young adults but may also affect older women. The occurrence among males is rising.  Although the prognosis varies, it improves if the patient is diagnosed early or if she wants to overcome the disorder and seeks help voluntarily. Mortality ranges from 5% to 15%—the highest mortality associated with a psychiatric disturbance. One-third of these deaths can be attributed to suicide.  Researchers in neuro-endocrinology are seeking a physiologic cause but have found nothing definite.”  Nothing definite?  Hmmmmm.

They feel that they have no control over anything other than their own body.  Anorexia nervosa then is characterized by self-starvation, deprecation, deprivation and aversion to normal sexual desire, etc.  The condition evolves into a completely obscured self-image complex.

While many books and articles have been written on the topic, it would not be important to isolate the exact degree and name tag of a medical term to a person based on their uniqueness.  It would be as if one is dehydrated and there are ten different problems that stem from it, but to waste time defining the ten problems through weeks of assessment, just drink water!  The body will take the water and do what it needs to begin fixing the ten issues.  We don’t need to be anal retentive about the efficacy of water to get the job done.  Just use it!

I do know the solution and to tell the story, I’ll share how I learned it.  Coincidentally, it involves water.  But, it is not consumed.. it is used extra-bodily instead of intra-bodily by drinking it.  You see, the mind is so thirsty for this water… I can’t wait to tell you how it is done!

The body and mind must be rebooted using water therapy

that simulates in utero conditions.  Once the therapy begins and depending on the person, a fresh start happens where the mind becomes cleared of the trauma before being born and the sexual trauma.  The religionists who conduct re-birthing in the form of ‘born again’ practices were right all along.  For me, I’m focused on the health aspect.

In simple language, the subject re-experiences what it is like to be in the womb.  Warm, dark, soothing, tumbling, fetal position.. in the mommy.  The action of re-birthing before both traumas clears the mind, thus, the subject can continue through their life into adulthood from having been trapped in the mindset of a youngster.  S/he can move right through the sexual abuse to the age that they have become.  That person can now go through treatment and psychological therapy without the cycling of the event, the life lived, and so become reborn into a fresh learning experience of self.  It’s as simple as this.

How I learned of this

I had been in communication with a naturopathic science researcher from Australia who was teaching me what I needed to learn.   I amassed quite a treasure trove of knowledge from this man.  One thing I learned was to give just as freely – as you see with this post.  One day, I got a call from my sister asking me what I knew about the disease.  All I could say was what everyone says “It’s mostly unfixable”.  I knew only one main thing which was that it was a self destructive control issue manifested from a sexual abuse of some degree.

I asked Brian if he knew anything about it.  To my surprise, he said, “of course there’s a cure.”  I asked what the success rate was and to my surprise according to him all of his patients healed.   I asked him not to explain the protocol to me until I brought my friend, Colleen, to learn.  I wanted to experience this at the same time she did because I didn’t want her to think I was speaking ‘voodoo’. I cared for her well being, and I wanted to try to help her recover from decades of her suffering.

Brian, a master in nutritional healing drew his conclusions having worked with people afflicted with the conditions of control issues relating to Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, and others.  He freely shared his remedy with me from Australia all the way to the United States.  Unless someone else has asked him these specific questions, I assume that I was privileged to be the first to get the foundational knowledge for presenting this to people here in the United States.  I’m sharing this now to the world so that all can be privileged.

And so I did.  I thought nothing of it when Brian said to her that there were two markers that if one of them is met, and especially if both met, were specific factors in initiating the first trauma responsible for eating disorder problems regarding bodily control actions.  The first was whether she experienced problems throughout life with her right ear.  Not the left.. the right.  At first I thought that to be a peculiar question. I was surprised when she said she had seven operations on her right ear.  No wonder she always asked me “what?” when I spoke softly.  Then she was asked if there was a problem at birth.  She said that her hip was disjointed from the spine, or something like that, and that she was placed in a body cast at infancy to reconnect her body.  She learned to ‘drag’ before she learned to walk. That explained her being uncoordinated which, incidentally, is helped with ‘cross-crawl’ therapy. In this way the left and right brain are merged.  We need to crawl before we walk.

What happened next

Colleen also was addicted to laxatives. While she believed in what news Brian brought to her, she decided not do the treatment. I was flabbergasted with her decision because I knew the intensity of the treatment programs, the forced intravenous food, the story of her bout with Anorexia and so on. Why would someone not want to heal from the disease? The answer to that was in her excuse, “I can’t go under water because of the problem with my ear.” I said, “Colleen, we can use swimmer’s wax to completely close your ear canal.. you won’t get an ear infection.”  From then on it was clear to me that people who do suffer learn to live, enjoy and keep adapting to the suffering.

I love Colleen and hope that she comes around so that she too can be restored to her original self.


Other Therapies

A Tucson based eating disorder recovery clinic boasts a 70% success rate per year in which clients maintain themselves disorder free for at least one year.  While the institute founder “is aware of warm water regression, meditation, Watsu therapies, etc.  But, warm water “ReBirthing” is not considered.  Their success rate is based on the act of abstinence from compulsive behavior.  Clients are unfortunately not completely restored, but are “disorder free” as the founder put it.  She also expresses a desire to “Cure” anorexia.  I offered that cure which has no annual ‘shelf life’ to her. It was rejected from the very core of her soul whole heartedly,

Watsu – A very different warm water therapy, but useful as an adjunct

Warm Water ReBirthing therapy is a technique that is significantly different than Watsu, which is a portmanteau of shiatsu in a pool of water as a form of body massage with stretching performed while lying in its warmth.  Re-Birthing on the other hand is specific to resetting the mind.  It is primarily the engulfing of the body in warm water in a darkened environment and the body curved in the fetal position.  Watsu is a stretching therapy.. completely opposite and with different goals in which both are completely different.  Watsu is ideal for helping those in need of body and mind healing.  Re-Birthing technique is to reset the mind and clear the body of old injuries.

Ho-oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) Hawaiian forgiveness therapy

Ho-oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices were performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Traditionally hoʻoponopono is practiced by healing priests or kahuna lapaʻau among family members of a person who is physically ill. Modern versions are performed within the family by a family elder, or by the individual alone.

Hoʻoponopono is thought of as “mental cleansing in which family conferences are set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.”  This practice is universal and we do know that forgiveness does heal as resentments are killers of body soul and the mind.  The problem, however, is that Ho-oponopono alone, just like Water Shiatsu, does not wipe the mind completely fresh for the mental restart in the effort to organically and genuinely forgive.  Water re-birthing must come first before all other therapies or techniques are implemented.

Hot springs

Performing the therapy at a hot spring such as in the United States, Harbin Hot Springs in California where people practice ReBirthing, may be an ideal way to remove the person affected by the disease so that something new and fresh for the rebirth takes place.  It is unknown as to whether the minerals in the water would conflict with the saline environment of the womb would interfere, but we’re only attempting to get close to simulating the original condition of the inutero experience.  The water should not be chlorinated or contain acid.  A saline aqueous solution soothes the eyes when chemicals create the burning sensation.  That sensation may re-invite the elements of trauma, subtle as it may be, to the Re-Birthing experience.

I would now like to recommend what I believe would be a practical therapy with ideas and concepts that may help you form the most appropriate approach for your subject.  I am not a doctor nor a physical therapist and stress that this is by no means the way or ways to perform the treatment experience.  These are suggestions only.  One should inquire with a medical practitioner or certified individual who may help with the suggestions so that the proper administration of therapy be applied.  The more input the better, but understand that the principles listed are important.  And if warm water Re-Birthing doesn’t work the first time, there is always a time that this can be tried again as the individual understands the first attempt to be a trial run.   Water cannot hurt when an assistant is involved and it is not illegal to use as a therapeutic tool for healing, otherwise we’re all in trouble with AMA no matter what we try!

Leonard Orr’s personal rebirthing discovery

Leonard Orr is the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork International based out of Virginia.  His beginnings started one year before I was born, 1962, and progressed rapidly by 1974 when he made some break throughs a second and then a third time with his technique.  The third discovery occurred when breath work became understood as an integral component of the healing process.

Orr originally used the bathtub method which disincludes the host, or surrogate mother out of the formula.  I don’t believe he uses specific postures which would include the most important, the fetal position unless this is something taught in private $10,000 dollar tuition fees to his students.  He stresses multiple sessions where as done properly as described with Warm Water Re-Birthing Therapy is mostly a one time twenty minute session.

Usually taking up to two hours, Orrs method of” breathed themselves out of pain, tension and drama into relaxation and peace” takes place and says that trauma into relaxation and peace and claims that breathing was the key.

the truth is, Orr’s method is primarily meditative in nature.  Those that are lucky who ‘accidentally’ get into the fetal position actually get that direct switch turned off and then on.  One who does not may eventually relapse into their disease.  He’s on the right track, however, and I hope that Leonard Orr respects this article not to continue enriching his enterprise without the natural science and explanation behind it.. and where it actually comes from.. a master healer I once knew and learned with tremendous respect named Brian.

Leonard Orr’s one and three year training program involves a tuition burden amounting to $10,000 dollars annually, or $1,000 dollars per month plus your travel expenses.

The Orr technique is based on breathing and energy flow.  It does not directly focus on resetting the mind as an authentic Emotional Freedom Technique.  His re-birthing breath work sessions are done laying down and fully clothed except for water sessions.  The session ends an hour to 2 hours later when the flow of Energy lessens and finally stops. The result of a completed session or energy cycle is deep peace and total relaxation.  I would imagine that Leonard Orr’s method is dynamic and valuable as an adjunct therapy for those in need of continual work with themselves and their issues especially after one has implemented the simpleness of the posture added to Orr’s treatment.  same idea, just have to be exacting with the fetal position, tasting the saline, and being at body temperature, etc.


“A patient cured is a customer lost” -Big Medica

The following email correspondence reveals a truth about the conventional system of treatment and in this case, an example from the eating disorder industry.  It shows that by and large, at least with this example, that it is a revenue generating scheme pretending to be accomplished when it really is not, but instead has financial interests that supersedes the health of a human being.



Dear [founder of institute],
My name is Lee Bracker and I what I believe to be the solution to those who have suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa, etc. This therapy would accompany therapies such as [institute’s name] provides and I’d like to share my experience with you first before having to scout outside the city and state. I’d like to meet with you and since I live here, you being the founder, I believe a joint venture can happen. Firstly, I invite you to read my article I posted on the first of August.

I sat on this cure for almost three years now and have decided to try to create a demonstration video along with interviews with subjects and so forth that would accompany a comprehensive book and perhaps a summery book in pamphlet form. This would market in all languages for people around the world. I did post the concept at my site without reservation because in my world, I give freely and actually don’t care about money from this.   Others may but not me. I would, however, would like to see something of value that would have to be in a hard copy format other than an article on the computer go out to people still suffering, or white knuckling it so to speak, so that relapse into eating disorder is cut sharply.  I had a friend die from this and so am giving back to save someone she would have liked me to do.  Anyhow [Founder], I think once you understand the implications of the article and see the brilliance of the therapy, you’ll understand its value. This is for everyone.

I think that a clinic like yours (and since you have a swimming pool there) could benefit and be an example for clinics all over to follow suit.. I would like to create a video documentary with the assistance of you and your staff to accompany the demonstrations which would be a more full bodied presentation.  The addition of a treatment that works with the conventional ones will potentially draw more clients to your institute!

You have the credible potential to promote this if clinical trials at [Institute’s name] are successful. You have already a support team.

Lee Bracker



Dear Lee,

Thank you so much for writing. I am very familiar with the warm water therapies — and at this time I’m not interested.  A joint venture is not at all possible — I have a $10,000,000 company so I wouldn’t partner with anyone. I have a support team which is a staff of 60 people. We are not a small operation.

I appreciate your dedication to developing a cure for anorexia — and that is our goal as well — curing eating disorders.  We have a 70% success rate at a year — which means that 70% of our clients are eating disorder free at a year. We’re doing quite well.

I wish you well, Lee!


[Founder’s name], PhD

[Institute’s name], Inc.
Medical degrees prove nothing more than a student had undergone mind control by indoctrination and conditioning of a medical curriculum compiled by big medica.  They are then turned loose into their specialty for the purpose of generating a high level of living with little concern for the welfare of the patient.  

In summery, this person, who incidentally attained a document stamped PhD is quite content with her 10 million dollar revenue/operation.  While she says the aim is for the cure, it is highly unlikely honesty was in her best interest.  She mentioned an awareness of water therapies, but when I followed up questioned as to which one, I receive no answer.  I got a patronizing note indicating to that interest was final and that the topic was closed.  No follow up was to be offered.  I’m not suggesting all founders are cut from the same cloth, but this seems to be the facade all of us must take into consideration about the actual intent of conventional western approaches to a personal and social dilemma.  I wonder if this person would benefit from a Re-Birthing session so as to snap out of the material interests conditioned by financial success.


Part II:  How to administer Warm Water Rebirthing Therapy

The body of an anorexic person will not be buoyant for the reason s/he lacks the necessary fat.  And even with a normal body fitted with fullness cannot float on her own.  People with bulimia on the other hand in most cases maintain a normal to slightly under weight balance.

The Warm Water Re-birthing Therapy treatment could reach ‘full potential’ for all people suffering from Anorexia nervosa or other related conditions.

The water of course should be 98.6 degrees and above.  If the temperature outside is very cold, then adjustments to the pool water and consideration for acclimation to the first session is best taken until she is comfortable going all the way into the first submergence.  After each session, if the ambient air is too chilling for the recovering subject it may counter act the positive aspects of birthing per session.  So, keep really comfy and warm towels handy.

Simulating the inside of the womb

It is assumed that the moon has a perpetual dark side to it.  We never do see NASA pictures for one reason or another, but have you ever thought that the moon could be as lit up in broad daylight as the side we see?  Sure it can.  It could not possibly be dark when there is a new moon in which the light has waned from a sliver to nothing.  The light just doesn’t go away as it round what we see as an edge, or slice, for it is shining the entire opposite side of that celestial round body.  During a solar eclipse when the moon is creating a shadow on the earth, the other side is completely bathed in sunlight. 

Is a baby always in darkness?  No.  As far as light — yes, your baby can see in the womb.  Just as when we lie out in the sunlight, and close our eyes.  A baby in utero actually sees shades of red and orange in bright light.  Around the fourth month, a baby may begin reacting to the light, by turning away or towards it.  At night time when the lights go out or during the day when mother is cloaked in opaque sunlight blocking clothes there is darkness in the womb.  For the sun bather and tribal woman who has little to do with  clothing there would be sunlight illuminating the fetus through the skin.  An unborn child is bathed in an orange red glow which stimulates its forming eyes even while closed.  It is bathed in it during the day.

For the treatment to work, there may be a difference between night and day.  If one chooses to use an eye mask to simulate darkness in the uterus, really what we’re doing is a night time session when the baby is sleeping.  The water therapy session may be conducted during the day with the eyes shut under water.  In this way, simulation is effective in that it means that it is by day that it is taking place.  If an inutero trauma had taken place either in the day or in the night, then one or the other methods should be considered.

What time of year and when should this therapy best be experienced?

The answer is anytime.  Right now!  Haven’t we all had enough?  There is no time for procrastinating on something so life saving.. something that finally breaths life back into our souls, the there is no time to waste.  However, if it’s close to your belly button birthday, why not make this a celebration do over that is done right this life time.  Rebirthing on the actual day and hour of your birth may sync you in as close as possible to your birth sign and astrological alignment and so forth.  For the person who follows the stars then rebirthing using timing would be valuable to you and your special interests.  At some point, all of these factors I’ve expressed will be taken under consideration and studied as they are important.


Amniotic fluid of the womb and the Re-Birthing tank

Bathtubs vs hot tubs and swimming pools

“Inside a pregnant woman’s uterus is an amniotic sac, which contains amniotic fluid and the growing fetus.  The amniotic fluid is important for several reasons — it helps keep the baby warm, and because body parts are growing so fast, the fluid provides lubrication that keeps them from growing together. In some cases, fingers and toes can become webbed as a result of not enough amniotic fluid circulating in the uterus.  Amniotic fluid also helps the baby’s lungs develop.  The amniotic fluid also lets the baby move easily so he can exercise his muscles and strengthen bones before birth.  In addition, it acts like a liquid shock absorber for the baby by distributing any force that may push on the mother’s uterus.  Even sex won’t hurt the baby.  Amniotic fluid is 98% water and 2% salts and cells from the baby.  Until the fetal kidneys started working during month four, amniotic fluid is made by the mother’s body.   But after month 4, a baby contributes to the amniotic fluid by urinating into it.  The baby swallows amniotic fluid as well, which then passes through the digestive system, into the kidneys, and back out again to the amniotic sac as urine.  In this way, the baby practices digestive and urinary functions before being born. In fact, doctors can tell by the amount of amniotic fluid whether the baby has difficulty with swallowing.

While a bathtub seems a simple solution to recreating a womb and that it can be done alone, it will not have the resetting impact desired for some specialized reasons.  There must be an adult surrogate host mother to assist.  In real life, there is a pregnant mother who carries and is close together with the baby.  The baby is connected to the mother by an umbilical cord which is the conduit by which nutrients, electrical current and oxygen transfer between the two.  The assisting host, who I would imagine may best be a nurturing oriented woman with best results being the biological mother be optimal lest a nurturing man who broadcasts a loving desire for the anorexic subject not ever be discounted.  Most women who are affected by the condition are abused somehow by one of the opposite sex, perhaps you choose the best scenario.

Another reason why the therapy is conducted better with two people, is for the reason it should be done in a pool deep enough for the subject for complete submergence so that in the fetal position is always submerged head to just below the bottom.  The purpose is that for the single session, there isn’t the ‘accidental premature birth’.  A simple shock to the top of the head that is sharp may interfere.  And yet another is that a simple extra EFT is used to soothe the subject if there are still fears upon entering the water or the therapy itself as well as potentiating the simulation of birthing when the session is complete.

The more the merrier

What is even more powerful is when more people are involved.  If a ring of people encircle the host holding the subject, a powerful enhancement begins to take place.  The ring of people would hold hands which completes an electrical energy circuit that creates a ball of energy directed to the center where the subject is.  This empowerment is the sure fire method for potentiating the success of the re-birthing therapy.  Please read to learn more about how this works.

Who should be the surrogate mother?

Finally, wouldn’t it be appropriate that the natural parent of the subject, her daughter, ‘gestate and give birth’ once again to her own child?  If the parent is alive and able to be the assistant/host for the therapeutic session, well why not.  And, if there is tension between parent (who could also be the father if the natural mother is unavailable) perhaps a true healing can occur between the two with this restart of life for both parent and child.  Willingness.  Forgiveness.  Love and faith.

Preparing the subject by easing anxiety

As an experiment, pretend that you are upset about something.  Think of a thing that makes you unhappy or that it is something you’re baffled about, etc.  Now, place a hand over your forehead as if you’re thinking, “how on earth did that happen, or how do I get out of this sticky situation, or you saw somebody do something silly.

Which hand did you place at your forehead.. was it your right or your left hand?  If it was the left, it is because naturally, the body knows how to settle ones thoughts if the thoughts are overwhelming.

The left palm of the hand is negatively charged while the forehead is positively charged.  The subject lightly places her hand over the forehead before entering the water, or when wading before the therapy begins making small side to side or circular motions until there is a sense of tranquility that transpires.  It works because the charges attract each other and a soothing balance takes place.  In the science of natural healing it is known that the left hand causes a person to stop cycling ill sentimented thoughts.  At this time, the assistant cradles her body into a fetal position for submersion.

Simulating the amniotic sac environment

A snorkel must be used for optimal results. The assistant would make sure the snorkel doesn’t take in water.  I don’t say that other methods will be less effective.  I imagine recreating an experience within the mother’s womb is as close as possible.  As one experiences weightlessness in water, so too does the fetus within the womb.  To make the analogy understandable as a visual, if you have a bag of water with something in it, it tends to float and is not always touching the bottom as is with the mothers tissue of her insides where the baby is.  The hands and arms that support the subject undergoing treatment are there simulating the same sort of experience.  The subject is free to rock with the movement of the water and even make slight kicking movements just like a baby.

Simulating birth – Post water therapy session

Once the session is over and the subjects head surfaces, she may hug the assistant.  The importance of this goes without saying.   A mother in nature takes her newborn into her arms and holds her close to her heart.   A possible trauma upon a real birth is the separation of baby from mother in the hospital environ where either s/he is placed in incubation, or for other reasons.  Where else can detachment or separation complexes come from? the mother is supposed to embrace her very own baby.  This is the initial out of body bonding that immediately takes place and remains so until the child is ready to be independent.

As a side note from eating disorders, it would be logical that in separation or isolation cases as adults, there are two traumas that occur with one being at birth.  Here stands evidence that simulating a Re-Birthing cleans the slate.. a brainwashing, so that therapeutic counseling become vastly more effective in healing the sickened mind.


Therapy Sessions

My friend Colleen told me that she loved to swim.  But, going forth with the therapy was unusual for her in the sense that while she wanted recovery and would go through the stinging pains of western styled treatment, she couldn’t understand the easier softer way.”

A single session should last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes with 20 being optimal.   If the first session is with a subject who is afraid of water then preliminary therapies involving emotional freedom techniques and tapping are excellent.  Simple practices including even acupuncture can be used to ease her into the water environment.  For one who is extremely fearful baby steps can be taken in the first sessions until a full submergence takes place.

Post submersion

Upon completion of a session it is important for the person being treated to embrace the host assistant as if being held by the birthing mother.  If it is your birth mother, then you get to have your birthday all over again!  In modern western practices it is common that the newborn is whisked away into an incubator.  This poses another problem for the both the mother and baby known mostly as separation conflict.  Or, it could cause abandonment issues which lead to psychological problems that may even lead to eating disorders.  As you can see, there are two traumas that occur as same as with anorexia and bulimia nervosa.  They too, as  well as it being a tool to reprogram victims of mind control can be cleared with this Re-Birthing therapy.

When the session is finishing, the surrogate mother places the right hand over the subjects forehead.  What this does is apply a positive charge over the area that is positively charged – the forehead.  As a rule of nature, the front of the human body is positive while the back side is negative.  The like charge of positive awakens the newborn by amplifying the subconscious into an invigorating conscious state.  This is far less shocking than a slap on the behind.  A common practice by mad medics.

One session per day is all that is needed.

30 sessions in one day does not translate as a trimester!  If the subject truly falls in love with water, then kudos.  Swim all day long.. it’s healthy.  But, the yearning to overdo the actual therapy to get ‘more well’ or ‘well faster’ means nothing in the world of Kinesiology.  It only takes one session if done as close to correctly as possible.  For the very critical, it may take several sessions and for the person who has fear of being in water, or hydrophobia, then emotional freedom technique should be considered.  Tapping is then used as a prelude therapy that precedes a warm water Re-Birthing session.

A therapy session is all that is needed per day.  The reason I believe one session is all that is needed is perhaps that a daily cycle can be accomplished as per one in the 9 month accumulative days of a pregnancy.  A premature birth certainly adds an intriguing question, however, wouldn’t a rebirth simulate a birth that would accommodate the reality of the full term?  Unless there is a study we would not know and I speculate that an interesting faith apply here.  Several 20 minute sessions in one day would simply be closer to having a full day in the womb minus the outside the womb (pool of water) time.  Therefore, it seems to reason that one a day be adequate.

Theories as to how many sessions per day are needed

Another thought enters the picture in which if the subject had experienced only one traumatic experience that occurred one day during puberty, then it may stand to reason that one water birthing session is needed.  If  the person had gone through several days sequential episodes of abuse then it may take that many sessions.  Also of interest, if the events she encounters occur in spaced or separate weeks, months, or even years, then the combinations could be almost endless.   Whatever the mathematical and proportional relationship regarding gestation days in the womb to years, it is the process of daily sessions that eventually releases the subject from the events that happened during adolescence that matters.

In this therapy that is for the most part successful in any capacity small or fully it is exciting to witness the injured person heal.  We would notice that she regains an appetite unhindered by fears and controls surrounding the trauma that had embittered her through adult life.  She sails through the first trauma experienced at birth and beyond the one that crippled the self while in the growing phase of life.  No one ever forgets either consciously or unconsciously the thing that did the damage, but the beauty of the process is that one can address the therapy that is recommended that once was impossible to deal with.


Part III:  The ear & cervix connection to trauma leading to extremes

The dove in medieval art is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes there is an almost imperceptible thin line drawn between the dove of the Holy Spirit and Mary’s right ear, the symbolism being that Mary is literally impregnated by the power of the Holy Spirit through her ear – that the Annunciation, the hearing of the Word, is the moment of holy conception….. In one case, the menstrual cycle of a young woman normalized after black substances purged from the uterus. The patient had not experienced a normal period during her adult life.  The frequency broadcasted by a bee may be of help in therapy with sexually suppressed women and may be especially significant for healing whatever problems are with those with Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa.

Emotions affect our tissues and organs.  This is a broad topic though and for the specifics regarding the reproductive system with women in particularly I’d like to share a concept that I actually had included in my study of the Doctrine of Signatures chapter in High Frequency Food.  Minerals that are inherent and with specific combinations broadcast specific frequencies that will vibrate the organs jump starting them into action.  It’s as if the organ is an antenna when the emotion is active. Conversely, blocked emotions manifest disease in the organs because the tissue has become lifeless.

The Virgin Mary was inseminated through the right ear?

To Christians the white lily was a symbol of purity and became known as the Madonna Lily and associated with the Holy Virgin. Contemporary therapists understand that the Madonna Lily is a well-known cleanser of waste material from the female reproductive organs which sustain the fetus.  The Madonna lily specifically out of the entire family of lilies has a powerful affinity to the cervix.  Easter, Tiger, and Day Lilies support the womb.

Interestingly, there is a pathway between the cervix & the right ear

“I could tell you the exact rpms. of that vibration. The sensation was identical with the buzz of a honey-bee’s wings in my right ear.” – patient undergoing Madonna Lily therapy; “Seven Herbs”

To relate how vibrational frequencies work between plants and humans and reported in a book titled Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers by Matthew Wood, the experience of a 35 year old woman treated with a tincture drop of Madonna Lily responded immediately with an intense vibration simultaneously in her right ear and her cervix after taking the dose.

She was not afflicted with Anorexia, however, women who have taken themselves to the extremes of nutritional abyss, the reproductive system is usually and invariably depressed.  This makes a rational for markers of trauma during the second one at adolescence and puberty.

Sexual anorexia

Sexual anorexia is an obsessive state in which the physical, mental, and emotional task of avoiding sex dominates one’s life.  Swirled in the pool of obsessive sexual aversion is the devastating mix of fear, pain and betrayal.

The obsession can then become a way to cope with all stress and all life difficulties and In this case, sex becomes a furtive enemy to be continually kept at bay, even at the price of annihilating a part of oneself.  There are some parallels between food anorexia and sexual anorexia of common characteristics.  The vibrational stimulation that comes from the Madonna lily coupled with warm water Re-Birthing therapy may be have the same dynamic results that does with Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa.  As one can see sexual behaviors regarding avoidance and regression reflect on two specific organs, namely the right ear and the cervix for women.


Part IV:  Repairing the bio-physical damage caused by under eating

About nutrition

I’ll try to be easy on this by not complicating the issue.  I’ve written volumes on the subject.  The greatest thing about what may happen with a person who was affected very early in life and manifested Anorexia nervosa afterwards at some point may have the perfect opportunity to go beyond in a very healthy manner.  In other words, this person could have the opportunity of a life time easier than the unaffected person riddled with problems of poor eating habits.

A recovered anorexic can start off eating organically prepared foods in what ever style they choose.

The anorexic that simply refuses to eat characteristically has a an atrophied stomach unlike one who binges.  Both she and the Bulimic have a scorched esophagus.  She also has a stomach that may not produce the correct hydrochloric acid levels required to digest food.  It may be too little or too much.  A naturopathic doctor may be recommended as well as a nutritionist at first to determine and subsequently watch her as she begins to eat.  I recommend at first, when hunger begins to take place and she is eager to consume food without reservations, smoothies and juices are taken at first.  This way the stomach has a chance to acclimate to the new exercising routine!  Please inquire with a nutrition specialist as well as a naturopath for direction regarding the specifics of who you are and the condition that you are in.

A note of caution though, it is not important that a person who has been in the condition for an extended period of time, unless the situation was at the point of life and death when the last house on the block treatment, Warm Water ReBirthing Therapy, was used, is to load her up with vitamins and minerals.  Unless one knows the best of the best that are organic and intracellularly capable, etc., it’s best that she simply adores eating food.  Supplements emulate the taking of laxatives and even pharmaceutical or street drugs and shouldn’t intervene with the enjoyment of eating again.   We live in the synthetic lifestyles when the reborn ought to be a self guiding (hopefully with healthy organic foods, herbs, spices and so forth).

I have no experience treating people with these extreme health issues, but would like to suggest a beginning protocol for the person who is recovering from Anorexia nervosa.  Firstly, the body knows what it needs nutritionally.  A severely dilapidated system certainly and obviously requires minerals; calcium, magnesium, and pretty much the spectrum seems to be the most requested the body needs for the system to restore itself.

Renourishing with minerals and vitamins from food

I would recommend preparing a vegetable juice for when she is ready to eat.  While most people are repelled at ‘Green’ drinks and one would think that a person who has an aversion to all food, it is the rebooted mind, as is with a computer fighting itself in a cycle until we switch the thing off and then back on, a reborn would admire the thought of a green drink.  Maybe.  It is easy to turn the colors by adding beets to the juice.  There are creative ways to make eye candy food.  And I suspect that the recovering anorexic remembers being hungry.   The point is, when there is a fresh start with a human and people do need to eat food, then a whole fresh world opens up and I suspect anything goes.  Just don’t teach them to order pizzas and swing by for donuts.. that’s my input.

First juice or smoothie

Start with carrots, celery, and lots of dark leafy greens such as kale, chard, and anything that comes from the organic garden.  It is not important to make these juices with 19 different items all at once.  Spread the varieties out over the days while keeping to a basic 3 vegetable juice and smoothie with some desirable fruit.   Adding a little salt, ginger, and other herbs can enhance the taste.

I remember Brian emphasized the use of organic alfalfa.  I know alfalfa to have the unique ability to help with the extraction of toxins.  An anorexic person most likely uses many different items in order to stay alive for lack of food.

I think that regular food is wonderful if she’s eating, but remember that the condition of the body requires massive amounts of nutrients to begin the restoration process.  Juices throughout the day is the supplement pills cannot offer.  Who wants to take supplements anyway?

Gaining weight

There are three body types that determine the rate at which a person gains or loses weight.  This has to do with the variables in the length of the intestinal tract relative to body structure.  Metabolism aside, since we have our varying opinions of the subject, I’m sharing something now that you are most likely not aware of, but will hopefully contemplate for when you, or the person you’re helping recover from anorexia and bulimia can logically understand and come to terms with.

An ectomorphic body is characterized by small or thin bones and a rib cage that has an acute angle.  That means the angle where the ribs meet the sternum, the solar plexus area, has a small angle.  Studies conclude that the measurement of their intestinal tracts are far shorter on average than the mesomorphic body.  The mesomorph has a slightly wider rib cage angle distance at the solar plexus while an endomorph has the longest combined length of small to large intestine than the latter.  The endomorph then gains the most weight because the food stays in the body longer, thus more nutrients are extracted.  If a recovering anorexic struggles to gain weight, It may be because she has a short intestinal tract and requires more food to provide the same amount of nutrients a mesomorph, or normal athletic body requires.  The endomorph with bulimia must watch what they eat so that they don’t relapse into depression for being over weight.


Solar Nutrition – A practical & intuitive lifestyle diet

Eating foods at a specific time based on the body organ’s optimum utilization for easiest digestion and nutritional efficiency. A time determined eating system using biological rhythms to enhance health, vitality, and longevity.”

God•speed (gŏd’spēd’)


1. Good fortune; success (used as a wish to a person starting on a journey, a new venture, etc.). 2. In God’s time.

I recommend following a solar nutrition diet. Solar nutrition can also be called chronobiotic nutrition.  In the morning for breakfast a cup of mixed tree nuts (not peanuts) contain the correct dietary fat useful in preparing the mind for a healthy active day.  Fat rises to the top and so it goes to the brain.  Almonds, cashews, pinons, pecans, Brazil, hazel, and most any nut for the anorexic recovering is the best choice at breakfast time.  And she should keep them with her all throughout the day for at least the first several weeks into recovery.  The nut contains both the dietary fat and proteins fulfilling the meals two components of nutrition.  From the tree again that catches the first daylight of sun (which vibrates the minerals in the nuts and fruit) is the fruit that it bears.  Oranges, apples, grapefruit, cherries, peaches and the list goes on.  The fruit contains the third nutritional component which happens to be the carbohydrates – sugar.  The brain uses fat, protein and glucose (from fructose), for the start of a healthy day.  Bacon and eggs can be eaten later in the day.

The book “Yes No Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition is a time-determined system, which recognizes and utilizes biological rhythms to enhance health, vitality and longevity. Co-Author Atom Bergstrom studied under a master nutritionist unprecedented by popular commercial nutritionists.  He passes on a master’s legacy with ideas on time influences of food production, digestion and physical health and fitness in numerous ways.

Agrarian cultures grew their food according to the seasons. We find that these foods which are shared and eaten among these people support specific organ and physical functions which assist the human body on several levels. One such level of support would be foods with high levels of potassium found in the pumpkin, for example, that when absorbed and utilized by the body helps to acclimate one to the onset of cold weather. A clue to natures promise, pumpkins are abundant during Halloween.

But it does not stop with the seasons. The concept of time determined foods based on the sun’s position and when they are consumed works not only with the time of year, but with the events of the day. These bio-chemical events fundamentally associate with specific minerals and phytonutrients provided by seasonal foods that potentiate the function of your organs, tissues, and glands. It is timed throughout the day according to the moon and sun’s orientation relative to the earth. Since our global biome rotates, and the moon exerts a gravitational pull during a monthly cycle, it would be expected that there is more to timing than just a seasonal shift upon a revolution around the sun (tilt of the earth and cosmic energy are also role players).

We are organisms controlled by time that naturally operate on a 24-hour cycle. Evolution has hardwired into us a calibration of the DNA to a precise daily 1,400 minute schedule. We are living human sundials according to the sun’s “pendular swing”. When fed according to a system corresponding to the ecological growth cycle, the human body functions symbiotically with nature. Our biological processes can either speed up or slow down depending when we eat these foods and it is for optimum efficiency on the digestive system “synchronous absorption” that results with a high level of wellness – a gateway for vibrant aliveness. Timing is a key toward optimum metabolism so growth can take place.

“Sundials?” one asks. The Earth’s rotation in relationship to the angle of the Sun’s radiation causes a frequency-pulling entrainment which determines the survival of all life thriving within this biome. Life responds and follows the Sun’s angle as if it is a rhythmic single daily beat. All living things, including human beings, respond with likewise entrainment – we are calibrated primarily to the sun. Timing, therefore, affects everything that is beating to the same drum; food.

As the rays of the sun begin to rise above the horizon, trees that form the plant canopy catch the first energizing light radiation. Its fruit and nuts are the first food objects activated by these frequencies, therefore, absorb and vibrate with life force. These are the foods in which eons of biological evolution between us and food should be eaten first thing in the morning until 11:30am. A thorough explanation about the various organs and glands and their peek performances and time is discussed in “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition”.

It is the brain that requires an adequate supply of protein and fats which nuts provide us. Because the body requires rehydrating after 7-8 hours of fasting, we must replenish our water. Fruits are abundant with hydrating organic water. Between 5-7am is the time when the large intestine is at optimum performance. Fruit, having cleansing properties and supplies vitamins and minerals, is ideal for the job. If you were to compare the physical features of an almond to any part of the brain it would most resemble the amygdala. The walnut and pecan are remarkably similar to the hemispheres of the brain.

These tree bearing foods complete the meal supplying the three basic dietary elements; the protein and dietary fats while fruits provide carbohydrates. Tree foods contain air elements.

When the midday Sun reaches approximately 90 degrees above the horizon, the plant life within the understory below the tree canopy is most energized. These are the foods grown at bush level Top view of the brain about 4′ down to ground level. These constitute mostly plant foods high in fiber as well as tissue building minerals for strong and healthy bodies and is considered part of the vegetarian meals, however, animals, walnut half and eggs may be eaten at midday 11:30am until 6:30pm. So, berries from bushes, vine foods such as grapes and peas, lettuce and dark leafy greens, carrot and beet tops, cauliflower, broccoli, pineapple, alfalfa, and all that flourish from ground level to about chest height functions as foods that support body secretions during these hours. The organs at their peek performance that benefit most are the spleen, heart, and small intestine. These foods are those that grow in the heat of the day and are considered fire elements. Midday foods also comprise grasses which are voluminous with water. Therefore, fire and water elements go together.

The heliotropic-geometry begins at the floor and subfloor level where foods that support nighttime body functions are at their functional peek. The floor is approximately three inches into the earth and the sub-floor extends downward to 12 inches. A foot down seems to be about as far as tap root tubers that are edible reach; carrots, turnip, rutabaga, dandelion root, burdock and horseradish are such foods growing in darkness which also describes the time of day these earth salts repair our bodies during sleeping hours.

Perhaps the reason is that by late afternoon, the ground has warmed, but infra red radiation generally stops at a foot deep. Since the air has cooled when the sun sets, the ground retains its radiant energy keeping the food in its vault “alive” with energy frequencies. 6:30pm to 12:30am is the time of day that these foods coincide with organ and glandular functions; bladder, kidney, sex and circulation.  In addition, tubers and roots are an important slow burning energy food with the assistance of brown fat that performs the function in warming the body during rest. These foods are known to be earth elements.

Like our stationary plant friends, we too must “root” ourselves to the earth sometime during the course of the day. It is during the time of sleep

There are many relationships that can be made between our symbiotic ties with food, the timing of eating, and our movements within our natural habitat. One interesting notice is that like elemental earth foods which act on our systems during our resting phase is equivalent to our need to bed down on the surface of the earth’s soil. This is where we become synchronized to earth, grounded so to speak, whilst our bodies rebuild and become reset for the next swing of the sun’s pendulum. Nutritional philosopher, David Wolfe, says that animals and human beings are like traveling plants complete with a root system that parallels our intestinal tract where food is absorbed.  Our roots, however, are contained within the body rather than anchored to the soil.

an opportunity exchange of ions and synchronize to the earth’s frequencies take place. Here also occurs a detoxifying expulsion of toxins via the pores, and maybe even mineral absorption when we are in full body contact on the soil. Before we became domesticated clothed beings, we lived in very close contact to the elements with an organ of our body least considered as an elemental absorption tissue – skin. Plants, like us, absorb elements into their “skin” including CO2, moisture from the air, and sunlight.

We too are air, fire, water, and earth elements that share with intimacy in the same manner. We are food to other animals and micro organisms and we assimilate back our minerals back into the earth as food for plants.

Food according to color & sound

If the reader is interested with the idea that color may be an important consideration in daily lifestyle, there is a theory in which each day resonates with a combination of particular frequencies of light. These colors follow the sequence found on the spectrum, or rainbow. Monday begins with the slowest frequency, red, and follows through until Saturday at the other end of the spectrum of fastest light. With each day that follows with a faster frequency, the color is also accompanied by its complimentary companion color. Sunday is thought of as the day of rest.

Harmonic Synchronization Chart




Bold: Color offoods & clothing-healing

Unbold:Compliment color-balance

Bold: Musical note

activates meridian

Unbolded: balances meridian

Stimulates these organs

& meridians






Circulatory system (iron)

Small Intestine Thyroid






Sacral Chakra




purple-violet indigo




Pancreas Spleen Solar Plexes

Brow Chakra






Liver Gallbladder Heart Chakra






Large Intestine Thyroid




yellow orange




Heart and aura (635nm)





Body at full frequency

The practice of following some of these color and musical notes tips are said to increase immune response by aligning the biological seven-day rhythm with the social seven-day rhythm. It has been observed that the team who wears the appropriate color for the day has a noticeable advantage over the competitor who do not.

Kinesiology muscle testing shows that body strength and stamina increases when compared to bodies that are not in contact with the days vibrational color frequency or even its corresponding musical note.

Dietary fat

Dietary fat reestablishes health to a brain that had been denied the cholesterol lipids necessary for creating robust cellular walls in the brain.  A person who has suffered for so long without the right fats not only degrade mentally, but also sexually.  A female in particular who has lost most all of her body fat loses her sexuality naturally.  The indifference or loathing of sex is not exclusively psychological.  Introducing the right fats is easy and there is no need to monitor or weigh fat foods with proportional guides or following national guide lines.  The body will know what it needs and turn off the hunger for fat when it is ‘full’.  Provided, however, the fat entering the body is not hydrogenated.  If that is done, then the anorexic used to eating bad fats will potentially become over weight.

Appetite boosting herbs


The compound known as THC in marijuana (cannabis), is one of the most effective natural methods for improving appetite.  It is prescribed for those suffering from nutrition robbing cancer cells that absorb food before healthy ones.  The cancer patient starving to death can extend life while staving off pain by using the herb as a food supplement or by smoking it.

Requiring a prescription to obtain legally, a health care provider may prescribe medical cannabis as a treatment option for weight loss associated with anorexia nervosa, HIV, cancer or psychiatric disturbances.  If the person recovering from an eating disorder is in the program of recovery, marijuana should not be used to heighten the appetite unless the condition is so severe that her life can be saved short of intraveneous feeding.  The stimulation is considered a gateway drug that leads to a drug of choice where the considerations of her program may and are more important than gaining weight right away.


Chamomile (a ragweed) may act as a gentle appetite stimulant as it is also well known as a digestive aid as well as a treatment for anxiety.  The National Institutes of Health suggests that it may improve mood, appetite and overall quality of life in cancer patients, hence the life an anorexic stricken subject.

There is insufficient evidence to support the use of chamomile as a sole treatment option for any disease. However, it may be a viable option for people suffering from unwanted weight loss, particularly when it relates to stress or anxiety.  The Warm Water ReBirthing Therapy theoretically arrests the disease with an immediate about face with the negative emotions that accompany the disease.  Therefore, chamomile will add to the feelings of elation that are already set in motion and if there still is stressful anxiety, it should be helpful in clearing the emotions.  I recommend chamomile tea for use in the evening as a sleep aid just before bedtime the day of the first ReBirthing experience.  This is because after a good night’s sleep, the effect of the treatment usually begins upon wakening the following day.

Blessed Thistle

Traditionally, healers have used “bitter” tonics for people who have difficulty gaining weight or eating sufficient quantities of food for the reason it improve digestion and enhance the appetite. Blessed thistle has a low incidence of serious side effects, is a liver detoxifier ideal for for those with liver dysfunction, it may be worth a try as a complementary treatment option.

False Unicorn root

The bitter principle with False Unicorn root has a tonic effect on the liver and digestive tract, which benefits appetite and digestion.  It helps to relieve nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy.  False unicorn root has also been used to prevent threatened miscarriage and to stop hemorrhage.  For the recovering person with such severe nutritional support for so long, this herb helps if there is a desire to have children upon completion of a successful ReBirthing therapy.


Hormone replacement therapy

The compound most notably known as a female hormone, estrogen, is 30 percent higher in concentration in the body of a female than a man.  Men are loaded with the male hormone testosterone.  Both sexes require the two, but in proportions appropriate for normal body functions to operate with respect to sexuality.  The anorexic who psychologically avoids sex, even loathes the idea of it, does so because of the bio-chemical deficiency of the hormone that comes to us also from plant food.  In today’s world infused with hormone loaded flesh meats like chicken and pork, consumers receive synthetic chemical estrogen, but in the natural world, humans ingest plant based estrogen called phytoestrogen.  We are what we eat and so we require estrogen from plant food sources.  This is true in nature, but because soy products have over infested the population with an overload of the hormone, we have problems.

In her book, “The Whole Soy Story“, Kaayla Daniel writes that in the Orient, soy was not eaten as a staple food.  The Chinese for instance learned to ferment the green pod into condiment foods such as mizo that yields soy sauce, but not consumed normally as promoted by Monsanto today.  The wives of cheating husbands would introduce soy into their meals to reverse their promiscuity.

But, for the nutritionally diminished body that lacks estrogen, soy consumed at the early stages of weight gain is acceptable.  I never thought I would say this, but this is the only time I would say okay to eat things with soy, but with reservation.  I knew that the Chinese medicine practitioner uses soy as the treatment for estrogen deficient women, but never thought how important the pod actually was until this cure fell into my lap. So, I highly recommend always considering natural organic and non genetically modified soy only when for woman the hormone is below normal levels.  Edamame, which is the young fresh and uncooked soybean pod, is a perfect example of hormone therapy treatment using food.  Once the former anorexic fills out, then it is important to cut down on soy, especially the commercial Monsanto variety, and practice eating conscientiously.

Once the female hormones balance out while the body is being healed nutritionally, an appetite for sex may also appear.  When once the anorexic afflicted person blocked sex from their lives, the reverse may occur where the notion of forming a relationship be appealing.

The anorexic mind may “U Turn” about sex and reproduction

There are herbs that stimulate the reproductive organs and the begin to regain their memories for a healthy sexual interest.  The simple art of eating restores health on all levels including the psychological, however if there is a need to accelerate the balance of body for the need to procreate or simply enjoy sexual activity, then there are herbs that will promote sexual stimulation.

Lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle is an astringent and is used in stopping external as well as internal bleeding.  It helps when addressing excessive menstruation. it is used to bring relief from vomiting and nauseous sensations and ideal in treating cuts, scrapes, and burns in which a the wound is bathed in warm teas of lady’s mantle to prevent infection.  The herb was also historically known to be capable of “restoring” lost virginity and believed to bring on a new firmness to breasts in the elderly.

Lady’s mantle taken as a tea may help heal burned alimentary tract when scorched by vomited stomach acid.

Damiana Leaf

Remember, they are being restored to original selves which means there should be a reverse but positive opinion about sex.   Damiana leaf comes from a shrub native to North and Central America. It may enhance a woman’s arousal at least in part because of its ability to increase circulation and sensitivity in the clitoris itself.

I bring Damiana leaf to the table for the reason while people who have normal sex lives, the anorexic especially had not only denied herself nutrition, but also fulfilling the joys of family, love, sexual relationships, having children and most things we take for granted.   If the recovering person of this sexually oriented disease prefers to remain abstinent or has no desire to form a relationship, then the decision is obvious not to partake in an herbal treatment to help during and after the ReBirthing therapy.  It seems that because of long years (when you don’t use it, you’ll lose it theory) then it would be appropriate to try natural herbal treatments as opposed to commercial synthetics such as Cialis or Viagra.


The peanut, a legume and not a true nut from a tree, is loaded with arginine.  Argenine is an amino acid that stimulates sexuality.  It is, or the synthetic version, a component ingredient in Viagra which contains the active ingredient sildenafil, which is a medicine used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Naturally, food itself will help to establish a normal feelings and functioning of the bio mechanics, but peanut loaded argenine can’t hurt.  Almonds and walnuts also have high concentrations of the amino acid.

There is a story behind the non GMO peanut in that men were denied access to peanuts so that they would do their work.  Otherwise, it was the peanut that preocupied working men in labor camps to chase the women.

False Unicorn root

False unicorn root is another herb inherited from the Native American tradition. False unicorn contains hormone-like saponins which partly account for its long tradition as an excellent ovarian and uterine tonic. False unicorn was used specifically for uterine weakness and over-relaxation, characterized by a dragging sensation, a feeling of downward pressure in the pelvis, often associated with irritability and depression.  False unicorn has also been used to encourage fertility in women and treat impotence in men. False unicorn has an adaptogenic or balancing effect on sex hormones, helping to relieve many disorders of the reproductive tract, menstrual irregularities and premenstrual syndrome, which are related to hormonal imbalance. False unicorn improves the secretory responses and cyclical functions of the ovary and has been used in infertility caused by dysfunction in follicular formation in the ovary.

False Unicorn inherited from the Native American traditions is mainly a female herb, but it may also have been the remedy taken by the Arkansas people for wounds and ulcers.  This is important for the reason anorexia symptoms manifest poor digestive imbalances that promote ulcerated organs.  Sore throats are quite common for the person that purges their stomach of acid. and at times the breath develops an offensive odor.  To eliminate this problem, simply gargle with some tea made from false unicorn root every hour.

Menopause and Black Cohosh

Black cohosh which is also known as squawroot, may imitate the effects of the female hormone estrogen and help to balance hormonal levels.  the herb is purported to treat some of the most common symptoms of menopause including low libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood swings.

Black Cohosh is known as a gynecological herb for the uterus and the ovaries as well and it seems to have a normalizing effect on the female reproductive system.  It encourages a regular menstrual cycle in which it is recommended to women experiencing irregular or absent periods.  this then fits the model of a recovering anorexic.  False unicorn also encourages the ovaries to release their hormones at the right point in the month.  Over time of a few months of conditioning, the herb helps to adjust the effect on the menstrual cycle.  In addition, false unicorn is used to treat endometriosis, uterine infections, ovarian cysts, and of course, menopausal symptoms.


Part V:  More about the eating disorder

“Anorexia makes you think that it is the
most important voice in your head and everyone
else is the enemy.  That’s why fighting anorexia can
be so hard—it feels like you’re fighting yourself.”

Summery of the therapy

Trained as medical practitioners, these identical twins suffer from anorexia proving that there is no treatment acknowledged by Big Medica, otherwise they’d capitalize on a patentable synthetic analogue that comes from a botanical remedy.  This also means that the cure would have to center around an energetic experiential treatment such as the ReBirthing method for lack of a plant compound.   In the Industry of medicine, there is a paradigm of thought delivered to medics. The doctor then trains the patient that in order to ‘win the battle’ one must ‘fight’ by ‘beating the disease’ using will power.  Clinic after clinic, the twins say they’re determined to ‘beat’ the disease.

What was illustrated and outlined was simple.  It is the reenactment of our earliest memory before the insult entered our lives.  To repeat the idea, a rerun of our birth resets the clock for a white canvas freshly gessoed for the creation for a renewal of life.  It is a mind makeover process that starts at the beginning and a new life be painted over the old.

Rather than the memories that were illustrated underneath the new be covered, it is merely our memory blanketed with new thoughts that couldn’t be drawn before.  And now they can.  We don’t forget, however we do forgive.  The importance cannot be stressed enough that we don’t hide our memories, but address them with an understanding.

This quote is typical of how industry places tag phrases and words such as “fighting” in which a thought is installed about the condition, whatever it might be, that a never ending war is underway.  Labels become adopted into one’s persona and that person becomes the label.  In this case, if this is a fight, then the waring party is Anorexia nervosa and the person in combat is a soldier.  This should not be the scenario.

Important eating disorder statistics

  • It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder – 7 million women to 1 million men
  • One in 200 American women suffers from anorexia
  • Two to three in 100 American women suffers from bulimia
  • Nearly half of all Americans personally know someone with an eating disorder
  • An estimated 10 – 15% of people with anorexia or bulimia are males
There are personal accounts books published on the topic of anorexia and bulimia by people who have recovered from their disorders.  The proportion as to how many had been sexually abused percentage wise (98% of women who comprise 95% anorexics community) does not reflect the composite of autobiographical stories written in books on the disease to actual genuine anorexia/bulimia cases.  In a general search, I found few authors who admitted having an account of sexual molestation and abuse.  It would be assumed that for those who have not recovered would not chronicle their growth arc into recovery for they did not entirely have success with recovery.  Therefore, the ones who ‘made it’ to the other side and felt their experience ‘must be told’ for personal triumph to be shared are inconsistent with those who did receive the sexual abuse, but feel their story would be run of the mill and not necessary to express as a book.  It would be like someone who miraculously recovered from cancer on their own and write the story as opposed to someone who did so clinically or with a natural healer.   These authors recovered largely on their own by will or with help and support from close friends, family, and in therapeutic settings because they did not experience the attack as a secondary trauma other than verbal abuse “you’re too fat” by the parent or guardian.  While their recover is admiral and a positive thing, and their publications an act of good will,  it still does not offer the chance to those who admire or even envy them enough to recover themselves, hence the back slide into oblivion.. relapse. 

Mortality rates

  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness
  • A study by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders reported that 5 – 10% of anorexics die within 10 years after contracting the disease; 18-20% of anorexics will be dead after 20 years and only 30 – 40% ever fully recover
  • The mortality rate associated with anorexia nervosa is 12 times higher than the death rate of ALL causes of death for females 15 – 24 years old.
  • 20% of people suffering from anorexia will prematurely die from complications related to their eating disorder, including suicide and heart problems

Access to treatment

  • Only 1 in 10 people with eating disorders receive treatment
  • About 80% of the girls and women who have accessed care for their eating disorders do not get the intensity of treatment they need to stay in recovery – they are often sent home weeks earlier than the recommended stay
  • Treatment of an eating disorder in the US ranges from $500 to $2,000 per day. The average cost for a month of inpatient treatment is $30,000.  It is estimated that individuals with eating disorders need anywhere from 3 – 6 months of inpatient care.  Health insurance companies for several reasons do not typically cover the cost of treating eating disorders
  • The cost of outpatient treatment, including therapy and medical monitoring, can extend to $100,000 or more


  • Anorexia is the 3rd most common chronic illness among adolescents
  • 95% of those who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25
  • 50% of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 see themselves as overweight
  • 80% of 13-year-olds have attempted to lose weight

A healed individual can help another with the same history.  This is how you can become valuable to their aid.  And this is how you further the healing process for yourself.  It is by giving freely that which was received freely that continues the spiritual growth of a person for a continued healing process.

Birthing traumas

An author of a book of memoirs into the disease recounts that that she felt that her head was not part of her body.  “[I felt like] a child in the bathtub, looking down at her body submerged in the water as if it were a separate thing inexplicably attached to her head.”   Her knowledge of the disease goes as far as most all of ours would had this therapy not surfaced, but I can say that I believe I know where this notion of body and head separation comes from.  She does not account for sexual molestation or rape, but if this did happen, then it would make sense that her thinking part, the head where the brain lives, detached from her body.   Here is where this gets nebulous, but her answer to me should come shortly as I’ve fielded the questions and am waiting for an answer is whether she was birthed using forceps to aid her passage through a cervix that had not dilated enough.  If so, it is possible that her memories of her head being stretched from her body remained in the unconscious until the secondary trauma, whatever it was, triggered the extreme eating disorder.

The ear represents the body in the fetal position.  If forceps are crushed against the ear and earlobe of the infant, then this acts as a dual attack at the same target, the head. 

Furthermore, it is known in natural healing circles that the ear represents the human body postured in the fetal position.  The earlobe represents the head.  Ever pinch your earlobe to alleviate headache and or toothache pain?  Acupuncturists stimulate the earlobe with needles to relieve pain involving the head.  If at birth forceps are used and that painful force against the ear and ear lobes is exerted, it is no wonder we have both mental and physical memories and strange thoughts about our heads relative to our bodies.. perhaps the belief our heads are detached from our bodies.

The forceps trauma.  Ever use the term ‘losing your head?’

The window into our soul is framed by a map as to the health of our internal organs and digestive system.  The iris of the eye tells us what is happening within and is called iridology when a person practices the art of health diagnosis this way.  The feet have sympathetic points throughout the body.. it is the pathway to organs and tissues that can be stimulated to health or activity simply by knowing where to apply pressure on points of the foot and ankles.  So too is the ear a map of the human body.  Those forceps have casued millions of people issues with their psyche and hardly but a few know it.  Now you do.


Part Vl:  Harmonic relationship & cell salt deficiency at birth

It is quite possible that the anomaly, or birth problem that may act as the catalyst along with the right ear problem be a salt deficiency that is not satisfied at birth and for the first year as an infant.  This may last a lifetime and manifest in many different health issues not cured by the mind resetting therapy warm water ReBirthing technique.  It would be a good idea to satisfy this imbalance with Schüssler’s cell salts.  Once this is done, the skin and problems with the appearance of aging will revert right back to the actual age of the person healing.  Even if you do not read or understand what this is, determine if you have a deficiency with your natural health practitioner and just do it.  Most problems are corrected with these bio-chemical salts.

In terms of frequency relationships between objects of similarity, the particular astrological sign, or month, correlates harmonically with each cell salt respective of the zodiac sign. The 13th salt, if recognized as such, would represent our sun.  A baby experiences the Sun’s frequencies during daylight hours when the belly of the mother is exposed to it.  Bathed in a warming reddish orange glow, the harmonic relationship parallels the heart, the circulatory system, and acts to vibrationally stimulate the mineral gold at 635-700nm wavelength distance.  The heart muscles and the electron orbit pattern of the element gold share the same geometric structure and pattern of which the golden rays of the sun vibrate.  A baby is not usually lacking of this cell salt.

Dr. Sheldon Deal NDC concludes a correlation with vibrational frequencies in terms of harmonics separated by many octaves, that resonate in the recipient in the same way.  Sound frequencies are separated by as many as 40 octaves from the visible light spectrum of color.  For example, the key of C shares the same harmonic resonance to the color red/orange (635nm). Gem stones, organs and tissues have been widely known for this interconnected resonant correlation, but Dr. Deal observed with fresh insight the mathematical relationships involving bio-harmonic synchronicity frequencies.

Dr. Deal’s observation links cell salts to the months of the year.  He notes that while the human being gestates within the womb, the evolving life passes through nine separate frequencies according to astrological zones in thirty day periods with the exception of the three remaining which complete the twelve month cycle. Therefore, the newborn may be deficient in three subsequent cell salts that share the same harmonics as each respective zodiac zones that succeed the birth month. His recommendation when a mineral deficiency is detected, and usually it is with the months that the baby did not pass through, is to supplement its diet with these remaining salts for up to one year after birth.

The exception would be the 13th cell salt which represents the sun – gold – because our sun is a year round radiant energy.  The newborn by default receives nine months of radiant frequencies. As long as we are in the presence of the sun, the harmonic frequency of gold would be logically satisfied, however, because we have become deficient in organic cellular available gold, and the fact that we’ve been conditioned to avoid the sun’s vibratorial full spectrum radiation, we are lacking sufficient levels of the frequency. Hence, a pregnant mother who avoids direct sunlight may be the source of the deficiency.  Undoubtedly, overuse of ultra violet sunscreens, working near fluorescent lights for long periods (years/decades), living largely indoors, and thoroughly dissolving the skin’s natural production of oil (of which the hormone oil soluble vitamin D2 is anticipating stimulation into D3) by using soap removes the vitamin that would normally absorb through the skin.  An example of resonance suppression is the common thread practice among urbanites.

Dr. Sheldon Deal NMDC is a naturopathic doctor practicing in the US with over forty years of practical application of the natural healing modalities. He distinctly concluded an observation that correlates vibrational frequencies.

Because of vitamin and mineral depletion such as Vitamin D3 from the sun, a newborn may not receive the immune system defense it needs to be sick free during the nursing months.  Once this vitamin as well as the lacking cell salts are satisfied then any trauma relating to bacterial or viral infections are greatly reduced.   The anorexic person may want to simply take a twelve cell salt pack anyway since there is no prescription necessary and that they are harmless and do not counter act or interfere with medications.  In fact, one of the cell salts is sodium chloride.. salt!


Part VIl:  An unhealthy trend


Wannarexia or anorexic yearning describes a person who makes the claim as having Anorexia nervosa, or wishes it, but does not.  This cultural phenomenon has no diagnostic criteria, although some wannarexics may be instead diagnosed with an eating disorder not otherwise specified.


The Pro-ana (pro-anorexia) community promotes by supporting anorexia as a lifestyle choice rather than an eating disorder.  Some participants associate exclusively with “real anorexics” and will shun wannarexics.  The promotion of the disease is dangerous for the reason many who would like to solve their problem, but are unsuccessful, adopt their defeatist attitude.  Rather than continue searching for an answer it becomes a problem when the adverse direction is taken and the disease then is promoted.  This paradigm of thought infects the young woman who have nowhere to turn when traditional treatments do not work.

Youtube hosts thousands of Pro-ana as well as pro-suicide videos while the social networking sites have hundreds more.  Videos titles include “40 reasons not to eat” and “how to be bulimic” and one in particular, “thinspiration”, carries messages from users declaring: “You will grow fat if you eat today. Just put it off one more day.”  Spokespersons for several government child exploitation and online protection centers even outside the United States defend these groups stating that it is not illegal to assist via speech freedoms advocating suicidal messages to youngsters. Read article

Commercial lure for eating diseases

Websites such as and exhibit ideals not conducive to wellness.  Here is an example from the discussion forums:  “They all say there ‘ed Support’ groups. That’s why they don’t get shut down. You can always find people as messed up as you are on there.”
“good luck with that.”
“Ok apparently scratch Whyeat, sorry my bad. I haven’t looked into that one. I have been purging for a long time and can’t stop no matter what i try. I have been to “support sites” and there all just a diffrent version of pro ana BS. Maybe i’ll check out WhyEat.” “I don’t understand why you would be pro ana. My eating disorder is ruining my ******* life and I can’t get away from it. It’s like a parasite that latches on to my every single thought and it’s a total happiness sucker.”

What do Barbie, Twiggy, and Isabelle Caro have in common?  They are staged advertisements to promote eating disorders for the sake of and to qualify for the products being sold.  “The Little Girl Who Didn’t Want to Get Fat,” Isabelle Caro, a French model, described a tormented childhood dominated by the profound depression that gripped her mother who was Obsessed with isolating Isabelle from school and friends until the age of 11 and forbade her to play for fear of picking up a disease.  She ridiculed Isabelle for being too fat.

Isabelle Caro shared with Italian’s Vanity Fair in 2007 that her mother, Marie, said that she wanted her to be her little girl forever.  As she entered into puberty from adolescence, she loathed the idea that her body would begin to change. Like Michael Jackson’s desire to remain a boy, Isabelle too wanted to live in the body of a child into old age in order to make my mother happy.  Riddled with guilt, Isabelle’s mother Marie committed suicide soon after the ad campaign was published.

“She wanted me to be her little girl forever, so as I started puberty I hated the idea that my body was going to change. I wanted to have the body of a child forever, to make my mother happy.”

Isabelle Caro became the international face of anorexia when she allowed her ravaged body to be photographed nude to raise awareness about the disease, died on Nov. 17. She was only 28 years old.

As a result of her self-imposed diet, she would often lapse into comas and awake delirious, not knowing who she was. At one time, she survived on one square of chocolate a day with a cup of tea that she consumed a teaspoon at a time, to make it last.


In 1966, Twiggy burst on to the fashion scene as the world’s first supermodel. With her waif-like figure, boyish hairstyle and striking lashes she created an image that defined an era, earning her idol status among millions of teenage girls of the 60s revolution.

From this era to date, many celebrities have treated themselves with food deprivation mostly as Wannarexias.  Their psychosis while may be helped with water therapy is mostly rooted in other delusional mental identity issues.


Epilogue:  About the author of this article

My knowledge base had its beginnings in the area of health and nutrition.   My goal was to solve my eating disorder problems.  I knew I’d find the answer and I was right.  I finally did at age 49 and a half.  I thought I did when writing My books which are listed at  I learned more about corruption in the food processing and agricultural industry than most do and felt I discovered the resolve for my eating disorder by implementing natural eating practices.   For that I am very grateful.  I believe that beginning there helped me to understand the corruption in food processing with the social manipulation and all that business more effectively than starting with NWO books right off the bat.

It happened to me too

Lorenzo’s Oil is a 1992 American drama film directed by George Miller. It is based on the true story of Augusto and Michaela Odone, two parents in a relentless search for a cure for their son Lorenzo’s ALS.

In a special way, I identify closely with films such as Lorenzo’s Oil and Awakenings for the reason I searched for my cure for myself.  At almost fifty years of age I can safely say I know I found it.  At one time I felt it was through a natural diet shift, but now I have the ‘meal’ ticket.  I also know I found the solution for every single person on planet earth who faces the evil intent of the secret society.   I was fortunate though that I didn’t suffer having been treated too late as Lorenzo did.  For the those that haven’t seen the film, here is a little of the plot summery from wikipedia.

“Failing to find a doctor capable of treating their young son Lorenzo’s rare disease, Augusto and Michaela Odone sought their own cure. They set out on a mission to find a treatment to save their child. In their quest, the Odones clashed with doctors, scientists, and support groups, who were skeptical that anything could be done about Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), much less by laypeople. But they persisted, setting up camp in medical libraries, reviewing animal experiments, badgering researchers, questioning top doctors all over the world, and even organizing an international symposium about the disease.”

The same applies to me and the world in the sense that I am presenting the cure at a time when the earth and its inhabitants are dying like Lorenzo.  And, it is too late for an awakening by all people under the influence of drugs, psycho drama of the false illusion, materialism, and the uncanny inability to avoid defaulting to comfortable and yet malicious safety of the powers that be. How can I get this to the people right now with no waiting?

I feel like Lorenzo’s parents did having spent an enormous amount of energy solving a problem nobody had interest in. In the past I felt that to stop the shadow government from injuring us further and then into submission, I was compelled to waltz into Bill and Malinda Gates home and arrest them for perpetrating mass genocide via their vaccination agenda, round up everyone at the FDA who orders their militia to hunt natural healers, and execute by firing squad the political crowd that takes your money while raping you blind.  Oh the scenarios I played out.. vivid, satisfying, and thorough.  But, that’s not really me.  That’s the weak side not knowing how to go toe to toe with them.  The battle begins with knowledge of ourselves by realizing our origins. Who and what we really are and capable of is paramount to solving not the crime, but the solution as to how to begin to overcome those crimes to humanity and mother earth.  If I perish before the miracle happens, I want you to know that I love each and everyone of you reading these instructions for true healing.  It is our destiny to prevail among those who don’t have us in our best interest.

I do have faith that something or someone might understand what ReBirthing actually is and how valuable a remedy to the world its potential is.  If I have paid it forward, this then would be it.

I was born with a problematic birth

in that I had a recessive trait resulting in extreme far sightedness.  I couldn’t see but for blurred environments and fuzzy people until I was five.  I experienced severe ear aches to both ears in utero and was born 10 days early.  I was weaned of breast milk within three months and had my adenoids and tonsils removed at 18 months old.  So, I was cut up, undiagnosed, and suffered greatly until finally they fixed me western medical style.

I experienced the first trauma which satisfied the marker that involves the ear.  My mother I wasn’t born happy.  She recalls that I was premature by ten days and that I suffered ear problems from
birth which lead her to believe I was in pain in the uterus. She remembers that I cried alot and was not happy.  Well, now I feel even worse for causing all that trouble.  It also explains why I cry at age 50.  Anyhow, that may make a difference in that now there is the secondary marker that happens at birth — the body of the mother initiated the birth before the time was right or that the baby triggered the labor most likely due to a problem with my pain.  If I was infectious, then she had to abort in order to save both lives.

And then there’s the sexual aspect that would involve an assault or an unnatural molestation.  Something traumatic would have to happen to me that would take me into the realms of Anorexia.  But that didn’t happen and instead I was to become Bulimic.  I wasn’t sexually molested, but the family doctor did practice proctology with me when I required a physical exam for one reason or another.  Up until high school I dreaded the exam when joining sports because I knew I’d have to drop my pants and get a fat finger treatment. Ughh.  I laugh now thank goodness, but it wasn’t funny then.  So there you have it.  A mild perversion by someone other than myself coupled with heavy birthing and infant trauma resulting in a life long issue with food.

I enjoyed a healthy sexual life unencumbered by fear that an anorexic usually experiences.  I know now that I’d clearly be a full fledged, and very proficient, anorexic nervosa person had I been assaulted and abused sexually.  I’d be a total train wreck and am certain of it.  That’s because alcoholism runs in my family and I have that trait.

The control aspect, however, is just as severe as one who denies themselves food. For the person that still wouldn’t believe it in themselves I’ll share a little more about the aspect of sex and control.  Now, this I’d normally keep in my closet of skeletons, but because I’m a sport, I’ll share it with the hope someone with a similar adventure will appreciate.

I was the opposite of an anorexic.  Completely opposite.

But, I am an exact mirror image with the same problem who equally benefits from the same therapy.

I was asked not long ago when I determined that I am a classic Bulimic and to my surprise, the question was if I really was since I don’t purge after binging.  I believe I did not thing I was ‘dirty’ and that I was compelled to simulate the ridding of a sexual assault that would invariably render me ‘dirty’ in feeling.  I led a happy life despite the family dynamics and the tempest in my head.  In fact, I valued life in so many ways that it went beyond normal, really, I fell in love with the natural world.  Earth became my parent, friend and teacher.  I felt a sense of abandonment in which that experience I may have had put me in the position of keeping in me something I felt made me happy and feeling whole.  I kept what people were taking away from me.  I feared this while others with these conditions want to eliminate them?  I don’t know, but I do know this.. I won’t let anyone convince me I’m not familiar with this awful condition.

You can see that I was a cute little boy.  But, the trauma I experienced then as I do even today was that of feeling ugly and over weight when I wasn’t at all.  I rarely look at myself in the mirror and had my brother to thank for that initial mental conditioning.  The rest was my own fault and I created a world of self-loathing.  I have to own it now and understand that it wasn’t his fault.  I’ve known though that deep down I loved myself and thought highly of my abilities, otherwise, I couldn’t do what I do for the world on the level it’s done.   The conflict and confusion between the two worlds is so baffling.  It takes the on-off switch to stop the never ending cycling ‘routine’ long enough for one to choose that one path – divorcing the other –  that they’d like to continue the rest of their life with.

As youngsters my brother called me “fat ass” and would criticize my appearance. He would also routinely remind me of some very small moles on my face.. just like any kid you see today.  You don’t even see them there at the age I am now, so it was not like I had a serious birth mark that a careless stranger would comment on.  This was my very own brother and like the anorexic, Isabelle Caro for example, who was told she was fat by her mother was affected exactly the same.  My parents never reprimanded him and I felt unprotected emotionally.   I had nowhere to turn and that is the experience of a traumatized child no matter what the uniqueness is.

I spent most of my life concerned about weight gain always hearing my brother’s voice and seeing his careless spiteful expressions.  He took a part of me away which I think positioned me to keep all that came to me regarding food.  I ate like none other I’ve ever known and why I didn’t become obese is partly due to the fact my mother taught me healthy eating ideas.  This is why I learned so much about food and enough to research, study, and then write books on it.

I am no different than you reading this trying to get help.

I prevented my self from going to the bathroom.. number two.. and was very good at conducting the business of making myself constipated.  I practiced holding it in so as not to vacate until I couldn’t any longer.  And then I’d have to go to the bathroom.  Urination was no issue.

It was having a bowel movement that I restricted until unbearable. Since it appeared that I was unsuccessfully potty trained, it was recommended by specialists in the field medicine that training me using laxative suppositories would be helpful.  I remember my mother on a daily and at specific times would have me go to the bathroom, drop my pants, and she would push one big pill up there.  I would wait and when the time came would be forced to sit on the toilet to have my bowel movement.  I actually looked forward to it because that was the rare time when someone would get near me for fear I would smell.

Even today some will say that I’m full of, well, you know what, and it makes me reflect on the reality of my life.  I don’t know, maybe I am full of ‘it’.  In any event, when one thinks of it when “the shit hits the fan”, something’s gotta be done to rectify it for the next person’s sake.

I was the smelliest kid on the block!  That’s because I always had a load of you know what lining my underwear.  It was horrific.  I simply couldn’t stop the habit by will alone.  Believe me, I wanted so much to stop and dreamed I would be a normal kid.  People would talk and I felt everyone avoided me when I was at peak “anal retentiveness” we’ll say.  I think out everyone on the planet that it was me who was truly and literally anal retentive.  Gross.

I was repulsive to my parents and my brother who is ultra sensitive to smell.  To this day he just doesn’t know the depth at which my eating disorder had taken me.  I was innocent then, but he continues to be appalled at me for that era.  He’ll never understand and even as prolific and certain is the ReBirthing concept that hopefully sweeps the world, it won’t matter.   I do wish it was another way and that I had a different experience, but I know better.. it happened to me so that I can fix it for everyone.

I cleared it in a different way other than Warm Water ReBirthing Therapy

“Dear mom,  Incredibly, I had forgotten about my ear problem.  So, I am exactly what I wrote about and in the midst of writing about the ultimate solution while I’m also wondering how on earth I can be convincing if I’m not clinically diagnosed with an eating disorder, you helped me realize I am.  I thank you for helping with this because it is very important for all those suffering around the world.  What was confirmed today is that I am truly bulimic.  And while I am the exact opposite of an anorexic it makes this treatment so much more valuable as all inclusive for both conditions.  Had I been sexually molested I would have been anorexic or both that and bulimic.  While the disorders are completely opposite and that a solution for both would seem to be different, the answer is that they require the same treatment.  Hence, that’s me and I got to do a Warm Water ReBirthing!!!  So, we’ll do it together for fun [My mother says she practiced anorexia until age 45].  I’ll hold you for 20 and you’ll hold me.  You can give birth to me all over again and it won’t even require pain pills, a stay in the hospital, diapers, formula, and a rocking chair:)  Love, Lee”

I was a Junior in high school I think, and one day I was completely painted in a corner with this problem; I was fed up.  I hated having to clean my underwear.  I vividly remember one morning when I was very young that my mother was fed up too where she forced me to clean my own underwear using an old style wash board.  I remember how awful it was but more importantly that I had cause others to be forced to clean after me daily for all that time.  And yet, I could not stop.  I was uncontrollably selfish to allow others to suffer and still I could not make myself normal. I also remember the feelings I had among my peers in which I hated the shame I felt in the locker room.  I was falling apart.  That morning I looked at what I’d done through the night and made a decision to walk my soiled underwear out to the trash bin and just do away with underwear for the day.  I gave up.  This time it’ll end up in my pants and so what.  I was sick of dirty underwear.

But what happened was opposite what I imagined what would happen.  I never practiced holding it in for fear of dirtying my slacks and so had the most normal bowel movements just like every one else.  No more problems now and the thing just went away as if nothing ever happened.  I do believe I was overwhelmed with internal joy though as I managed my way through a misunderstood and untreatable problem all on my own.  And, it was so simple.

Like the Warm Water ReBirthing Therapy being an on-off switch the switch had been flicked up and down for me.  And it was instantaneous.

That side of me was solved, but the binging was not.  Today, I still have the compulsion to over consume food and it is when I eat commercially processed or buffet style food.  I’ll eat everything off my plate never leaving a morsel to waste.  Therefore, I believe I need to participate in what I’ve reported here.. the solution to all of it!

Calling out to my mom

I talked to my mother again about my birth and toddler years once again for this article.  I had done so once before because of other issues regarding premature birth, early weaning from breast milk, infant medication, eye problems, tonsilitis, and so on.  This time I wanted her opinion about this article in it’s more refined stage already posted.  What I found was that I had forgotten that I had severe ear problems!  And I should have known better since it was the tonsillitis due to formula, not breast milk, that was toxifying my infant body which resulted in inflamed adenoidal and tonsil tissue to the point they elected to remove them.  And they did.  But, that should have reminded me of the ear infections that continued as a result from the lack of the organs that dealt with processed milk poisoning.

Having talked extensively about the disease we both share, it was decided that we both will treat each other.  This may be the beginning of an independent study by which many people can pool their ideas, demonstrate their failures and success (if there are failures) for the matter of compiling the statistics into a study of the therapy.   ‘They’ want millions for the permission to approve, if they even approve something as threatening to medicine as this, and I’d rather it be a study for the person who knows better than the allopathy revenue generating scam.  It’s about saving lives, not spending a lifetime proving the efficacy of “breathing air keeps you alive”.  Such a waste of time.

Looking at the bright side

I always look at what appears to be a bad thing, even if it is a very bad incidence, and rather than dwell on it being detrimental to my life in fact consider it a good thing.  Perhaps I over rationalize events to make it appear plausible.  If I do here, I hope someone proves or disproves it for the sake of natural science.  In the meantime, I’d like to believe what I’m about to report is real even though I have little to validate it other than my own experience.

I was weaned from breast milk when I was three months old.  The doctors told my mother that her milk was causing me to have these ear infections.  That doctor had nothing to back that up and I’m sure was shooting from the hip.  I suspect that my body went into survival mode in order to compensate for the lack of cholesterol from then on which would be necessary in building a healthy human brain.

Cows, for instance, need less cholesterol.   Their calf sized brains are not required to grow as ours does.  The calf requires a different constituency in its mother’s mild to grow a massive body, not become a contestant on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

Perhaps my body when into survival mode by repairing the damage from a nutrient deficiency by taking in as much food as possible.  My body and brain would work together to accomplish this as damage control.  This occurred during my adolescent years when the brain was continuing to develop.  It did this by holding onto digesting food for as long as possible for the absorption of as much of the nutrients as it could to compensate for the lack of cholesterol (and other vital human grade nutrients) at infancy.  when food is left within the colon longer than it should, more nutrients are squeezed from the contents in which for my case, would deliver the cholesterol needed at seven years of age when there is a complete change out of brain cells for phase two; 7 to 14 years of age.  It was between 7 and 14 that I mastered the practice of binging and holding it in by refusing to have a bowel movement.  For this partial reason as a rationale I may have become bulimic where my body called the shots.  It goes without saying that a dysfunctional family helps that along.

One of the multiples of traumas to the body and mind then was the lack of the proper diet for the first year and a half during the breast feeding phase of development.



I wanted to share this revolutionary resolve for this condition related to addiction and eating for the reason once you learn it, can help in many other ways.  The solution has always been known for other purposes.  The ancients, as I would understand would know it to be inclusive for all things belonging to a defunct mental condition.  ReBirthing has been obscured for the reason the medical industry capitalizes on wide spread suffering on every level possible, but wanted to share with you the technique on the specifics of eating disorders, namely, Anerexia nervosa because we are dying not just from cancer, but from all other diseases thought to be incurable.

I’ve spoken with people world wide.  I speak to the person next to me at a bus stop and gain more knowledge than a whole semester of higher education.  I can say without a doubt that the real method is certain based on the master naturopath who shared this exciting news and who says he has never had a failure with his subjects.

My book on nutrition, health, and treatments that work

High Frequency Health covers a wide range of nutritional and disease related issues including the best diet philosophy, natural treatments for cancer, diabetes, Hepatitis C, AIDS, and with addictive traits including eating disorders. This reference guide places particular emphasis toward the healing modalities associated with alcohol related problems, reactions, and solutions.


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