Fred Rogers indoctrinates GenX

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is an American children’s television series that was created and hosted by Fred Rogers. The series had its US network debut on February 19, 1968 during the start of the X Generation of toddlers who would grow into the parents of Y and Z Generations.  The show succeeded to Public Broadcasting System (PBS) until August 31, 2001. Running 33 seasons, the Freemason topmost level publicly known was the first indication this show had occult influence.  The series was aimed primarily at 2 to 5 age range, but interest as a newly forming family show became realized.

The children’s program set, characters, and structural concept was further manicured by CBS and placed with its successor, PBS, until August 31, 2001.  The program was produced by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA public broadcaster WQED and Rogers’ non-profit production company Family Communications, Inc.; previously known as Small World Enterprises prior to 1971, the company was renamed The Fred Rogers Company after his passing. – wikipedia

Mister Roger’s Neighborhood ended at 33 seasons..

Click to enlarge

This figure is the highest publicly known Freemason rank – the 33rd degree.

The miniature motorized trolley with its accompanying fast-paced piano theme music, was the only element that appeared regularly in both the realistic world and Make-Believe: it was used to transport viewers from one realm to the other.  If true, CBS authority used this element as a conditioning method for use when a neo NAZI rail system is engaged.  Already, using Tucson, Arizona as an example, a redundant right of way was procured at tax payers expense linking a network of medical facilities adjacent to suspected FEMA concentration camps to a fully funded Trolley transport system with the University and University medical plazas to the El Paso Greenway pathway infrastructure surrounding the community.  Films such as War Horse, Hugo, Polar Express and others fully capitalize on trains as themes in this vain.  

The center focus of the show and to prove the point that Generation X was the target audience as the X class American are invited to create a relationship with a trusted adult who addresses their inner feelings and concerns.  The theme of the program and the puppets that pushed by representing authoritarian Monarchs, was spawned in 1953, when public television debuted a program featuring Rogers as puppeteer.

Wile Mister Roger’s Neighborhood made a distinction between fantasy and reality, the series was in sharp contrast with the PBS program Sesame Street, which freely mixed realistic and fantastic elements.  Incidentally, it is very curious as to why a puppet was named after a letter of the alphabet when it was Sesame Street that educated children of the same age group to learn numbering and the alphabet.. none of their characters were named after an alphabetical letter.

Fred Rogers was retired in August of 2001 after 33 seasons.  It was this program where many of the puppets, characters and music used in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood were developed, such as King Friday XIII, and Curious X the Owl. Misterogers aired on CBC for three years and a number of the set pieces that he would take with him back to the US from Canada, such as the trolley and castle, were created for the Canadian program by CBS designers.  CBS would continue developing the show which prepared Rogers for indoctrinating children into learning the messages delivered through their reruns of Gilligan’s Island and others beyond age 5 into adolescence and puberty.


Almost all of the 1979 to 2001 episodes are in active rotation on PBS. The only exception is the week-long “Conflict” series episodes #1521-25, first aired during the week of November 7 through 11, 1983. This posturing was to coincide with ABC’s airing of the television film The Day After, and designed for children to cope with the after effects of the propagandized ‘natural catastrophe’ film. The series and story line arc covered the topics of war, bombing, and the arms race.   This “Conflict” series was last aired during the week of April 1–5, 1996.  Rothchilds agenda and the green light from the CFR, or the counsel of Foreign Relations, who matriculate orders to the American media conglomerate are all to thank for this educational training.


“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.”
― Fred Rogers

These messages included the introduction into the work force as controlled ‘slave condition’ positions that would, as we see today, are contrives of the medical, civic, political, educational system, and all positions required by the powers that be to succeed in power through the people.  Back then jobs like these were lucrative and healthy, but are now used against society and its people.  The policeman is no longer what they were in the 60’s is a prime example.  But, we were conditioned to believe that becomming an officer of the law was important and shows such as this children’s program were seeds of inspiration.  I can remember my childhood friends wanting to become a police or fireman and similar.  I for some instinctual reason knew better.  Now I know.

Over 900 videotapes and scripts from the show along with other promotional materials produced by Rogers, exists in the University of Pittsburgh’s Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Archives.

Having realized in my study of Gilligan’s Island that CBS was and still is conducting the business of fabricating ideas and the manipulation of American minds into false beliefs.  This is exemplified with their coverage of Jared Lee Loughner and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords during the “Congress on your Corner Massacre”.  CBS played a integral role in shaping the news feeds with false visuals and prefabricated scripts with all the circus acts complete with smoke and mirrors that hid a pre-planned and highly organized operation. It is no doubt that Fred Rogers was duped into the compartmentalized position of disseminating instructions to the X generation which begun approximately in 1964 just after the Baby Boomer generation.  The Rockefellers did this with co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous using Bill Wilson.  You’ll discover how they accomplished this here.

Fred Mcfeely Rogers was implicated in a smear campaign as being a sharp shooter, a sniper, for the United States military.  This is largely untrue and if it correct, the concern is hightened that he indeed played stealth role in pushing New World agendas.  I don’t believe this is the case.  I think that he was scouted out by the secret society to do their work educating children into a training camp for building a quiet, easily controlled and dumbed down pacifists they needed to create a new generation of children who would be allowed to view decrepit tv and film plots, learn to fight wars via video game technology, and allow for the administration of mind altering pharmaceutical and street drug use by their offspring.  This would be the military force developed into the Y and Z generations fighting the middle eastern wars and ultimately, the war on the United States itself.


The Target Audience

When was this generation labeled “X”?  Who coined it?

Although I’m not clear yet on how the X Generation came about and from where and what organization, but I do know that as early as 1953 when Curious X the owl was a television niche icon for Rogers, the new show that spanned many years with many episodes we have the occult representation of Moleck the Owl who, instead of having a familiar name from a list of thousands, “X” happens to be a peculiar choice.  I’m curious to know why Curious X the Owl was given this name?  Obviously, because we know X represents a high order of value among the hidden society numerical system, it must be the partial explanation.  We have X Games, X Factor, X Files, X Box, and X Generation.  The X Box confirms the notion that video training for children to become soldiers is plainly seen.

wilmot library molek

Fred Rogers lead a spiritual life in his denomination of choice and I really believe was sincere with what he did off set.  He loved children.  Although he was married, I don’t believe he belonged to a fraternal order and if so, he out of eveyone I’ve researched as suspect of being members, it would be Fred Rogers the most elusive of them all.  He is noted for having said many many well intentioned quotes such as..

“One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self. I also believe that kids can spot a phony a mile away.” – Fred Rogers

If he knows this and is a operational ring master of the children’s network hub for corruption, then he truly has mastered a facade to a degree not achievable by anyone else I can think of.  Ron Paul is close, but easily identified not only by me, but from other astute students of perception.  I am inclined to say that Fred Rogers was a patsy, was fed what to do and how, and pretty much given orders of which he took delight in executing.

Click to enlarge:  Concept sketch for King Friday the 13th.  Occult circles are thought to be Satan worshipers who observe their lord ‘Saturn’.  In this sketch we find that Saturdays are crossed of with Xs.  The superstitious bad luck stigma of ‘Friday the 13″ should not have been a name given to a  character that really should not have entered the American way of life anyway.  The spouse of King Friday, Queen Sara Saturday was introduced in the second season.  One might wonder why there are Xs on Saturdays and why the Queen’s designation is on the same day.

His quote above is very true.  I feel the same way about him now as I did at 5 years old.  This is how clever, careful, and diabolical the secret orders conduct the business of entraining minds through unsuspecting adults.  Alien technology and understanding if you ask me.  Again, humans are incapable of conjuring up these programmed actions unless unwittingly directed to do so.

The Antichrist for the New World Order regime could have been publicly introduced during season 3

Sara Saturday, became King Friday’s wife by the second season.  She was first introduced as a commoner from Westwood in the seventh week on episode 32.  They married on episode 1015  and by season three had Prince Tuesday.  Queen Sara being more level-headed than her husband reflects the occult affinity towards religious affections with “Lord of the Rings”. One of her main duties is overseeing a group called “Food for the World”.  This comes at a time in the 60’s when corruption in the food supply had begun snow balling into complete corruption involving ultra hybridized food took a foot hold, factory farmed animals overtook grazed animals as a commercial product, and ultimately genetically scrambled DNA that poisons our food.   Sara is the cover perhaps for Agenda 21.

Striking, however, is the near identical likeness of what is predicted to be chosen by global elitists as the world’s Antichrist from the United Kingdom’s Illuminati bloodline, one of the two Prince’s of England.  Prince Tuesday’s character features may have earmarks known to come from  predisposed genetic knowledge.  Honestly, I make many comparisons that hit the heads of nails, but these heads couldn’t have been more ‘striking’, and I was set back as I thought to compare these figures.  Make no mistake, I did not adjust any features in an attempt to manipulate the similarities.

Prince Tuesday attends a school in “Someplace-Else”.  It is not referred to as someplace else in the land of make believe, but simply elsewhere.  this suggests that we citizens of the United States are meant to live in a fantasy world built on misconceptions about reality.  This very well could be a ‘Tell’ that he attends occult Mystery Schools same as the two lame brains featured in the comparison image.

If Fred Rogers had no clue and was working on his own before CBS paved his career path while manipulating him, then how does an innocent puppeteer conjure up and resurrect European kings and queens of royal families and ruling parties, a new Nazi reference to rail systems (trolley), a puppet of a feline, Henrietta Pussycat which could represent Lion’s Gate/constellation Leo and a respected symbol of the Egyptians, and the number thirteen?

Above:  Plainly displayed is a bill board display of the Roman Empire’s numerical system symbol “XIII”, or 13.  CBS made sure that British ruling parties were firmly established in Gen X.  Could there be ulterior reasons why Fred Rogers moved to England controlled Canada for his brief stint before moving back to debut his children’s show?

King Friday the Xlll may be a clue as to an antichrist that evolves from the thirteenth family of the illuminati.  We tend to believe there are only 12, but the truth is and when one looks at various family lists, it seems there are more families belonging to the main core of commonly known 12 families.  The birth of Prince Tuesday could be the clue on top of the clue suggesting that there will be a “Newman” coming of a synthetic Massiah, the One World Antichrist, born from a Royal family.  It is speculated that one has already manifested from the British Royal gene lines that have been spliced with DNA from the Shroud of Turin of the preserved blood of Christ himself.  Fun stuff to bounce around, but it may not be far from the truth and we’ll see if the globalists succeed in creating their prison planet.

This is Roger’s Land, world, or neighborhood of Make Believe.  It represents the American Dream.  We have a false reality built around us since a time before our great grand parents were alive.  This continent was planned to become that centuries ago.

Do you believe that driving without a license is illegal?  Ask any Constitution expert that once you sign your name on a document in exchange for a photo ID, you’re greatly mistaken.  We agree to power elite terms under contract – they have their reason to fool you into going after your pocket book, hold you accountable, and reprimand you with any and every excuse from their books.  Marriage falls under the same principle and subjects all of us to be handled in their way.

Many contrasting principles are expressed in Mister Roger’s Neighborhood ‘field trips’ and embedded into the individual show themes of the day.  “The McFeely Wedding”  installs marriage as a fate on paper.. they teach 5 year olds to sign on the dotted line, but mostly the field trips are conditioning the Gen X’ers into laborious assembly line work in factories.  We are conditioned to obey commands for fear of legal prices to pay.  I learned before I turned ten years old that I should bow my head to a King Friday the Thirteenth and say “Yes, sire”.

Walt Disney made me feel comfortable with that in animations including my favorite at the time Cinderella.  I wanted to become a prince so that I can marry a beautiful hearted maiden.  I kind of liked the fantasy that commoners, my friends, would address me as Lord, Sire, Your Honor, Your Majesty, etc., all because I learned this from daily visits to the World of Make Believe after grade school was over.  I’d run home to catch the show.  I did this also because Fred was a more interested and attentive father than mine.  While mine gave me affirmations, I had to work extra hard for it.  Mister Rogers freely gave me what I needed to feel like I had a true friend.  I still admire Fred for this and respect that part of what he did.  I don’t, though, like how the media perpetrated the deception which has placed all of the X Generation under the influence of control.


A peculiar character.  Quite frightening actually “Punch and Judy?”

Lady Elaine Fairchilds not only had a popular last name that originates from the British Isles, but was frightening to five year olds.  This character had a particular ‘mission’ for the series of which I’ll update this article at some point when I have time to go over some episodes.  What I do find in blogs coming from the readers find common ground with what I felt about this one.  The puppet also has very similar features as this shows character actor, Audrey Roth, pretended to be a real restaurant worker “where she sometimes worked” as Rogers states, before the field trip in one episode segment.  Roth came on board after the puppet was created which means she must have been affiliated with Rogers and then merged herself into the series.


Urban myth or legend?

Fred Rogers underwent a smear campaign in which it was rumored that he was a special forces op trained as such, and effective as a super soldier at the time.  Whether this is true or not I’ll not know until confirmation crosses my desk.  I reviewed quotes Rogers had been noted for saying during his career path as a Presbyterian minister and during his decades of work in television.  I don’t intuitively sense he was anything other than a patsy for the industry of deceptive media practices.  For now, I conclude he was duped.  Photographs such as posted here with him flying the go you know what yourself signs could very well be authentic, but they aren’t those of the occult per se.  Some say he had a foul mouth off set, but that’s highly unlikely.. for now at least.

Above: Photoshopped or real?  The context in which this is viewed can go either way.  If this image is real, the chance that the man was for an instant demonstrating an idea about our social dilemma.

What is important is that powers greater than the individual himself steered the show, its symbolic references, and it premise of intent deceptively and the lesson learned is to separate the personalities from the message delivered to a hypnotically susceptible people undergoing the greatest challenge of all time.



Fred Rogers back stage handling the puppets King Friday the Xlll and Queen Sara Saturday.


  1. Hi Linda.. I spoke with a young man, Eddy, who went through a heavy time last year. Perhaps this may be of interest.

  2. Linda said:

    Oh and also I’ve noticed there seems to be a ton of mind control programming around the name Sara/h. I know one person in particular who seems to have undergone something of this nature, and many others besides. The name was also embedded deeply in my own spirit/heart/consciousness from some place I do not know of. I come from Freemasons on one side of the family. Possibly on both sides. And also from a lot of people who are not involved in any of that, so I see via both streams in my consciousness. Anyway I’d give a lot to know more about the meaning of this name Sara/h as it shows up in Illuminati mind-control proramming & occultic symbolism! It certainly seems to be ubiquitous, and to hold a supreme place in their hierarchy or mythology?

  3. Linda said:

    Henrietta Pussycat, possible (imo highly likely) meaning: watch YouTube videos of interviews with British councilman Simon Parkes from about 5 years ago. I believe these are the interviews where he talks about being groomed from childhood to have sex with cat women aliens, who he says that he has been used to spawn hybrid children with. These interviews are probably labeled “alien abductee Simon Parkes” and/or the Avalon Interviews. He is simultaneously a whistle blower on some Illuminati operations as well as a definite participator of sorts… that may make more sense when you hear his stories.

    Many many thanks for your thoughts on Fred Rogers, very helpful… I always felt about him as you did. Though now I know the powers that be don’t likely ever let someone participate much unless they are fully towing the Freemason and Illuminati agenda line. But then again perhaps people like Simon parkes and Fred Rogers are those to straddle the line, which leaves them somewhat enigmatic and difficult to figure out via merely dichotomous frameworks. Regardless of that, they are a wealth of information, and the patterns that you review and we see in person interviews are a wealth of information! Very helpful to help deprogram ourselves from these evil mind control programs if nothing else. Knowledge is power!!

    One of the true meanings of the word “apocalypse” is that all hidden things will come to light, and we will see the effects of their being shown for what they are. We are living that now. And more to come. Blessings in all you do.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Great job, there are too many coincidences in our world, past and present. Thank you for being aware.

  5. realnuz said:

    Thank you. The secret societies are in the business of damage control. They take what was intended and reverse it. The “pull away from class status” may mean that, if we see the example in Fred Rogers program, bringing youngsters who would eventually turn adult retain the memories that the upper class aristocracy “King Friday, etc” is altruistic and generous, then there we go with the spin cycle of psychological twists. The independent class which is usually of low standing that breaks away is pulled right back into a paradigm of control by the ruling class. Today, we remember how wonderful the Disney film Cinderella was and that it would be a dream come true to be integrated into a castle with all the delights and all the spoils of life. Our American Dream has been tossed away for some time because of this.

  6. Krabs said:

    Have you honestly never heard of the book “Generation X” from which the name of our generation has been coined?

    “Coupland took his book’s title from another book “Class,” by Paul Fussell. Fussell used “X” to describe a group of people who want to pull away from class, status and money in society. Because the characters in Coupland’s book fit that description, he decided on the title “Generation X.”

    If you are trying to say, “yes, but why did Fussell use The letter X? Why is the letter X used to designate an unknown quantity? conspiracy!” Well, then I can’t help you.

  7. realnuz said:

    The image of Rogers pointing the middle finger perhaps should be removed, however, before the show was turned over to the educational broadcast network station, it had been set-up to convey the European model of aristocracy same as Walt Disney did with most of the early major animated features “Cinderella” “Snow White” “Robbin Hood” and so on. Kings and Queens.. but if you lived during the time people came to this continent to avoid the problems where they came, you’d understand why cartoons and television depicting nice rulers would have been laughed right off the stage.

  8. Anonymous said:

    He wasn’t pointing his middle fingers exactly. I admit the photo wasn’t photoshopped but it was during one of the first week episodes that you can find in Amazon instant video for prime, but it was because a friend of his came over to teach children to remember all the fingers names. Hasn’t everybody heard ” Wher is pointer\middle (or in this case they say tallest)\ring\pinky and\or thumb finger? Here I am! Here I am! How are you today sir/ma’am ? Very good I thank you…….and the rest”???????? Seriously guys, why do people all ways have to be so mean and turn things around?

  9. Coward said:

    Uenimus et invenimus

    realnuz: Latin translation is “We are coming and we found”. This person went to great lengths to disguise this threat as benign and understandible only to me, but indicative as a blunder – a mistake – a mishandling. Unless the sender reveals themselves, I have yet to implicate them with cyber stalking. It’s most likely mafia based since this originates from Chicago, Illinois which was M.Obam__s and hubby’s play place. They found something or someone… just what or who.. me? Go figure. Morons.

  10. J Miller said:

    You say, “I’m curious to know why Curious X the Owl was given this name?” I believe it was because “X” represents the “unknown” (in mathematics), and a curious owl would want to “solve for the unknown.”

    realnuz: The name chosen for the owl was never explained as your belief of the “unknown”. The program was designed to give solid answers to everything. The problem is, does anyone know the truth about anything? It is all relative. Nothing was intentionally shrouded in mystery and left to wonder. Rogers did try to explain everything but the reason for X. Why would he choose Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck, for a key character on his program? Rogers would explain whatever it was that occurred in the ‘Land of Make Believe’ upon return to his living room. If he had given an explanation for X’s name, it was made up and would not have been factual. Again, out of thousands of names available to a children’s puppet, X is the last choice even a child would make for a toy. No where in history had another character been named X. X represents the generation that began the year the show premiered. There are no coincidences and nothing is left to speculation. Symbolism plays a very integral part in the making of a mind controlled generation and CBS was the one that set up the show before passing it off to PBS. Malcolm X was prominent in 1964 at the time Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood came into existence. This may have played a part in the naming of the owl. King Friday the 13th would then rule over all in the Land of Make Believe so that if Afro Americans had a prolific uprising in America, the show would have a head start in damage control by ‘re educating’ the young audience with messages that would quell them for their adult lives in a controlled media environment regarding real life social practices in the aftermath.. if this were to happen. Your argument that X represents the unknown is easily contemplated by this: XBox (known), XFactor (known), XGeneration (known), XFiles (unknown), XMen (known) and finally X The Owl.. the bird was a 3-dimensional character, not a mystery nor a ghost although you have a point that it could represent the problem solver of the unknown. The truth is, X wasn’t so bright.

  11. Anonymous said:

    If “A fool and his money are soon parted” holds true, then the author of this article is rather poor.

    realnuz: A fool is one who is of the occult. The definition is ‘that which is hidden’. You’re anonymous, therefore you’re one of them.. fool. Present yourself even if you lie a name and counter anything I present, but be precise and with absolute definition.. proof bro to validate your claim.. that you have the authority to say what you said without clarification as to my financial realm. What an imbecile! Chicken and a fraud. I am the best there is and if you’re worthy of an argument, well, present your argument in full context as I have. Or, just slither away into that rabbit hole they pay you to ‘mole’ from. ID10T for certain:)

    What the commenter did was validate that I spoke truth. Otherwise, poor person, it (the entity) would have make clear the myriad of claims as being not true.. and it (the entity) made no proper claim as false to any one of them. To the readers, please know that the commenter has zero idea what it’s (the entity or entities) doing.. it’s a matter of inserting doubt using whatever it is they can muster. It is so obvious and clear, but do know that because of the single line of text used, it does its job effectively based on the idea they have conditioned the masses to default to “benefit of the doubt” positions. If you have defaulted, then I suggest you reread this article and reread the comment in context to see that it has no bearing on anything. Its job is only to ‘derail’. Anonymous for sure.. it’s a federal infiltrant. If this is you Russ, then I am completely aware of the oblivious one.

  12. off the grid living said:

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