A treatment for burns that works as fast as Hollywood’s version

Tepezcohuite is known at the ‘Magic Skin Tree’

Tepezcohuite Mimosa tenuiflora (Jurema, Tepezcohuite) is a thorny perennial evergreen tree or shrub native to the northeastern region of Brazil and found as far north as southern Mexico (Oaxaca and coast of Chiapas).   The Mayans of Mexico have used roasted Mimosa tenuiflora “tepezcohuite” bark to treat lesions of the skin for over a thousand years. Powdered Tepezcohuite bark contains large amounts (16%) of tannins, which act as an astringent, making the skin stop bleeding. This helps protect the body from infections, while the skin builds new protective tissue.  Tepezcohuite is particularly effective in treating burns.


DMSO, or dimethyl sulphoxide, is also a tree product that can be used to dissolve extra scar tissue from skin injuries and surgeries as well as burn scarring.  It helps with freshly formed scars when Tepezcohuite was not applied during the body’s healing period.  Women who elected to avoid secondary scar tissue removal surgery after cesarean sections would opt for the application and treatment of the non invasive DMSO solvent method.  In this way, over time the body makes a full recovery while the damaged scar tissue is being slowly eradicated from the area of injury.

Tepezcohuite is also a pain reliever.

Pain relief is important when treating severe burns or deep cuts and scrapes.

Considered to be an antiseptic, analgesic and promoter of cellular regeneration. Tepezcohuite is said to protect first and second degree burns, helping to prevent the loss of fluids. It’s claimed to aid the prevention and formation of cheloidal scars and help regenerate hair follicles. Dermatology Tepezcohuite helps prevent wrinkles and acne, as well as treat psoriasis, herpes I and herpes II and to treat chicken pox scars. Traumatology For traumatic injuries, it is believed to protect exposed bone and help regenerate soft tissues. Cosmeticology In addition to the above effects, Tepezcohuite may protect and stimulate the generation of collagen and elasticity.

An explosion of gas in a Mexican petroleum plant owned by PEMEX in injured five thousand people.  Because of the extent of the numbers of people, they turned to Tepezcohuite to treat the burns and was classified as part of Mexico’s national heritage.


I apply it liberally on burns, cuts and abrasions

I’ve used Tepezcohuite on a really bad burn I got messing around with my kitchen range top.  Ooooo was that smarts.  I applied the ointment right away and by the following day, there wasn’t any noticeable reminders of all the swear words I screamed the day before.  I did the same for a very bad kitchen appliance accident involving high velocity rotating blades.  The stuff does what they say it does, but in the case of the severe cut, I had to add vitamin C, natural D Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E) and sink into the tissue with DMSO.  It just makes the process faster and adds to the efficacy of the compounds in the tree bark.  Isn’t it interesting that people die in droves when treated in special burn wards?  Hmmmm.

I use it on spider and ant stings because it eases the itching which turns to scratching which ends up being painful.  Paper cuts hurt more than auto accidents.  In my experience, the pain completely goes away when a little of the Tepezcohuite is smeared on the finger tip.  It’s edible and I know this when after I really burned the tip of my tongue sipping too quickly on a scalding cup of cappuccino.  I slathered that stuff on my tongue – forgot I almost killed my tongue the next day.  That’s how effective the miracle tree is.  I’m testing it now on a liver spot to see if it goes away.   I’m using DMSO as a carrier solvent that takes the ointment deep under the rancid fat which a liver spot is.  This is what happens when one suffers from a ‘fatty liver’..


Miracle Skin Treatment in “Hunger Games”

But, it is passed off as a synthetic contrive of the natural origin and because people generally only know of Vitamin E (tocopherol) and Neosporin, few understand that flagship skin healer comes from the bark of a tree.  Note that Katniss suffering from a third degree burn is high up in a tree when she is supplied with the ointment flown to her by a parachute.

These screenshots taken from the film ‘Hunger Games’ explain how the ointment is to be used.  Tepezcohuite looks exactly like what appears in the movie.  Because of the high tech options film makers would have, why did they not simply send a medical device that fixes the problem?

Katniss recovers in a single night after applying what is believed to be a synthetic analog of the natural treatment for burns.  All trees are beneficial in one way or another and it is the Tepezcohuite Mimosa tenuiflora tree that addresses the issue of skin burns.  It is mostly known for the general health of the skin and hair.  This substance is what you’d look for in a Palm Springs rejuvenation salon, clinic, or resort. Interestingly, Wikipedia REFUSED to describe the miracle skin tree’s efficacy specifically for burns.  Treating burns with tepezcohuite is the primary function of this compound.

The first of the franchise movies depicting our soon to be dystopian future, one in which parallels real life, Hunger Games ‘Tells’ us that there is a cure for 2nd if not 3rd degree burns.  The book declares a medicinal “balm” is better than the natural version, but I beg generously to differ.

The protagonist Katniss Everdeen is attacked by Panem’s command center that controls ‘The Hunger Games’ Colosseum-esque recreation of gladiators fighting to the death.  They fear that she is too far from the ‘game’ and to steer her back, they project fireballs in which she narrowly escapes, but without consequences.  It’s not debilitating, but does require more healing power than what is available in the wild.  So, they send her what you’re to believe is a synthetic modern miracle of medicine to aid in her recovery.  What they send is unclear, but it is a jelly like cream that when applied, heals the burn area during the night and Katniss is ready to explode with more fight power than ever before.

What was this stuff they sent by parachute?

We’ll never know the answer for certain although the book the film is based on says (the book is fiction remember), however, I’ll tell you that it wasn’t Neosporin.  There is, however, an incredible answer in the area of natural healing medicine.  As of now, there is no synthetic pharmaceutical analogue and never will be one.. my opinion and I’m sticking with it for the reason they haven’t cured cancer yet.. and that’s been going on for a long long time regardless of the so-called achievements in medical science.


“This is not an herbal concoction that my mother grinds up out of plants”

The Hunger Games – Part 2  “The Games” – Chapter 14

“…The pot easily fits in the palm of my hand.  What can it be? Not food surely.  I unscrew the lid and I know by the scent that it’s medicine… I dip two fingers in the jar and gently spread the balm over my calf.  The effect is almost magical, erasing the pain on contact, leaving a pleasant cooling sensation behind. This is not herbal concoction that my mother grinds up out of woodland plants, its high-tech medicine is brewed up in the Capitol’s labs… Now that the pain has eased, it’s all I can do to reposition myself in my bag before I plunge into sleep.  The medicine has transformed all the angry red patches to a soft baby-skin pink.  My leg still feels inflamed, but that burn was far deeper. I apply another coat of medicine…”

tepezcohuite labelThe film depicted 3rd degree burns.  The book describes red patches turned pink in the morning.  The natural ointment from the “Miracle Skin Tree” heals 3rd degree burns and there is no prescription treatment today that comes anywhere near close to the rapid and effective curative action of Tepezcohuite.  The rhetoric built into the story is designed to keep people convinced that there is scientific hope for the future when the solutions are already here.




  1. The locals refer to it as “the miracle skin tree”. You can mix it with vitamin C and natural vitamin E and herbs you know heal the skin, apply it and then dab DMSO over it so that the solvent carries it deep into the tissue in matters of serious injuries involving the skin. Thanks for your comment and your experience!

  2. Tania said:

    in one of our trips to Oaxaca, we got stocked with teoezcohuite’s powdered bark and with the soap form. Back in our home town my uncle got in a fist fight in a club. e has a huge cut above his eyebrow. My mom applied the powdered bark on his ound for some weeks. You can’t see any scarring on his face, Tepezcohuite is absolutely amazing!

  3. realnuz said:

    Celina S
    Submitted on 2012/09/13 at 7:10 pm

    Years ago my mom was given the powder [Tepezcohuite also comes in powder form] because she had a really bad burn on her palm. She was told she could mix it with any oil, lotion, even Crisco (which is what she did) to make a paste. Let me tell you what…she has NO scar, not even the slightest indication that she had ever been burned. (I hope this stuff doesn’t turn “bad” because I just asked her for some) I’m hoping to get rid of nasty dark patches around my mouth that I’ve had for years! I also get flaky (like fish scales flaky) around my nose down to the corners of my mouth) ….I’ll keep you updated

    realnuz: Thank you Celina. I’m posting your comment this way because a problem occured and luckily I had your comment intact to post through my account. Keep coming back for more cures & treatments!

  4. realnuz said:

    Hey Randy.. you can order it online.. zillions of google returns for Tepezcohuite and my sister btw gives the ointment out like candy. If you ever come down here, I’ll introduce you to medicine people in Mexico just across the line.

  5. Randall said:

    Looks like something I need to keep stocked in my medicine cabinet. Is this what you were going to send my last month?

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