She saved her unborn child from a Constitutional Monarchy

This story is a warning to Americans as to how Child Protective Services under the influence of the secret societies will conduct the business, we see it already, of dividing and conquering the American family structure.  The primary nation that things like this is tested on is the population of England.  We see Orwell’s 1984 protocols implemented and the vast surveillance programs already established.  To understand how Big Brother is invited into our lives, and we are careless to see it, is by reading my article here.  Pay particular attention to “Celis abduction: Tucson ‘Perp’ search is a cover for convenient nationwide warrantless searches“.


A true story of bravery & smarts

To whom it may concern,

I am a US citizen, and joined my British boyfriend in the UK last August when I was one month pregnant.  We had conceived him while Hugh had visited me in the US earlier that summer.

Little did I know that my boyfriend had been flagged

for Social Services Children’s Division involvement even before they knew that I existed.

Social Care Minister Paul Burstow

He has a complex medical condition that the National Health Services has refused to properly diagnose (and they have ignored outside lab evidence which he obtained through a doctor specializing in Environmental Medicine/CFS/ME. Subsequently, he was written off as a mental patient after they ran a few very basic lab tests and referred straight to mental health services, his physical health concerns completely went unacknowledged.

We engaged the NHS midwives last October for prenatal care and to attend a home birth which as a US citizen I was obligated to pay for.

Health visitors are an agent of the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. They are required to visit all pregnant women in the UK before birth to check out the house, ensure there is a crib for baby to sleep in, a nicely tidied room for baby, baby toys, clothes, diapers, etc. We happen to know from speaking with others that they also make judgements regarding your decor, your appearance, and your beliefs and lifestyle expressed through your interactions with them in the home. If things seem to deviate from the status quo social norm there is an automatic referral to the pit bulls known as Social Services, who once they have you on their radar do not not let go until they have your child. Health visitors are required to visit children right after birth and on an ongoing basis until school age. They are there to “advise” and “help”, and to monitor and ensure that a child gets all vaccines, meets all weight requirements (weight charts put out by infant formula companies!), ensure that babies are fed properly, attend nursery school after one year to ensure “proper social development”, etc.  From others, we have learned that health visitors have told new moms to stop breastfeeding at 3 months, feed babies formula, and make personal judgements based on whether or not they personally like the parents.  They are essentially a government agent coming into the home by force under the guise of “help” to ensure that you are raising your child in a way that the State and major pharmaceutical interests would approve of.

All went fine and normal until a week before my due date…

A week and half before my due date, they sent in two midwives to do a CAF (which was explained to me as some kind of risk assessment form that is ALWAYS undertaken as part of prenatal care). Incidentally, the CAF showed no concerns about me/us…

Keep in mind, my boyfriend’s worsening physical condition began to make him extremely sensitive to chemicals, including perfume (most pronounced starting in January 2012), so he had been notifying the NHS midwives to politely refrain from wearing perfume when they came to our house. They ignored his requests, and came in perfume so thick that it stayed on our couch for days after they left.  Needless to say, he would leave the room for my prenatal home visits because they weren’t accommodating him and their perfume made him very ill. In turn, he would attend from another room via speaker phone…

We scheduled an appointment knowing full well that not appearing to comply could raise a red flag.

A week before my due date, they informed us that a health visitor would be coming to meet us.  My boyfriend called the health visitor in advance to warn her of his sensitivity to chemicals and perfumes, and all seemed fine and she acted in an understanding manner.  He also mentioned to the health visitor that we didn’t wish her to bring the “intro pack” of disposable diapers and other conventional baby items that they give as advertisements as well as promotions for big corporations.  He told her that we were using cloth diapers instead,  “Pampers contain chemicals that can be harmful to babies”,  Months later, incidentally, we discovered that the health visitor had noted that Hugh was delusional and paranoid for saying this.  We scheduled an appointment knowing full well that not appearing to comply could raise a red flag.

“ is against our heritage as mammals for babies to sleep away from mom!”

If you do not comply with Health Visitors recommendations, you are referred to Social Services.

The morning of my appointment, I had a horrible back ache due to the way baby was positioned in my stomach and I had had problems sleeping the night before so my boyfriend called the midwife and health visitor to ask if they could kindly rearrange our appointment. They refused, and insisted that they come to see me in bed for the appointment. He told them that I wouldn’t appreciate that…Reluctantly, they re-scheduled us for the next day, and then cancelled the appointment with us 5 minutes prior to their scheduled visit. They rearranged for the next day, and we agreed…

“We heard a stern knock at the front door”

That evening at 10pm sharp, we heard a stern knock at the front door.  We did not answer the door as we weren’t expecting anyone and did not feel safe answering the door at that time…

The following day, when I went to answer the door for my rescheduled health visitor and midwife appointment, framed by the doorway were a midwife and head midwife, 2 male psychiatrists, a social worker and a female psychiatric worker.  They demanded to see my boyfriend claiming that he was ‘finally’ going to get the medical attention that he deserved.  When Hugh came to the door, he politely asked them for an explanation as to their visit.   They responded saying that to receive the service they needed to give him a psychiatric assessment.  Meanwhile, a social worker began spouting off about how SS were getting involved “in the interests of our unborn child” and that we had best get “a very good attorney”.  Hugh calmly told them to leave his private property.  They left.

We immediately made phone calls

“This case is one where the ‘thought police‘ have decided to remove her baby at birth because of what she might say to the baby.   I wonder what the baby’s father is thinking when he fights for a country which won’t allow him to have a child because of what the child’s mother might say.”

We discovered that the knock at the door the night before had been the law enforcement doing a “welfare check” called by the midwives.  Hugh’s outraged guardians with a willingness to cooperate with the authorities contacted the SS and then arranged a meeting for us at their rental flat which only I attended.  The social workers read through a list of “concerns” about us.  They emphasized the fact that I close the front curtains during the day when the sun is coming through because I have a light reaction that causes Rosacea.  They also claimed we both would have to undergo psychiatric assessments.  They erred in with the story stating that the psychiatrists had diagnosed me as “delusional” just days prior.  I’m not certain how they could have determined this based on a layman’s interpretation.  They had obtained an Emergency Protection Order (automatic removal order) for our unborn child to ensure that our newborn would would be safe if the birth took place that weekend.  Because I am American without free NHS I could only go into hospital involuntarily if it was an emergency although they tried to get me hospitalized against my will.

Immediately after giving birth, I was to be transported away and be surveilled 24/7

They verbally ran through a “care plan” list which consisted of me having a home birth and immediately after be transported to my in-law’s house to live away from Hugh. He would have visiting hours only while I would undergo 24/7 surveillance.

Of course, this was all conditional on us passing our psychiatric assessments before baby came along which was one week away.

(Click Above)  “UK Social Workers Exposed” was created by an acquaintance named Sally.  It is a compilation of remnants from a website that has been scrubbed from two domains due to the outcry of social workers.  Their handler, Social Care Minister Paul Burstow of course, allows for the illegal removal of negative exposure.

We panicked.  Over the next few days, we were shell-shocked and horrified that this could happen.  Hugh has no previous children and he’s the perfect father today.  The only crime was having asked the the British government officials for further medical investigation as well as the request that attending midwives not wear perfume.

The United States Embassy in England claimed they were powerless

I happened to come across Ian Joseph’s site ( and was quite enlightened by what I read there. I called the US Embassy in London demanding assistance for this matter, but they claimed they were powerless.

The best they did was call our social worker to notify them that the US Embassy was watching.  They also advised me to get my baby a US birth certificate as soon as she was born and our immediate thought was to travel to Ireland by ferry, but as the minutes ticked down to the last, we attempted to fly to my home country.  I had no rights to British citizenship until we married and my visa was ending anyway.


The world has spiritual warrior IAN JOSEPH!

We successfully returned when I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  The stress fortunately delayed my labor, for if I gave birth there, well, I don’t even want to think the worst.  I gave birth approximately 2 weeks later to a safe, happy, and healthy ‘free person’ baby.

Ian Josephs can be reached in France 00-336-268-756-84 Mon – Fri 9am-5pm  except Sundays unless it is an emergency.  “I will ring you straight back usually the same day at my expense from any country no matter where you live!”  Ian is doing the job our US Embassy should be doing, Ian is our ambassador to the world.

SS confronted Hugh’s guardians and ceased their mission once the realization we succeeded over their failure.  A few weeks ago, they met with his guardians and gave them a letter stating that our case was officially closed because our whereabouts were unknown, but that if we ever return to the UK with our child we will be subject to assessments and care orders.

The father of our child has essentially lost his sovereignty in his birth country.

My boyfriend has essentially lost his sovereignty in his birth country.  We have obtained his NHS records and they have omitted information and deliberately inserted false information provable in a court of law.  His medical record shows that they wanted to get SS involved before they knew who I was, or that I was present in the UK.  His GP must have made a note when Hugh unofficially told him that he was going to be a father.  There is no question as to why the SS waited until just days before my due date to invade.  It is quite obvious that they planned that if I had been alerted earlier that my baby was the target, I would have left before I was technically too pregnant to fly.

Information had been altered in his record

I  am convinced that that they intended to incite a reaction from Hugh in order to ‘section him’ which means to force him into a mental hospital against his will to conduct drugging and isolate me into a panic, condemn me into a hospital to acquire the baby, and finally deport me.  Theft by ‘baby jacking’.  New information from internal records reveal that this was the plan, but because of Hugh’s non-reactionary, non-violent, rational nature, they could not meet the criteria for taking him against his will.  We have requested copies of Hugh’s full medical record and his guardian has been slowly scanning and sending it over.

What we have seen has been shocking.  Hugh’s medical record reflects that on the specific days Social Services were closing in on us that information had been altered in his record.  The addition and subtraction as well as non truths in the reports goes back to 2003 when he was injured in a random road rage incident.  They exaggerated asserting he had a mental condition, but deleted evidence to the contrary.  We also compared from his notes that midwives and social workers suggested that I was a victim of domestic abuse, and that I was protecting my abuser by assisting him in avoiding chemicals that could be harmful to him. This is complete lunacy. They also speculated that because Hugh had told his doctors he had had unusual urinary tract issues, that he might become a detrimental influence by “teaching his child to avoid drinking liquids”.

In assembling the case against me, the midwives reported that I restricted video games that contained violence from my other children, and that they don’t enjoy visiting me because they aren’t allowed enjoy junk food.  I’m proud to admit that this is true, however this new paradigm has become a hallmark for accusations for poor parenting skills.


Author’s note:

I’m grateful to have reunited with my friend who had shared her story freely to you under my watch.  Of all the work I put into Dismantle The Beam Project, it is this that I look forward to most of all.  Of course I’d like the entire world to treat themselves to the mind control cure so that a world population snaps out of imprisonment over night.. now that would be something.. and so when I hear individual stories of courage like hers, I know things are working.  Even if it is one person at a time..  Even if I have to form an army of us one spiritual soldier at a time:)


Quick study links

Ian Josephs:  Free advice and a great resource

Imagine a baby growing in your body for nine months, imagine going through the emotion of bringing it into the world, only to have social workers seize the newborn, sometimes within minutes of its first cry and often on the flimsiest of excuses.

In an unprecedented move, a foreign government is threatening to take Britain to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to challenge the unusual readiness of our social workers and courts to remove children from their parents for “no sound reason”

On June 3, a 17-year-old Staffordshire girl, living with her parents and seven months pregnant, was horrified to receive a letter which began: “Dear Corrinne, I am the new allocated social worker for your unborn child. We have serious concerns about your ability to care for your unborn baby. We are so worried that we intend on going to Court to apply for an Order that will allow us to place your baby with alternative carers.”



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