Save your appendix from surgery

Below are words of wisdom from a Chinese medicine person

Your appendix is a very specialized organ with a very important job.  It’s there to disinfect your colon.  If you lose it due to a surgical procedure, you then must endure a life long issue with digestive tract issues.

“Greetings everyone!.. I  am writing to discuss my experience with appendicitis and how I cured myself without having to resort to surgery.  I am also willing to answer any legitimate questions regarding acupuncture and Oriental medicine in general as I believe educating as many people about the benefits of this ancient art will be helpful to all. I also wish to avoid any ridiculous political discussions regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture versus western medicine.  I am a recent graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, receiving a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine… soon I will be opening a practice in Southern New Mexico. I am an experienced acupuncturist, herbologist, massage therapist, and I teach chi gong, “Chinese yoga”, at a cancer rehabilitation resource group as well as a drug addiction rehabilitation program. I am a Taoist and I have a BA in Asian history.”Xiaogoushi

I think most people who read Dismantle The Beam Project would not need to be reschooled in the fact that the appendix does have a function.  The product secreted by the appendix is both a cache of stored probiotics (good bacteria) and disinfecting compounds.  I cannot prove this for the reason medical science, over 100 years of it, won’t document the research into the contents secreted by the appendix.  Yet, they can tell you what an electron microscope reveals about the nucleus of the atom, the cell, and the chemistry of a gnat.. including the map of the entire human genome.  But, they cannot explain why a biopsy analysis of the appendix is unavailable.  Go figure.  They just don’t want you to ask questions.

Appendicitis is the result of deposits of sediment which could be a number of things, fecal matter being one of course, but also an infestation and nesting of parasites in the area.  These ‘items’ back against or into the appendix opening which begins as an inflammation.  We’ve heard too often what happens when the gland bursts.

The mal bacteria multiplies causing irritation to the gland and in most cases, closes the duct that opens into the large intestine.  When there is a blockage, the appendix can inflame to the point that it bursts in which the doctor will instal the infamous fear factor to the patient.  The recourse is to surgically remove the appendix.  But when the doctor makes the claim that the patient is not to worry for one month prior to a scheduled surgery, then there must be a problem with logic.  The patient agrees without any knowledge as to what the purpose of the appendix is and why it is infected.


Your drain pipe

Think of this set-up as the plumbing under the sink.  There is a pipe going downward to that u-turn, up and then through the wall.  The pocket as I call it is the same under the ileocecal valve.  The anti-bacterial and disinfectant compounds drop by gravity into the pocket.  It flushes out normally when liquid food pours into the large intestine in which the sediment is pushed upward making its way through five feet of colon ‘piping’ where the liquid nutrients are absorbed.

When there is a poor condition along the length of the colon, the unabsorbed food remains behind the ‘pile up’ causing a ‘freeway’ slowdown where a ‘traffic jam’ occurs.  When this happens, the liquid coming from the iliocecal valve cannot swirl that sediment from the pocket.  The result is appendicitis because the gland becomes so exhausted with over secreting its antiseptic agents that it no longer functions, loses it’s health, and then needs to be removed.  Unless you flush the system out using a series of colon hydrotherapies to remove everything, this gland cannot rebound in time if so infected.



How do I unblock my appendix?

Iridology.. let’s look at the iris

You may even seek the advice or treatment from an acupuncturist  to stimulate the appendix points on the ear, foot, and on the body.  A nutritionist can advise as to what herbs are essential for evacuating unwanted parasites and worms from the intestinal tract.  Pumpkin seeds and walnut husk are used to help with the removal of these organisms.

Herbs and natural approach using colonic cleansing and a healthy diet.  You can also stimulate the appendix using pressure points at the ears and the right foot.

You can easily tell if when there is an impaction of the intestinal tract, in particular the large intestine, or colon, by the darkened ring around the pupil of the eye.  A blue eye that has a brown ring as shown in this picture is a perfect example.  You can test this if you happen to have a similar appearance by conducting a self-test.  Change your diet to a healthy one, get a treatment professionaly or a self colon hydrotherapy using the enema technique, and see if the area clears revealing the original blue that you had when as a child.  The proof is in the pudding (action).

Foot reflexology

“Appendicitis is an accumulation of the physical energies of dampness, heat, and toxicity. You may visualize a stagnant swamp to get the idea.  This condition plus fecal matter accumulates in the large intestine to produce the inflammatory western medicine recognizes as appendicitis. Actually this can be referred to as “traveling abdominal pain”.  Acupuncture and herbs are used to eliminate the presence of this damp heat pathogen in the intestines.  It helps restore “chi”.  It is vitally important to consider weather and climatic patterns throughout the day.  For instance, the late summer is a time of “damp heat” climatically, it is not unusual to note “damp heat” pathologies in clinics and hospitals.” – Xiou

When we look at the map of our digestive tract which is mapped out on the iris, your appendix  is located just underneath the pupil area.  If there is a blemish or a black spot, then you have self diagnosed yourself with an inflamed appendix.  Further validation of the small and large intestine should confirm the diagnosis, however, it should not be a green light that you ‘must’ undergo a removal of this organ/gland.  A seven to ten day fast as well as a thorough cleansing of the digestive tract while feeding yourself with better meal choices should result with a healed appendix in a couple of weeks at the most.  The blemish on the iris fades and in a short span of time disappears.

You can massage a specific area of the ear and foot


  1. tracey Noonan said:

    very interesting read thank you

  2. Great article.

  3. realnuz said:

    You’re speaking in ‘absolutes’. You recite, “None of this… yadda and yadda.” To others who married into the idea that colon health meant appendix recovery did succeed and recover. Therefore, it was the solution. To you however, your psychological disposition prevented your recovery. Why marry a foot refloxologist with the perfect opportunity for being healthy.. first hand information… but then fail at health? Go figure. Why would she marry a sour puss? Go figure. Two way street into the depths of sickness. The reason you got a defunct appendix was because of a toxic backed up 5 feet of colon sewage. So, tell me, did you do a thorough colon hydrotherapy by a professional? No. If you did, you would have proven your point by saying you did in this rant of a comment. Guess what… you didn’t. Deception happens to be a word you used. The ironic scenario is that you illustrated deception with me and the reader of this article to somehow implant the idea that what I chronicled, studied, proved is not viable just because you claim to remain ‘sick’. You happen to be a fraud and are suffering from your own denial.

  4. No, none of this is the solution. I was married to a reflexologist when my appendix got so bad I may have came near death. BTW, that one left me in the middle of my sickest, thank God. Emotional crap can make it worse, but, the problem is one that cannot be seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted. It is beyond your senses, but your mind can grasp it, if you can solve the riddle. Use your intellect. Keep looking. Find your Haugffoman glasses and discover the truth with your own mind. Trust no one. As for the appendix wiping out all bacteria??? No, that’s ridiculous. Sorry, but, no. Think about it. You know that crap is getting wiped out, cause it stinks so bad & it’s runny, but, you got to think more than that. Your appendix has peyer’s patches, for the immune system. It makes more sense, because it’s so walled off, that it’s supposed to reseed the system, once it gets wiped out by something else (such as poison……….) No, you’re not being poisoned w/ food/water/air. You got to think. When the appendix gets exhausted and reseeds too much, and itself gets overtaxed and poisoned, then things can get painful. I know. I know. I’ve been there. I apologize. My hands are tied. Trust nothing. Everything is deception in the world, everything but a very few. Trust your own eyes. If you’re sick, you know it’s not all in your head. Trust no one who tells you it’s all in your head.

  5. Depressed said:

    Here I am sitting in the ward waiting for my loved one to be transferred to another hospital for appendix removal.. I am so upset that I ain’t able to stop the people from brainwashing us into surgery. We feel so life ‘threatened’ by the doctor’s words and now despite my personal rejection to the surgery, I am also fearful of the worse if we insist on discharging without going under the knife…. Torn…

  6. realnuz said:

    Donna, wordpress suspended this site for over half of a year and finally removed the suspension. It was a glitch in their system. The trick with any organ malfunction is the restoration of nutrients to the body while at the same time detoxification. Once a person is healthy from eating correctly with a balance to their pH, they can try fasting for 7, 14, 21, or even 28 days to purge toxins that are difficult to eliminate from the liver, parasites if there are any, and on. Once her intestinal tract is free from sediment that most likely caused the aggravation to her appendix near the ilio ceclo valve, she can eat normally. That area is where parasites like to nest. The pumpkin seeds and walnut husk are ideal ‘solids’ to start with just to make sure the coast is clear. I’ve advanced with my solutions to health and the remedies are very interesting. This is my latest work

  7. Anonymous said:

    Hi there, Thanks so much…… My 12 year old daughter has had a grumbling appendix on and off for the last 1 1/2 years. She has had three trips into hospital when we felt desperate, but managed to avoid surgery by herbs and cleansing juices much to the doctors disgust as they tried to insist she have surgery! It has been a year now and are now going through round 5 hence me finding your website, so I am most grateful to have more knowledge on the pressure points. How long do you feel it is necessary to stay off solids? She is having smoothies with a natural probiotic yoghurt and fruits, carrot, apple, beetroot and lemon juiced as well as the herbs from our herbalist and tart cherry concentrate. We have included a high quality vitamin c and a gluagenics powder for the gastrointestinal lining. All this has worked well in the past. We know when she slips up on her diet that this is the culprit but she also has polycystic kidney disease. Is there anything else you feel would help please? Kind Regards Donna

  8. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll try the pressure points.

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