Who’s the leader in “The King’s Speech?”

A little quiz and prelude to “The King’s Speech”

Who was the leader the plot was intended for in the Robert  Zemeckis film,  “Forrest Gump?”

The answer was George W. Bush.  The character assets and defects role played by Tom Hanks, Forrest, was a profile selected for the purpose of electing a president who could pass public scrutiny without getting impeached.  With the success of the film, also was there a successful scheme having a sitting president who got away with much more than people would have allowed two decades prior.  The same generation, mostly the strong support from the Baby Boomer era would have run him out for declaring that the Constitution was nothing more than a God Damned piece of paper.  At the time ‘Dubbya’ was crippling America, those people were reduced to selecting the government handouts than risking their livelihood using their voice.  Damn him.

“Stupid is as stupid does,” says Forrest Gump as he discusses his relative level of intelligence with a stranger while waiting for a bus. Despite his IQ, Gump is positioned to having played an integral part of 20th century events ranging from war heroism to making millions for not only himself, but anyone he came into contact with – entirely without trying. From teaching Elvis to dance and making Lyndon Johnson smile (just as he did when sworn in after JFK was killed).  Forrest never stops what his mind is set on.  This is how the Bush administration had to be run.  Nothing was supposed to stop the absolute ludicrous events that took place from the invasion of Iraq with eventual assassination of Saddam Hussein and culminating with the massive corporate  trillions upon trillions of dollars bailout dollars.

Before I knew anything and believe it or not, I’m really a newbie compared to lots of you having done this for decades, I felt that Bill Clinton was brilliant and doing us a world of good.  I knew nothing of everything and so shame on me.  But, it allowed me to compare him to the next puppet actor, or maybe George really was a below average intelligence despite what they claim his I.Q. to be, to know that my favorite movie of all time was really an important tool in getting him into a presidency and staying him there for 8 solid years.   I have a lot to say about him and the family, but for now, Forrest was hailed a hapless war hero, having an altruistic heart, undying love for one woman and the devotion to his only child, a champion of sports, honor, self, and on and on.  Yet, he was as one line in the film described him, an idiot.   He was an idiot though who lived the American dream while immersed in war, famine, death to the Gulf (as we saw a couple years ago – perhaps they killed two ‘tells’ with one stone) and so on.

The answer to the quiz is that I really don’t know..  yet.

You may think that talking about this movie is past due, or are curious as to why I’m decoding a not so exciting film about a stuttering fool.. like, who cares, right?  Lots of what I try to show is for a shot at finding the answers.. some of what I do may even thwart the adversary.  For you see, I came up with a theory that if they got wind of it, they may have had to abandon the idea to make sure they didn’t get caught. It is one that this movie was made for formatting your minds targeting the United States specifically.   I’d like to think that the ramifications of a conspiracy not happening as predicted is best.  I would never want to claim literary journalistic fame for glory if it did.  I’d rather be laughed at than a secret society black op plan actually being executed successfully.  I  have to do everything in my power, even if I sacrifice my reputation, to stop what those numbskulls are doing.


The making of an antichrist

Why choose just anyone?  Hell, they should have shot McCain, but what point would that make.  Why not a relatively attractive and seemingly people friendly Constitutionalist of the people and for the people?  Just like a president should be?  They created one and sacrificed her right before your eyes.  Her husband, incidentally, handles this matter.  In fact, he’s settled in right across the street from a super concentration camp complete with a highly protected prison building and security and a networking surveillance hubbing that is state of the art and highly evolved.  It has to be.. this is where most of the human trafficking will take place when after the entire rail infrastructure is complete.  More on this in an upcoming report

I can say that based on the fact that this film came out a little over a month before Democratic Representative at the time, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot through the left hemisphere front and out the back of her head.  This would certainly impair ones speech.  It would be certain and it would be permanent if the shooting was intended to hit the mark in a staged and choreographed event that would render a suspected US based ‘antichrist’ for the new world order recovering from a speech impediment due to a mortal head wound.  “The Beast will have miraculously recovered from a mortal head wound and then become the antichrist”.  (Revelations 13:3)

There is no doubt that other reasons, perhaps far reaching beyond the parking lot of a supermarket in which a federal judge, a lawmaker, and a symbol of the 9/11 event of 2001 were shot, that a purpose other than media portrayal had been conducted.  A staged mass murder to set a precedence for an ulterior cause maybe, and on a public level to sway Americans into the belief they would no longer need the Constitutional gift that the 2nd amendment affords.  This is still speculation. In the case of Gabrielle Giffords and in lieu of a rather detailed independent investigation, Giffords may have, as one theory suggests, become a patsy to a master designed plan.

A mysteriously written card placed at the UMC Hospital memorial perks the interest of those reviewing the Jared Lee Loughner case and it provokes thought as to what Giffords purpose would have been for this hidden agenda.  The card reads: “Your commitment to Democracy came with a high cost. Thank you for your sacrifice for US.”

Your sacrifice came with a heavy cost

At first glance the card appears to be spirit filled and hopeful, however on closer inspection the wording reveals certain messages relating to a cause.  For one, Gabrielle would not have sacrificed herself for a secret plan.  The note suggests that she submitted to an agreement.  If the shooter sacrificed the woman then the note maker would have thanked him for the sacrifice.  “Thank you for your having been a democratic patriot having been sacrificed by a madman for Democracy”.  Something like that would clarify the meaning of the card, but as it is, it does lend itself to a self-serving goal.

This note is not written by the hand of a commoner passing by to mourn her death.  It differs from all other messages written by well wishers to the small University Medical Center memorial where Giffords was first admitted.   It bears a feeling of eerie academia. Although there is no artistic care to the material it was written on and none to the media used to write it with, there is thought as to how it is written so that a structural support, a  wooden coffee stirrer, is taped to the blank area of the card.  Its construct is that of a miniature sign post.  Whoever crafted this note seemed to have pre-planned how it would be presented and then placed at the memorial to not appear grandiose, but blend in with the votive candles and colorfully handmade cards, etc.

The card contains these words, “… came with a heavy cost”, for instance, but it does not necessarily mean that the Litoral class battleship that was dedicated in her name was part of billions of dollars as a financial burden.  Nor does it mean the loss of her Congressional savvy.

It is probable that a plan had been in place to bring Gabrielle Giffords into the 2012 election scheme with any one of the presidential candidates as their running mates.  If this had been one that failed, then we should be eternally grateful for the reason Giffords would have been unstoppable for their cause.  Of course she’d been the perfect compartmentalized puppet with the charismatic and loveable design to keep people following her lead, an new world antichrist, through the direction of the decision makers of course.

It means that something behind the massacre event of January 8, 2011 could actually be a construct for a very complex agenda.  To pull off the shooting event in a diabolically convincing plan for publicly deceptive reasons and that it happened a certain way meant that she was part of a political posturing.  This staging of her injury meant that it was she and the orchestration that happened to be the ‘heavy cost’.   Gabrielle Giffords may very well have been this sacrifice to afford the possibility a grand behind the scenes agenda bear fruit.

Whether she submitted to be sacrificed for this hidden cause or was an unwitting pawn to the shadow government, or both, is under scrutiny.  The note finishes by thanking her for this sacrifice.  The note’s author includes what seems to be a consensual thanking by all of “us”.  The word ‘us’ might also be interpreted as ‘US’ as in the United States.

The author and purpose of the note is unknown. This simple verse draws even more questions as to motives spelled out by the power elite.  (read the original story)


In “The King’s Speech”  the human programing continues

in this period piece about the Royal family ruling England at the time just before Nazi Germany rises to power.  The film is shot in the typical war and prison blue and grey schematics to illustrate gloom and doom.  The prince next in line to take the place of King V, is fooling around with an American divorcee and so not really eligible to take the throne, but the second son, George VI is.  He has a speech impediment which presents a problem.  The film devotes its entire story to the relationship between the therapist who befriends him, but there is little to do with the true history behind the politics and disaster which is brewing in Europe.

(Above) Color schematics for a federally funded project to ‘enhance’ a key central hub public bus terminal in Tucson, Arizona.  This 1.2 million dollar project neglects the fact that the information booth, which needs a considerably less amount to staff per year, will remain closed while the terminal is gated in and 64 more surveillance cameras installed over the existing 6.. which are adequate for security.  This is the color scheme also cinematically used currently for almost all movies and television programs.

So, of course the movie hides the history for the triumphant victory over a personal mechanical trait.  Nowhere in the movie do we see that this would be King could use any intellect to conduct and service for anyone else.. he can’t even run his own life.  The truth is, this film like the rest paints an illusionary picture of a group of people who do shitty things to others.

The scenes above below are a hit against natural treatments and cures.  It is just another way to keep reaffirming to the general audience that the power elites control modern medicine and that it can enforce, incriminate, and lie about its influence.

The film The King’s Speech focuses on the microphone 

The eye of Horus is prominent in The King’s Speech.  From the beginning an introduction to the film uses a familiar symbolic icon, the eye of the Illuminati, in the form of an aerodynamic microphone.  It’s use is repeated throughout in various ways.

The one piece amplifier of the voice that can enter people’s homes is the opportunity whereby propaganda messages in all the various forms are piped into people’s heads.  Take notice of the character who plays the archbishop.  His appearance is made to exude a satanic or devilish feeling.  His eyes sunken and soulless. 

The movie deserves an extensive analytical treatment since out of many of those I’ve researched, this one has the most subtle tells.  On every level I can find much to convey, however because there’s project after project, I must be brief with the basics.  In time I’ll return to this and add what is needed to illustrate the vastness of the information subtly and ingeniously placed, or introduced.  It’s mostly on the levels of psychology where by unsuspecting minds are ‘retrained’ to understand and believe certain secret society principles of the New World Order paradigm in which we are to follow in a robotic manner.  And, without question.

There is no mention that Edward VIII was an ardent admirer of Hitler and of fascism, and a proponent of appeasement long after Germany moved onto Polish soil and hostilities began in earnest. Edward lived in continental Europe with Simpson after abdicating; following the German invasion of France, he employed the Nazis to look after his house.  Eventually, the British government convinced the couple to move to the Bahamas, where he became governor. The idea was to keep the pair far away from the Nazis so as to prevent Edward from cutting any deals with Hitler.

Nazi controlled NASA indoctrinate, Richard Hoagland,  who without any true reason or purpose (unless he had been instructed to plant the idea) predicted that Giffords would be asked to run with Barack Obama as vice president.  What Richard didn’t know, was that I had already realized the proposition with regard to the human genome and suspended animation projects and that there was indeed an underlying agenda so far advanced of that he didn’t want you to realize unless he’s compartmentalized to the point he really doesn’t know.  Hoagland isn’t prepared to make ludicrous predictions because he is a scientist first and would know that she couldn’t possibly, even if her speech returned, make just  and intelligent decisions after having half a brain shot through and basically singed, cauterized, and rendered useless by the pulverizing heat of a bullet.  This is a guy you’re supposed to trust with NASA intel or counter intel rationale?  Come on.. power of the mic!

By shortchanging the danger that Edward posed to Britain, the viewer is likely to believe he was immature.

Bertie himself is also romanticized and is choreographed to presciently raise the question of German aggression before the invasion of the Sudetenland.  Edward waves off Bertie’s warning, and, the next time we are instructed to focus on political questions, the King is heroically rallying his people to the battle against fascism.  The film leaves out what happened in the intervening period.

In the time between Bertie ascending to the throne and giving his speech, the British government notoriously blundered and appeased the Nazis, most famously at Munich. Less well-remembered is that after Prime Minister Chamberlain returned from giving away a chunk of Europe to the Germans, he was immediately invited to Buckingham Palace to appear on the balcony with the King and Queen Mum.. a violation of political protocol.  Much of the Labor Party was rightly furious. This despicable historical fact is less well-known than it should be, but the film fails twice—first, by not showing it at all, and, second, by implying that Bertie was staunchly anti-fascist from the start.

The strange unwillingness of The King’s Speech to mention any of this is at least somewhat surprising when the secret messages are the main focus when programming our minds.  The first opening dialogue is this text at film’s start.  This is why they don’t show us the truth.



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    Hi! I like what you write. But, why there are some posts protected? How can i get the password?

    realnuz: Thanks for the question. It’s a good one. Truthson 2012 Roundup is protected for the reason there are people who are unsure whether it’s safe to speak or that they have a timing conflict, but mostly because it is a concept that I hope to realize if enough people take an interest. If the conference is a ‘go’, then I’ll open it up. New articles that are ready to post, but not quite and are pending approval by certain people I’ve written about, or that a verification of facts need to take place, I’ll wait until I get the green light to make public. If you see a protected article, it’s simply waiting for approval or editing, or something, but it will post eventually. It’s also just the way wordpress works regarding the way I work. Sorry if it’s an inconvenience!

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