The Case Against Mike Adams “Health Ranger”

There remains an estimated 20 billion dollar industry

The industrial power elites have eye-balled the natural supplement market for some time.  They are closing in on the health related industry steadily using a psyops program that although has experienced some stumbling blocks, are still dead-set on hijacking this industry lock stock and barrel.


Some health advocates who really are not advocating for your complete understanding of the scheme are Mehmet Cengiz Oz, Andrew Weil, Sanjay Gupta and most everyone listed in the The 100 Most Influential People in Health and FitnessIf Michelle Obama ranks #4 under #1 Dr. Oz, it is obvious what entity compiled this list.  All of the brightest individuals working in the field of nutrition today are excluded. was ranked the 4th largest alternative news website in the year 2011.


(Above) Occult elements: Swastika, square, “X”

The media machine employed a powerful weapon of persuasion a ‘Ranger’

Exposing before its news  Chris Kitze and agent Stefan Mark Stanford

They have a weapon of mass psychological destruction that is so stealth, this specialist implementing a program of psyops could be among the most dangerous of men on this planet.  You won’t believe it, but it is Mike Adams I’m alleging.  I’ve studied him since 2004.

The documentary to the right describes incidences that have occurred since the first publishing of this article.  Subsequently, I was informed that Mike Adams had purchased a considerable amount of park reserve land in or near Vilcabamba while planning a divorce with his wife to engage with another woman. This may have infuriated local realtors to parse off sacred land.  Mike Adams does not report this vital business enterprise.  He fled Ecuador.  Adams, however, reports to the listener that danger lurks elsewhere outside the United States when in fact he was poised to destroy Vilcabomba with materialistic greed.

Censorship, smear campaigns, sabotage and minions

mike adams marquee


Synonyms for conspiracy related words:  Conspiracy n cabal, collusion, connivance,inf frame up, Insider dealing, Intrigue, machinations, plot, Inf racket, scheme, stratagem, treason. Conspirator n plotter, schemer, traitor, inf wheeler dealer. Conspire vb be in league, collude, combine, connive, cooperate, hatch a plot, have designs, intrigue, plot, scheme.  While Mike Adams is implicated with alleged acts in collusion with a megalithic adversary without absolute positive proof, on paper and signed admissions and so forth, keep in mind what the reality of a conspiracy is.. divorce yourself from the assumption this is a theory during the experience of the read and then form an opinion with careful thought to the trap “defaulting with the reliance of a benefit of the doubt”.  To see the emperor not wearing – its – clothes, one must step aside for a moment and inspect the theory.

Adams is a small fish in the ocean of sharks.. the Great White “Jaws” is the company, Monsanto, People like former Vice President Al Gore that puppets Adams perhaps without even his understanding this is being done.  Mind control is elusive to the individual under the spell.  While these are merely allegations the “Powers that Be” will attempt to shut the independent investigation and investigators like myself down.  Adams will fight this just as the president defends against Maricopa County Sheriff, Joseph Arpaio, about producing his original birth certificate.  Watch Adams conduct the same protocol in the same manner.  You may begin to understand the deception perfectly, at my expense.  Otherwise and I would wish it were true, that Adams would give in without a fight, or prove on paper and by example that refutes any of what I’ve reported that he’s legit  if he’s truly spiritual.  I’ll turn the other cheek when I’m proven wrong (not to be confused with illegal court suits conducted under British “BAR” rules).

“A spiritualist will look at this article and if implicated, will either admit guilt or come up with a really really good reason why even one thing is just plain wrong.  I’m proficient at kinesiology muscle testing, incidentally, and because the body never lies while the mind does, a simple muscle strength test can determine a person telling the truth and the same person telling a lie.  Any refusal to submit to a harmless muscle test is the ‘tell’ and an admission of guilt.  Mike will never ever in a zillion years submit.. He knows that muscle tests prove positive 100 percent of the time because that’s what his website is all about NATURAL MODALITIES, and in his case, he’s gotta be completely crazy if he does.. watch, if I’m sued over this, it’ll be completely through the legal system, through other people included in this article, and with zero opportunity to use a lie detector system, electronic or natural, administered on him or any of them.” – Lee Bracker

Why the allegation?

(Click to enlarge)

It is because while he is made to appear to be doing the 20 billion dollar supplement and health industry good when in reality, he has been installed to dismantle it right under our noses.

Mike Adams may have started his career path well intentioned although he has stated that his ultimate goal was to become a millionaire by age thirty.  Mike is proficient with writing code in computer languages and has created a data base very unique with regard to cataloging information.  This is very inline with NSA practices and while this cannot at this point be proven (pay stubs or other documents as of yet), he has the potential for having worked with governmental agencies or had been absorbed into it as a trade off or through coercion.  He has mastered enough of several languages which includes the very difficult and time consuming Chinese language.. his wife is a Chinese woman as Alex Jones’  is married to a probable Zionist Jewish practitioner.   I detect changes in his reporting when newstarget shifted corporate identity to naturalnews at the same time he moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  How does Adams take the time to learn  languages when researching such unique one of a kind heard it first news reports?  I can’t do that. Well, I guess he could if language is his forte, but Chinese?  He’s living in a border state now and the Chinese are building up to invade the US.. highly suspect.  His chief reporter, David Gutierez wrote as many as six articles in one day and pumps them out daily.  It takes me years to do one article and weeks to research and develop new ones that address today’s news.

He is a suspected Monsanto informant and a highly specialized dissemination professional who pushes deceptive propaganda through the natural health venues.  He may be directly, but seemingly indirectly to you and I, working for Al Gore.  All Gore is the ring master placed before the public’s eye in the midst of project Cloverleaf (Chemtrails) weather and geomodification programs among others. Gore has been senior adviser to Google Incorporated and that parallels Mike Adam’s profile as being an information hog himself.  It’s peculiar that Mike disseminates vital information being the assumed ‘health nut’ before the best of the research investigative researchers in the industry do.  It is likelier that he is in ‘first served’ receipt of information feeds.. that’s certain.

It is likely that Adams is given intel prepared by those that handle him

I will demonstrate specific correlations to illustrate my point.  I beg that Natural News associates or Mike himself respond to the allegations I offer so that I may remove the matter, or the whole of the article without the threat to a suit for damage.  If there is no excuse made, but a lawsuit crafted by a very rich man to one merely expressing his 1st amendment right, then Adams in truth lacks the spirituality all those health tips and supplements are supposed to rectify making a sick person spiritually well.

Before I commence with questions regarding Adams, Natural News, and alleged associates.. I noticed that not one crime scene witness of the “Congress on your Corner Massacre” defended their crime scene witness statements. Others who were alleged to be linked by Edward Chiarini’s slanderous implications, and those I conducted my interviews with, or alleged to have taken illegal action, were questioned by other alternative news reporters in the aftermath investigation into the Jarred Lee Loughner case never publicly defended their point of view.  Were all of these people under orders not to defend their reputation, protect the case, or other?  Now that Loughner is behind bars for life, are the individuals, including the entirety of the Pima County Sheriff’s department, who may have been commercially or personally slandered by Chiarini going to comment or try to sue him?  Certainly not.. it was a complete set-up.  Let’s see what Mike Adams does.


Let’s first take a look at

My book High Frequency Food published with, but never widely distributed, contained in it the information that will follow.  It didn’t take too long before the header graphics changed to reflect the symbolic peculiarities and striking mirror images of existing secret society symbols are evidence they cannot damage control unless they go through a third website identity changeover.  I pointed out in a chapter called “Deceptive Information”.  The remains of the header website graphics remains intact and still condemns Mike Adams with certainty that he is aligned with chemtrail programs around the world.  He says he’s lived in many countries.  Taiwan based Truth Publishing is one of them.  Ecuador is another.

Excerpts from “High Frequency Food” (chapter VIII, pp. 275-282, 2009)

Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” fits the Aryan profile.  Could he have been trained as a super soldier?

It is common knowledge Masonic symbolism has permeated into an otherwise innocent public domain in many forms with particular and very effective emphasis using graphic placement in advertising campaigns. In the case of, a website committed to dispensing news and information about health intent on keeping current with issues relating to fraudulent activities against health freedoms, there is something that defies logic. It is in the form of carefully stylized gestures veiled behind indoctrinating symbolism. acted with old flavor journalistic fervor. It attacked large entities that control and suppress our freedoms pertaining to health information. His publications outline point for point the deceptions perpetrated on an unwitting populace. His continued persistence range from unmasking the truth about falsified medical system, pharmaceutical, chemical, labeling tactics and large scale corporate studies using carefully researched historical facts, event, and persons involved. But, is it under his direction today?

He counters the propaganda providing us with instructions for ‘thinking’ through the mess. It seems he sides against them, however… The website name changed from newstarget to naturalnews and is now almost entirely engaged in the deception… a near complete fraud in itself.

Adams Advertises Soy underneath the slander

While on the surface it appears helpful to those seeking truth and answers, he pays homage to organic soy, that which even the Chinese knew to be false as recorded by Kaayla Daniel in her work spells disaster to the “babies, and elderly”.  Farmers valued their soybean crops for one reason only.. it was tilled back into the soil and considered as best a ‘green manure’ for their food crops they did eat as staples for their diet.

Mike Adams pushes his agenda forward. Personal health problems prompted his search for a solution, but is vigilant in promoting this soy and even classifying it as a superfood even going as far as claiming, “prevents disease including cancer.” Soybeans do not cure any disease and no credible source be sited. Adams attacks the soy industry with the exception of the ring leader, Monsanto. The fundamental basis of this deception is obscured with what seems to be the soy industry’s major producer synthetic seeds is never truly implicated in his pitch. It should be abundantly clear that soy is not ideal for human consumption and that it partly to blame for the mass estrogen overloading in our commercially manufactured diets.  Soy is the top ingredient leading to cancer known to man.

The Asian medical practitioner, primarily the Chinese medicine person, uses soybeans as a hormone replacement therapy for women experiencing low estrogen levels.  By introducing some unfermented soy to the diet, women who are unable to bear children can become pregnant once the estrogen is normalized.  Women upset with their unfaithful husband have their brand of ‘drugging’ to prevent them from promiscuity.. they add soybeans to their diet until they become docile and feminized.  Look at our society today to realize the effect of soy, organic or not, has on our lifestyles and gender preferences.

The download link page says the following:

  • Free from the corruption and influence of various food industries (dairy, beef, junk foods, etc.)
  • Designed to benefit you, not Big Business
  • Offers genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of milk, beef and grains
(Click for pdf)  Honest Food Guide Chart.  This pyramid lists the highly estrogenic food source, soy, a total of three times.  There is so much soy protein extracts such as isoflavins and concentrates that comprise almost every known food product that it needs not be listed, especially multiple times, on a highly limited food guide.  Since Monsanto has a strangle hold on the world’s GMO production, why is it that Adams slants against Monsanto while pushing the product that is severely crippling our health.. fermented/organic or not, it is not what we need in the last of our natural health language of truth.

Adams had begun campaigning the idea that non fermented soy not only is a superfood (a rawfood fad attention getting term), but helps to prevent disease. This is entirely unfounded. Remembering Kaayla Daniel’s research that this legume had been valued for thousands of years in China as a green manure and regarded by farmers as a super nitrogen fixer to soil, but not appropriate as a staple food, is the fundamentals for understanding Monsanto and the eugenics agenda involving the billion dollar advertisement of it as a health food.

Only fermented soy of good quality facilitates intestinal health. Soybean in any other form is not nearly a superfood as the industry claims. Few rawfood and certainly vegans who use soybeans in their diet.. leaders of the health industry in the “know” won’t buy that pitch. In the same breath Adams accuses the American soy industry as “liars”, Adams happens to be conducting similar actions of the same context by directing the reader in circles, therefore, lying just the same.

Hexane Contamination of Soy Protein and Soy Products

In an article dated April 7, 2009, entitled “Our Crazy Health World: Roizen and Oz Recommend Irradiated Food, Psych Docs Push Amphetamine Drugs for Weight Loss,” Mike Adams in May, 2009, has this to say:

My guess is that Roizen and Oz have joined the “culture of death” camp which believes that dead food equals safe food. These “culture of death” people include USDA decision makers, FDA chemical pushers, state health authorities and most conventional medical doctors. To date, there is not a single person at the USDA or FDA who has gone on the public record stating that LIVE food is any different from DEAD food.”

Mike Adam’s argument against hexane is appropriate, but it does carry with it the underlying motive regarding natural soy. He does not discern the difference between unfermented versus fermented soy relative to estrogen and the truth of the amino acid profiles.  His use of carefully worded communications never defended the USDA before as he does passionately today.

Yet, Adams promotes USDA “wisdom” when speaking of soybean. This paradox illustrates the deceptive; the outward incrimination hold little value to you and I when a very visibly powerful voice in the world of natural health information presents seemingly potent information. We are expected to accept the facts as presented hook, line, and sinker, but it is fallacious. To reiterate previous discussions of soy, being that we have thousands of food choices, there seems to be no impending immediacy for including soybeans in a food guide pyramid within a governmental or proprietary dieting chart as is on Mike Adams pyramid chart. Yet another article, “There’s No Such Thing As A Virus That Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” by Mike Adams, dated 10-15-2009, is designed to divert attention away from the fact that a Mycoplasma fermentans (incognetus) virus laboratory was created and a the virus filed for patent and pending in 1991.  It was tested on service people dispatched to Iraq who came home sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other manifestations of the viral vaccination.  It was then finalized in 1993 (see: p. 221). Mycoplasma is stated in the patent abstract to be the underlying cause in which a doctor will diagnose a patient as having Chronic Fatigue. Adam’s article positions the reader into the belief that “No such thing as a virus causes CFS,” rather, he attaches blame to the unscrupulous vaccine agenda that eludes toward a mystery virus. The date of the patent filing coincides with the US invasion of Iraq.  CFS Is not a natural occurring disease. It is the result from the mycoplasma infection. Patent number 5242820 describes the disease agent called “pathogenic mycoplasma” by the senior medical researcher of the United States Government, Shyh-ching Lo.

“The “Health Ranger” can be likened as a cancer.  He is infectious, wide spread, and largely undiagnosed until now.  While he spearheads a health related website, the rabbit hole he dips into is deep — he is nearly imperceptible.  I’ve flushed him out, however, to illustrate that the powerfully rich and highly protected are the most elusive of all.  He is not charming in person.. I can attest to that from a personal account with him.” – realnuz

“Patients who are infected with Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus) will be patients who will be diagnosed with ARC (aids related complex) Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Wigner’s disease, Kabuchi, lupus, chronic debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Sarcoidosis, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and… Collagen Vascular Disease”

 While there is some truth, be aware that Mike Adams may be in business helping to keep the more important secrets of the government backed AMA buried.

Naturalnews’ original Graphic Header Is An “Occultic” Case In Point


The deceptive theme “natural world symbolized using graphic representations” is just as prevalent as the ‘all seeing eye’ found on the back of the one dollar bill. While representing natural phenomena, just as paper currency represents something of value, the symbols are designations used to shape our thoughts. The subtle conditioning techniques can be revealed by pointing out the strategy of symbolic cues. websites’ header logo isn’t exclusive. I decode naturalnews as an illustration how embedded the New World Order’s global warming fraud has become.

Decoding the Naturalnews Header Logo

I offered to assist with this endeavor if absolution is necessary to show that Adams knows very little about truth in product manufacturing and what they really do, or he indeed is a sell out.  To me, none of the muck raking on this level gives leverage to those who attempt to discredit people like Mike.  It just doesn’t work.  He can sell X-ray machines to the most educated health guru and nobody dethrones him.  It’s like voting for Richard Carmona to a Senate seat.. Carmona is a former surgeon general, working as a corporate decision maker for a huge chemical company called Clorox who helped to decide that Burt’s Bees products should change from all natural ingredients to enough chemicals added that kill the original product.  And still, he will be voted in by people who assume he’s on their side just cause he’s a nice guy.   So, dealing with Adams, a similar situation, requires a different angle of approach.  I can decode all the products for toxicity, mislabeling, or other on the fly, but won’t.. it’s just a waste of time ‘mud slinging’.  But, if I can prove he helped to get someone extradited out of another country illegally, that’s the only convincing way to do this.

The Chase Manhattan Bank logo has the distinct resemblance of the Swastika and square symbols found frequently in Masonic corporate graphic designs

The globe represents our earth but uses white leaves to form the negative space of the four shapes into a great big very apparent and by no accident, X. This Occultic symbol is found everywhere Freemasons roam with a history dating back to the ancient mystery religions, in apostate Judaism, and in Freemasonry. The Illuminati elite use it to this day to symbolize key phenomena, significant events, and product branding; X-box, X-games, generation-X, “X marks the spot” and so on. It symbolizes the Sun God, transformation, and is used as a sign for death. In this case, perhaps the hotly debated Global Warming hoax.. the X “marks the spot” could refer to the eugenics depopulation. Evidence of this is etched in several languages on granite spires known as the “Georgia Guidestones”.

The leaves are not the color of land masses, rather, representative of land masses as viewed from space under a white veil of aerial metallic salts containing everything from barium, magnesium, calcium, and bio-pathogen weaponry commonly referred to as chemtrails, but properly indicated as aerial plumes. The oceans are shown green which may represent their succumbing to algae, but the color reflects the globalists and their pitchman, Al Gore, move toward the “green” mindset. If land masses were green, however, it wouldn’t accomplish their mission of deception. The stems of the leaves resemble a swastika similar to the Chase Bank logo. An X within a Swastika combination Square. Our skies once exhibited a royal blue. On it appears as today’s hue.. a very hazy aqua devoid of the deepest beautiful blue seen in older films, text books, and print media before the atmosphere was distorted. The color seen here is not as it once was. Why are the cloud representations so far from the cumulus type remembered e.g., fluffy, towering… like cotton balls? The kind of cloud complete with a silver lining – a myriad of shapes and forms could be creatively pointed out? The streaks are drawn curvilinear to disguise the difference between real and artificial clouds and linear condensation trails laid out by aircraft. As straight lines move with the air currents, they do wisp and curve. It took a decade to acclimate all of us to the new cloud phenomena to fall for the deception and is seen in many logo designs.

Mike [Adams], I’m glad you labeled this as opinion because you continue to have a very rudimentary under-standing of global warming and its universal causes. You really have fallen right into the mind trap of the globalists’ agenda for warping the minds of the public into believing that human activity is primarily responsible for the temperature cycles of the earth. You are conveniently mixing truthful facts about the environment with a large amount of disinformation about global warming which at the very least is a disservice to your readers. I can appreciate your thoughts on chemicals, ecosystems, pollution and deforestation as those are real concerns. However, you don’t have slightest idea what your are talking about when it comes to CO2 and its effect on the planet…Your assertion that the human population will be reduced until emissions of humans reach a “stabilization point” is simply absurd logic… In actuality, it will have more to do with bioterrorism, poisonous nutrition and food distribution more than anything else. Regardless of your opinion, you need to wake up Mike… there’s a large audience and you need to be more responsible in waking others up about the hoax that is global warming.” – anonymous contribution posted on Naturalnews

Graphical wisps in the original naturalnews logo have no relationship to true cloud formation.  Why are these cloud-like symbols also placed on the ground, unless, the ground is algae infested water reflecting the aerial plume from the sky.

“As above, so below” is an occultic mantra… these representations of clouds also appear on the grounds “food supply”.

A square morphs into a swastika framing a giant green “X”. Chemtrails are obviously choreographed against a light blue sky that once was deep blue. The symbol of the sun and the words “Planetary Health” were removed from the original logo design.

The new stylistic changes were executed after I had alerted some of the raw food leaders of the vegetarian dietary circles that Mike Adams was dangerous.  I sent the chapter to them and never heard their comments or received any notification as promised I would.  I’m quite certain this shook Adams up which is why we don’t see the chemtrail designs.  His site is massive and it takes money to make these changes.  If the design was acceptable, why take the time changing it?

Al Gore has parlayed politics and his zeal for talking about global warming into an Academy Award, a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. He currently holds key positions as co-founder of Current TV, a board of directors member at Apple, Inc., and is Senior Adviser to CEO Eric Schmidt of Google (2010 Sitges, Spain Bilderberg attendee). Gore used a similar technique for the cover of his self awarding documentary “Inconvenient Truth.”  A strange pinwheel pattern appears spewing from atop industrial smoke stacks. This illusionary juxtaposition imprints a belief that polluted skies are a carbon byproduct, perhaps the burning of coal or jet fuel. Themain idea is to ultimately blame CO2. This is their argument for a convincing global warming scam. But it is not CO2 raising temperatures. It is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), sending electromagnetic frequencies through ionic metallic salts, mostly barium, which creates a plasma field in our ionosphere – a weather modification program called stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering. SAG particulates do not reflect solar radiation, rather, trap it in a “greenhouse effect.” Will you pay a carbon tax? Do you believe Al Gore’s unmemorable film deserves an award? Both defend their choice of graphic designs.

Adams is on record with an article entitled, “The Caduceus Decoded: Secret Symbols Reveal Dark Agenda of Western Medicine, “…That the two snakes representing evil would encircle the staff of public announcement could be an indication that the purpose is to announce evil (the propaganda of western medicine). At the same time, the mythological carrier of the staff protects liars and thieves (the drug promoters and drug companies)…”

This is a perfect example where a finger points guilt away from the exact same action… a deceptive self-promotional attempts to establish credibility by disclosing some facts against the occult while “somehow” obscuring the truth. Obviously, this is blatant hypocrisy.


Why doesn’t Adams go after Clorox?

Mike Adams has never addressed the story behind the buy out of a natural products company that had a popular customer base.  Burt’s Bees was known to be one of the very best of natural products that used bee’s wax and honey, etc.   Then came along a chemical company that bought out, or was sold out by sellouts that ran Burt’s Bees, who began the campaign by which the ingredients would incrementally change from natural to synthetic.  Currently, I see that the labels on some products read “94% percent natural ingredients”, I think.  Even a half percent off means that something completely toxic can be introduced that causes severe damage, like msg or aspartame that can injure some people highly sensitive, and so it doesn’t matter.. Burt’s Bees is not longer Burt’s Bees. 

It’s Clorox chemicals corrupting whatever natural ingredients it interacts with.  It’s not just the percent synthetic analogue of the real thing that’s to be looked at.. it’s the interraction with the natural ingredients.  Adams wrote a current article which merely mentions this passage, “Remember Burt’s Bees? Sold out to Clorox.”  He never tells what happened and who was involved.  You can read his article  New Chapter sells out to Procter Mi& Gamble, part of the global corporate elite   to see that he doesn’t implicate the actual people involved.  He uses careful blanket statements such as “elite, globalists, the CEO, or bankers”, but never the names of people.  Just the companies and links to their products or services which is the true intent anyway. 

Mike’s character profile reveals that he is a researcher and very good at it.  He is apparently vastly better than I, but because I do research as well and know his character and abilities, I would think he would give you everything.  He simply does not perform this function and I’ll offer my reason why I think this.

In the same town that Adams resided prior to moving to Ecuador, he states that he was friends with the local police department and even did volunteer work as a volunteer in law enforcement under high profile men.  Richard Carmona who works under Pima County Sheriff with a questionable reputation, Clarence Dupnik, who was criticized for the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and the death of a federal judge in fact going as far back as leading a foul investigation into the largest mass murder in Arizona’s recent history, the Buddhist Temple Murders (Giffords was I believe 2nd), it was former United States Surgeon General during the Bush administration in 2005, Richard Carmona, who was on the decision making board at Clorox at the time Burt’s Bees was absorbed.

To get a picture in your mind about the city Adams lived in, read about corruption in Pima County:  “Celis abduction: Tucson ‘Perp’ search is a cover for convenient nationwide warrantless searches”.  for a truer understanding of the development and dynamics of the police state emerging in Southern Arizona in which government trend setting murders have taken place.  Mike Adams glossed over or didn’t even consider the ramifications of the police state nor the police city he lived in for naturalnews.  He instead praises the law enforcement for doing a great job.. but doesn’t rake the muck.

This is a man who swore upon the Hippocratic Oath promising to save people’s lives, but instead teaches SWAT tactics in Pima County where Adams lived for some time.. On the board at Clorox, do you think that he would preserve the integrity of a natural product?  He would be released of service to the corporation if he did.

Adams understands this and is playing role of ignorance.  He’s smarter on the level of deception he speaks of than one is lead to believe.  I know this because I never did receive an email reply, period, over the years from him.  That’s not smart either and is the ‘tell’, so I guess he’s not so smart on the level of counterintel practices. It is my contention that because Carmona is running for a senatorial seat to replace exiting senator, Jon Kyle this November, that  Mike has kept quiet about this ‘in your face information’ regarding his involvement with Clorox and business with Clarence Dupnik.   Observe from now on that I’ve reported the connection. Will Adams defend himself by by exposing this powerful man?  Of course not!  And if the damage control would be to write one, will he address everything I’ve written including that simple little scam about the $80 dollar book deal you’ll read about further in this article?  No way.  Carmona is set to take a congressional seat.. do you want him replacing natural ingredients with Clorox chemicals?  That’s Adams announcement to naturalnews traffic and yet, it will go unreported because that alone means death to naturalnews and Mike Adams career.

There is more to Carmona which I’ll address when I build my article that involved the my part in the Giffords investigation.  It has to do with the murder of a young man named Jose Guerena who was allowed to bleed to death based on Carmona’s medical protocol he set up for SWAT.  You’ll see clearly how dangerous Carmona is and why Mike Adams, a go after the criminals advocate of health, is convincingly protecting the big guns behind the corporate facade Adams accuses.

A situation occurred shortly after the Giffords debacle (see the youtube on the left side bar).  On May 5 (Cinco de Mayo holiday for hispanics) a young former marine was assassinated after a 20 month investigation under Dupnik in which Dr. Richard Carmona was involved.  The reason I believe it was a planned assassination is because an internal (fox/hen house) investigation resulted in the exoneration of the five swat team members that fired 71 rounds at a man immediately upon entering the home.  It was a simple search warrant, but an excuse to invade and kill firing squad style.  The team was deemed justified in their actions not by a court of law in trial with a judge and a jury, but by county attorney Barbara LaWall.  It might as well have been the local street sweeper rendering the decision because that isn’t how justice is served, but they were justified nonetheless.  And everyone bought it.  Carmona had nothing to say about the man bleeding to death when emergency medical teams were ordered to stand down and not allowed to save Guerena’s life.  This is how the video camera tapes taken from the helmets of the team that went in did not ever make it to a trial.  Carmona even has seen the Safeway surveillance tapes that never made it to the trial either. Those high quality surveillance tapes were intended to seen by a trial jury for the Jarred Lee Loughner case.  Same deal.

Richard Carmona sits on a corporate decision making board as well as a high up law enforcement authority in Pima County that decides the fate of men, as he did once gunning down a car jacker with a kill shot instead of one to maim and no murder charges applied, and natural products when at the same time, Mike Adams will not report this very important “” worthy information.  Why?  well, there you go.. form your own opinion.


Mike Adams left a Garden of Eden..  why?

“This is a picture of my back yard in Hacienda San Joaquin, Vilcabamba Ecuador.. gorgeous!”

Packing up his wife and bags, Adams leads you to believe that he high tailed it out of a corrupt and potentially dangerous place to find comfort in Alex Jone’s umbrella of protection.. that the prisonplanet mind set for preservation and survival is the American way of life.  Mike left a garden of Eden where I’d personally rather be when the shit hits the fan.  I would die standing up next to a flowering jungle paradise than a sterile make believe gated community in Austin.

“Yes, we may all legitimately complain about the USA, but from what I’ve seen everywhere around the world, the United States is still less corrupt than most places in the world. Yes, there are bad apples everywhere throughout local police, federal FBI agents and even the court system, but for every bad apple there are probably three times as many honorable people who are truly just trying to do their jobs.  In years past, I served in a non-profit support role, the local police in Tucson, Arizona, and I came to know them as some of the most upstanding, honorable peace officers I’ve ever met . Yes, they had a history of outrageous corruption which you’ll find in every police force from time to time, but they rooted out that corruption and restored integrity to their operation. You’ll find the same dedication to honest public service all across the nation, even if there is a little corruption that normally goes along with it.”

Mike Adams convinces the reader with his illusionary writing style that the US is far less dangerous than Ecuador In an article just 17 days before Barack Obama signed the NDAA (National Defense Authoritarian Act) into Law in the 11th hour in Hawaii (completely untouchable) on December 31, 2011, Adams spits out rhetoric that could possibly make sense, if one was naive enough, however after this law was cemented in place, he has yet to retract that article written especially for prisonplanet.  What, does Alex Jones agree with Adams?  Sure he does – planting ideas before an event is how the training of the mind is achieved.. the sheeple will never realize the tactic.  In fact his post “Top ten things to love about Vilcabamba Ecuador, the Valley of Longevity” does not indicate there is a problem with police state antics there.  He’s ‘selling’ Vilcabamba realestate and the pleasantries.  I suspect that the reference to problems was instead the Ecuadorian authorities who encouraged him, and he alone with his Chinese wife, to leave the country and that is the police brutality he’s referring to.  Why would they ask him to leave?  I speculate that he allegedly was involved with the extradition of Greg Caton and after the Ecuadorians learned that they were duped, made sure that life was uncomfortable for Mike.  It’s why he wrote an article discouraging us to go there after encouraging us to go there.

“Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried.”  – Mike Adams

Self proclaimed wise man, Michael Adams, begins his ‘story’, and it is just that.. by saying that one most common question he’s asked today is, “Should I leave the USA to get away from the coming police state?”  He states that these are people [who exactly I question?] that are aware of what is going on.. in other words they are the awakened ones.  If so, they wouldn’t need to ask him that question.  He says that once you read his article,“you may ultimately be far safer and more successful living right where you are, in your home country, even if that home country becomes a police state.”

I kid you not.. he stated this as a ‘maybe’ and has yet to revise it with “not any longer” after the signing of that National Detention Authoritization Act end of last year.  Since the publication of his December 14, 2011 article Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried”  exactly two years after the article (and two before where he had lived in Vilcabomba reporting on the illegal extradition of Greg Caton) that his transition to Science based investigations along with this mission statement revision from natural health to university based sleuthing against natural health products.  In Four years, Adams rooted himself as a fixture within the natural health movement in which he is now effectively going to destroy it using science as his weapon:

Article Update: “The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist. He now runs the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, conducting world-class food science research and publishing scientific papers on food contaminants and nutritional analytics.

The problem with this statement is that not just the removed article article, but most of them that make up the bulk of naturalnews’ website.  They are non-science based which includes his tax day 2014 post regarding the recent Bundy Ranch fiasco.  This comes four months after stating he is no longer an outspoken activist.  This is the hidden in plain sight shell game slapping the public directly on the cheek.

Matt Bakos, who Adams had run a smear campaign on a product Adya Clarity, points out that the cattle grazed on this continent are not indigenous to it.  The Asian Cattle consume more of the plants they eat which bolsters a decline in the ability for grasses to thrive unlike cattle that are indigenous to the Americas.  Why didn’t Mike Adams say anything about the environmental aspect of the problem?  Perhaps he doesn’t know and I’m certain of that, but if he did, he’d rub it in Cliven Bundy’s face while continuing the illusion of patriotism.

A final question as to Mike Adam’s claim that his health declined because of toxic contaminants in super foods.  Are other rawfoodists who consume superfoods suffering as well?  Obviously not.  If so, Mike would have said something.  It stands to reason that he’s making all of this up to set-up the entire industry of health to their fate.


In the article, Adams postulates 5 “powerful” realizations before a “collapse becomes a reality”


“Realization #1 – Corruption is far worse outside the USA” – Mike Adams

Obviously he hasn’t changed his mind to adjust the article having known about the Giffords, Guerena, and Celis abduction issues where his favorable force of peaceful officers working the city of Tucson who actively played an integral role with corruption assisting the elites with the operations.. most specifically int eh Isabela Celis abduction case.  He could have knowledge of what occurred in Tucson because Jones knows what happened here in Tucson which is Adams home before moving to South America.. it’s why independent investigators were passed over for interviews about the independent research that revealed truths the media completely and with purpose fabricated.

“Golden amaranth grows like crazy on my farm near Vilcabamba, Ecuador!”

He speaks about the most recent country, Ecuador, that he lived in as an experience to share as a prime example in which he states that the FBI are more apt to be corrupt in the United States.  And yet, all of the countries he’s visited, Ecuador he deems was safer. “I got along with the police like I did in Tucson.. no problemo” was essentially what he said.  Well, why move back after two years in heaven?  It was Greg Caton, not he who was being probed and sought after.  All mike had to do was befriend the judge who really tried to save Greg Caton’s life.

“The simple truth is that our entire world is under assault by criminals right now, and those criminals are deeply embedded in the financial system of Goldman Sachs crooks and Federal Reserve elitists.” – Adams

You know what, as I go over the other 4 points that he makes having planned to decode this entire verbose article for you (very long winded), I’m thinking I’ll let you do the rest.  He just goes on about the idea of being around like minded people who are prepared for ‘hunkering down’ for the ‘long haul’.  It’s all about the products sold by Alex Jones on the show.. food supplies and all the rest.  It’s a revenue generating ploy built out of creating fear in you that it’s all over unless you dig into a hole.  Sensationalism.

As I describe  the story of herbal products business man, Grag Caton, keep in mind that Adams cannot justly and with credibility fool me, nor you if you really follow his logic.  Therefore, when he supports Greg Caton, simply reverse the order of thought to see Adams follows the guardian wolf profile.

Hell, I’d rather be under assault in his house in Ecuador than in a Neo-Nazi concentration camp on our soil (don’t forget the NDAA).   I’ll show you why I feel that Adams is play acting.


Cancer specialist extradited back to the US

When newstarget shifted it’s corporate identity to naturalnews, Mike Adams packed his wife up with his bags and moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to not only invest in real estate, but attract high movers and shakers in the vegetarian diet arenas here from the United States to live in his rolling hillside paradise.  This plan did not fare well as planned and he moved back to the United States having failed at making more money.

Surprise.. this is not the full story

A press release on the FTC’s website states the following: “FTC,FDA, and law enforcement move to stop scams for supplements and other products that purport to cure cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other life-threatening diseases.”

We see that he’s working for prisonplanet and infowars production planners and strategists that are grooming would be community of people awakening to the NWO and properly prepared either dismantle it or survive a complete destruction of our sovereignty.  We see that he’s trying to keep you inside these borders instead of living in paradise despite ‘a bit of corruption’.  We understand now that he really didn’t need to leave Vilcabamba because he never clarifies a good reason for abandoning an Eden like that.  We are still with nebulous thought as to why he returned wearing orange shirts that replaces the khaki earthy tones of the land.

The story of Greg Caton reveals why Adams moved to Ecuador

Greg Caton is an alternative cancer doctor who sold what was termed by the FDA, with its cozy relationship with conventional medicine, unproven remedies for cancer and other health problems. He was a victim of “Operation Cure All,” which was an initiative begun in 2001 by the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration stands accused of facilitating in part with the kidnapping and illegal extradition of a permanent resident of Ecuador. This kidnapping is in violation of both international law and Ecuadorian law.

Using this as an excuse, the FDA has resorted to shutting down businesses and arrest people whose products, though not recognized by conventional medicine, actually work, are inexpensive, and have a few if any side effects.  Greg Caton served thirty-three months in a federal prison, but was illegally arrested on December 14, 2009, exactly two years before Adams wrote Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried.  It was claimed that the commercial American Airlines passenger jet was “U.S. Territory” and that Ecuadorian law did not apply.  He sat in a prison cell awaiting a hearing on March 17th, 2010.  American Airlines employees reportedly refused to allow Caton to leave a Louisiana court for products sold outside the United States.

I would trust the Ecuadorians now over the US if ever I needed protection

Greg Caton, owner and operator of Alpha Omega Labs, an herbal products company that sells anti-cancer herbal remedies made with Ecuadorian medicinal herbs, was arrested at gunpoint at a road checkpoint in Ecuador, then transported to an Ecuadorian holding facility to await a hearing on December 14, 2009. Caton was expected to be set free by the Ecuadorian judge at that hearing based on the facts of the case which indicated Caton’s permanent residency in Ecuador is legal and valid.  Three days before the hearing could take place, Caton was taken from his holding facility and, with the help of U.S. State Department employees, involuntarily placed on an American Airlines plane headed for Miami. An Ecuadorian judge rushed to the airport in Guayaquil and demanded that Caton be released from the plane, stating that the attempted deportation was illegal, but American Airlines employees reportedly refused to allow Caton to leave the plane, stating that the plane was “U.S. territory” and that Ecuadorian law did not apply there (even though the plane was still on the tarmac in Guayaquil and under the direction of the air traffic control tower there).  The plane then departed Guayaquil and continued its flight to Miami where Greg Caton was held in a federal detention facility to await trial in the U.S.

The Ecuadorian law enforcement after realizing what had happened were dismayed at what they had done.  They inadvertently assisted European Interpol under the authority of the United States in the highly illegal extraction of Greg Caton back to the United States.  We understand that the story of Julian Assange, which has similar implications, in which at this writing is under protection of the Ecuadorian government so that his story does not repeat that of of Caton’s.  Julian, as we all remember, produced evidence of corporate and governmental corruption during the take over and occupation of Iraq.. and the assassination of their president, Saddam Hussein.  Whether Hussein was evil or not is not the point.. people who Assange exposed made quite a bit of money – it wasn’t you or me the got unethically rich.

Dismayed at the blunder, an Ecuadorian judge tried to reclaim Caton without success.  Caton was tried on a trump charge and had to serve more prison time in a federal penitentiary once again.

Mike Adams, for some unusual reason, happened to be the first to report this incidence to the world via  As usual, Mike Adams seems to receive the first of many ‘first reports’ for his investigative reporting.

If the fox that guards the hen house happens to be Mike Adams in the 20 billion dollar natural health industry then this all makes sense.  He reached out for help to assist Greg Caton and as big as Adams is, seemed to go nowhere with this mission.  Why?  Did he not have enough resources  Is he not the millionaire he is?  Greg Caton, if Adams successfully helped fight this case, would be put on the map and revered as a hero, but this didn’t happen.

My contention is that Mike Adams was an industry plant with the main job of getting Greg Caton trapped in a sting while pretending he was a fighter for our rights.  This would and could have happened to others in the health food world invited to live in Vilcabamba.  Once Caton was extradited, Adams left the country that would protect him if he were Caton or Assange.. if he indeed was a true person expressing true healing messages, products, and services.


Business deals

I’m sure many of Mike’s business deals will be reported on such as the Taiwanese owned publishing company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona and more.  I’d like to share one of my own and of my personal experience in Mike’s presence to illustrate the notion that he is mostly about the revenue he generates.

He published a book called Natural Health Solutions which at the time sold for $30.00.  This was my first text I read which jetisoned me into the world of natural health research and learning.  Mike was inspired me and everything in my world hinged on what he had researched. All of his books were published by his very own company, but peculiarly priced if one were buying so-called free additional items.


I talked about him to everyone. He had a similar book published with about the same page count that could only be purchased as a package deal with five additional items that he valued at $50.00 that was offered as a freebie, but only with the purchase of the book Grocery Warning which amounted to $80.00.  That’s a thirty dollar book with fifty dollars worth of free extras totaling eighty dollars, but you couldn’t buy just the book.. I asked him in person if I could.  I didn’t need the laminated “honest Food Guide” that you see up above (until now of course since there’s too much soy in our world).  So, I asked him in person about the rationale as anyone with common sense would and what I got back blew me away.

“Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned” – Adams

The business man certainly was pissed that I questioned and pointed out his revenue generating practice.  His eyes showed it and his posture changed.. he couldn’t wait for me to walk away.  Later, he avoided passing near me and that was proof he had something important to conceal.  I even noticed it with his wife who was busy collecting money on their product sales.  I just feel badly for David Rainoshek for he has not returned my email regarding Mike Adams.. it seems David has ‘dropped out’ entirely.  Why is anyone’s guess, but I think I know what it is.

If proof is required to show that a megalithic conspiracy is happening and that he indeed is holding hands with Monsanto and Al Gore but that evidence cannot be confirmed, then his very nonspiritual business practice of ‘cheating’ is very much the proof that demonstrates that every bit of his rhetoric is unqualified.  I had Naomi Tickle profile him (scroll to Mike Adams character set.. personality profile).  I do with everyone and without knowing who he or Alex Jones was, said that people who have a particular trait cluster as these men have, she just doesn’t believe what they say.  “They’re salesmen and I don’t listen to them”.  She said this particularly with Alex Jones.  The reason this is important is because I didn’t ask her to profile Alex.. I never thought to ask.  She said that the person in the youtube with Mike Adams has demonstrable traits that will boggle your mind as did did mine.

Mike Adams is aiding the ‘Big Brother’ agenda

Adams has no business instructing people seeking nutritional and health advice, products, and general spiritual information on matters of the New World Order, the militarization of a nation, and the creeping up of our loss of our sovereignty.  His article posted on June 8, 2012 “How to spot a sociopath” is by far the ‘tell’ that he is working the other side against you.


basis of the propaganda is to encourage the average untrained person to implicate anyone for any reason in matters of character profiling with the potential action taken by this observer to inform the authorities.  This is a matter of known with incarcerated individuals in the jail and prison system as ‘snitches’.  He is teaching you to be an unpaid informant.  This and all the rest that Adams posts is designed to further the military complex.  This is Orwell’s 1984 ‘Big Brother’ in a highly influential action.

(above) Adams uses a diabolical tactic that references you to a homicidal psychopath who controlled others to commit murder, not a sociopath.  Manson above is pictured with wide eyes just as Jared Lee Loughner’s first photo manipulated picture post was ‘wide eyed’.  This posture has the impression that a person is disturbed.  Adams also used Marshall Applewhite who laced food and drink with a poison that killed people.  Adams says, “Notice the intensity of his eyes?”  This is hardly a description indicating one with psychological problems.

Adams tells his constituents whose lives revolve around healthy diets, “Interestingly, many sociopaths do indeed center their actions around a bizarre food or drink theme, often demanding their members eat or drink poisonous or highly offensive substances that no rational person would otherwise consume.”  Mike does not provide studies and statistics, rather, he references the reader to one high profile case and nothing more.  Mike is attacking the vegetarian lifestylers who frequent his website.

Notice how Applewhite speaks with authority, clarity and some level of charisma? Notice the intensity of his eyes? This is another common trait among sociopaths (including Manson, above). Remember, this man gained such influence over his followers that they voluntarily killed themselves in order to maintain his approval!

Don’t accept it.  Ask him to stand down on his mission to indoctrinate the innocent who will uncontrollably implicate more innocent people than the real perpetrators.

His first example from the list of 10 points “How to spot a sociopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job”  is as follows:

#1) Sociopaths are charming

#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

(left column) Many people are charming over non charismatic and maintain a “glow” about them.  My grandmother glows and has a special charm.  If somebody calls the police on her and says that he read her profile characteristic match based on Mike Adam’s article, well, what will you think next?  Let him be?  That’s just one person and millions visit his website and have read that article.  The truth is, he has been given the opportunity to conduct the business of disseminating these instructions so that we feel it is an acceptable practice to arbitrarily implicate as many glowing charm filled people without any cause as we possibly can.

Everyone has a choice in their personal lives to express their sexual desires in the way they like.  Adams has intruded in your space demanding you are brought to justice without saying that you should call the authorities.  But that is exactly what is happening as this is a powerful suggestion he has made and that people can get into trouble when there is nothing he will do to help if you’re innocent.

“One simple method for dispelling sociopathic delusion is to start fact checking their claims. Do any of their claims actually check out? If you start digging, you will usually find a pattern of frequent inconsistencies. Confront the suspected sociopath with an inconsistency and see what happens: Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned, whereas a sane person would simply be happy to help clear up any misinformation or misunderstanding.” -Mike Adams

If someone over hears you share in a private conversation that you met a man, or a woman, who love feet and that the foot is special to them during love making.. caressing, massaging, and so forth, and the eaves dropper considers that a foot fetish involving a sexual act then reports you, then that is what Mike Adams has set up in his first item as described.  The police knock on your door with a search warrant, seize your computer, and then it’s over from there.

Mike green-lights you to approach who you may suspect as what he is labeling a sociopath.  This is dangerous if the person really is more than sociopathic — a psychopath with homicidal tendencies.  Rare, but this could happen.  While he’s instructing you to profile any and everyone who is charming, intelligent, and ‘glows’, he is setting you up to be potentially a target of a real perpetrator sharing the same characteristics as a so-called sociopath.  (Health Ranger’s quote in the left column)

Is Mike Adams the sociopath pointing the finger at everyone else?

Is it so shocking that he may well be the actual sociopath?

Mike says, “The most shocking realization to take home from all this is that people who live under the spell of a sociopath almost never realize it until after the spell has been broken.”

Read the 10 descriptions and compare him, the analysis Naomi Tickle did on his character set, and what I’ve written disclosing his actions vs intent.  That’s right.. it is how the psyops functions “reverse psychology”.

I can’t be attacked.  I have disclosed evidence that cannot and will not fly in the face of truth.  All the deciphering of naturalnews banner design has been given to Adams, the timelines of his Vilcabomba life and the question as to really why he was there and why he would abandon a garden of Eden to the pit of military America.  He has yet to answer.  He cannot for his attorneys won’t allow it.  but he would if boundaryless.  It’s as simple as that.

Mike writes, “Another very valuable red flag to recognize when trying to spot a sociopath is to see how they deal with attacks on their own integrity. If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!” 

These are facts that this true sociopath cannot refute nor will he attempt to justify to you why he changed the website design, won’t disclose his star journalist, even after my published information about his activities has been made public.  And yet, he will answer your queries about what he sells product wise and moronic things that aren’t getting him in trouble.

Well, he did steal $50 dollars from me claiming I was getting that for free when purchasing an 80 dollar book that was worth $30 if comparing to a similar one he sold at the same time.  In another paragraph, Mike says, “A sociopath caught red-handed with a suitcase full of cash he just stole, for example, might declare he had actually rescued the money from being stolen by someone else, and that he was attempting to find its rightful owner. He’s the hero, see? And yet, in reality, he will simply pocket the money and keep it. If you question him about the money, he will attack you for questioning his honesty.”  He made an elaborate excuse about the inflated price of the book that came with $50 dollars worth of “FREE” material.  He staged himself as a hero buying old people clothes and a mattress, video taped it, and made you think he was saving the world one person at a time.  Baloney. Such a con.

“Do not speak with one face and then secretly act out another.” – Mike Adams “How to spot a sociopath-10 red flags…”

Mike Adams proclaims, Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities. They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior. Wherever they go, they create strife, argument and hatred, yet they utterly fail to see their own role in creating it. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.”

I can decode the message word for word, but this should be enough.  Read his article assuming him to be the sociopath and you’ll see it very clearly.  As he tells you himself, “Wake up!”

Mike Adams is an entrepreneurial business man

who is in this to amass large sums of money.  His real estate company, mass media ties, supplements advertising and endorsements, products and his books through his very own publishing company is just some of what he does.  He has proprietary software he’s developed and if he is within arms reach of Al Gore, then he’s somehow tied in with the NSA information and tracking agendas perhaps applying his software that he leads us to believe is for consumer use.  We’ll see.. anyway, what I want to show is one of his philanthropical and generous attempts to be of help to the destitute, or who he assumes is.

He could easily employ this man as well as find a natural healer, like Greg Caton, and help restore him to health.  What Mike does is show his faked compassion when he could easily set him up in a house without even making a dent in his financial portfolio.  It’s next to nothing to live in Ecuador.  Mike asks the man what his needs are, but the man, like anyone caught off guard without knowing the premise would say, “ropa y comida” which is new clothes and food.  Another Adams advertisement for self-service was a woman who asked or encouraged to get a mattress.  He could have employed her too.. I wouldn’t doubt she had a thorough understanding of native medicine.

“Len and I have long known that it is possible that Mike Adams is a controlled opposition. Besides this notion, he does work closely with Alex Jones [who happens to be criticised for the same reason].  We did meet him once, when he invited Len to speak at a California health seminar.  We had dinner at a local vegetarian restaurant, (Adams claims to be an avid vegan) and for one, he was much younger than I thought he would be, and he is very intelligent.  The one big feeling I sensed was the Nazi persona.  He looked at me [and I felt] was with complete hatred, as [one would expect] Nazi types often do. I believe it has something to do with past lives. In any case, he was this tall, Aryan looking guy that wreaked of CIA/military intelligence.  Len asked [him] if he wanted to join forces and partner with us in our health products business, as well as our journalism efforts. He said he would, but of course we never heard from him again. He did hire a Jewish guy to be a host of that health event, named Jonathan Landsman, who works closely with Adams.  [In my experience] Landsman was extremely rude to me at the event, and foolishly told bad jokes.  He completely lacked charm.  When Len was on the stage with the other speakers during a Q&A, I was in the audience and when I raised my hand to ask a question, he [Landsman] ignored me completely by taking everyone’s questions but mine. He made a rude to me in front of everyone.  I really like your article and I would like to put a link to it on my website if that’s OK.
Best Wishes,

Folks, there are people who need food, clothing, and mattresses right there in Austin.. where are those youtubes?

Mike Adams ‘handles’ David Rainoshek (controlling cluster traits)

I felt an overwhelming black energy that really spooked me.. he stepped back and became very defensive and cold. This was just after shaking his hand for the first time.  I thought “Oh my God, I have to remove myself from this place now”.  And I did.  This was the first indication after having suspected other discrepancies about the website and the quality of information that was being put out.  I had learned enough by then to see contradictions, but this business practice that was deceitful confirmed the notion.  From there, I found that more people had tracked Mike Adams for similar reasons.

He had connected with a student of Gabriel Cousens who obtained a masters degree from the Tree of Life Rejouvenation Clinic in Patagonia.  The  product he partnered with David Rainoshek was called “Juice Feasting” – a 92 day vegetable juice diet in which the human body could restore itself to its original healthy condition.  Mike Adams set the date with David Rainoshek of which I attended.  The reason I bring this up is because while Mike Adams ran from Ecuador to seek safety in Texas, David and his wife remain in Ecuador as permanent residents and are quite content with their lives.. bearing children and all that good stuff.  Adams having announced the fear mongering to all of us here does not talk about the dangers to his friends he drew down to Vilcabamba.  You see, he drew people belonging to the circles he wished to be a part of and then abandoned them to be a part of Alex Jones propaganda machine.

And then there is the business of sequestering dangerous influences

Perhaps his desire is to lead the health and nutrition leaders away from a country under detrimental reconstruction where minds are being molded for the worse; that it would be wise to remove those with the wisdom, the answers to health problems, and the ability to heal in mass away from those of us who lack this knowledge and understanding.  After several times trying to contact David Rainoshek, I found out that he and his wife are safe and sound as permanent residents in Ecuador. This disconnectedness may be reason why I, somebody he wouldn’t recognize, doesn’t get a return  email.. I tried to get to him for answers I have concerning his business deal with Mike Adams.  I would assume that his relocation from the United States proves positive that I was essentially right.. There are others that have left for Adam’s land deals as well.

You see, Adams had the resources to move back if this had been a mission accomplished – it would be difficult for the others to move freely making frequent visits to the Unites States in a show of constant presence.  This is a logistical tactic effective with keeping a major health movement from taking root within the United States.  This way, natural news would have more power to control the information about the industry of health.  The design is to steer away from the truth.


Mike Adams character set.. personality profile

I’m writing an article that is rather pointed, however, I don’t discount anything.   When the news came back as to what Mike Adams character qualities were, I was actually pleased for the reason Adams could be honestly doing good.  He has a character set that I would like to have give or take one or two.   Naomi Tickle is absolutely objective.  She has no preconceived idea as to who the people are that I ask for help with.  All, but with the exception of elected government officials and the obvious from the media outlets, but none outside of mainstream.  When I try to explain who they are and what they are suspected of, her science and understanding of facial topography and relationships remain her focus.. I’m getting the real deal with no preconceived ideas.

In a message dated 10/22/2012 8:31:18 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Good morning Naomi,

One day we’ll have tea.. Attached is the person I’m writing an article about. I’m sending not just his head, but the body for the reason you can see his hands. If there is more you need, he is widely known and on many youtubes. Let me know and I’ll search for what you need. I keep saying each person is the next most important and now I have to stop saying it!! I’m sure I’ll keep getting bigger ones. This one, however, is a huge fish and I’ll tell you what I suspect after the profile is done. You’ll be happy that I’m on this case when I tell you. Out of curiosity, have you noted that several men’s images profiled so far have had ‘Aryan’ like features about them? If so, it is because there is a neo Nazi resurgence occurring under our noses. From Adams to Mark Kelly, they all lean towards it – am I close to right? This is why I’m doing what I can…

Re: Mike Adams profile…

Sent Monday, October 22, 2012 at 11:38 AM

Here’s what I can see

[Edited for brevity]  His body balance having short legs and a long torso indicates he is built to be on his feet finding himself restless after sitting too long. He requires an outlet for the degree of physical energy he builds or restless sets in. This physical motive trait means he’s constantly on the go and will have a hard time sitting down for long periods of time.

His physical insulation is high which means he has the love of the outdoors and camping, kayaking, canoeing or rock climbing and mountaineering if he has the risk taking trait plus the activities that take him there. Also, If he has the risk taking trait, this will put him out on the edge of life. He will enjoy the buzz that it brings him. It takes longer for situations to get under his skin, but see others as overly sensitive. Because he has the traits for adventure, he is excited when exploring new ideas, new places and the adventure of traveling. He may enjoy the competitive sport of boxing.

This man is serious minded, takes life very seriously, and has a tendency to carry the world on his shoulders, he’ll be irritated when others appear to be too flippant about what he’s sharing.

He also has a high impulsiveness trait which indicates that he says and does things spontaneously without worrying about any regrettable future consequences.

If he has the risk taking trait he will come across as being more pushy, that along with his competitive drive adds to that style because of the fact he does not come across as being authoritative.  But, his self-reliance is high in which he can depend on himself no matter what the situation.  He has a tendency to take projects away from others because when others are slower than him he will get very irritated.

He is up front with people and very direct and to the point letting people know what he thinks and feels without mincing words and once he decides to do something is very committed to seeing it through.

This man will fight for what he believes in whether it is a human or environmental cause. This trait is often seen in mediation which indicates he has a special talent for settling differences and a preference for mediation and compromise over force or coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict. [this is how prisonplanet grooms the masses so as to allow the NWO to succeed without a firing a shot.. perhaps they profiled Adams as well to use him in this manner] The love of debate and will fight for what he believes in be it a human or environmental cause.

Jones is on 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, with guest hosts covering the weekend and his vacation days all year long.  All that is accomplished is the incitement of drama, sensationalism, fear, and most of all peddles the products that ease those installed fears.  He does this without ever producing a solution to any problem shared on that show.  If there has been a real problem solved that can be attributed to prisonplanet infowars dot com, somebody please show me.. otherwise it really is authentically more than a precisely programed timing and disclosure venue by design.  What few even consider is that he pushed the debut and distribution of the documentary, “The Obama Deception” to a point of no error free access allowing president Barack Obama to easily win the election four years and lots of damage ago. That film, even in the rough, required half a year at least to become viral enough and with enough visibility to those in the dark for a nation to reconsider their opinions that were being conditioned by the media.  It’s all about fooling the public folks.. wake up.  Fuck the whistles and bells that he felt would make it a cinematic experience.. he rambled that for a year or so and I got sick of the wait.  The message gets across just fine in the first cut, and, in a quarter of the time (two hours of relatively little).  Few if anyone truly understand the dynamics of deception. The Obama Deception happened to be our deception of Alex Jones himself.

His high forcefulness is very strong.  He may have the tendency to plow through situations and people to get things accomplished.  If this trait is out of control, people will see him as being very pushy. Along with forcefulness is his high competitive nature.  He enjoys competing with others and even with himself.

This man gains his confidence through knowledge. When faced with new situations, he studies things extensively before taking on new projects or activities. He will take class after class to ensure he has enough information. When situations seem rather daunting, it is most likely due to lack of experience or enough information.

He is tolerant to a certain degree then snaps to judgement and because he has the controlling cluster, so will he want to be in control of situations and people. This is often noted with people who follow a strong believe or cause.

There is a high analytical trait to him in which he needs to understand how and why things work.  There is a latent hesitation, or reluctance, with making decisions until his questions have been completely satisfied.

He will come across as being very friendly, people will find him very approachable [he was friendly until I questioned Mike about his business ethics].

He has  high appreciation of balance and harmony because of a large aesthetic appreciation trait. He surrounds himself with beautiful things whether it is artwork, elegant furnishings also the interior of your home and expresses a great sense on how the things flow together. When life is out of balance he will notice this more. Often times these individuals enjoy drinking alcohol or taking drugs. It helps to disguise what is really going on [Mike’s drug of choice is the high one gets from eating richly dense organic super foods as explained by David Wolfe and David Rainoshek, two of many high profile rawfood experts.. which is most likely why Adams gravitated to the rawfood community].

His mechanical appreciation precludes him to be a natural when bringing people together, co-ordinate projects, and organize events. His thoughts will appear to be very organized in his mind. He would do well with event planning, project management or any activity where organization is needed.

This man also has the appreciation for music with a keen sense of rhythm and how things flow together [his rap music compilations prove this]. He may enjoy playing a musical instrument or going to concerts.

His mental capacity is strong in which he enjoys the intellectual challenges of abstract thoughts and ideas – ‘thinking outside the box’.

There is an idealizing trend that is high  which he would demonstrate extremely high standards and high expectations which helps with relationships and in business if addressed correctly. There are times when he dreams – escaping in mind – from the real world, with great visions of “how you want the world to be.”  He is a very creative person with a vivid imagination and can be easily carried away with with ideas where reality is abandoned [This could be the Mike Adams we’d like to know, or it could be the NWO adopted that replaces healthy utopian ideas].

“Just looked at him on Youtube. He is also a trouble shooter problem solver and has a good photographic memory. Plus he does have the following traits and the cluster described of controlling.  He is only just tolerant, and will be quickly irritated by interruptions.There may be an indication that he likes to control people. His consideration is high which means he will bend over backwards to help others [this is important if he did in fact attempt to help Greg Caton from being taken by the FDA]. He will often put other people before himself.  The trait cluster having also the close set eyes, high standards, concentration and along with the fighting for a cause, will add to his determination to get his message across. Yes, Mike Adams certainly fits the profile of someone who wants to challenge the government. He’s a fighter for causes and his strong beliefs. He wants to make a contribution to improve the quality in people’s lives. He’ll fight to the end.”  That’s about all I could see from the video’s. Hope this helps you. – Naomi”

He tends to be a perpetual student and will take workshops and courses for the love of learning new information, but moves on from project to project “been there done that” and then moves on with the tendency to change careers multiple times.

That’s about all I can see. If we could get some side photo’s, I could then access more traits. I hope this helps you. [she viewed the video cast in which she could view Adams profile]


In our phone conversation upon receipt of the profile, Naomi added that Alex Jones exhibits the characteristic of being a salesman and that when she sees these people tends to avoid them “.. and I don’t believe what they say anyway”. Alex is about money and control and that it is all about business with him. She added that Mike Adams is more about business than money, is controlling and when he is in a room with like minded people can become so immersed in the action that he can be blinded to the cause. He is easily misled. This explains then that Mike may very well be a stooge without any precept knowledge of being used for ulterior motives and is why I’m concluding that there is mal intention on his part in manipulating people. I also do see more than meets the eye and feel he has sold out. He is noted for saying he’d be a millionaire before 30 and he did not admit his book was worth the same as another when I first confronted him. The trait for one with deceptive personality and who can be evil is an extra or thicker upper edge to the eyelid.

A subsequent note followed the initial profile where Naomi concluded her objective points after watching the youtube of Mike Adams with Alex Jones without the background knowledge of either.  This is why I first obtain a blind study (see the left column for her note)..

Who writes for Natural News?

I contacted another newstarget contributor who crossed over to naturalnews and shall go unnamed for security reasons, that became defensive when asked questions regarding his source material and the research behind them.  I asked if he would update or even retract any article I found to have errors in them to which the reply was basically ‘go f___ yourself’.  It didn’t take long to know that none of the contributors, based on their content, are screened for a hopeful in depth understanding of the topics they present.  Why should somebody be on high alert when I ask if they validated a source study.. and then shown the proof?  Or, if they were aware of a business practice that was not ethical by the news venue using their material?  Favoritism perhaps?  Fear of losing credibility?

I looked into the background of one particular feature journalist for naturalnews.  His name is David Gutierrez who doesn’t come up in any Google search.  He’s an investigative jouranlistic ghost.  There is no biography, background.. nothing returned in a google search nor at’s website itself (if there is, please notify me and make sure it goes back a distance and that it’s not recently placed after this posting).  I had asked Holly Pinnetta who manages Truth Publishing years back at a raw food festival that took place in Sedona, Arizona, I think 2007, if I could get into contact with Gutierrez.  I even asked why Mike Adams never returned my email questions.  The answer I received in person at the newstarget booth was a resounding no.  I couldn’t believe it!  she said that Mike was a busy person and couldn’t get to everyone, but eventually would.  Well, that eventually is over five years old.  She even  even repeated it and recommended that I keep trying.   I even told her the number of times I had queried the person who has stated on record to answering everyone’s questions.  Well, to be honest, I did happen to ask about the $80.00 book being unreasonably high in one of those emails and the rationale for thinking so.. perhaps I shouldn’t have.  Then again, good thing I did to understand the dynamics behind the dynamics.

Point is, Gutierrez had the knack for researching and developing as many as three and more articles per day.  One full fledged ‘white paper’ (or article) can take me years to complete which is why I wanted to learn how this person mastered his craft.  What I know today having done the footwork in research is that all the text, verbiage if you’d like, is scripted and information filtered through behind the scenes ‘think tanks’ and not truly authored by the named writer.  If this is not the case, Holly would have freely and without reservations given me this information with a smile.  Mike would be all smiles too!  And why not?  I’d be proud of my writers!  This just isn’t the case especially today.

A challenge for Mike Adams

“Mike Adams is nonsensical about vaccines, homeopathy, and so on. Readers may remember his diatribe after Patrick Swayze died. Adams claims he wants to help people, but instead peddles all manners of treatments that are known not to work at all.” – .……. Phil Plait

The articles that Gutierrez, a real human or fictional writing contributor in question, has not been adequately identified and produced to me, and more dangerously, if a real person, “screened” by Mike Adams.  Here I am in the flesh telling the truth by actively doing the work and not using ‘hand me down’ tripe.  I will enlarge on the dirty business practices of the supplements and product line companies that are promoted, mislabeled, toxic and vehicles for disease, sold, and written about by Mike Adams.

Update:  S.Y. (Adams knows what the initials stand for) approached me with information about Mike Adam’s personal infidelity during a year period while Adams was transitioning from News Target to naturalnews.  This was unexpected nor needed, however, was confirmation based on what I didn’t report… my experiences that nobody could have known, she did.  His mistress, S.A., who is currently married after she had broken off the relationship has become a close friend after the publishing of this article.  What I had reported is adequate, however, I am prepared to produce the witness that can destroy Mike’s credibility with his fans and customers.  Out of respect for Adam’s wife, Sheh, I won’t disclose what I have come to learn, but I will say that what critics of Mike Adams have expressed about his personality are likely true as my assumptions were.



Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried

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Mike Adams
Natural News
December 14, 2011

One of the most common questions I’m asked today from people who are aware of what’s really going on is, “Should I leave the USA to get away from the coming police state?” Three years ago, I would have said YES, but today, after having experienced such an effort myself and now having a clear understanding of the ramifications of such an effort, I must urge people to reconsider. As you’ll read here, you may ultimately be far safer and more successful living right where you are, in your “home country,” even if that home country becomes a police state.

I’ve lived in many countries, by the way: Taiwan, Australia and Ecuador. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Asia, giving seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. I’ve traveled across England, France, Spain and even Portugal. Spent quite a bit of time in Central America and South America. I speak decent Spanish and decent Chinese, so there’s almost nowhere I go in the world that I can’t speak to the local people in either English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. I’ve seen extreme wealth, extreme poverty and extreme corruption in all its world flavors, and I’ve seen what corruption does to nations and its populations,first hand.

I don’t claim to be a prophet of any kind, but today I’m a bit wiser, a bit more experienced and a bit less foolish than I was a few years ago, and I’d like to pass on whatever nuggets of wisdom might help you and your family prepare for the powerful global changes which have already begun to unfold.

Here, I share with you five powerful realizations you need to keep in mind when considering where to locate (or relocate) before the collapse becomes a reality. (Time is growing short, so read up…)

For starters, there is a universal truth you must accept if you hope to make a truly wise decision about where to locate: Corruption is everywhere.

Realization #1 – Corruption is far worse outside the USA

If you think the USA is corrupt, you should try living in Peru, or Bolivia, or Panama. And if you think that’s corrupt, head over to Haiti for a double heaping serving of corruption.

Yes, we may all legitimately complain about the USA, but from what I’ve seen everywhere around the world, the United States is still less corrupt than most places in the world. Yes, there are bad apples everywhere throughout local police, federal FBI agents and even the court system, but for every bad apple there are probably three times as many honorable people who are truly just trying to do their jobs.

In years past, I served in a non-profit support role, the local police in Tucson, Arizona, and I came to know them as some of the most upstanding, honorable peace officers I’ve ever met. Yes, they had a history of outrageous corruption (which you’ll find in every police force from time to time), but they rooted out that corruption and restored integrity to their operation. You’ll find the same dedication to honest public service all across the nation, even if there is a little corruption that normally goes along with it.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking you can escape corruption by leaving the USA. You are actually likely to discover MORE corruption elsewhere. For example, in Ecuador, where I lived for two years and held a local driver’s license, it wasn’t unusual for me to be stopped at an armed military roadblock and asked questions. These were staffed with soldiers carrying what appeared to be variants of the standard U.S. issue M4 rifles (AR-15 in the civilian editions). They never gave me any trouble, it turns out. They asked a couple of questions and looked at my documentation, then waved me through.

In fact, I had many friends in law enforcement in Ecuador, and I spoke with them regularly. Sure, they were a little corrupt, but not in an over-the-top criminal way like we see with the FBI in the United States actually masterminding terrorist plots and then magically “discovering” those plots just in time to halt them (…).

Costa Rica has been described as a “police state” by numerous people who have visited or even lived there. Yes, the country if a beautiful paradise in terms of climate, and it is perhaps the most socially advanced nation in Central and South America, but like all such nations, it has a socialist police state mentality.

South Americans love socialism, it turns out. And this has everything to do with preparedness…

Realization #2 – Many cultures do not practice long-term preparedness thinking

In observing all this first hand, I’ve come to the conclusion that the embracing of socialism throughout South America is the result of cultural short-term thinking.

For example, throughout South America, people often buy prescription medicines one pill at a time. They buy a bag of twenty screws from the hardware store, then return to the store after they run out to buy another twenty. This is often infuriating to the “gringos” who are trying to build a house, for example, because they operate with the idea that you should just buy 5,000 screws all at once and have plenty to get the job done. I can assure you from first-hand experience that such a concept is completely alien to a great many South Americans (most notably in rural areas).

I make no judgments about this, by the way. There are pros and cons on both sides of this equation. But in my experience living in Ecuador, finding people engaged in preparedness planning was virtually impossible unless they were of European descent. For example, rural Ecuadorians often buy a small baggy of spices in a quantity for cookingone meal. And in doing this kind of thing, they nickel-and-dime themselves into actually losing money because they don’t take advantage of the purchasing efficiencies realized through long-term planning. The idea, for example, of buying large quantities of facial tissue at a Costco or Sam’s Club is completely foreign to most South American cultures (more so in rural areas than urban). Even if they might save 40% from buying in bulk, their cultural tendency is to buy one tissue box at a time, paying a much higher overall price over time.

This concept is also reinforced by the very heavy reliance on state-run lotteries throughout South America. In any nation, high participation in lotteries is a powerful demonstration that a culture lacks the cognitive coherence necessary for intelligent financial planning. You see this heavily reflected throughout Peru and Brazil, by the way. You’ll even find this in many poorer areas of rural USA where the lack of mathematics education (and, perhaps, an irrational belief in luck) motivates many people to hand over their money to the state. That’s why the mathematically inclined call the lottery “a tax on people who can’t do math.”

There is, of course, an interesting up-side to short-term thinking, because the very same phenomenon might also be called “living in the moment.” Some in the new age movement call it “the power of NOW.” South Americans know all about the power of NOW, as you’ll clearly see on a Sunday morning when driving your car down the road, weaving around drunken citizens sleeping in the ditches, sometimes still clutching an empty bottle of sugar cane alcohol. The night before, they all lived in “the now,” you see, and they weren’t necessarily thinking about the hangover implications that would inevitably arrive the next morning.

You see, to actually get anything done in society, you have tolive at least a little bit in the future.

On the food production front, by the way, it is extremely difficult to buy a John Deere tractor in many Central and South American nations. Much of the food production there is still done by hand (not as much in Brazil, of course, where agricultural mechanization is in full swing…).

In Texas, by comparison, John Deere tractors are available everywhere. More importantly,there are lots of people who know how to fix ‘em.Given that a tractor is one of the most fundamental work multipliers in agriculture, if you hope to survive the coming collapse,you need a reliable tractoron your land in a community that’s familiar with tractors, and you need a few hundred gallons of stored diesel fuel to power it through the disruptions. It’s no exaggeration to say that one gallon of diesel fuel can replace the labor of twelve men working twelve hours. It’s a powerful force multiplier if you own the right hardware.

If you get a tractor, by the way, avoid all those more recent John Deere tractors which are fifty percent electronics and plastic. Buy the old ones, made out of iron and grit, because they’re the only ones that will still operate after an electromagnetic pulse attack, in case you were wondering.

Climate reveals a lot about the planning tendencies of any culture

Getting back to the preparedness mentality of different cultures, climate shapes cultural tendencies, too. The climate in Central and South America is so much more amenable to easy food production (except at very high altitudes) that there really isn’t a cultural impulse to engage in behaviors such as “storing food to survive the winter.” With food literally falling off the trees year-round in places like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, generations after generations of people there have settled into a rhythm of day-to-day living with relatively little planning. The very best preparedness planners, not surprisingly, are people whose ancestors survived harsh climates and brutal winters.

A lack of planning in South American culture is also evident in the surprising lack of family planning you’ll find there, where it’s not unusual to find women with four, six or even ten children, none of which seems to own a decent pair of shoes. It makes you seriously wonder about the “thinking ahead” portions of the brain and why they have not been activated in some people. There is a part of the brain — the future planning part — that can imagine a particular future emerging as a result of today’s actions and then use that imagined future to reshape today’s actions in order to improve the future (which eventually becomes the NOW, of course, as you’ve no doubt noticed). People who are cognitively skilled at this process are, by definition, good planners. They tend to have better outcomes in life. Those who are poor at this skill, for whatever reason, tend to have poorer outcomes in life.

Women’s rights advocacy groups correctly point out that a lack of family planning among women usually stems from a cultural devaluing of the female, which then leads to a chronic lack of women’s education, subsequently correlated to startlingly high birth rates. The best way to reduce birth rates in developing nations, it turns out, is to either build more schools or just go the Bill Gates route and vaccinate everyone into a state of total infertility. (If you’re an evil globalist, it’s so much easier to just inject women than educate them…)

Why does all this matter? I’ve learned over the last few years that the best place to be in a collapse scenario is living around a bunch of other people who are also prepared because they are long-term thinkers and planners. You might want to live in a Mormon community, in other words, as they are typically the best prepared.

You might also find some preparedness communities in places like Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama or Costa Rica where there exists a critical mass of preparedness-minded people who tip the scales in your favor. So that’s definitely a solid option for those who are still intent on leaving the USA or Canada and looking for preparedness options elsewhere. I do know first-hand that there are some very viable ex-pat communities in both Panama and Costa Rica where a critical mass of aware citizens already exists. Lots of libertarians down there… but watch out for “retirement communities” in these countries, which are populated by people who have no interest in actively surviving anything because they figure they’re close to dying anyway.

You do NOT want to live around a whole city of people who culturally and habitually lean toward short-term thinking rather than long-term planning. A city full of starving children with mothers living in total poverty who can barely afford their next meal is not a good backdrop against which you want to build a survival retreat, especially if you’re living out in the country by yourself.

Read books by Jared Diamond (…) if you really want to understand the long-term implications of geography and climate on the development of human culture. You will come to understand that in cultures where food comes too easily, over time there comes to exist a systemic lack of long-term planning in the minds of the citizens. This is a red flag for anyone seeking a preparedness destination.

Realization #3 – Don’t be the foreigner

Another important point to remember in all this is that if you’re, let’s say, a white person living in a white town in America, you blend in. You can walk around anonymously — at the grocery store, the shopping mall, the gas station, whatever. But the minute you move to some country town in South America (or Thailand, or whatever), then you suddenly stick out like a sore thumb.

In other words, if you’re a 6′ 1″ white guy walking around a town of 5′ 8″ brown-skinned people, do ya think anyone will notice?

You bet they will, and when they see a 6′ 1″ white guy walking around, what they really see is a walking ATM.

You’re a symbol of wealth, and the poorer the country you go to, the more wealth disparity you’ll find, of course. And what you need to understand is that wealth disparity breeds contempt. So while you’re driving around in a brand-new Toyota 4×4 (which I never did, by the way), the locals are looking at you and thinking to themselves that they could never afford that vehicle in their LIFETIME.

Why does this matter? From a practical perspective, it means that in a social breakdown scenario, these people have an instant idea of where the goods are. Who has the money? The white people! Who has the nicest houses, cars and electronics? The white people! (Or “the foreigner,” even if you’re not white.)

What I learned from this is that I’d rather be an “average” white guy living in an average neighborhood, driving an average car than sticking out like some sort of person who appears to be relatively well off. That’s why today I still live in a modular trailer unit in Austin, I still drive a Toyota pickup truck, I dress like a rancher in blue jeans and flannel shirt, and nobody gives it a second thought when I’m out in public. I blend in, and that’s far wiser than sticking out.

Some people want to look rich and popular, so they wear a lot of bling, and they drive a high-end car they can’t afford, and they live in a house they can’t pay off, and they try to fool everybody into thinking they’re rich and powerful. I’d rather fool people into thinking I’m NOT powerful. Because underneath all that, I actually am quite capable of defending myself, or taking decisive action, or just quietly removing myself from the situation if required.

God help the mugger who tries to mug me on the street someday, because I don’t dial 911. Then again, I don’t walk aroundlookingwealthy enough to mug in the first place. In fact, half the time when I walk into a hardware store in Austin to buy some equipment, I still have dirt and grime on my face from working on the farm that morning, and I’ve got mud on my jeans and grease on my shirt from greasing the hydraulics of the tractor loader bucket.

The point is, if you try to stand out in a time of crisis, you’re an idiot. Blending in is so much wiser, I’ve learned. And I learned some of this the hard way, being an idiot myself in years past.

So the bottom line on this point is simple: Live where you fit in. If you speak with a Cajun accent, live around Cajuns. If you’re black, don’t be the one black guy in a white neighborhood (nor do you want to be the one white guy in a black neighborhood). It’s not racial segregation I’m advocating, by the way, it’s simply a preparedness attitude ofblending inso you don’t attract unwarranted attention to yourself and your daily activities.

Don’t draw attention to yourself

You’re going to have far better success at preparedness, survival and even home defense if you can engage in preparedness activities without drawing attention to yourself. So if you’re out at the local Wal-Mart, let’s say, buying up a case of rubbing alcohol to add to your first aid kit, you don’t want to leave any kind of strong impression a cashier there who, for example, might later tell some FBI agent, “Oh yeah, there was this 6′ 2″ guy with red hair and an old-style Western mustache, and he bought up a cart full of shotgun ammo, rubbing alcohol and bandages. I thought that was kinda weird…”

So another tip in all this is that if you’re buying first aid supplies, or stored food, or anything you need to stay prepared, buy things in small quantities, and better yet use the self checkout lanes at local retailers, so you’re not even interacting with a cashier at all. And don’t be a moron and buy too many items of anything at once. It’s far better to make multiple trips (to different stores, preferably), buying up smaller quantities of things and then combining them at home.

And what kind of things should you have? Well, if you want the full details, get myBe Prepared, Not Scaredcourse that I recorded with Robert Scott Bell, as we go over the entire preparedness list covering food, first aid, emergency communications, lighting, safety and much more:

Food Security:…

Economic Security:…

I’ve also created what I believe to be a very powerful audio recording called“Five Mental Strategies for Surviving Anytime, Anywhere”which is included as a free bonus to our “Surthrival” course recorded with Daniel Vitalis. Read about it here:…

…or download the full course at:…

Realization #4 – You cannot escape the global police state

I learned this with the help of Alex Jones of I was talking to him in the studio one day, during a commercial break, and he was asking me about Ecuador. Then he said something profound:“You can’t escape the police state, you know. It’s global.”

And he’s right. Think about the controllers and how they operate: It’s the global banksters, the global pharmaceutical giants, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Exxon and all the other evil corporations that infect our world with disease and suffering. These corporations run the global governments, and if you don’t believe me, just ask John Perkins, the former “Economic Hit Man.”

Listen to my interview with Perkins here:…

You will be astounded by what you’ll learn there, probably. But the upshot of it is that tyranny is a global phenomenon, and you cannot escape it by simply crossing some national boundary.

The simple truth is that our entire world is under assault by criminals right now, and those criminals are deeply embedded in the financial system of Goldman Sachs crooks and Federal Reserve elitists. They are dominating economies across Europe, North America, Asia and even Central and South America. They are planning an economic implosion so they can steal the world’s wealth. All assets backed by paper may become worthless in 2012 in the years soon thereafter. This is all by design, and it’s global.

With economic implosion comes social unrest, and with social unrest comes martial law. So you can expect martial law to be declared in many nations around the world, and in my experience, if you’re living under martial law, it’s preferable toblend inso that you don’t attract unnecessary attention to your own activities. (And by this, I don’t mean anything unlawful or subversive. I just mean fundamental commonsense things like buying extra food and supplies, for example, to defend your family and your local community. And have yourself a reliable mechanical lead-slinger as well.)

Realization #5 – You are far safer to hunker down than try to go mobile

A lot of people talk about having a backup retreat somewhere that they will “drive to” or “fly to” when the collapse strikes. In my view, this is foolish. Highways will become kill zones targeted by marauders, and using vehicles on roads will only get you either robbed or dead (or maybe both).

To a gang of armed looters who forgot to plan ahead before the collapse, there’s no more juicy target than an RV loaded down with stored food, ammo and gold, and if you’re stupid enough to drive one of those as you’re trying to get to your destination, you’d better have your own cavalry along for the ride, or you probably won’t get very far.

Anyone who has studied military tactics, gang mentality or historical accounts of what happens when governments fall knows that roads are to be avoided at all costs. The only safe way to go from point A to point B is to hump it on foot, cross-country style, and even then you’d better only walk at night or you risk being shot by someone defending their own land.

Once you start actually thinking about all this, it doesn’t take long to realize that the far safer strategy is to live in your castle starting right now. Stay put, stock up, and find a way to defend it.

Want a great book on how to accomplish that? Buy and read“Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart”(…)

It’s written by “Joe Nobody,” which itself is a lesson in laying low. This book isn’t about turning your house into a concrete bunker armed to the teeth, because that’s just an invitation to be hammered by an armed gang of looters. Rather, it’s just as much about using cosmetic deception to fool would-be marauders into thinking your place has already been hit, for example, and is therefore worthless. This informative book is really an example “The Art of War-” style thinking for defending your home and your family, using very clever techniques that go far beyond “shooting back.”

Don’t expect the book to be well edited, by the way. A lot of the best survival and prepper books have lousy editing because they’re written by people who are experts in practical skills but relatively inexperienced writers. But who cares? I’m not looking for Shakespeare here. I’m looking for tactics that really work, and this book delivers. (Wish I could find who really wrote this because I’d like to interview them here on NaturalNews…)

Getting back to the point at hand, even with a vehicle you can’t possibly carry everything you need to stay safe and prepared, and on top of that gasoline supplies may be impossible to find for a while, so the very best place to hunker down is the place where you live. That’s where you can store your food, emergency first aid supplies, communications equipment (wind-up emergency radios, for example), defensive items such as defensive items, solar battery chargers, cooking gear, instructional books, garden seeds and whatever else you might need to survive an economic collapse.

That’s why I’ve decided to ride out the collapse in Austin, Texas, by the way. Well, not exactly in the inner city itself, but near enough to the city to be considered an Austinite.

Why Texas? It’s not perfect, but it’s well-armed

Why Austin? Because Texas has its own power grid unlike the rest of the nation. Texas can grow its own food. Texas is the energy capital of the nation and can produce natural gas, diesel, oil and even jet fuel. Texas has masses of armed patriots who own more guns than they do pairs of shoes, and that makes Texas practically impenetrable to any invading force.

For example, suppose North Korea launches an ICBM into the high atmosphere over North America and unleashes an EMP weapon that destroys nearly all electronics (…)

This could theoretically be followed by a naval invasion of forces from Red China and North Korea, both of which suffer from too many young males that can hardly be fed and might as well be thrown at some enemy nation as cannon fodder. These forces would plow right through Southern California, with all its anti-gun laws and totally unprepared populations. Oregon would fare a lot better, thanks to the country folks who know how to live off the land, and although Seattle would be quickly overrun by enemy forces, the eastern (country) parts of Washington state would put up a fierce resistance. And any enemy forces foolish enough to try to make it into Idaho would, of course, be viciously intercepted by highly capable resistance forces that would snipe, explode and shred the enemy’s supply lines, halting any advance no matter how strongly intentioned. (You do not want to mess with American rebels and patriots in Idaho, for the record.)

If some enemy force was foolish enough to try to enter Texas, they would be obliterated by a mass of Texas farmers, ranchers, National Guardsmen, law enforcement officers and ex-military men who are all locked and loaded to the hilt. That’s where I feel safest, in the midst of the best-armed and most well-skilled riflemen in the country, most of which are upstanding, community-minded citizens who defend life and liberty. Texas is a fortress of determined men and women who will not, under any circumstances, willfully surrender their freedoms or their Bill of Rights.

Interestingly, Austin is also a progressive town with lots of raw foods, vegans, yoga studios and amazing artists. It’s a progressive, almost liberal town, surrounded by conservative country folks who ultimately serve as a safety buffer that protects the city of Austin itself. When SHTF time comes, you can bet all the unarmed Austin residents will be begging the rural cowboys to protect them from looters and armed gangs.

That’s why people who don’t own guns dial 911 — because they want men who DO own guns to arrive as quickly as possible and solve their problem.

Are your current skills based in reality? Or fiction…

As you consider where to go in a time of crisis, think about where you are right now. Is your local community able to defend itself? Do you live among people who know how to repair cars, weld equipment, repair a rifle, clean fresh fish, grow vegetables, raise chickens and chop firewood? If not, you might want to think about relocating to a place where you live among some more capable people rather than the city-minded people who — let’s face it — live in an artificial reality that’s extremely fragile and won’t last but a few days in a true collapse scenario.

If your top skills today are things like: texting while driving, finding the best sales at Macy’s, and beating the level 12 boss on your Xbox video game, then you’re not likely to survive very long in a real crisis. Xbox skills, it turns out, do not translate into the real world. All those people who are currently experts at artificial skills need to think long and hard about picking up a few reality skills that might help them in the real world.

You don’t know jack, Jack!

Above all, as much as youthinkyou know about preparedness, survival and the like, you probably don’t know jack.

And that goes for myself, too, even as I study this subject and work to learn as much as I possibly can in the short time remaining. Do you know how to suture an open wound? I have literally spent an afternoon reading a suture book and practicing stitches on chicken meat bought from the grocery store. Seems silly, right? Who spends their Saturday suturing a chunk of chicken? Then again, if you’re cut and bleeding more than a little, I’m the guy who knows how to apply a tourniquet in 60 seconds, sanitize the wound and sew it up. It will be ugly as all hell, as I’m no cosmetic surgeon, but as long as you didn’t sever some major artery, you’ll probably live.

I’ve also been known to pack open wounds with freshly-cut aloe vera gel. I just stuff it right into the wound then use a skin stapler to staple the surface shut.Never had an infection problem, as aloe vera gel is a powerful antibacterial substance that also pulls the wound shut as it dries. It’s crude, free and highly effective. Just the kind of country remedy I like to have handy in a time of crisis. That’s why I always grow aloe vera everywhere I go.

Get some skillz, Jack!

These days, my goal in preparedness is to know as many useful skills as possible, which is why I study emergency first aid and other practical skills. In a crisis, I can prep emergency food for an entire community, sanitize water for a small group, perform basic emergency medical procedures on the wounded or even be part of a rifle fire team that defends a church, for example, against a band of armed looters. I’m not the best at any one of those things, but I’m useful in them all.

I know how to grow medicine, grow food and (somewhat) handle farm animals. I know how to clean a rifle, repair a torn belt on a broken piece of farm equipment, operate a John Deere tractor, start a fire without matches, and stitch back together a torn piece of canvas or clothing.

I still don’t know how to field dress a wild pig or deer, but I figure I can always barter with someone who does, as I’ve got a complement of other useful skills that they probably don’t possess. (I’m not into hunting or skinning anything. Can’t stand to shoot live animals. That’s just not my thing, y’know?)

Most of all, I’m determined to survive, and I’m determined to help as many of my fellow human beings survive with me, to the best of my ability and resources. And that’s ultimately what’s going to get me through the coming collapse, so help me God.

Wherever you go, assess the basics

The other day I was thinking about Jim Rogers, the wealthy investor who lives in Singapore and often appears on alternative news shows like RT America or InfoWars. As much as I totally agree with Jim’s advice on learning Chinese (which is one reason why I speak a fair amount of Mandarin myself), if you know anything about Singapore, you also know it is perhaps the last place in the world you want to live in a collapse scenario.

Singapore is a concrete jungle with virtually no usable space for growing food in proportion to its population. Even worse, Singapore has virtually no water supply and must import a huge portion of its water from Malaysia, a nation with which Singapore has dicey relations.

The food for Singapore must all be imported from surrounding nations (such as Malaysia), and Singapore’s claim to fame — a financial hub of Asia — is in many ways based on the very false derivatives and fragile debt instruments that are on the verge of total collapse in the years ahead. If Asia suffers much in the way of economic collapse, Singapore may become a desperate place. Certainly, a resourceful guy like Jim Rogers can probably weather the storm and still come out on top (he’s got assets in multiple currencies, in many financial institutions around the world), but for your average run-of-the-mill citizens, Singapore could become a very dangerous place to try to survive.

When people look at relocating for preparedness reasons, they often overlook the basics such as water resources. That’s why I recommend people buy the book“Strategic Relocation — North American Guide to Safe Places, 3rd Edition”(…) by Joel Skousen. I’ve been a fan of Skousen for over a decade, and this book will walk you through the key decision-making process of finding a place that can keep you and your family alive. That place is NOT New York City, nor Los Angeles, obviously. Those are places to go if you want to DIE in a collapse.

But there are many places across North America that are quite suitable for creating your preparedness retreat as a primary residence. Many of these places even have internet bandwidth available, so you can potentially earn a living on the ‘net while you prepare your location.

If you read the book, you’ll discover that Austin has its own pitfalls, including being relatively close to both nuclear power facilities and the border with Mexico. Both of those are legitimate concerns, of course, and there’s no perfect spot that has everything you want. You have to find the best combination of factors that matter to you, then do the best you can with the time, skills and resources available to you.

Timing: Are you prepared yet?

If you’re not already well along with your own preparedness plans, you run the risk of missing this train entirely.2012 is nearly upon us, and while I don’t believe all the Mayan calendar nonsense being rumored around the internet, I certainly see a financial collapse headed our way in 2012 or very soon thereafter.

It takes 2-3 years to really get squared away with your retreat if you consider the process of making good quality soil for gardening, planting some fruit trees, squaring away your irrigation system, getting some backyard chickens and so on. You can’t just “buy a place” and move in and suddenly expect to be fully covered. Building a retreat requires experience that only time will deliver — experience dealing with weather, garden pests, wild predators, knowing the lay of the land and so on. Just squaring away your own home water supply can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin, and even getting a well drilled can be a six-month process in terms of acquiring permits and waiting on drilling companies (which are often backlogged).

Time is running short. If you’re not already in the process of storing the supplies you need — andlearning the skills that go with them– you’re late. Get on top of this NOW.

And don’t worry if you’re not in the “perfect” geographic location or the perfect house or whatever.Work with what you have. A family with skills and just a few basic supplies is far better off than a wealthy family with a house full of gear they don’t know how to use. I can’t even tell you how many people out there just buy stuff, toss it on a shelf and never learn how to use it. That’s about as silly as owning a guitar and thinking you’re suddenly a “musician” because you have the gear.

Whatever you buy to be prepared, practice with it and practice with your entire family. Even if you don’t own firearms (or don’t want to), a family of four armed with a few cans of heavy duty pepper spray can make a small group of attackers think twice. Plan ahead for what’s coming, and you won’t be left behind.


Top ten things to love about Vilcabamba Ecuador, the Valley of LongevityWednesday, June 16, 2010

(NaturalNews) If you love perfect year-round weather and enjoying your own locally-grown foods, you’ll love Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I lived there, on and off, for over two years, and in that time I came to know many of the people, places and cultural highlights of Vilcabamba. In this story, I’ll share with you some of the best of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where you can visit as a tourist or find a home to live the good life for pennies on the dollar!

Here’s what I like most about Vilcabamba, Ecuador:

#1) Amazingly nice locals

As my Spanish ability improved with practice, I made many friends with the local Vilcabamba people. They are exceedingly nice, polite and very friendly to visitors. They even have an unusual knack for understanding the really bad Spanish spoken by many visitors, and they go out of their way to try to communicate with you in simple words that you’ll easily understand.

Most of the really good friends I made in Vilcabamba were locals, and we would spend hours chatting about various things: The climate, gardening, horses, tourist activity, politics, health and much more.

#2) Ridiculously good climate

The climate in Vilcabamba just can’t be beat: It’s absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too dry, not too wet. The air is crisp and clean, and the temperature is so perfect that they don’t even build homes with air conditioning or heating units.

I’ve traveled the world and the closest I’ve ever come to the perfection of this climate is the Big Island of Hawaii. But land on the Big Island can cost anywhere from 20 to 100 times the cost of similar land in Vilcabamba.

#3) Papaya’s Cafe

If you visit Vilcabamba, you’ve got to visit Papaya’s Cafe. Launched earlier this year by an American named Carey, Papaya’s Cafe became an instant hit with both the locals and the foreigners living in the Valley of Longevity. The cafe serves up a variety of menu items, both from the realm of health-conscious eating (they sometimes host raw food dinners) and local Ecuadorian cuisine.

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is outstanding, and the view from the second floor is quite breathtaking. You can hang out in Papaya’s Cafe for hours, chatting with friends and living the good life while enjoying smoothies, desserts, main courses and much more!

Papaya’s Cafe is located adjacent to the Vilcabamba bus terminal, on the North side of the street. Just ask anyone in town to point you in the direction of either the cafe or the bus terminal. It’s easy to find.

#4) Very low cost of living

The cost of living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador is surprisingly low, even if you’re hiring a lot of help. A typical garden worker makes from $10 – $15 per day, and locals are always looking for more work. (I frequently had people stop by my house asking for more work.)

To help create our amazing food forest ranch on 20 acres, I hired as many as 3 grounds workers, plus a house helper who would prepare raw food smoothies and keep the house clean for us. The total cost of these four people was significantly less than one full-time helper working in the U.S.

If you want to see what we accomplished with the food forest, see the photos of my ranch at:…

#5) Madre Tierra

The most amazing resort in the Valley of Longevity is Madre Tierra (“Mother Earth”), a beautifully constructed resort with a spa, restaurant, water pools, and an assortment of other natural features.

Madre Tierra offers an incredible value as a really nice place to stay in the valley. It’s just outside of town: Far enough away to avoid the party noise on Friday and Saturday nights, yet close enough to walk to town in about 15 minutes (or you can take a short taxi ride).

Check out their website or make reservations at

The resort is under new ownership as of one month ago, and I personally know the new owners. They’re really dedicated to updating and improving the resort to meet western standards. They’ve already enhanced many of the rooms, and they’re working on remodeling the kitchen to improve it as well. If you visit the kitchen, say hello to Lolita (one of the cooks), as I’ve known her for several years and she’s a really friendly lady who makes some wonderful Ecuadorian dishes.

She makes an amazing (yet simple) dessert with egg whites and fresh Maracuya fruit!

#6) Tourist activities

There are a great number of fun and exciting tourist activities in Vilcabamba. The first is horseback riding, where you can take adventures into the Podocarpus National Forest (see below), or up to the sacred mountain of Mandango (the sleeping Inca) on horseback.

There are several horseback riding tour organizers in town, and I don’t know them all, but here are two that I personally know and trust:

• Angel. He’s a long-time resident of Vilcabamba who is extremely nice, humorous and highly skilled in the outback. His front door, which is a carved mural of horses, is located just 1-2 blocks North of the main town square (downhill from the town square). Just ask anyone for “Angel” and mention horses (“caballos”), and they’ll point you in his direction.

• Holger is another horse tour guide, and he’s really fun to ride with. He’s a super nice person who really cares for animals and the environment. He has a cool temperament and solid knowledge of all the paths and roads throughout a wide-ranging area around the valley. His shop is located just one block East of the NE corner of the main square. Ask anyone for “Holger the horse guy” and they’ll point you in the right direction. (The photo at the top of this story is a picture of Holger and one of his horses, which usually grazes on the grass in front of my house.)

Bicycle tours: There are also some great bicycle tours around Vilcabamba, including combination bicycling / walking tours to some amazing waterfalls! The bike tour guy in town is called “El Chino” (that’s his nickname), and he’s located 2 blocks East of the NE corner of the main square, right across from Maria’s shop (which sells fresh fruits, avocados and sometimes even organic tomatoes).

Once again, just ask anyone for “El Chino” and mention bicycles (“bicicletas”) and they will point you in the right direction.

There are many other tourist activities in Vilcabamba as well, including a hummingbird garden to the South, a botanical garden in Loja, the cacao-growing town of Zamora to the Northeast, and the Sunday market at Malacatos to the North. There are plenty of taxi drivers to get you from place to place (look for the white pickup trucks; they’re the taxis), and many of the drivers can now speak English. In fact, lots of the people in Vilcabamba have been learning to speak more English over the last two years.

Be sure to also check out the nice restaurants located around the town square. You’ll find a selection of restaurants (including a French cafe), internet cafes and tourist shops. If you’re there on a Saturday, you’ll often find crafts for sale under tents set up along the sidewalk. It’s a fun time!

#7) Podocarpus National Forest

The Podocarpus National Forest is one of the natural treasures of Ecuador. Check out the photos from my own tour of the forest right here:…

Here’s one of the more amazing photos of the scenery you’ll experience there:…

Read my description of our adventure into Podocarpus in this story:…

Podocarpus is an immense and deeply diverse biological preserve that stretches from the edge of the Valley of Longevity all the way to Peru. It is an extraordinary forest with so many unique and fascinating life forms that scientists come here from all over the world to study it.

I only took a short adventure into Podocarpus, and even then I got to see numerous waterfalls, lush rainforest trails, bizarre and unique plant life covering the tops of the mountain ridges, and much more. It was truly an amazing experience, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the natural beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

By the way, you can hire the horse guides I mentioned above to take you into the Podocarpus National Forest. They’ll arrange anything from a 1-day trip to a 7-day tour, if you like!

#8) Food everywhere!

Food production in the Valley of Longevity is so easy and abundant that it’s almost hard to believe. In mere weeks, you can grow a huge garden full of vegetables from the rich topsoil. In a few months, you can grow endless papayas, figs, babacos and berries. In a few years, you can have your own orchard of oranges, macadamia nuts, jungle almonds, noni fruit, avocados and much more. (I’ve got all those in my orchard of over 100 fruit and nut trees…)

And if you don’t want to grow anything at all, you can just start juicing the grass as we have been doing for several months. The field grass mixes extremely well with pineapple juice to make a delicious, refreshing raw living juice right from the fields. (And there’s grass everywhere in the valley.)

The amazing food production capability in the Valley of Longevity is what makes Vilcabamba a destination of choice for many people concerned about preparedness and the world food supply. In Vilcabamba (and in Hacienda San Joaquin in particular, which has some of the best soils in the whole valley), you can grow a year-round food supply that will easily outlast any disruptions or interruptions that might impact the cities of western nations.

#9) Affordable homes and properties

Vilcabamba offers a wonderful place to live for those looking for homes or land in South America. Prices are relatively affordable compared to anywhere in North America or Europe, and there are some very nice properties available right now, in many different price ranges.

The best location for living in Ecuador, in my opinion, is Hacienda San Joaquin, a 500+ acre ranch that is now a gated community where many people from all over the world have built homes and are growing a considerable amount of food on their land. This is where I’ve been living on and off for the last two years, growing my food forest.

Because I now have a much greater need for privacy than I first realized, my “preparedness paradise” ranch is available for a new family. It’s a six-figure price range. Check out the amazing photos at…

For those looking for something more on the high end, there’s a gorgeous estate property available on the same ranch, just down the road from my own property, that’s selling in the seven figures. Email us at and we’ll send you the link to the photos and description for that property. It has its own indoor swimming pool, volleyball courts, tennis court, private orchards, horse fields and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for something on the more affordable side, my neighbor Matt has some land available right across the street from my own ranch. They’ve got something like 2.5 acres of good land available in the five figure range. Email us at for more details.

If you’re looking for something outside the Hacienda San Joaquin gated community, simply contact the Vilcabamba Real Estate Company (VREC), which is the local real estate company I recommend: Nick Vasey, or visit for information. They have a lot of property listings for land and homes around the valley.

Remember when buying real estate in Vilcabamba that land is cheap if it has no roads, no electricity, no internet, no water and no access. But land that’s actually usable for living or growing things needs support infrastructure, and that’s what ultimately costs more money. You can get land dirt cheap if it’s out in the middle of nowhere and has no roads. Some properties are literally only accessible by horseback…

#10) Freedom from electromagnetic pollution, chemtrails, air pollution, water pollution

Vilcabamba, Ecuador is remarkably free from most kinds of pollution: Electromagnetic, air and water. On the electromagnetic spectrum, Vilcabamba has only one cell tower, and the electro “vibe” of the valley is relatively clean and pristine. No planes fly overhead dropping chemtrails on the population, either. (So you can breathe a sigh of relief…)

The ground water is amazingly clean because it’s recharged from rainfall on the nearby Podocarpus National Forest, where water flows down into the valley on a regular basis. It creates a unique situation where you have lots of sunshine hitting the valley, but you also have a very large water supply from the nearby mountains, so you have both full sunshine and lots of water (two things that normally don’t exist together in the same exact geographic region).

The air in the Valley of Longevity is also strikingly clean. It has even been studied by scientists in an effort to determine whether some special property in the air encourages greater longevity. Personally, I think the longevity factor is more about eating lots of local foods and spending a lot of time outdoors walking, working or playing.

Come visit Vilcabamba!

Whether you just enjoy the natural beauty or you’re looking for a place to live in a “preparedness paradise” with abundant food, Vilcabamba has a tremendous amount to offer.

Come check it out!

Some travel tips:

• Quito is the capitol of Ecuador. That’s where you’ll fly to. Quito is located south of Florida, almost to the equator.

• Continental Airlines flies from Houston to Quito (roughly 4.5 hours). LAN Airlines flies from Miami to Quito.

• From Quito, you fly TAME Airlines (the local Ecuadorian airline) which offers some very nice Embraer jets on routes between Quito and Loja. From Loja, it’s a 90-minute taxi ride to the Valley of Longevity.

Once in Vilcabamba, you can stay at Madre Tierra, Hosteria de Vilcabamba, Hosteria Izhcayluma, or other available places. There are usually plenty of rooms available except during celebration events when the whole town sells out!

If you’re coming to look at property, Nick at can help you organize transportation. Joe’s staff at Hacienda San Joaquin ( can also assist with that effort if you’re coming to look at properties on the Hacienda (where my ranch is located). There are also a few unsold lots at Hacienda San Joaquin that might interest you if you prefer to live in a gated community.

Enjoy your trip and take lots of great pictures!

  1. realnuz said:

    Oh? What didn’t make sensical? Where should I place the editor… on your doorstep or on the side of the house and why am I supposed to provide you with one? I don’t make mistakes and Mike has more than an over inflated ego. He destroyed reputations and is supported by Chris Kitze. My best friend S.Y. just send him those two letters and he’ll buckle, was his mistress just before he moved to Vilcabamba to swindle people into real estate deals. I know more about his character flaws than anyone outside of his publishing company.

  2. happyhocus said:

    This blog was nonsensical and all over the place. Please get an editor. The one thing Mike Adams is guilty of is having a huge ego. We all make mistakes, but he never admits to his own conclusions which later turned out to be false. His music is awful too, but the good information and research he provides outweighs anything negative alluded to in this article.

  3. This is a great expose needing wider circulation. There is no value in supporting anyone who is controlled opposition, even if you can find some truth among the lies. Best to avoid completely. Any website run by ex-CIA (a misnomer because apparently they never leave the agency) should not be trusted, ever.

  4. realnuz said:

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  6. Da Man said:

    While i’m not die hard fan of Mike I do agree with him in certain topics, however YOUR article is purely fantasy, no facts or real roved sources, basically BS.. BTW How’s your book sales going found any stupid people to buy it ?

  7. you got your feelings hurt when you couldn’t afford to buy his books and he wasn’t in the mood to deal with a weirdo. so you go to all this trouble to tear him down. you know what? i was LOOKING for something negative about Mike Adams; i typed ‘mike adams exposed’ in the search box. this ‘expose’ is a joke, and so are the comments in support of it. The commenters are obviously just as empty-handed of real info about Mike Adams, as you are. Sheesh!

  8. realnuz said:

    Hi George.
    The deal is that I have proven all the claims. I do ramble. You’re right about that. It makes me appear unreal or crazy. I accept that. Everybody accuses me of this. The interesting thing is that what I say I solved and I have done that, but Government acknowledgement will never reveal a document that terminates them and that is why I look unofficial. In your statement you see Mike Adams as a proponent of health. He is in a very stealth fashion. In my article about, however, you will note that he is the most protected individual on this timeline, planet earth, for he is really working for the big corporations. It is an irony. I cannot convince you and I do say I’m sorry as one who is defeated. You won. What you don’t understand is that there are experts world wide who do know. I talked to them and showed them. They approve. They are not opinionated because they are thinkers. What happened was, I tried to protect the 20 billion dollar industry of natural health care that Mike Adams is crushing. It is huge and prolific. I tried and failed. So, take him into your arms and protect him. It’s okay because I did not succeed. Take him into your life and observe how if he even contacts you about a question you have concerning a medical problem with a person in your life, like pancreatic problems which result in systemic body cancer, you’ll get a NO ANSWER. I can.

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    Nice work man.

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  12. I tend to agree with you about Mike Adams. However, I cannot find in this long, rambling and confusing article any proof that actually supports your assertion that he is a shill for the bad guys. You have not built a case against him.

  13. Anonymous said:

    Alot of what Mike and Alex say are corroborated by many other stories, research articles/papers, insiders, etc. I will admit he adds flair but I believe that this is done to get people concerned and to take notice. Ultimately his, and everyone else’s credibility, are the same as something can be true or false regardless of who says it and past sins and whether it is believed by anyone or not. Mallie, two posts above mine, is definitely in the right frame of mind. Finally, many of your heavy and most important points are not supported by anything other than speculation. True debate is done with unbiased evidence with a need to find the unbiased, objective truth. Where as this article has a very heavy bias that cannot be taken seriously.

    Be a Vulcan.

  14. anonymouse said:

    Nobody has to work at bringing down Alex Jones or Mike Adams since most intelligent people know that they are both Chicken little’s using the same old “the sky’s falling” tactic for many years that most people are waking up to that fact and no longer wasting time visiting infowars or naturalnews low IQ sites. Only the people who get access to computers in the psychiatric hospitals will be his main audience.

    If you try posting any critical argument on some article written by Mike, he must employ people (more than likely from india) to filter anything that criticizes or debates his articles. Lately, Mike has been posting articles about facebook censorship and how they are evil spies for government , yet he only allows facebook commenting on his website?? What a hypocrite!! White trash at its finest.

    Besides, many of his advertisers who solicit supplement’s on the natural news website are HUGELY over-priced and likely to contain Chinese fillers since he tends to do much of his business dealing with Asian companies.

  15. realnuz said:

    I know.

  16. Anonymous said:

    LMAO, you will never bring down Mike or Alex, yall have nothing on them. Anyone who believes this is a pathetic idiot

  17. dr. dickhead said:

    realnuz: This is new to me. And I thank you for sending the link

    To understand more about Mike Adams, this article I researched and placed publicly must be understood as well. Otherwise, name calling against Adams without reference and support is only a pissing match without substance. I’m glad you have a sense about him and brought the link to my attention.. I’m the one to show the proof to support these remarks are for real which, incidentally, I admire because it’s so true. You know what.. natural news and their operation overseas know of my website and the Adams article, but they refuse to refute anything I wrote. They will not acknowledge the facts presented to damage control it because they simply can’t! It’s a matter of them thinking nobody ventures to Dismantle the Beam Project and are just waiting until it goes website viral. Really. Mike is working for the elite for sure. You can help make this article and your comment with the link viral.. Go for it bro!

  18. Ding a Dang said:

    I think you are delusional and a shill yourself. You ramble on as if your saying something, but I get nothing. Mike Adams appears to be a decent stand up guy that grew up and out of the system. His passion for learning and sharing information pertinent to the health and well being of all people is a worthy and honorable.

    BTW Monsanto is a beast that is killing a lot of people around the world with their products. In more ways than one. Im sure you know all the details since you researched “him” so well. And I have Arizona ocean front property to sell ya. LOL,

    realnuz: Perhaps you get nothing because you can’t think yourself out of a wet paper bag.. ding dong. Did you ever meet Mike? I did and he’s nothing but bad news off camera and away from his ‘work’. Look, dong, you create a well crafted argument and we’ll see if you can go the distance.. until then, I keep that longdingadangdong of yours from getting snagged in some sharp ended conveyer cog that draws you into the machinery your protecting. LOL at you2..

  19. Petronius Arbiter said:

    Excellent article, I must say. I gained my ”health consciousness” about twenty years ago, but then there was no internet, and in the internet era, Mike Adams/newstarget were among first websites I ran into, which are concerned with human health and nutrition. I subscribed, received mails regularly, but in short time, I started to notice some huge mistakes and misconceptions in views expressed in some articles. For the starters, it was promoting soy and raw ”organic” cow milk…I was like – who on earth with two functionally connected brain cells could promote and propagate soy, soy products and cows milk as healthy or nutritious? Then I started writing mails covering all sorts of topics (not only soy and cows milk), and like in your case, never received a single answer from anyone from newstarget, and later naturalnews. Also, neverneding insisting on selling some ”health” products on site also gave me a reason to suspect sincerity of actions and intentions from mike and his website. It is almost the same case with mercola’s site – when confronted with real scientific evidence based on common sense, there is no answer :D
    But that is kinda expected, because, if someone for example is promoting and selling synthetic vitamin C, then he won’t be interested in learning fact that there is no synthetic vitamin C, beacuse ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is like coating, shell…it surrounds whole biochemical complex which is comprised of several substances, and that is real vitamin C found in fresh fruit and vegetables. If one whole egg represents vitamin C, then western science wants you to believe that only egg shell is vitamin C :D

    …and, there is one deep misconception expressed in your article, concerning usage of terms swastika and aryan. Those terms are wrongfully used and exploited by the nazis, and later that created state in which mentioning those terms, for majority of people, creates the first association – nazi… however, in objective reality those terms have nothing to do with nazis, nor the star of david have anything to do with jews. Those are symbols more than 10 000 years old. Term aryan was originally used to mark group of languages and people, it had nothing to do with racism, or superiority of one race over another…

    Best wishes,

    realnuz: Thank you Petronius. I’ll be more careful about the use of those words:) Keep in mind, those words and symbols are being used against us and the kids are learning to adopt them at their expense. Good or evil, they don’t belong in our language or history at this time. The only symbol that should prevail is the holding of hands and image depictions of natural things.. no pointed stars or geometrical shapes or swastikas of any kind reversed for native American Indians or not.. and no titles of description attached to races because we are all brothers and sisters despite our differences of color, size and shape. Hope to hear from you soon..

  20. realnuz said:

    realnuz: I felt the same way as you do for some time until peculiarities about his relationships were realized. This goes way back to Mike’s beginnings with newstarget before there was a major shift to naturalnews when he decided to move out of the country.

    It’s like the Democrats talk smack about Republicans and candidates when running for office. It’s the ‘spin’ created to keep us fooled in believing there is a two party system when it has always been one. Mike doesn’t reveal information about Monsanto that others have already published. You may feel the insult from this article, but if you look at all the information that it is linked to and analyze it carefully, there may be a difference in opinion. I knew Mike because he lived in my home town.. he contradicted himself so often that I was cautious with this article I’ve written. Guess what, they have never responded with a discredit. Thanks for sending your comment

  21. Harry said:

    I listen to Mike Adams often. The man rips Monsanto every chance he gets. How can anyone with a straight face say Adams is a Monsanto shill?

  22. realnuz said:

    realnuz: Mallie, naturalnews is controlled by offshore Asian interests and partnered by a silent individual, ret. Major Gen Albert Stubblebine. When I published High Frequency Health pointing out the connection between Al Gore who wants to tax each fart you flatulate and has chemtrailed you to death plus Monsanto, all entities had to spend an enormous amount of damage control. To date, they have not produced a real life person named David Gutierez, Adam’s lead journalist, who brought you the news you think that site is so terrific and cutting edge with. When you follow up with all that I wrote and verify point for point, then you’ll eat your flimsy driffle words my dear. Alex Jones brings you forefront intel of which I get before he brings it to the television table. It’s all programmed and disseminated by design. Take time and review my article about Piers Morgan and you’ll see how they played us through media and entertainment mind conditioning. Wake up.. Adams is so dangerous it’s not even funny. The products Mike pushes are contrives of nature. He is the biggest con game there is in the area of health and nutrition.. Mallie, please be careful when you post a comment that is not researched. You may root for the guy, but you’re supporting that which will be completely taken from you by that same one you’re idolizing. He is that vicious.

  23. Mallie said:

    I’m no fan of Mike Adams, mainly due to his writing style and love of conspiracy theories – However scrape away the editorial hype and below lies truth & fact. [ Well as close as any mortal will every get ]

    Naturalnews remains one of the best health reference sites on the web. Socio-economic, False flag and Disinformation news is informative and well referenced. “Opinion ” when offered is always stated as such.

    Your “Mike Adams” conspiracy theory is at best flimsy driffle, who cares what colour he paints his toe nails.

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