Nazi Sympathizer Sarah Palin in ‘Iron Sky’

Think these movies are joking..  ?

..employing intelligent or dry humor, teasing, having fun?  To date, I am more confirmed with each assessment I make that the messages are profound and real. I spend an enormous amount of time creating graphic charts, and composites to show what and how they are doing what they’re doing. In decoding the most current films and television ‘shots’, what you assume them to be drawing from a grab bag of coincidental historical ‘toys’ to make their projects entertaining is far from accidental.

The teacher asks the students where the Nazi’s went in 1945.  “The dark side of the moon!” announce the school children.  The dark side of the moon can also be the side that is fully lit during a ‘new moon’.  If one lived on the Sun, s/he would consider it a full moon. This is how elusive and deceptive our educational system is and is how NASA keeps us assuming that it’s too dark to photograph.  There’s a whole drawer of back side lunar shots at the UofA’s image archive room in the Kuper building.  What are they hiding? (Below) Nazi’s secretly fled to Antarctica.  What year did they really make it to the moon?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are considered when creating these films.  This film is a disaster on the level of character development and role playing, but it is a marvel of cinematic and digital mastery that takes time, thought, and effort to produce.  A labor of love perhaps.


The Nazi’s had a sign of deception at the entry to Auschwitz “Work is Freedom”.  Millions had seen this sign from the front side only once.  The labor of hatred is “Iron Sky”.  Sarah Palin leads US citizens into a denizen of trusting disposal of all integrity.

The time frame for the story and plot in the film “IRON SKY” of 2012 is 2018.  This is six years from the suspected re-election of our sitting pre-dictator who signs autocratic executive orders for the time being, Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

The movie has many secret society symbols

with a plethora of messages, mostly phallic and sexual in connotations with the female reproductive system, that are blatantly displayed on screen without any explanation or any references as to why the elements are present.  The references to the female, however, are not sexual in nature.  Not at all.  It is their signal that is coded, but deciphered means the human genome project regarding the creation of a super soldier and what they consider the perfect human being.  Unfortunately for them in that they’ll hardly achieve this goal, perfection only occurs when a heart is installed and that it beats to the tune of love.

Iron Sky is a goofy movie with goofy characters and what seems to be a goofy plot

But don’t let that fool the viewer.  This film took longer to analyze for the reason it contained twice, if not thrice, as much of the ‘Hollywood tells’ than films I’ve decoded to date.

The Easter eggs commonly found in the Occult circles are easy finds in Iron Sky.  In the picture here showing the news cast during an invasion illustrates the scheme.  Honestly, if an alien attack was taking place, would a newscaster be on site to report?  Hell no.  Not me.  Unless, of course, that person is so far gone with brain death.

The code 9:11 is used with every single false flag operation conducted since 2001.  What Iron Sky is showing is Project Bluebeam is still on schedule and that it will be another 9/11.

The movie main thrust is to sell you on the idea that Nazis are good for you.  For example, Charlie Chaplin who parodied the Nazi regime, is used in Iron Sky as if he promoted the party regime.  This simply isn’t the truth.  His film is being used retroactively to show that he was a party when actually, he was completely against it.

There is a scene where the two main characters take over two hours to watch this Charlie Chaplin film.  This is an ingenious tactic that advertises the additional viewing material to the audience members. 

There is no question that an Aryan intent is at play.  The film Promethius proves this pointedly by using a synthetic everlasting human analogue that exhibits all the features of their perception of a perfect human.  The character “David” holds the globe in his hands with envy and contempt.  Who knows if the same was held Charlie Chaplin or not, but it is clear that the visual correlation was installed by the film industry and then reinforced in Iron Sky and Promethius.

Is this plurality “Americas”  purposefully warning that the United States will have merged with Canada and Mexico, finally?  This move to unite is termed the ‘North American Union’.

Here’s my theory. The Schiff family changes their name to Bush. They’re one of the 13 Illuminati families.. Weyland/Weiland is perhaps a secret family or one in the same as the Schiffs. W doesn’t really stand for his and his father’s middle names, Walker, in so much it really stands for this corporation. But, maybe that’s the secret family, the Walker family, who are in fact the Weyland Corporation?. I n the movie “King’s Speech”, dialogue is exchanged between the King and his second son, Berty, where Berty says, “Our family is a corporation”  I think Weyland is the Bush Family Dynasty who are ‘building better worlds’ through order out of chaos in a Neo Nazi orchestration.

To the right is a clear and present “Eye of Horus”.  These are symbols that are easy to find in films like “Iron Sky”, but I hope to show the deeper symbolic correlations that have importance beyond just the superficial. 

Mirror images are common in the secret society messages.  They will provide half the symbol which would either have the other half printed or molded on the back side, or a duplicate and connected to complete the picture.  Is this the Batman symbol?


  1. Very good, thanks. No, I was not aware that she travels there, but no doubt that makes sense since the theme of the film included Palin, and the fact that her handler, Kissinger, is aligned with the whole Nazi NWO thing. Quite frightening. We’ll see if they throw her in the mix if Hilary really is going to run. Remember, it’s the year 2018 which is four years from now and two from the 2016 elections. We have one year from today to see the line up. Let’s also see if Alex Jones comes out with a CLINTON CHRONICLES REDUX or KISSING PALIN – A PEKING ORDER TO THROW UP FOR as an addition to the OBAMA DECEPTION presidential elections propaganda series! Thanks for your comment.

  2. realnuz said:

    NWOCSI is my investigations site.. why not take a look at my latest before they pull it Mark of the Frequency Beasts I had to hide the link to the video for now.. try this if you can’t find it

  3. realnuz said:

    Refer to my comment to Boob, Anomolymous.

  4. realnuz said:

    I analyze films I don’t want to spend two hours wasting time on, but it has to be done. You obviously waste your time and money for nothing better to do, but even more on pop-corn and soda pop to do nothing but drool and stare blankly for those hours, junior.

  5. realnuz said:

    thanks:) Funny story behind that. What happened was, I was listening to Tracy Chapman when I threw that together – LOL. No excuses, but that’s what happened! I was told the day after I posted that. It slipped my my mind and all this time that flew under the radar or people didn’t bother to let me know.

  6. Riksa said:

    Actually, the most outlandish conspiracy theory here is the claim that this movie is made to reveal a bigger conspiracy. No. This film got started when Finnish self-taught movie director Timo Vuorensola, then famous for his film Star Wreck, a full-length crowd-sourced internet movie continuing his Star Trek parody short films with the same name, was drinking beer, while sitting in a sauna with a group of friends. There they were laughing their asses off at some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories (I theorize they could have been brainstorming for a Star Wreck sequel), and right there and then, conspired to make a movie about Nazi’s on the Moon! When morning came, it still seemed like a good idea, and, to make the story short, years later, we got Iron Sky, his first theatrical movie. If you were a Finn, you’d probably know the back story.

    The thing is, much of Iron Sky was crowd-sourced too (money, some 3D models etc). Being partly a community project still, even though with commercial financing, Vuorensola even let fans give ideas, things they wanted to see in the movie. Now, I don’t know if there are actual conspiracy theorists among those who worked on the movie, even from afar (fans and contributors), but it’s obvious a lot of those people were aware of those theories. Now, I’m not saying there are no conspiracies, as there are always things discussed by politicians and people of wealth and power, hidden from the public eye and yet, things that effect the public at large (in other words, people literally conspiring). To say otherwise would be crazy.

    But this movie is made by a group of people who genuinely laugh at the most outlandish conspiracy theories, and poke fun at them, not by people with real influence. A roleplaying science fiction nerd who makes fan parodies gets a huge following on the internet, because of other Star Trek nerds (and other people, like me), gets an idea, then gets funding because of his status as a fan favorite übergeek. That’s really all there is to it. And now he’s doing it again, with a sequel that has reptilian Nazi’s in the center of the Earth, with dinosaurs! Seek for the teaser of Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, to see Sarah Palin, a reptilian Hitler and a sieg-heiling t-rex. What makes your “review” really meta is you going with a fine comb, to find references to conspiracies that simply aren’t there and jumping to conclusions, in a movie that was already full of direct and in-your-face references to various theories floating on the internet. If there are visual gags that refer to conspiracy theories, I’m sure they are intentional, but rather as a spoof than a warning.

    Some of your interpretations are really far-fetched though, like interpreting every single rectangle shape as an allusion to the Twin Towers and 9-11. Which is almost spoof in itself. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I’m not even sure if you’re being serious or not. This is my first time visiting your site. Maybe you’re just having fun at us, the gullible people. Maybe you’re Mr. Vuorensola himself, or someone from the marketing? How’s that for a conspiracy theory? :D (I’m joking, of course)

  7. Charlie Chaplin is his name, not Chapman.

  8. bob said:

    are you stupid or just completely retarded?

  9. Anonymous said:

    are you stupid or what?

  10. O.H. said:

    Wow, this was a hilarious thing to read, thanks :D Although considering Vuorensola’s history in film-making, this is more of an over-analyzed conspiracy theory than an accurate analysis, it sure brightened up my day!

    Wish you luck with any possible future ‘investigations’ :)

  11. Anonymous said:

    you know that palin goes to Antarctica, right? Did you research that at all? There aren’t penguins in Alaska.

  12. Anonymous said:

    So what you’re saying, if I understand you correctly, is that there is an organization with global reach that has existed for centuries? realnuz: Yes. That the US government (builder of the Hoover Dam), the Nazi Party and Edgar Burroughs are all part of it? realnuz: Of course, yes. Except the Nazis didn’t make it here until after the dam was built.

    Why is it that you think this group, which sound to me like an effective world government already, feel the need to publish information about themselves in the form of films? realnuz: Well, they are incessant on delivering their messages to the masses unaware of the true meaning. I’m here to point it out. A coincidence happens once in a blue moon.. why all the time anonymous? Why do you think they feel threatened by disclosure? Do you think your knowledge of patterns in history and art can possibly move them in their courses? Realnuz: Why, yes, of course.

    Let me assure you – they are not threatened by you. realnuz: Good. They’re big boys (and girls) Forces greater than individual humans have driven the machinery of global politics for millennia, and will unknowingly crush those who obstruct them. realnuz: Are you suggesting that it’s okay to rip your little girls apart after molesting them or shooting them in schools? The machine does not, cannot, care about what you know. realnuz: Oh? So why do they send blackhawk helicopters after people and track them, including me? I have nothing that concerns them, remember? The machine is not guided; it is a meta-organism, an aggregate of the understandings and wills of thousands of people. realnuz: Well, let’s just say they’re puppeted by aliens and leave it at that. No genuinely born human being is capable of injury to another in exchange for goods, wealth, or other. We are born with moral and ethical values. Your machine is interested in corrupting the minds of an original state human being for selfish self serving reasons. I’m simply pointing it out.

    Beware hubris. realnuz: Perhaps arrogant. And so too are you. I invite you to refute anything I’ve posted with proof positive hard copy reports that I’m wrong. On anything. Incidentally, a coward uses name calling as a tactic when they comment as anonymous:)

  13. Anonymous said:

    I worked on this movie and I will tell you straight up… your are out of your [deleted] mind.
    realnuz Anonymous, reveal your identity then. I can’t post all your comments for the reason I don’t believe you are reading every detail.. there are just too many coincidences. So, please refrain from the spamming. What I put out there are considered theories and for entertainment purposes only. There are people who agree with most everything I put out there and they don’t call it fiction.

  14. Have you noticed the film’s director has found this page as well?

    realnuz: So? If it’s so important I notice, suggest to the film’s director to invite me on air in an interview with him and we’ll go toe to toe with a discussion not only of his ‘program’, but ask that he debunk each and every other film I’ve analyzed. I’ll discuss this with you too if you think you can do it.

    Look, denial is the deepest of problems that face human kind today and you having the thought that there is no merit to my analysis is simply a matter of one being an untreated mind entrained commoner through hypnotic driven media. Ask yourself why that film bombed? They don’t care about making money. It’s more important that the kids learn to be fooled for when the time comes that in this case, neo Nazi resurgence, they’ll board the trains that Hugo, Polar Express, and the rest presented as enchanting.

    Right here where I live.. where Gabriell Giffords was shot and my friend John Roll was executed by Joe Zamudio and the hit squad from way back during the Escobar operation who came to Tucson, there is a massive rail infrastructure being built under the noses of Pima County residents. They can’t even see how it’s all linked to suspected FEMA camps and the now unified and politicized medical complexe’ UMC where Christina-Taylor Green and Gabrielle G were treated, UofA, University Physicians and more. It happened soon after the shooting two years ago. The attack on the 2nd amendment began when when they put in place the mental health care ‘script’ which is why this is important to realize a NAZI neo IG FARBEN/DEATH camp chemical laboratory (UofA) is being set up. My email is listed and I’d like you to invite me to argue this with your director friend or yourself or both. I will win the debate my friend..

    Why not reveal yourself anonymous? Your IP address shows that you’re in Finland.. What business do you have supporting a filmmaker who makes movies about the destruction of my country controlled by project paper clip infiltrants Iron Sky makes a parody of? “Wow.. some conspiracy theory maniac has really “deciphered” Iron Sky :)” is what the flip side maniac stated. So, let’s let the public decide who is the maniac when we’re pitted face to face on skype. Or, are you so afraid to reveal yourself and have decided to wiggle out of this one! I’m the only one who can take down Ed Chiarini of We have an agreement that when he moves his first pawn to discredit me, I move in and make it so that people like you cannot refute the guy is a cointelpro agent. You ready? I am! Lee Bracker 520-288-2565

  15. Anonymous said:

    Nicely written piece. Your really on to something. Some of your ideas are confirmed by military historian Douglas Dietrich.

    realnuz: I’m not on to something (you’re, not your). I’m sorry Russ, I don’t repost weblinks or youtubes unless they are relevant to my findings and so edited your comment for Deitrch’s link. I decoded this film to find a confirmation that historians such as he was ‘really on to something’. But, where their work comes to an abrubt halt, I take the reigns in an effort to solve the crime. If he’s still alive, why not direct him to the W/Bush/Schiff/Weyland/Mars/Promethius references so that he can reopen his theory and expose those who are at the top now and in control of the military complex..

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