12-20-2012 Are Truthers Spellbound?

Are you under the influence of their mind control?

A website that puts out an article or more each day using no help from anyone is cause for alert.  Susanne Posel of occupycorporatism.com was once a friend, but as I learned more about the intentions and practices of this supposed alternative news friendly venue.. it is far from being your friend.  Below is a color corrected version of the webmaster.  Her husband, David Posel, is colorized as blue too.  When I learned that what I had offered as friendly advice was in fact an insult, I realized that it was not a mistake that they had made, but indeed a graphic intent that will keep you influenced by the powers that be.

To Susan Posel  of http://www.occupycorporatism. com,  “Susanne, I viewed your most recent articles for the opportunity to help you.  We met by phone for the first time and I felt like I found a friend.  But, what happened was unexpected, not only did you chew me up and spit me out thinking the worst of myself “what did I do to deserve that?” I thought, I back engineered one of your articles so that I can further understand the reality of your disposition and why you choose to keep the prison color scheme intact and unchanged on your website.   Remember, I asked if that issue bothered you.  You elected to say nothing.  This is unfortunate for the reason what you don’t say is the revealing ‘tell’ that you do work for the adversarial team. The article you posted, “Eugenics agenda continues with the Pursuit of the Addiction Vaccine” , is shameful in the sense that I warned you about reporting on topics that incite fear and sensationalism without offering the solution.  Doing so affords people the tools to take action.. and not remain in idle fear.  It takes years to form a report that you do daily, routinely, and seemingly by magic.  In some cases I see that you create multiple articles per day.  I flagged a certain lead journalist working for Mike Adams, David Gutierrez, a ghost, for doing the same thing.  The mystery entity recycles AP driven dribble.  Mike Adams won’t say who or where he is.  I’d like you to not follow suit with these types. You are authoring with the tactic of causing excited fear, sensationalism, and all of that which Alex Jones and the rest of the counters do. You conduct this not knowing (or perhaps you do) your topic inside and out.  My article on the cure for addiction involves the Rockefeller scheme you completely excluded from the eugenics thread that would include the 100 percent cure for addiction.  I provide the solution while you continue prisonplanet antics.  You have no clue, my dear, and you never will on every other stink you report.  The article that shows the 13th biochemical cell salt is “How the Rockefellers blocked the gold cure for addiction” . The cure for cravings happens to be aetheric gold that is bio available to the cell, it’s largely a trace mineral deficiency, and the history is there.  Ibugaine and other herbals are formidable treatments, but the Illuminati history of the natural healing blockade is what you should be aware of and reporting about because that is the arena in which you focus.  You seriously lack integrity for being such a snot, telling me I’m “needy and too demanding of your time”.. well, Susanne, I have all the time in the world for you.  That is bad news for such a busy body as you with so little time and so small the research.. just what are you doing that takes you away from the very person who has the story straight?  You certainly don’t!  So, for your readers to ponder, “why the half information posts and the claim to your site visitors that you are so original and thorough?” – realnuz

I am not vetting Susanne Posel.  There’s no need to because she is NOT a counter intelligence professional.. a pro earns a paycheck to do the job and neither is she an expert at intentionally conducting the business of confusing the person attempting to awaken from the conscious sleep.  She is refusing to acknowledge that proves that she is under the influence of mind control.  It is all it is.  Because of that, I’m cautioning you to investigate the content of her material to see that she leaves out the rest of the stories the sharpest of minds tell.

These elements may be coincidental, but the fact that innocent people trying to do the right thing, but easily mind controlled as Posel of occupycorporatism.com is a lesson you better learn that what information she throws out can be inaccurate.

There are a multitude of websites and so-called meaningful pundits of the alternative news that I’d concentrate.  Alex Jones was one and I’ll get to him at some point.   George Griffin, Ott, Mike Vera, and so forth. There are many many and more of the many that prove positive for being shortsighted or down right engineers of deception.

Pictured below is a hard to obtain color scheme that the Federal government proposed to the city of Tucson, Arizona for a 1.2 million dollar upgrade at the main city bus terminal downtown.  The Ronstadt center was once beautiful.  The brick pavers were removed and replaced with expensive asphalt, the six cameras upgraded to 64 (it was mostly about surveillance) and the metal benches replaced with ugly concrete.  Why?  This will be a holding pen during time of revolt.. they don’t want people using the red bricks as weapons against the military.  There was no public display of this complex when it would be finished.  Occupycorporatism uses this color scheme through their web content on every level.

The reason I’m focusing on the Posels is because while Susanne sounds logical and is easy for the sharper person to blindly follow.  Entrapment.  If she becomes well known and well followed, but keeps you in perpetual ignorance, well, it’s my job to stop that from happening.  For the same reason I claim that Mike Adams is the most dangerous man, because he is working for the biggest corporations dealing in death, it is this female version of journalism in stealth mode..  Naturalnews graphics clearly displaying and representing the occult equates to occupycorporatism.

It is possible that the conditioning process by which subliminal conditioning is to acclimate earthlings to life on mars.  The above image was taken by the Mars project ‘Spirit’ in 2004.  The Hills were named the Columbian Hills after the seven who died in 2003 when the Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentry into earth’s atmosphere.  Susanne is an investigative researcher who demands proof on everything, but until she sees proof, she will continue her program of short sighted reporting regarding secret society intent.  Until someone tells her that this photo is why she is creating her color scheme the same way, she’ll look the other way.  So, do you believe me, or her?  Read all my articles to understand the truth.



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