Star Wars Unmasked

Was the Reagan’s Star Wars program in concert with Lucas’ film STAR WARS to deceive?

The companion articles “A Stargate Is Born” 9-10-2012 & “Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam”  6-10-2012

There’s something strange in the Grand Canyon: “Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon

Proof pyramids exist! Click below.


Grand Canyon topo map - dot pattern

“It’s all staged.. an act.  The purpose for bringing in an actor to puppet the masses goes in line with the creation of the US Star Wars project within the Industrial Military Complex.  They needed an ‘acting’ president and a psy-ops conditioning film to promote the hidden agenda behind a war against other star nations in our galaxy, perhaps beyond, using our Sun as a weapon.  In the prelim and on the surface of it all is the entertainment as fictionalized conditioning of the masses who watched the Lucas franchise and the front story for space based so-called defense weaponry.  Yes, it is what what Reagan reigned in as a space program, but beyond is a presumed war with other stars systems for dominion over the Universe.. the real Star Wars”. – realnuz

The combined efforts of Reagan’s Star Wars military industrial complex and the Lucas film franchise public spin is validated by recent disclosures of the Mayan artifacts and odd activity of the sun.  The common thread apparently is the isosceles triangle.  I suspected that the true Stargate is really the sun, because it is a star, and that Hoover Dam is a merely a SUNGATE – a conduit by which travel to our solar system’s STARGATE by way of the wormhole. The possibility that they can mess with the Sun by weaponizing Hoover Dam is more than plausible.

The reptilian/grey partnership’s intent is probable – to take over the universe.  They’ll use our Sun as told as a story in the film Star Wars “DEATH STAR” to smother neighboring stars communities using the technology humans slave over in exchange for paychecks.  Particle energy amplifiers such as Hadron and all that technology is rampant.  That, is Star Wars unmasked and it seems to be real and right in our face!

In the film Star Wars, I don’t think there was a war between two different Star systems.  It was a fight against good and evil.  Planets were destroyed, but not stars.  And yet the idea that one star system was at war with another was built into the title.

Below: youtube: HAARP’s primary goal regarding the US Starwars program and the Nazi anti-grav program as depicted in the film “Iron Sky” 2012. “NaziUFOs, Secrets of the 3rd Reich ll..”. 

“It is most certain that the main purpose of HAARP is to map, diagram, and locate the entrance of near Earth roving wormhole portals of entry.” – Russian Documentary “NaziUFOs, Secrets of the Third Reich II Nazi Base Antarctica” (left column)

Iron Sky & Star Wars

Was it just a catchy name loaned by George Lucas to relate the public using a patriotic styled plot to validate a Multi-Billion if not Trillion dollar secret space program?  Hardly.  I think it’s the truth.  What if the bad guys are going to use our very own Sun as a weapon to destroy other star systems in a true to life STAR WARS battle?  It would make sense then that a large ‘bomb’ the size of a particle acceleration system would need a transport system portal big enough to be sent to the primary Star Gate, our Sun.

Click above to enlarge.  Reagan’s Starwars coupled with fiction. Both ‘programs’ are facades to the real program.

Also, on planet earth within the United States Government in real life, not fiction per se, was a Ronald Reagan program entitled the same.  Yet, there are no stars involved with what NASA was doing.


A striking deal between Lucas Films & Disney

Owner, founder, and chairman George Lucas has cut a deal with the Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn in exchange for his studio for just over $4,000,500,000.00 including million shares of stock (40,000,000). Disney will be making a seventh installment set for release in 2015 followed by an eighth and ninth  in the years to follow.

Friend of George Lucas, Warren Buffet, says, “This trend of philanthropic wealth giving that encourages from people like Warren Buffet 50% of the richest families begs questions.  Why so much?  Buffet says,In 2006, I made a commitment to gradually give all of my Berkshire Hathaway stock to philanthropic foundations. I couldn’t be happier with that decision Now, Bill and Melinda Gates and I are asking hundreds of rich Americans to pledge at least 50% of their wealth to charity. So I think it is fitting that I reiterate my intentions and explain the thinking that lies behind them. First, my pledge: More than 99% of my wealth will go to philanthropy during my lifetime or at death. Measured by dollars, this commitment is large. In a comparative sense, though, many individuals give more to others every day.”  The list includes many of the game players in the One World Order convergence.  It’s all of our money if you think about it.  Bill Gates has a heavy hand in the depopulation agenda.

The good news is that the world isn’t coming to an end in 2012 like everyone thinks.  Kathleen Kennedy, currently the co-chairman of Lucasfilm and one to watch out for, will become president who will be the liaison tethered to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and most likely Robert Iger also a chair and the CEO.

What this means is that Disney, who has made two films that directly correlate with the Mars as well as the human genome projects, has merged with the maker of Star Wars in which the link to the theory that Hoover Dam is home to an alien technology, possibly BlueBeam and the probability that it is a portal to the Galaxies and beyond and that the true wars are our Sun turned into a Death Star against other star systems in a highly secretive ‘Star Wars’ plot.  A real life Star Wars plot.

This business deal with tighter relationships not severed is a prime example of the converging of the New World Order.  Like the corporations, we never had a true two party political system.. they always worked as one.  Same difference with the entertainment industry.

George Lucas has plans to funnel the majority of the money to his Integrated Curriculum & Interdisciplinary Teaching  “Edutopia  system.  He developed this ‘philanthropic’ venture in 1991 which combines multi disciplinary learning areas into one so that students ‘learn how each subject correlates to another’. The problem is that the curriculum has not changed. They are set fundamentally for deceptive reasons by confirming the existing educational system.  There is no true learning taking place.  The venture focuses on  profiling a student to match an area they need to develop technologies.  This is their ulterior motive.  The subject matter is the same which follows the educational paradigm that the founder of the Pennsylvania Parents Commission, Peg Luksik “Who Controls Our Children?”, describes in her 1992 presentation (just one year after) how the educational system is redesigned to indoctrinate minds.  Lukisik describes exactly what Lucas is funding “corrupt education on steroids”.  Lucas does not address Luksik’s analysis of the education shift.

Lucas can easily share his wealth with his family for hundreds of years upon his death, but has elected to sponsor education?  Why waste this money.. unless there is a good reason to do so without changing the learning system to what it once was?  If a father loves his children, he’d give it all to them.  And if they’re philanthropic, they can donate to education.  Why must he give almost all of it away?   It’s all about mind control and deception for the NWO design.


‘CONTACT’ warns about an alien ‘Trojan Horse’

“As for their four rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them.”  –  Ezekiel 1:18

“But, if the Stargate is to be used in a sinister manner in which Bible prophesies are realized using alien technology, it is plausible that they mean it when they claim that the Sun will become dark; that we will perish in that darkness.  How?  If Hoover Dam is a doorway to the Sun they could unleash weapons of mass destruction involving, for instance, the Hadron Collider and other powerful devices to shut the Sun’s power off, or destroy it entirely.  I would tend to think that they would use this predicted event to control the Sun, destroy human life in the process, and then turn it back on for their New World civilization.  This is really bad news if you ask me.” – realnuz


Kip Thorne’s analysis shows that it is possible that wormholes exist in regions near Earth’s proximity.  While the second theory suggests that Hoover Dam is merely a Sungate and the true Stargate is the Sun (because the Sun is a star), then Theory lll is one that suggests that Hoover Dam is an Earth based Wormholegate to the Sun as well.

Transport to the Sun would be direct because its location is quite obvious.  From here one may form an opinion as to whether the Reptilians from another dimension altogether want to crush this Universe by destroying it all, or simply use the Sun as the DEATH STAR and continue tricking other nations of other planets just like they’re doing to us.  Ah, so that’s what the Death Star really is!

Nazi ufo doc composite


The Hadron Collider if coiled unto itself simulating the “Machine” in the movie Contact can theoretically be dropped into the Hoover Dam Stargate

Hoover Dam happens to be a suspected Stargate Pyramid in the form of a cone. What was built under our noses in Black Canyon is a conical shaped pyramid which may act as a Stargate. Aliens have built stargates on planet earth for millions if not hundreds of millions of years and so it is not unusual that one was made during our lifetime. While Hoover Dam is 1/3 of a complete circle, it is unknown if this is a true portal, a weapon, or other, but if Hollywood ‘Tells’ us some truth, then we are informed through the movie ‘Contact’ that it is a machine for humanitySince Jodie Foster entertains the elites, then Hoover Dam being a transit system is intended only for the elite.

Whatever it is, the term applied may very well be “Project Bluebeam” and that a faked alien invasion is a cover story for a true alien invasion through a Stargate Portal.


How could a weapon of star destruction be loaded and then discharged?

The first question asked is whether instantaneous time travel through space is achievable?  Through projects such as Pegasus and the findings of physicists such as Kip Thorne, the combined efforts of black projects, scientific plausibility, and experiments proving successful it is most likely so.  The image showing the vortex as part of a torus effect is what Hoover Dam would like like when activated as a transportation gateway to.. destinations achievable by aliens of past.

220px-STS-107_Flight_Insignia text

Although Hoover Dam is one third of a 360 degree circular unit, it still has the capacity to generate an energy using water and the material that makes up the dam. This dam then is a pyramid of a specific variety unlike those typically understood.. the most notable in Egypt. It is a conical pyramid formed as a third of a whole.

The Hoover Dam bypass bridge viewed while under construction demonstrates a modular two part archway in which it is clearly made in two sections. When split, each section can be connected end to end to complete the circle by adding the remaining 240 (120 + 120) degree length to Hoover Dam for the formation of the circular portal.  Could the secret societies plan to divert more fresh Rocky Mountain water from the Colorado River through this portal to other worlds? What explained the disappearance of the Shasta area fresh water aquifer? Is there a mass cache of gold and perhaps platinum still hidden in the Grand Canyon ancient vaults, Tower of Ra and Set, Isis and Cheops Temple and so forth, earmarked to be used as the electrical conduit medium for this Stargate?

The O’callaghan-Tillman bypass bridge is the stealth method by which the engineers complete the ‘circuit’. Chinook Helicopters will be its transport for positioning. There will not be a need for a span style support when it is assembled – columns or wire suspension is all that would be needed. It was the span style arch out of other bridge designs that was apparently the obvious engineering choice. It is based on the ulterior prerequisite which may the ‘Tell’ that there are many other Stargates worldwide built for hydro-electric power plants that fuel the energy needed to create the universal transport grid system. This also explains the riddle as to why a redundant bridge was ordered under the excuse 9/11 was a threat manufactured to prevent commercial traffic over Hoover Dam.

The bypass bridge is named after Mike O’Callaghan whose political career began in 1963, when then-Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer appointed him to head the new Department of Human Resources. In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson who had been the secret societies replacement after assassinating Kennedy, thus beginning the move to create the NWO and installing elite operatives such as O’callaghan appointed him to be the regional director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Incidentally, the bridge was located roughly in an area that matches the radius of the circle of its 120 degree arc distance. How coincidental.

Nonetheless, it is engineered to 1/3 of a complete 360 degree circle


The companion articles “A Stargate Is Born” 9-10-2012 & “Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam”  6-10-2012


Extra: The secret societies have a primer – a key – for every puzzle

Draft Excerpt from the 1997 movie 'Contact' with Jodie Foster:


Ellie cautiously enters the interior of what appears to be
a flying Dascha; dark, heavy on the chintz.  Bookshelves,
an exercise machine... and a wall of monitors, filled top
to bottom with scrolling hieroglyphics.  Ellie reaches out
to them --  			

Hadden slowly and with great effort raises a glass to the 
samovar, fills it with tea.	

(edited for brevity)	

		The powers that be have been quite
		busy lately, falling over each other
		to position themselves for the game
		of the century, if not the
		millennium.  Perhaps you've noticed.
			   (as Ellie reacts,
			    Hadden smiles)
		Perhaps I could help deal you back

		I didn't realize I was out.

		Oh, maybe not out -- but definitely
		looking for you coat.
		I understand you've had some
		difficulty locating the -- what are
		you calling it.. that
		will make decryption possible?
			   (he turns to her)

		You've... found the primer!
			   (catching her breath)


  1. I showed proof Emmanuel. I want you to take what I’ve posted and disprove it based on the science that you subscribe to. You can’t claim that I ignore any of what you depend on for the reason, I am a scientist. Judy was absolutely frightened as she always is when her empiracle research is contested. The way she does it is by ignorance. In other words, she never responds. You sort of did, but did not at all refute anything you’re concerned about regarding whatever it is you have a problem with. Take an element, any element, such as why Freightliner shows CERN technology on Hoover Dam and tell me that was arbitrary. Show me using your science. I’ll bet you hang on every word Alex Jones utters. Prove me wrong.

  2. Then just keep wondering and dreaming and ignore the scientific data. Your life is what you make it. ♥

  3. realnuz said:

    I would like to beg to differ a bit for the reason you have an attachment to Dr. Wood with the stance that you’ll defend her analysis completely with prejudice to all else. After reading 700 pages I learn nothing different than the title “Where did the Towers Go?”. My articles suggest that they went somewhere, but not by barge. She did a splendid job minus the component of the equation in which she refuses to acknowledge, because of her stance on empiracle data that can’t be measured, smelled, touched, heard, tasted and so forth, that it’s possible the trade towers disappeared into a self-destructive portal. That’s the secret the globalists guard. I don’t refute her work, but I did write her back when she refused to listen, “Doctor, I don’t want you to enrich yourself on your next book “Dam, where did it go?” after explaining that Hoover Dam is earmarked for the same fate as in 2001. I proved it. I said that I’d like her to help me defend the structure before something terrible happens,

    Hollywood glorifies the silver screen that permeates everywhere the husks that their thought created. I merely evaluate what seems to be coincidences as purposeful on their part. I don’t truly speculate for the reason most of my research has never been refuted. What precedes the manifestation of the physical world being changed, destroyed really, is the thoughts coming from secret societies dead set on stripping us all of our humanity. When I look in a mirror, I see deep within my natural state not masked in by the victors historical accounts. “We” doesn’t include me making a best guess without backing up my claims. Perhaps I didn’t receive your meaning meaningfully and I do apologize, but your vision is manufactured by many that precede us and when I encounter them I find that they are limited to advanced or creative thought.

  4. We can speculate, we can make our best guess, we may have insight and be able to envision a possible future or an untold past. (the victors write the history) But keep in mind that before the physical word manifests itself, it is preceded by thought which is not seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt. We are nothing but electrochemical beings born into a force-field (gravity) that communicate and travel in groups. (herding) When you look into the mirror you only see the husk that thought created. You create the world you see, believe, and become. ♥

  5. realnuz said:

    I arrived at my conclusion that Hoover Dam is being used as a product of a science laboratory in Switzerland. What it does is unknown, but is assumed to be a transporter that involves a different dimension of time and space. Judging by all the clues derived from film, and they all contribute the same elements, and what was shown to the public, it can be described as was written in the previous answers best I can. Why not visit the Bureau of Reclamations and ask them yourself? The answer you’ll receive is invariably far more understandable. “No, this is a hydro-electric power plant and that’s pretty much it. Anything else is a conspiracy theory that can’t be proven. And, no, you can’t examine the tunnel and space where an 1988 experiment took place because even though that experiment is long past, there’s nothing to see anyway.” And, there you have it from a person who was told to say something like that. If I had an actual whistle blower and or document to disclose what is happening if it is happening, then I’ll be able to forward that on, but in the meantime, there’s not much more to explain. Here’s another clue that comes from the film Hunger Games II:

  6. I think you lost me again. Would it be possible to describe what it does without citing all the various sources and reasoning that lead you to that conclusion?

  7. realnuz said:

    It could be. Dr. Judy Wood claims the towers disappeared. She doesn’t offer a theory for where they went to. The evidence presented, circumstantial or not, leads one to assume they went somewhere. I think that the material turned to antimatter and zipped away, somewhere, but not by shipping over seas. That was the set-up for the trade towers, but the setup for stealing all that steal from Hoover Dam may be transported by the CERN technology. Another type of portal gateway either to another location on earth, or off world. What if the device serves also as an explosive of megalithic power and transported to the Sun? Could that be the end of our Universe as we know it relative to our perspective regarding this solar system? Or worse, transported to the Sun and then to the galactic center of the Milky Way? These are things I’ve contemplated, but not alarmed over for the reason there is no reason for those extremes. Unless there’s something I don’t know about. The most recent theory on top of the theory is that Hoover Dam is minimally ‘broken’, but not the belly of it. In that case, it would simply be a ‘teleporter’ as you say and not something that kills the Sun, but delivers munitions that detonate locations across the globe. That, then, would be the real reason for Jade Helm in that the entire complex surrounding Hoover Dam would be completely cordoned off for use as a stationary battleship with a barrel that reaches anywhere on earth with pinpoint accuracy. How’s that for fear mongering. The thing is, I don’t stage these opinions on air as if the scenario is imminent. I leave that up to the hams of conspiracy theorists who do so without first working the details out making a laughing stock of themselves. I reread your last word to see “Mutation”… I first read it as “Munition”. Oh oh.. well, I guess they can take all the nuts and screwballs living in tinsel town and jettison them off to their places of origin yuk yuk:)

  8. Um… not really what I’d call “layman’s terms”, but okay. Let me see if I’m understanding this correctly: It’s a teleporter that also induces some sort of guided mutation?

  9. realnuz said:

    The speculation I contemplate is whether the event will be a one time opening of a galactic transportation doorway and then destroy itself or a functioning device for modifying human DNA. After all, the art work is unusual with reference to star systems as well as the human reproductive system. The absurdity is that these two themes have no place at a hydro electric power plant. The recent visual representation similar to CERN’s particle accelerator that nobody could understand coupled with strands of molecular DNA is striking. These could not possibly be coincidences. The ‘tell’ is the slide shown depicting a particle accelerator with the slogan “10 times to the sun and back”. The question there is why a trucking company that delivers products on earth have anything to do with trade with the sun? I hope these are layman terms enough to understand that to everyone, it makes no sense. Not unless one thinks in terms of “Stargates”.

    I called Hoover Dam a stargate early in my study when really it would be an earth based portal to Kip Thorn’s theoretical near earth wormhole entry to a stargate like our Sun. The new film INTERSTELLAR reinvites Kip Thorn’s theory in which in three films including Contact and Transformers “Spark” is a common thread word. The question is why ‘spark’ when all three are films about express passages across the galaxies. Because it’s theorized also that the reproductive system is represented in the sculpture at Hoover dam, this whatever it is may have something to do with Transhuminsim projects in which our DNA is reconstructed. It is visually noted in both Contact and the Freighliner projection on June 12 this year 2015. While this seems obscure, crazy if one wishes, it is there and isn’t exactly contested by the Bureau of Reclamations, Frieghtliner, or anyone I’ve asked. They just don’t reply.

  10. I’m having a bit of trouble following what you’re saying, so I’m wondering if you could help me out here. In layman’s terms, in only a couple short sentences, what does the thing at the Hoover Dam do?

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