1/4 Arizona undergoing military logistics planning

nat guard scan borderThe U.S. House approved a bill authored by Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican, in June of 2012, but chances that Obama will stamp his approval along with a Democratic controlled congress isn’t looking strong.. for some reason.  Janet Napolitano’s congressional testimony actually said that letting the border patrol have full control to do anything they wanted was “bad policy.” And Raul Grijalva is following suit.

Dan Bell, (right) stands at the border of his ranch east of Nogales, Arizona. “It’s a paralyzing process now.  They wanted to put this road in on my ranch for a decade, probably even longer. They broke ground on it last year. Waiving environmental reviews within 100 miles of the border may be unnecessary but that a 25-mile zone would help immensely.”  Little does Dan Bell know that a 60 mile safety zone from the border initiative has already been established by the fed and has been in effect for the Air Force. Now it’s a matter of allowing ground ‘teams’ to take advantage.

Border Patrol arrests are down to 40-year lows, however, Border Patrol actions are being questioned.  Not reported anywhere but here, simply because I live in Nogales and in Tucson, I know the Border Patrol cover ups that go unreported in the news.  It stinks, but that’s how it goes.

The side story is that of wildlife protection.

Dan Bell1To date, the U.S. has erected 650 miles of fences and other barriers on the Mexican border, almost all of it after a 2005 law gave the Homeland Security secretary power to waive environmental reviews.  Much of that mileage is on the Arizona border.

The Border Patro has built “forward operating bases” to increase its presence in remote areas. Instead of driving long distances from their stations every shift, agents stay at the camps for several days.  The Border Patrol opened one of its camps in 2005 — a collection of shipping containers that agents use as a base while alternating 12-hour shifts.

A 16-year old boy was shot and killed through the fence into Mexico by a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Nogales October 12, 2012.  Not reported is an incident that occurred in Kino Springs north east of Nogales where a border patrol blackhawk shot and killed one border patrol agent and injured another.  It was blamed on Mexican nationals.  This, you will not hear anywhere as it is only common knowledge among Nogalians and ‘friends’ are being protected.  That means it goes unreported in the news.  We’d all have to be silenced, but I’m not sitting idle.  In another situation, the border patrol did not inform any agency nor acquired any certification to build a baffle in the drainage water ways that lead into downtown Nogales.  As a result, the merchants and store owners were flooded out during the rainy season 4 years ago.  It is suspected that the Mexican store owners were compensated, but not the American merchants that few carried flood insurance.  

We now have forts disguised as a patrol entity when really it’s the logistics of military establish-ments. Dressed in their uniforms, all they need to do, because they’re trained military style, is switch to fatigues.

shooting at fenceBishop’s bill is destined to rewrite rules on millions of acres of federal land managed by the Interior and Agriculture departments, including more than 800 miles bordering Mexico and 1,000 miles bordering Canada. The bill would waive reviews required under the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act and 14 other laws in dozens of wilderness areas, national forests and national parks.  Already, 60 miles to Tucson that extends from California to New Mexico is reserved as a safety zone.

Most people think the Border Patrol has gone far enough. The agency installed four 80-foot camera towers on one rancher’s land land and in 2007, they completed a fence along the 10.5 miles of his ranch that borders Mexico.  37 miles of roads on the ranch are enough for the Border Patrol’s needs. “Why do you need new ones?” the rancher asked.

Rep. Raul Grijalva has led opposition calling the effort “A disguised step toward repealing environmental laws. The border has become a very convenient excuse to go after laws that have been on the books for four or five decades.  You plant your flag on the 100 miles (of border) and then build from there.”


Militia Watch: Arizona Mexican border

Raul Grijalva has his opinion of HR1505 in which he claims the bill uses immigration as a cover to weaken environmental protections.  1505 waives environmental rules regarding the ecology, environment, wildlife, and people in border areas in the name of border security.

RAF-FlypastOn March 31, 2012, I covered the potential scaling up of Arizona border’s militia. There was a legislative move to expand a mass border territory in an acquisition for a government’s logistical ‘Safety Zone’. The British Royal Air Force practiced at Davis Monthan AFB for an entire month as they do every year under ‘Operation Snowbird’ within this multimillion acre territory.

Raul Grijalva HR1505

They covered the safety zone acquired by the state/federal entities which equates to 12,300,800 acres of land.  It’s all there’s.  But, now that H.R.1505 is rounding the corner, the entire jackpot real estate that will be controlled and operated by the fed will topple 19,840,000 acres.

That’s nearly 20 million acres in Arizona federally militarized

A legislative move to expand a mass border territory in an acquisition for a government’s logistical ‘Safety Zone’ pictured to the right is being considered to expand up to Phoenis. The British Royal Air Force practiced at Davis Monthan AFB for an entire month as they do every year under ‘Operation Snowbird’ within this multimillion acre territory.  It is now nearly a 20 million acre acquisition by the feds.

map arizona

danger zone 100 miles

Honestly, I don’t think Grijalva, Napolitano, and the rest are rejecting the Bill, rather, there’s a problem that needs to be fixed and rewritten for it to work for them.  That’s my opinion and we’ll see.  Napolitano allegedgly orders hits on school children and so I don’t think she’s thinking about endangered animals to shut down that bill.

No way Jose.

(Above) Early 2012 proposal H.B. 2586 to create a border safety zone that has since expanded 40 percent.

Their mission is to practice under SIMILAR conditions as South East Asia.  What?  That’s tropical over there, no?  Dense rain forests, humid, lots of water and rice paddies, and, well, we know the difference between the land of cowboys and Indians and dense forestry such as that over there.  What do they think we are?  Lamb chops?  Sure.. sheeple people who don’t even stop to think.

Arizona rainforest composite

It’s the border their after and they’re preparing by keeping sharp with yearly practice runs.

Brian Bennett reports on April 18, 2012, that the Pentagon began flying military helicopters and surveillance planes over the U.S. Border with Mexico in March of this year as part of an effort to withdraw all but 300 of the National Guard ground troops who have helped patrol the rugged border in Texas since mid-2010.

Brian J. Lepore, a director at the U.S. Government and Accountability Office, told a House homeland security subcommittee hearing that the 19-month deployment of 1,200 National Guard troops on the southwest border has hurt recruiting efforts and threatened to strain diplomatic relations with Mexico. What this actually means is that they need an excuse to swap the Guard with military personnel.

Operation River Watch II employed 12 Blackhawk helicopters and several surveillance planes to patrol the Rio Grande to analyze smuggling routes in command centers miles from the border. This is the American drug cartel in competition with south of the border drug traders.

The Obama administration deployed the National Guard to build access roads for border patrols and to help spot smugglers (the competition) while the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol hired an additional 1,200 agents.. a building of a border military in disguise. Further use of National Guard troops..

..could create a perception of a militarized U.S. border with Mexico. We need to have a long-term vision and whole-of-government approach to securing the southwest border that will replace the ad hoc application of resources that has, to date, epitomized our approach to border security..” said subcommittee chair on border and maritime security, Candice Miller.

Meanwhile, an alert by a USGS contractor insider that ‘police state armored’ vehicles are being railed into Arizona further reinforcing the theory that the National Guard is being replaced, and that support is not being reduced.

An estimated 900 of the National guard’s troops responsible for the construction and the also the crew that groomed the territory with roads and structures to help create a militarized outpost are now being disengaged from border service. This outpost expands the entire Mexican USA terrestrial border line under Maritime oversight. What sense does that make if they are there to protect our border? Answer: All the sense in the World when military is involved.

Some of the laws the Border Patrol agents would be allowed to override within 100 miles of U.S. land boundaries under the bill:

The House Natural Resources Committee amended the bill to limit the waiver of regulations to Border Patrol activities within 100 miles of any of the United States’ land borders with Canada and Mexico.

• National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
• The Endangered Species Act of 1973
• The Federal Water Pollution Control Act
• The National Historic Preservation Act
• The Migratory Bird Treaty Act
• The Clean Air Act
• The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
• The Safe Drinking Water Act
• The Noise Control Act of 1972
• The Solid Waste Disposal Act
• The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980
• The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
• The Farmland Protection Policy Act
• The Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972
• The Wilderness Act
• The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976
• The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966
• The Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956
• The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
• The Otay Mountain Wilderness Act of 1999
• The National Park Service Organic Act
• Sections of the National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978
• The Arizona Desert Wilderness Act of 1990
• The Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974
• The Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960


An old theory that may still be active

When Alexander Backman () began reporting the Baja earthquakes and the secret scientific community meetings of folks from around the world in Encenada warning about scheduled HAARP related and induced earthquakes for next year, I began thinking the scenario through.  I felt that if Jonathan Kleck was right about a breaching of Hoover Dam, that the PTB planned to make it impossible for Californians to defect in mass exodus into Mexico.  They would try to split the Baja peninsula creating a water barrier as well as setting off an earthquake along the Douglas fault line.  Matters worse, widen the Colorado and destroy bridges between California and Arizona.  Another case of ‘Divide and Conquer’.

Maritime law under globalist planning thought-line follows that water, under the guise of marine law, will be physically manifested through ‘terraforming’. This is how it is possible for the release of water at Hoover Dam to widen the Colorado River, earthquakes that may separate the California/Baja/Arizona land masses, and preparation of a Littoral Class of warships are being developed for the Navy becomes a reality. One of these shoreline battle ships was recently named The USS Gabrielle Giffords, a fallen Arizona legislator. Giffords never addressed her constituents, however, she was always present at military functions even through 2011′s holidays venues only concerning our military personnel.

Historically, the area south of Douglas, Arizona experienced a major earthquake in the late 1800′s.  This earthquake was a rare one and it is unknown when another would shake the earth.  It does indicate that there is a sensitive fault line east of the San Andreas fault plane.  A scheme that attaches terrorists (as always doe and raises red flags in my mind) to a defense from nuclear attack could very well be one, but this incident is not an act of terrorists from a waring country as we’re lead to believe.

The original post of the Hoover Dam story is intended to share the geological history of the southwest with regard to earthquakes, but I elected not to at the time of post.  In light of new seemingly plausible testimony, which I think to be partial disinformation, from a Douglas informant, I’d like to posture an added conspiracy.

Normally I don’t place additional information if it has no real support to back it.  To mention that an earthquake that shook the town of Douglas, Arizona in 1887 would be material that distracts from the issue at hand.  But, on April 26, however, I received information that may lend credibility to the conspiracy against Hoover Dam.  And if not Hoover Dam, the incredible occurrences of quakes recently to affect Mexico which includes the most current one in Baja could be answered.

No name is offered to the letter that follows, however this current ‘Nuclear terrorism scare’ activity is highly probable.  It follows a more probable paradigm than the one disclosed publicly through the alternative news pundits.  The charade is cloaked in secrecy — most possibly riddled with deception as to what is actually occurring.

This news comes to us in the form of what I believe to be disinformation when it is actually the real action in disguise.  It is a planted propagandized twist related to terrorism in order to hide a secret society action in PLAIN SIGHT.  This source claiming to be a law enforcement officer in the Douglas area of Arizona whistle blows details to ensure that the recipient receives the notice.  It is explained in his/her letter below:

April 26, 2012

Steve [Quayle],

On Saturday 04/21/2012, there was major activity along the border at Douglas, Arizona. I personally witnessed approx 20 civilian vehicles pulled over (approx 1 mile from the border heading towards Tombstone), many were high speed chases. In addition, approx 30 Border Patrol vehicles were traveling in a convoy towards to Mexican border.

Monday, I heard an interview with a San Diego reporter and Border Patrol agent, asking about this activity. The BP Agent stated they were looking for weapons of “mass affect?” I’m sure you heard this interview? When asked for further clarification, he said “nuclear devices.”

Didn’t Iran just threaten to set off nukes in several American cities if they were attacked?

You probably already heard this, just wanted to make sure.


I find the letter difficult to accept as authentic because it would be a law enforcement officer who is interested would find out for certain and not as hearsay.  Radio police scanner witnesses are credible. It could be a simple cover story for an operation whereby a nuclear device is secretly, but in plain view, planted into the fault area.  This would give the shadow government the major earthquake they’re expecting to produce to create a precedence for martial law and the closure of the border.

And you thought this police person of sorts was being genuine!  He/she may have been an unwitting pawn allowed to express a valid thought.. I’ve seen it demonstrated on several alternative news venues.  Beneath the globalist counter intelligence program, a clever one it is, is the careful control of the system of deception and their ability to disseminate it successfully.    All of these apparent disclosures are intended to infiltrate the alternative news arenas to keep the reality from making sense.



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