V for Vendetta’s Steven Fry paves the way for Piers Morgan’s civilian disarmament platform

“The British are coming.. the British are coming.. and staying for good!

Piers Fry face off

Gun Control Works

On the 19th of December, soon after the Sandy Hook massacre, CNN’s new generation British media infiltrator, Piers Morgan, interviewed gun lobbyist, Larry Pratt, and called him out as a “stupid man espousing dangerous nonsense”.  Executive director of Gun Owners of America, Pratt confirmed that the most effective way to arrest rising crime was to allow the availability of firearms to US citizens.  Morgan said that banning assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, and stepping up the mental health care program  was common sense and that it was not anti-constitutional.

If you are under mental health care, you’re 2nd Amend right is revoked

The Orwellian scenario complete with a modern day military infrastructure is clearly evident in which the mapping of the viewer’s mind takes place in their continued US federal drive to de-weaponize civilians and completely wipe out the USA. 

As of January 8 exactly two years after the Tucson debacle, a petition against Piers Morgan had gathered 107,752 signatures. A counter-petition quickly gathered several hundred supporters arguing that Morgan should not be deported, firstly because his opinions were protected under the First Amendment, secondly because “no one in the UK wants him back”, and thirdly because it would be “hilarious to see how loads of angry Americans react”.  I would like to know who the Morgan’s supporters were and if a survey had been taken to verify that all of England were in agreement that the man was not welcomed back.  The truth is, Piers continues to run business in Great Britain and he allegedly maintains a home there.

The white house will not deport England’s Piers Morgan.. the results of this study explains the reason why.

Morgan subsequently said in a column published in the British newspaper that he would consider leaving the United States if gun laws are not changed.  My opinion is that he feels he’d get shot if someone woke up to reality.  I hope that more than one citizen wakes up having read this article.  I suspect also that if he returns, nobody would even notice since they are under such surveillance, control, and just as easily confused as the population in the United States are.  Morgan is very well protected and his popularity regulated by those that puppet him.

A battle against the 2nd Amendment was set up in 2005 when the movie ‘V For Vendetta’ was released

Based on research and logic, a plan had been drawn up as far back as 2004-5 when the film V For Vendetta went into production, the cast selected, and the film released to get the ball rolling in a move to eradicate the 2nd amendment right to bear arms in this United States of America.   A particular character was ingeniously built into the plot and implemented as a preface to the real life character being asked to leave this country.  Disarming civilians, while weaponizing federal employees or anyone on a federal payroll in a conversion process from civilian to above the law right to kill their own neighbors, and a disturbing mental awareness is the primary aim.


Steven Fry-Gordon Deitrich V for Vendetta2Eight years ago, actor Steven Fry along with CNN interviewer Piers Morgan of today play television personalities were postured in order to  gain the trust of the masses.  It happened in an 8 year spread so that the plan could not be observed.  On the one hand, show pundit Steven Fry is portrayed in a fantasy film as a meaningful person off the studio set while Pierce Morgan is a real life television psy-ops agent working over our minds on the CNN set.  They play opposite intents as television personalities and yet, both are depicted as ‘safe’ to follow.   The viewing audience trusts them.  Subliminally, we remember Steven Fry and we attach his genuine intent to Piers Morgan.  Only this time, there was a mistake made and we are waking up to the subtle scheme.  Indeed, we live in an in our faces dream land.  These two individuals are not coincidental ‘look-a-likes’.  Their roles were planned ahead of time beginning eight years ago for one specific purpose —  to cause you to ask that the 2nd amendment be revoked under new laws.

Steven Fry was the same age during the filming of V For Vendetta as Piers Morgan is today.  47 years old.  Having faded from the spotlight, Steven Fry’s forty-seven year old face remains freshly imprinted in our minds.  We subliminally relate to in Piers Morgan’s age of 47 today.  We then relate to the two as the same person even though they are not.  The tactic is that now that Fry is older than Morgan in real time, a comparison between the two will not be immediate.  Both British born men may come from the same secret societal organizations and if not compartmentalized, had been working together almost a decade ago.

Fry & Morgan are not the same person, but potentially two men chosen for the same adversarial cause


Morgan Fry compare

V For Vendetta is set in a dictatorial dystopia.  A freedom fighter calling himself “V” uses terrorist tactics against fascism as a vigilante supporting the people to subvert the dictatorial controlled society centralized in London’s Parliament. V befriends a young woman after rescuing her from the secret police.  He falls in love with this one and only ally, Evey, played by Natalie Portman.

The power of deceptive programming is a tactic using visual imprinting that trains the mind years before the execution of the programing.  It is key to convincing people to make devastating decisions without their direct understanding.  By the time a film like V For Vendetta faded, the unconscious memory is still vivid with the installed memor (in this case the character played by Fry) in a game of perpetual mind control.  A similar tactic was used to get the public to accept an eight year stint.. the film Forrest Gump prepared viewers for George W. Bush.  Piers Morgan who rides on the imprint of Steven fry’s persona was one to hypnotize you into a false belief that media personalities had good intentions and a soft heart.

It took the acting stint of Steven Fry to lay the psy-ops groundwork

The British have postured Piers Morgan’s scripted call for a reassessment of U.S. gun laws in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting that began when the 2nd amendment rights war began with the first shot fired in Tucson, Arizona first week of January, 2011.

The attempt here is to demonstrate how the film industry leads people into making uneducated decisions and capture the minds in a perpetual default pattern.  The film “V For Vendetta” laid the foundation by which CNN’s newly acquired celebrity interviewer, Piers Morgan, will gain the “benefit of the doubt” with the power liberally grandfathered to him by the audiences of the film V For Vendetta.  This is the driving force that will maintain his position at CNN.

We assume that the character Gordon Dietrich played by Steven Fry was the protagonist’s heroic confidant of the people when really, he’s the antithesis to Piers Morgan’s character on the CNN set.   In other words, Steven Fry was carefully selected to support the push to annihilate the most important of our constitutional rights carried out by Morgan.  This was done by presenting a soft and comforting, trustworthy, and protective hero.  This character profile paved the way for Piers Morgan to entrap the American mind and tame it into submission.  The fed is against us.. it means that surly they would never deport a key player.


Why did former president George Walker Bush closely resemble Forrest in “Forrest Gump?”

“Stupid is as stupid does,” says Forrest Gump as he discusses his relative level of intelligence with a stranger while waiting for a bus. Despite his IQ, Gump is positioned to having played an integral part of 20th century events ranging from war heroism to making millions for not only himself, but anyone he came into contact with – entirely without trying. From teaching Elvis to dance and making Lyndon Johnson smile (just as he did when sworn in after JFK was killed).

Forrest vs Bush composite

The equivalent mental trait that would have to appeal (while appalling) to the public for an eight year tour of duty was George W. Bush.  The character assets and defects packaged as a persona role played by Tom Hanks, Forrest, was a profile selected for the purpose of electing a president who could pass public criticism without getting impeached.  In other words, his actions would be forgiven no matter the severity.  And it was certainly epic what he did during his terms.  With the success of the film, also hatched a successful scheme — a sitting president who got away with much more than people would have allowed two decades prior.  Generations of voters decades prior would have impeached him for declaring “The Constitution is nothing but a God Damned piece of paper” before he even finished the secret society slogan.

Forrest never stops what his mind is set on.  This is how the Bush administration had to be run.  Nothing was supposed to stop the absolute ludicrous events that took place from the invasion of Iraq with eventual assassination of Saddam Hussein and culminating with the massive corporate  trillions upon trillions of dollars bailout dollars.

Fry and Morgan were selected to deceive the US into submission using subliminal correlations of personas.  Because they are both ill fated mirrors of each other.. are working towards the same goal.  Few would know the difference between them because eight years has past.

At the time ‘Dubbya’ was crippling America, those people were reduced to selecting the government handouts than risking their livelihood using their voice.  Damn him.


Do Alex Jones and Piers Morgan work together?

Two days after his January 7, 2013 intense BBC’s Newsnight  interview with a fired up Alex Jones of prisonplanet.com, Morgan defended his position saying that  he had no regrets about the exchange nor has shifted his position about the severe control of US citizen rights to bear arms.


Morgan Jones staged media ploy

.Alex Jones rants 4 hours a, day 5 days a week, month after month, all year round for over a decade reaffirming listeners; “Don’t rebel.. take peaceful action”.  On the flip end, he promotes the use of force against neighbors when riots, looting, attacks erupt during a revolution.  This is a contradictory statement when off shore country-less globalists are fighting US citizens in a silent unofficial war.

Stand down



The Royals are behind Piers Morgan in a British paradigm of control

Piers Morgan in DubaitxtPiers Morgan, is a British operative posing as a British  journalist and has infiltrated the US with his ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ interview hour on CNN just 9 days after the Jan 8, 2011 shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.  Morgan took over for Larry King on the ‘Larry King Live’ program upon his retirement.  Morgan is not only the editor (censor and control filter) of tabloid news; The Sun, News of the World, and Daily Mirror, but also the editorial director of a UK propaganda newspaper for children.  Morgan is a former winner of The Celebrity Apprentice in which Donald Trump plays a major role in elevating interest and popularity for Morgan.

In November 2012, Morgan was flushed into the open during the Leveson Inquiry when Lord Leveson stated that comments made in Morgan’s testimony about phone hacking “clearly prove is that he was aware that it was taking place in the press as a whole and that he was sufficiently unembarrassed by what was criminal behavior that he was prepared to joke about it”.  The CNN pundit was criticized in the official findings of the Leveson Inquiry.

Natallie Portman prison color scheme


Evey and GordonIn a dialogue exchange, Gordon Dietrich pretentiously leads Evey on with a joke that he really is the hero of the movie, V, and describes V as being a dangerous killing terrorist machine with a fetish.  The reality is that V is terrorizing and very dangerous only to the fascist dictatorship, not the general populace of London.  V is not a terrorist.. I would consider him as a vigilante.  Speak of fetish.. isn’t Dietrich a homosexual — a fetish for men?  This is indicative of the psychological operation that Ed Chiarini of wellaware1.com performs with the public and is the reverse psychology ‘law of similarities regarding character actors and real television actors “useless without an audience”.  The scripted lines is an admittance to the tactics used as deception.


Gordon is making an egg breakfast.			

		Yes, Evey. I am V. At last you know the truth.  
                You're stunned, I know. It's hard to believe
                isn't it, that beneath this wrinkled, well-fed 
                exterior there lies a dangerous killing machine 
                with a fetish for Fawkesian masks. 
                ¡Viva la revolución!

                That is not funny, Gordon.

                Yeah, I know.  I'm Useless without a studio audience.


The Natalie Portman & Alan Dershowitz factor

Natalie Portman became an award winning film star in big franchise movies attached to George Lucas and others.  She played Padmé Amidala, Darth Vader’s wife, in the prequels to the original STARWARS first three films that began in 1977.  Portman’s birth name is Natalie Hershlag who maintains a dual citizenship both in Israel and the United States.  Her alignment is very much a Zionist identity and prefers to follow her ‘heart’ and defend it over the United States where her second home is.   Like the Obama Administration cabinet mostly Israeli, so too are many in the entertainment industry like Portman.   She has starred in an “Israeli” propaganda film called “Free Zone”, centered around the ugly Jewish paradigmatic concept of “Palestinian terrorism”.

The biggest perk of being Queen Amidala?   “You get so much access. I’ve gotten to travel to Tunisia and Japan and Australia and Romania. I’ve gotten to talk to Bill Clinton and Ehud Olmert. For a 24-year-old, that’s so lucky and rare,” she says.

Natalie Portman’s first major motion picture was “Leon the Professional” in 1994 during the Clinton Administration.  Portman has visited with Bill Clinton and is a supporter of the Democratic Party, and in the 2004 presidential race she campaigned for the Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry. In the 2008 presidential election, Portman supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and later campaigned for the eventual Democratic nominee Barack Obama during the general election in which he was elected. In a 2008 interview, she stated that she likes John McCain with some reservation regarding war, but overall thinks McCain, the one who was poised to destroy American food sovereignty in favor of Big Agra and Monsanto with a devastating bill ‘Food Safety Act’ a very moral person”.

Alan Dershowitz is a Jewish supremacist, one of the crudest Israel apologists in the United States and the me

The profound connection that strongly suggests that Portman has little vested for the welfare of the general populous of America is her close relationship with long time Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz. He had noticed her capacity for brilliance and immediately employed her as a researcher for his book highly successful 2003 book, The Case for Israel.  Dershowitz had become internationally known for his defense work as an appellate adviser to the defense team on the high profile heavily televised O.J. Simpson murder trial.  When questioned, almost all of the jurors for Simpson said that had they known all of the evidence not presented in the trial, they would have rendered a verdict of guilt.  This means that the defense knew their client was guilty.  Alan Dershowitz then was the man who advised the other attorneys as to how to work the case.

(Above) It is said that Alan Dershowitz is a Jewish supremacist and one of the crudest Israel apologists in the United States.  Hiring Natalie Portman to research for his book; The Case For Israel “comes at a time of deepening political and moral crisis for the Zionist project.  The book purports to set the record straight by rebutting the accusations leveled against “the sole outpost of liberty and democracy in the Middle East.”  The structure of each chapter is based on a defense lawyer’s submission to a court, a statement of the charge against Israel followed by the defense counsel’s repudiation backed up by counter evidence.  However, using dubious methods of historical scholarship, the book is shot through with falsification through omission and will convince only the ignorant or the gullible. – Sabby Sagall

This is key when assessing the psychological programming of a Harvard student studying psychology while doubling as an actress.

Natalie Portman studied under the guidance of Alan Dershowitz ‘Frontal lobe activation’.  A question is raised as to why.  Could Natalie be under the influence of a handler who understands mind control practices and performs the function of her handler.. an MKUltra?  One answer comes from a comment by a perceptive analyst:  “The area 46 of frontal lobe judges actions by a human being.  If area 46 is not functioning, the subject will be vulnerable to outside commands. However, if the command is as serious such as murder, the amygdala will arrest the command.  The first barrier then is in area 46 of the frontal lobe and the last barrier is the amygdala. If both systems do not function to stop the command from the outside, it means that the individual is capable of committing homicide.”  Although Portman wouldn’t be designated as the one to pull a trigger, she is influential in the area of assassinating the reality in which Israel plays a double identity role.  Isreal pulls the trigger and we see that currently in middle eastern wars.

MKUltras and controllers

This is relevant in matters not of coincidence, but of psychological logistics involving the public’s interpretation of high profile crime matters.  Almost to the day of the Gabrielle Giffords ‘Congress on Your Corner Massacre” that raged Tucson, Arizona, Piers Morgan debuted as a high profile interviewer with CNN and at the anniversary of the shooting spree in 2013, we note that a federalized marriage with mainstream media push to limit firearms prevails in the news.  The actors involved with the production of V For Vendetta all seem to be squarely seated, aligned, or involved with interests outside the United States.  Morgan’s first home is England calling the US his second as does Natalie Portman for Jerusalem, Israel.  Natalie’s mentor, Alan Dershowitz along with Portman strongly favors Zionism and have been heavily criticized for it.  Portman minimizes the catastrophic history of the Holocaust.  She also dated one Nat Rothschild.. this is similar to Ayn Rand as mistress to a Rockefeller writes ‘Atlas Shrugged’ which happens to be Illuminati driven story telling.


Naomi Tickle profiles Morgan’s facial features for characteristic  potential that substantiate his motives and actions

How to read a face like a book

As always, I ask Naomi if she knows who it is I’m profiling.  If she doesn’t, then I don’t explain who or the reason for the analysis.  If she’s seen him on television, I’ll ask how much she knows.  In this case, she had heard the name, but didn’t know the circumstances of the media hype.  She did not know what his job was nor what my investigation entailed.  Below are her comments based on a long description.  Here are the important characteristics of Piers Morgan that are what the creators of media mind controllers like Morgan need to fulfill to serve their purpose.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Naomitickl@aol.com wrote:

“Hi Lee,
Well there are certainly similarities but there are differences. Steven Fry is more critical and a lot more skeptical. I am also guessing he gets bored by anything that is repetitious, where as Piers Morgan is happy to see things through.  Here is a list of traits for Piers Morgan.  I’ve added additional comments where applicable.”

He has the risk taking trait physically indicated by his ring finger and because of the risks he takes.  It will give him a buzz and put him out on the edge of life.

Because Piers potentially has a love for taking risks a person like this should make sure these risks do not effect anyone else whether it is physical or financial.  The risk could be launching a new venture, financial, or engaging in physical activities that have an element of risk to them.

He is concise.  Individuals with thin lips have this trait in which they get to the point and talk very fast.  He will be brief in his delivery of words and will get turned off by long verbose conversation.

His self-reliance is high.  When projects are not moving along fast enough, there may be a tendency to take them away from others because people with this trait feel they can do it faster and better.    He has difficulty sharing the responsibilities.

Piers is direct, up front and to the point with people.  In other words he doesn’t mince words and lets people know what he thinks or feels.

He has an administrative angle and prefers to be in a management position or in any situation where he is over seeing a project or task.

Piers is skeptical with the tendency to question everything.  In  general he does not accept things at face value.  He needs the proof and all the facts first before making a decision.  To him it would be foolish to accept new ideas without the information at hand.   To others he may come across as being somewhat cynical.

This character type also takes things personally

what makes people tick and why

Once a person with tenacity like Piers decides to do something, he is very committed to seeing it through.

He is the type to have pugnacity in which he will fight for his beliefs in whether it is a human or environmental cause.  Based on what Piers is doing, the cause is anti well being.  Pugnacity is often seen in mediation and the trait indicates he has a special talent for settling differences and a preference for mediation and compromise over force or coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict.  He has a love of debate, but has nothing to do with him being on TV.  It is who he is by nature.  Many see him as arguing but for him it’s a meaty discussion.

Sometimes Piers will be extremely competitive and other times not as much.  The trend will be similar for the following three traits.

Pierce has a very strong and determined energy.  When this forcefulness trait is out of control, he appears pushy.  He is highly competitive high and enjoys competing with others.  This trait is often seen in people who have successful careers.

Once he is familiar with what he is doing he’ll have all the confidence in the world.  He does have a swing in confidence, sometimes he’ll fake it til he makes it and other times he will want to learn more about the situation before taking it on.  The love of risk trait that he may have will put him out on the edge.  It often stretches the narrow faced individual, which Piers is on one side.

He is focused on what is happening now than in the past, bathes in the limelight on a stage or being involved with an activity where the focus is on him such as business presentations. He yearns for applause, recognition, and approval for a job well done accompanied with strokes regardless of the moment.

Piers comes across as being very laid back or easy to get along with, but he can be easily distracted and take on too many things at once.  He can also be very demanding with high expectations for himself and others.

Piers is affable in which he comes across as approachable and very friendly.  He moves in and out of situations very quickly.

Piers has an incredible natural ability to bring things or people together, co-ordinate projects, and organize events. His thoughts will appear to be very organized in his mind.  Careers that benefit from this natural ability could include event planning, project management or any activity where organization is needed.  (realnuz) This is an essential characteristic the programmers of the psy-ops required.  It was Piers who would organize the pattern by which people would be convinced to give up their country in subservience to the Crown.

Piers has the gift for writing.   Word usage is very important to him, looking up routes of words and writing may be a career he would enjoy.  Sloppy use of language irritates him. Note: Naomi certainly didn’t know that Piers was the editor for British tabloid propaganda.

He is an objective thinker and very quick to react with a tendency to jump to conclusion without the full list of details.  Piers is stimulated by intellectual challenges that are abstract and outside the box.

Having extremely high standards and expectations, these are standards difficult for others to reach.  He is one to ensure that the standards set are ones that both parties are comfortable with.  (realnuz) This is an important trait where the sheeple are expected to accept comfortably.

Piers has an interest in information and sharing information with others while being surrounded by a number of friends and working with people.

“Lee, since this profile indicates Piers is a high achiever with an ambition to be successful, he should be careful not to “use” others to accomplish a goal or mission at whatever price.”

Note: This is the characteristic exploited in which Piers isn’t careful with himself, sold out to the secret societies, and fooling an entire nation of hundreds of millions to satisfy a mission to disarm them, etc.

Naomi Tickle – “What Makes People Tick & Why International Speaker and Career Consultant”

Finally, he could easily have become an attorney and certainly has the traits for debate and conflict resolution and mediation.  There is a part of him that would like to fight for a environmental or human cause.  Underneath his abrasive personality that he displays on TV, their is a side of him that does want to do some good in the world.


(realnuz) Piers character set is a profile that was selected to conduct the job this conspiracy is set to do.



  1. I’m curious as to how many of the US gun deaths, in so many cases targeted at those who are unarmed, are from our law enforcement officers. If only we can stop the video game phenomena, restore our food to original condition, and stop mind altering drug prescriptions would be then that an accurate assessment of where the real problem is regarding gun deaths.

  2. phil said:

    Piers lacks objective thinking and knowledge of topics (namely gun control) and is likely an elites’ agitator to escalate gun rights advocates vs big government agents. Others are out there escalating race and class conflicts, so as to one day take control via martial law.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Unless you’re playing devil’s advocate, you lost me at the part about him knowing what he’s talking about and, later, being objective. His obsession about gun control involved no critical thinking. Everyone is armed in Switzerland, but you don’t have all the gun deaths. In America, gun control for the populace means easy pickings for the criminals. Chicago is case in point. He’s a shill for the elites, who want us helpless little puppies for their rule. Maybe he was helping the elites spark a war between gung-go second amendment proponents and big government fascists, amongst other conflicts they want to escalate, so as to take control via martial law.

  4. Kuwana said:

    Thank you for the interesting writeup…

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