Judge Roll’s witness warns of a corrupt sheriff and militant surgeon

Correction 1-24-2013:   Richard Carmona had lost to Jeff Flake in the senatorial race for Jon Kyl’s seat.  While Carmona lost, he remains here in Pima County.. a potential continuous danger.  I will be uploading a replacement documentary soon.

The war against US citizens is a bloody one

Here in Tucson, Arizona, it is suspected that an order to kill off a good Judge had been in the works. It was finalized by the time the federal public servant had become too dangerous to our government. This created an anti NWO fissure along a path to the White House doors. Judge John McCarthy Roll had followed the letter of the Constitutional law and who had teamed with a female congressperson, D-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in which both lived in Tucson, Arizona. Their common interests and particular emphasis on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms leads to a question as to whether Gabrielle Giffords was the main target for assassination, or that the judge was the principal target for a professional hit and added with the sacrificial lamb.  Either way, the event was most likely a double assassination plot on equal levels.

Joe image crop

This report focuses not on the crime scene evidence, but the people and corporations with a vested ulterior motive driven interests.  It is alleged that they promoted and continue to work to cover the truth while promoting a scripted agenda to dismantle the Constitution. To do this, these high profile community leaders encourage citizens to submit into an agreement for a mass firearms disarmament.  Barack Obama’s 19 plus highly restrictive firearms and ammunition regulations in the form of ill intended executive orders definitely don’t help. The power elites are insuring that people do not revolt, but accept the new self relinquishment of arms with the backup plan using the ‘gangster’ one way rules. Two such agents of this agenda, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and Richard “SWAT” Carmona, are the examples exposed here based on the opinion of a lead witness to a prolific federal case with over 50 years knowledge of political corruption in Tucson.

Joe Blankinship (above) posed a serious threat to big industry in and out of Tucson, Arizona. the potential settlement in sums amounting in the billions and billions of dollars were are at stake. What happened to him and his brother during the half century bloody EPA case where others have been injured and killed implicates long standing Clarence Dupnik as one of ZERO action. I am concerned after having seen seen the pictures of both Joe and Bill Blankinship’s bludgeoned faces after attacks on their lives. The result was one of many swept beneath the rug in Sheriff Dupnik’s office. After deep thought, I retracted my book “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman’ that had the images of the witness as well as the rail car evidence that had secretly hauled off toxic soil laced with PCB and TCEs from the dump sites that were questioned in the EPA case. Justice has been suspended and many have died during the half a century damage controlled case. I know many things that I could not mention before under an agreement and promise to Joe I wouldn’t. He passed away on Dec 25, 2012.. now I can.


Star witness under heavy surveillance & threat

Joe Btxt.Judge Roll presided over a media blacked out case involving over 300 companies versus the Environmental Protection Agency in a potential 150 billion dollar class action payout to Pima County residents if the case had been known publicly. Joe Blankinship (left) was employed to dispose of these waste materials, which makes him liable as appearing guilty for having participated with the crime. At the time, he was the only person alive and tested by the defense attorneys for responsibility for the dumping of toxic waste materials. He remained the sole person who remembered each instance of area contamination and was accused as the responsible party liable for forty years.

Joe Blankinship  is altruistic by nature. Overly so, he gives rather than receives and has risked his life for the community of Tucson. Anyone that knows the man will tell you that he cares more for your welfare, stranger or not, than for himself. When I first met him at a local meeting for people interested in discussing legal issues, Joe Blankinship told the story of how, while walking to the restroom accompanied by a Federal Bureau of Investigations agent, a young girl working in the Federal Court building recognized and stopped him in his tracks. This girl was very young when Joe Blankinship helped a community of below average income in some way and this was imprinted in her memory. She whispered, “Mr. Blankinship, I seen through the crack in the doors you look like you’re in big trouble. You’re here all the time and nobody knows nothin’ what’s going on. I’ve never seen so many lawyers in my life.. and there is always ’bout fifty of ’em.” Joe replied by saying that he was okay and not to worry. She then said, “If you want, I’ll get my home boys to watch your back. You just say the word.” The agent standing next to him chuckled.

Over four decades ago, he did not know how dangerous it was until his friends and people he knew in contact with the solvents began dying off. Mr. Blankinship would like nothing more than for these companies to clean up the water and make it safe to drink. In a court deposition, Joe is cited for saying that the clean-up is for the children of the future. None of this will come true after Judge Roll’s untimely death.

The case hinged on Mr. Blankinship’s accounts. Litigation had lingered for over eight years. He been questioned about every facet of the toxic dumping, but not a thing is being done to clean the soil and water during that time. He made an agreement with Judge Roll that before his death that if the water were cleaned up to his satisfaction, he would be happy enough that more sickness and death stemming from the poisons did not continue to percolate through our municipal water systems. Judge Roll, a devout Catholic was committed to complying with this request. Since death, none of these arrangements are being taken seriously.

To give an idea as to the sensitivity of the suit, a look at attorneys fees made per hour, per day, per month, and per year becomes revealing. Lloyds of London, for example, represents the most critical offenders, The Airport Authority and Behr Brown who took over Texas Instruments to name two, allegedly afforded $1,000,000 million dollars per day in attorney fee. They flew their legal team back and forth from London and set them up with room & board and additional expenses. All forty lawyers representing their respective companies who have not settled out of court as of this writing are allegedly paid no less than $10,000.00 per day even when the star witness was given time away from court to recover from health problems related to the toxic poisons he had been in contact with. The corporations had billions at stake with much to lose. This is reason for concealing the case.

This bloody case has trudged on for almost a decade of litigation. If millions of dollars are paid out to lawyers who represent these companies, then it is reasonable to assume that potential liabilities estimate in the many many more millions, if not billions, they stand to be held responsible for by the community.

Money that once existed in a slush fund has been drastically depleted. Most of it has found its way into local politicians pockets. There is no clean-up being done and the case will be silenced forever. The line of questioning with Mr. Blankinship is intended only to cover their tracks, hide the facts, and leave no stone uncovered so that they are not found liable for the damage.

clarence dupnik1Blankinship had been routinely threatened. His property seized and research facility burned to the ground. His pride was crushed. His brother and partner, Bill Lee Blankinship, was savagely beaten for having photographed rail cars containing toxic soil saturated with toxic chemicals and secretly being shipped from some of these dump sites that Joe had entered into evidence. Finally, Bill Blankinship was shot to death at the hand of the Sheriff’s department under the oversight of Pima County Sheriff, Clarence William Dupnik. No substantial reason was ever provided to warrant this action.

Judge John McCarthy Roll was assassinated on January 8, 2011. At the wrong place at the wrong time, he went to the “Congress on your corner” democratic rally Gabrielle Giffords scheduled in front of a Safeway food market. It was held on the fringes of Tucson, Arizona that borders Oro Valley’s elite subdivision north of Tucson. The judge had irritated many elected officials in Pima County as well as on Capitol Hill for his rulings on matters that would otherwise compromise the Constitution.

Over the course of eight years this case had been silenced

The case had moved from the federal building to the fourth floor of the State courthouse building to keep it cloaked from public scrutiny. The judge Roll presided via short circuit television communication. No person was allowed on that floor except for the key witness, an old and ailing man, who had been grilled on the witness stand for eight strait years. Not long after a controversial hit on the witness’s brother, the judge, John M. Roll was shot to death in a secret operation similar to the subsequent massacres occurring in Aurora, Colorado and in an elementary school in Connecticut. In between, other operations took place that have never been fully realized until now.


Judge Roll was a threat to the powers that be.. he was poised to rule in favor of the people

To get a good idea about how the Giffords investigation was conducted, review the scaled down case which was 1/300th the epic scale of Judge Roll’s toxic dumping case, “Erin Brockovich“.

Erin Brockovich became a sensation in legal circles for bringing PG&E to its knees with the 325,000.000 million dollar class action suit paid out by this single company to the residents of Hinkley, California who had suffered horrific abuse, denial, and scheming tactics by the power company.


Erin Brockovich movie

A movie was made about this case starring Julia Roberts

“Erin Brockovich”

If a new film was made with a similar case, it may have the title, “The Congress on your Corner Massacre” starring an actor with the character name “Joe Blankinship” in which a federal judge was killed in a secret plot to wipe out the 2nd amendment while preserving the immoral acts executed by big corporate industry, the executive branch, and the American drug cartel.


Judge John Roll’ rulings

Included in Judge Roll’s ruling was an item profoundly Constitutional:“The court finds that in enacting the Brady Bill, Congress exceeded its authority under Article 1, section of the United States Constitution, thereby permissibly encroaching upon the powers retained by the states pursuant to the 10th Amendment. The Court further finds that the provision, in conjunction with the criminal sanctions its violation would engender, is unconstitutionally vague under the 5th Amendment.” As a result, the case went forth to the Supreme Court and was ruled 5-4 favorably for the Constitution, that the Federal Government could not force authorities to conduct background checks on consumers.

Overall, he was an honest person and presided over his cases according to the Constitution. The man was controversial judges to the establishment, as evidenced by the enormous amount of threats in which over two hundred documented incidences coming from government lawmakers, big industrial entities and businesses, from all angles resulted in federal marshals for his protection. He was had 24-hour-a-day protection during the February 2009 case proceeding against “Minute Man” organizer, Richard Barnett, in which the judgment was upheld by Judge Roll.

Richard MackJohn McCarthy Roll was a 9th Circuit Federal Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Historically, Judge John Roll is noted for having ruled in favor of Sheriff Richard Mack (former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona) v. the United States of America on June 28, 1994 regarding a lawsuit against the unconstitutionality of the Brady gun Act. Roll had the courage to stand against the very entity that controlled his salary and career….He sent a clear message that Congress exceeded its authority..



Judge Roll & former Sheriff Richard Mack reversed the Brady Bill

“Counselor, do not pretend in this courtroom that your statistical analysis somehow equates to constitutionality.” – 9th circuit federal judge John McCarthy Roll

Roll’s initial ruling regarding the Brady Act set into action a rift between the desires of the power elite engaged in the silent war against its citizens in Washington and him. Roll would endure seventeen years of scrutiny that followed. His wrong turn with government was the same as Gifford’s – they were both pro Constitutionalists advocating the right to bear arms. Isn’t it incredible that a former pro right to bear arms congresswoman would change her mind, what’s left of it at least, about her constituents that loved her (a media construct) about the 2nd Amendment in her current push to regulate weapons beginning with Barack Obama’s 19 plus executive orders? Sometimes mind control doesn’t work and that a complete lobotomy must take place in order to drive the moronic agenda against the Constitutional.

What the media is not disclosing is that Judge John Roll was in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) litigation and case against all the industries that polluted the water supply in Pima County, Tucson International Airport, and in the city limits and surrounding areas for over half a century. For those who have attempted to expose the crimes as I am doing, deaths have occurred. With respect to this bloody issue, I may suffer the same peril as my predecessors. Trust me, I am not suicidal!

The toxic pollution resulted from years of indiscriminate toxic dumping of all the used petroleum derived fluids such as hydraulic, brake, and the rest of the engine fluids changed out from every airplane and jet at Tucson Airport and from Davis Monthan Air force Base. The Tucson Airport Authority is responsible and is a nonprofit organization created to manage Tucson International Airport and general aviation reliever airport, Ryan Airfield, to support and maintain the airfields’ runways and other facilities. All solvents used to clean the equipment, aviation crafts in service and those going to junk sites (bone yard) were secretly dispersed at abandoned mine shafts, Tucson Electric Power cooling ground water shafts, major and minor dump sites as well as various locations surrounding the desert. This activity spanning 50 years is not just local to Tucson although it is the most victimized. It is a nation-wide phenomenon with California being a major illegal dumping ground as well. Judge Roll may have been ready to rule favorably for the EPA which in turn would leave the nation exposed for subsequent suits.


It is speculated that any last minute appointed judge may rule in favor for the lowest settlements soon – Judge Collins.

Raner Collins suffers from a skin condition called Vitiligo. Unfortunately, he is completely unaware that there is a treatment and in successful instances, a cure that restores the pigmentation to the skin. If you or someone you care for show signs of the condition, please visit my sister site veritascures.com for an explanation and the solution. Could this ego and pride busting condition be a cause for one to sell out to the global elitists?

Judge Collins txtThe EPA case was ultimately handed off to United States District Judge Raner C. Collins, who may be in favor of the polluting corporations, before Judge Roll even hit the ground. In other words, this transfer was so swift and happened before Roll was buried that it appears as if it were predetermined. The assassination plot thickens in lieu of several huge corporations of the law suit which lingers in the shadows of Judge Roll’s death. Could the Tucson Airport Authority, McDonald Douglas, Hughes, Boeing, Davis Monthan AFB, the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, or Behr Brown’s acquired Texas Instruments, and the several more companies named in the case be implicated in Judge Roll’s murder?

Judge Collins has backed off the EPA case, leaving no judge as of February 2011, but then took it back.

The question is why hesitate, and then submit?

Back history

On Friday, February 7th, the day just before the assassination, Judge Roll issued a “preliminary ruling” in a case titled “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency. The case was filed on November 30, 2010 which if won would, for all intents and purposes, disallow the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars of confiscated drug profits directly being placed into private bank accounts tied to mafia kingpins. Seventy Two hours before Judge Roll was killed, a Foreign Intelligence Service report from the Kremlin states that Judge Roll was assassinated three days into critical rulings he made against the current U.S. administrations plan to begin the confiscation of American’s private retirement and banking accounts. By accomplishing this they would stave off a nation’s imminent economic collapse after having the US Marshals protecting him removed.

The compelling issue with this high profile preliminary ruling by Judge Roll is that Collins signed off on the acquittal in the originally titled “USA vs Román García” and most likely had allowed a set-up for the State Attorney to file a complaint for forfeiture of the money and property and an automobile from the twenty year old, to the US government. It is quite possible that Judge Collins allegedly conspired with the attorneys. Roll was killed one month following his ruling. The fact remains that the billions of dollars at stake in the EPA case remained largely unknown to the public. Is Collins keeping corporations safe and Is it fair that a judge continues to privatize this issue?

Everyone on the fourth floor is sworn to secrecy and that’s the bottom line.

Who was John Roll and why was he assassinated?” is my discussion of possible suspicions regarding Judge Roll and his case load with particular focus on the EPA case and the witness. My hope is that the merger of both aspects of this investigation.. one that was conducted at a great geographic distance and the experience I had for almost two years at ‘ground zero’ – in person investigations with the people and in this article, directly involved with a prolific event on Judge Roll’s highly secretive case, ignites an awakening among the true investigation experts.. it happens to be all of you reading and viewing this material. Except for the trolls of course..

I hope my interview with Joe proves how frightening, dangerous and real this was.


The weapons tactic in this silent war

Your firepower will not match theirs


The power Elites have redefined the 10 Commandments. “Thou shall not kill” has been redefined and criminalized into law by the ill tempered collective few to now be interpreted as, “Thou shall not kill unless you draw a paycheck from the NWO’s front business..” This is the federal government screwing with your intellect.

You.. hey you American sovereign starved citizen with a piss poor attitude about the power elites… as long as you have a firearm that delivers lethal projectiles equal to those used by militia happens to be the only fear they have. If you are reduced to using peashooters, they won’t at all penetrate the new Kevlar armor Kryron in production by Bourque Industries located in Tucson, Arizona. Their material and products are only certified to be sold to agents of militia and law enforcement or elected officials (authoritative), but not to the general consumer.

Do you expect them to defend you? No way!

TUCSON, Feb. 14 (UPI) – U.S. National Institute of Justice certification has been given for Bourque Industries’ Level III stand-alone Kryron Terminator Armor. With the certification, Bourque’s body armor can be sold to U.S. federal agencies as well as to other law enforcement organizations.

The killing operations involving mass murders is all about a drive to abolish the 2nd Amendment right to be in possession of firearms. This is a stealth war conducted from the inside out and to win, the people must be disarmed, naked, starving, and without power.

As of now, all that needs to happen is the flip of the switch to ‘off’ on the 2nd Amendment in which every other amendment is rendered null and void, obsolete, useless, “nothing but a goddamned piece of paper” as George Bush announced what is to become of the Constitution. This has all to do with exempting your right to bear a side arm.. That switch is slowly being toggled through assassinations, child slaying and abductions, Manchurian candidates, media illusions, and the power they have over your life.



  1. Phuq Yieu said:

    Clarence Dupnik has been corrupt ever since he was elected in as Pima County Sheriff, and the Tucson shooting was an operation to set into motion the collapse of the right to bear arms, support the National Health Care plan, and remove the last genuine Constitution driven Judge active on a federal circuit court. It is of my opinion that Gabrielle Giffords was sacrificed and physically mind controlled to reverse her opinion and stance on the 2nd Amendment in order to, if she survived the shooting, activate the US population into allowing for more restrictive gun rulings, prevent the memory of her friend Judge John McCarthy’s Roll’s action ruling against the Brady Bill, and keep secret her involvement in NASA having been a sub-committee chair while her husband Mark Kelly continued the scientific psyops leading to Project Bluebeam. Thanks Lee, you’re a treasure of information and your findings right up there with the most profound realists and NWO decoders there are world wide. So much much for the global elitists so long as you’re out there fighting the fight:) Love ya and all you do,

  2. Anonymous said:

    John was not fair to his employees they did not get paid. John blew millions of dollars show boating and left his employees with no pay. I personally know the people who made the armor ….. They do not work there anymore one of witch knows how to make kryron . What would you say if they have changed the formula and made it better. If they / we make a armor with no government involvement. How dangerous is this move???

  3. realnuz said:

    realnuz: Holy shmolee! This is news to me and I thank you for alerting me. What it means is that, if his BAC was under 1.0 and he’s facing years in prison on a criminal charge, is that behind that is an agenda to obtain his rights to the material he’s patented. No doubt. He’s done something that the military complex wants to themselves exclusively and these are the methods by which they achieve their goal. If he was working for the people, then that is clear. If he was working for the fed, then they’d have put their best attorneys on his defense to make this case ‘go away’. So, I can see why he drank if that’s his gig.. a relapse perhaps, or that he’s under great stress from threats and stress up to that point they ‘got’ him. I’ve never disclosed this, but Dupnik, because they couldn’t confront me, put a diseased person in my path and I was unsuspecting of it. What this woman did was create chaos in my life. It wasn’t a relationship, but something of the occult. FOP means Fraternal Order of the Police which means all of them belong to an occultic freemason like order. So, they provoked John M. Bourque just as they did me, but fortunately I got out of my ‘pickle’ and persevered. This man came up with a product they’ll be using to war against us and are putting him away to ‘own’ it.

  4. Anonymous said:

    John Borque is in prison for 4 years for a dui………. only a few people know how to make Kryron !!!!!! Some of witch are not government…..

  5. Manuel Schafer said:

    “I used to be able to find good information from your content.”

    realnuz: You ‘used’ to find good information until you came across the vitiligo article. This is a case of ego and pride vs the truth about the disorder and your products that don’t work. My research goes beyond yours which disturbs you and your potential revenue. I do this for free. It is unfortunate for the reason your intention is to gouge people for their money without giving them the solution..

  6. anonymous said:

    Very Nice Article and thanks for your efforts to expose the truth about Roll and also Whistleblower Joe Blankenship :)

  7. Russell Turner said:

    Finally, the truth gets out! This needs to go viral.

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