Loughner was not the ‘Lone Wolf’ shooter the news lead you to believe

In April of the year 2011, I met with Ed Chiarini.  Chiarini is also known commercially as ‘Dallasgoldbug’ who hosts a website titled wellawar1.com

His website has been suspected as being a psychological disinformation operation.  This “psyops” has the intention of confusing the intellect of the readership that traffics the site.

During this initial face to face meeting, I showed him my comparison of an agent who was photographed at the site where Gabrielle Giffords had been mortally wounded on a Saturday, January 8 of the same year.   Ed Chiarini’s negative reaction was immediate.  He had already been aware of the Pablo Escobar kill team photograph, but not that I had made the connection with a US DEA agent involved with that team to the agent present at the Tucson crime scene.  Ed was shaken.  He took the opportunity to discredit that what I presented had no merit.  He did this when he had already implicated every other member of the Sheriff’s department as ‘actors’ in the “Congress on your Corner Massacre”. It was then and there that I realized he was counter productive.  It was then that I felt complete fear.  Why?  Because I allowed him to sweep my house for listening devices not realizing he may have planted one.


Jared Lee Loughner was never booked in Pima County Jail

A media driven image of Jared Loughner was shown to the public as a mug shot.  Pima County Jail’s booking department does not photograph subjects this way.

Beck Loughner compareSampled here is the typical mug shot ‘dress’ that all persons wear when being photographed.  The image of Jared Lee Loughner was produced three days later.  It originated from the forensics department and NOT the booking department.  It is possible that a photo-manipulation protocol was commenced.  It is unclear why Glenn Beck’s features were used.  The point is, why did the elite mainstream media channels not investigate the image for its authenticity when posting it internationally?  Why have they not retracted it to this day?  Could Ed Chiarini have been the person who was employed to create this comparison?  After all, he is a self proclaimed photo manipulation’s expert.  His website is dedicated to this profession, however, Chiarini could be also hiding behind his efforts to  infect you with deception.  He may indeed be the one to create the Beck/Loughner image.

Chiarini also implicates innocent people to the Aurora shooter, James Holmes.  His comparisons make not positive biometric matches AT ALL.   The closest match to James Holmes original image before the court image of him with orange hair is identical to Jack Nicholson’s promotional black and white photographs in his youth.

James Holmes 3 compare

Ed Chiarini instead compares James Holmes with the following people?  Chiarini WILL NOT retract the allegations he’s made, but instead will protect Jack Nicholson by not damage controlling any of this.  In fact, he’ll post something completely far fetched.


Click the Image to view the documentary “Profile of a Cointelpro Sociopath – Flushing out Ed Chiarini

NWOCSI - Profile of a cointel pro sociopath


Pictured as a poor comparative collage by Ed Chiarini is a far fetched compilation without any biometric rationale.  It is a composite used to discredit innocent people.  Ed Chiarini conducts this practice without any warrant and without any pressure from those that would over see what he does.  If there was oversight, none of his allegations would be presented.

Ed's fail


What is Gabrielle Giffords doing today?


The youtube capture (on the left) is of Gabrielle Giffords.  Her request that you do not understand your constitutional rights is certain.  She is completely without substance.  She is mind controlled to allow the killing of you by our own Federal Government and secret societies driving them in the background.

Why does this woman go against her original stance on gun control?

Gabrielle.. not telling you anything of substance.. keeps from you why she feels it is important that your right to bear arms protects you from the very same factions that will kill you on spot, without warning, and without merit.  The shot she took was of a governmental operation to create this illusion.  Take notice that her handler/husband, Mark Kelly, is watching and reading from her paper every word Giffords speaks.  He is making sure that she does not interject anything other than the script presented on paper.  Giffords, a former representative of the nation, should have been able to recite all that without the need to read it.  Can you not see that this is an American entrapment?  Can you not see that she is a lobotomized drone in training to entrain your perceptions?  Do not forget that this woman was all for gun rights and now is absolutely against it.  Get it?

Five years from now.  Ten.. twenty years from now, not one person will remember former representative of this nation trauma victim, ‘Gabby’.  She will not be remembered.  However, your decision to relinquish your right to bear arms will be greatly appreciated by those that postured her to tell you to give up all rights between 2013-18  Get it?

Do you remember that Bush and Obama gave trillions of your tax dollars to certain banksters in a bankster bailout scheme?  Of course not.  You will not remember Gabby either.  The money is not the issue.. your protection against martial law is and you better take this seriously.



  1. What the hell are you talking about LEE. You know damn well that I never said such bullshit, and your attempts to cause damage to my reputation have been noted now several times. I believe Its time to bring you and your lies in front of a judge and we will let them decided the damage. Bob WoodRuff, CT Gov. Fake wife who is the actor that plays Ramona singer on the Real House wives of NY. I know who you all are, your not going to be able to hide behind your little act as Lee Bracker much longer.

    realnuz: Well, show us then where I erred in judgement, Ed, and tell us why you never produced the comparison you were shown of the Escobar kill squad member and the deputy that clearly is a biometric match of faces, ears, and all. Show us that you can make better compares than I and show the world that you are not lying when it’s clear you’re doing so. I’m not called a liar by anyone but you. Why is that bro? You’re not damaged by anything I say unless it’s true that which I question, say, or produce as evidence. If it’s true, then you are hiding behind a veil of deception. Show us your bank records and where your revenue is coming from to support your lifestyle, equipment, your address, and all the things necessary to prove you exist as an independent researcher like all of us do. Show us your phone records and vindicate yourself from, and it doesn’t come from me, the implications that you work with federal agencies. When you are willing, then I’ll retract everything I’ve posted about your project, you, and apologize. In fact, I’ll not apologize, but say that I’m terribly and absolutely wrong. I asked that you don’t go after specific people and you did which breached a private contract that would keep me from spilling beans over you. I win every argument and have kept every record of you mailing me. Keep it up and this comment goes public bro. I am the best and I am a toe to toe debater.. raw and just as spirited as the best. Really, I don’t care what you dig up on me because I show what is relevant in the matters of interest, not personal issues. If you had a record of cross-dressing for instance I could give a shit and wouldn’t put you down for that. What I do is show where the problems are applying logic rationale relating to allegations which are plain accusations that you post. I see beyond your imagination and will always be ahead bro.

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