A glimpse into Bomber Row.. the Alcatraz of the Rockies

UPDATE: How did he conjure up such an elaborate story?

6-16-2016  I had heard that a person’s eyes shifting to the left is a way to tell that they’re lying.  It never occurred to me that this characteristic is foolproof in lie detection.  Test yourself in the mirror by talking for a few minutes.  tell a story and make one up and see what you see.  A known fact: You can’t think of sour, bad, negative thoughts when looking upward in the heavens.  It’s easy to mope around all day so long as you know people by the style of their shoes.

For three years people have occasionally written in to say that James was a liar.  His son tried to find him.  Not that he was a bad person in a malicious way, but that he just didn’t tell the truth.  He was a runner.  When I decided to let Carol Rosin go, meaning, I cut her off as a friend for good reason, it wasn’t because I felt she was lying which I knew her to be doing, but because she was for some reason discarding Project Bluebeam.  That very same Tuesday after long periods of time feeling the way I did about her,  I learned on that day a technique for curing any allergy which was a kinesiology practice also involving moving the subjects eyes to the left.  Eyelids closed of course.  The naturopath presenting the technique added that telling lies also involved looking to the left.  Looking left and up means fabricating fiction.  Looking to the right is telling the truth, but right and up is a spiritual meaningful warmth of feelings which include love.  Make sense to me.

Recently, a witness wrote me with a warning about James Parrillo to which, I had intended to review Carol Rosin’s videos to determine if she had fibbed with me, but first took a good look at my interview with James to see that he lied the entire time.  It was no different with Carol.  The two very different people looked to the left every time they spoke with me.  I thought about removing the video interview and the story that goes with it, but for now, elect to allow it for research purposes.  While I no longer trust that James told a genuine story, there were elements to his feelings that were genuine… it was a compassion to the natural world, how important it is, and what it means to be inhumanly imprisoned.  Those are truths that should be experienced even if it comes from the mind of a person disturbed.

I’m a truther.  It means that I don’t lie if I can help it.  I liked James and felt that he was special.  I hope that for whatever reason he read this, that it be a lesson that people suffering from inferiority complexes need not worry… it’s what they project that counts and not really what they say.


I said to James, “They left you for dead..”  He said, “Yeah, they did”

On a Thursday, twenty eight days into July, 1994, one young man stood alone as the rest fled from a Greenpeace action against Whalers.  He was shot down as the only person injured and who subsequently faced almost 30 felonies.  James William Parrillo was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment in America’s most secure Supermax Prison located in Florence, Colorado.  He was isolated from people for two decades.  James became close friends and next door neighbor to the infamous “Uni-Bomber”, Theodore “Ted” John Kaczynski.  Both were highly educated men sharing two things in common.. they both held PhD’s and treated with cruel and inhumane punishment.


Click image to view video:  James asked if I’d join him on an adventure.  I’d do it in a heartbeat and although I won’t say what it was or what the mode of travel is — for the reason I feel his life should be shielded for now, for his safety.  I listened and nodded my head up and down even though I knew he needed to find a nice woman instead (get laid for crying out loud) and put a life together.  “Think about Greenpeace, but put it off ‘one day at a time'”, I subtly suggested.  His objective is not violent.. definitely non-lethal.  I even offered him an opportunity to work in his field with a common interest research scientist.  For some reason, I’m connected with top echelon specialists who would do these things for me.. for people I help.  I knew he would quietly abandon the invitation, however, and was actually glad I wouldn’t end up a third wheel on his path. 

James Parrillo color snap1


Watch Interview James Parrillo in Activism & Non-Profit | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

FORT LAUDERDALE — It was just after 4 a.m. Thursday when Capt. Scott Schneck heard someone banging on the hull of the yacht Defiance.

James Parrillo and Ted Kaczynsk, both PhDs with very different interests, shared their books with each other.  Each made the other read “or else”.  I got a kick out of that as I did with all that James shared off camera.  As he mentioned in the interview about the arrogant air about McVeigh, I could imagine James’ relationship with Ted.  James said that Ted had a terrific sense of humor.  Once, his opposite side neighbor was clearing out.  The man was one of those crazy ones.. loud, obnoxious, and overall annoying.  You can imagine the amplification of noise in that cell block even of minor scuffs.  Ted screamed out, which was unusual, for everyone in ‘Bomber Row’ to hear when the crazy guy was taking his time vacating with what little he had, “If you don’t move the fuck out soon, I’m coming over and moving you out for you” — Something like that.  And these were the people killers by explosive devices.  James had me rolling the brief time I was with him.  Thank goodness he didn’t lose himself in that prison.

“I thought one of the crew had locked himself out,” said Schneck, who moored the $17 million ship at F dock at Bahia Mar Yachting Center on Sunday. “I went out on the bridge deck to see what was going on.”

That’s when James Parrillo, wearing military fatigues and combat boots, stuck a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol in Schneck’s back and took the captain and his eight-member crew captive, police said.

For the next four hours, police negotiators talked with Parrillo, 28, by phone, a SWAT team deployed on the dock, and police sharpshooters took up positions in nearby buildings.

Before Parillo released the captives unhurt and surrendered at 8:20 a.m., he fired several shots in the direction of police from the deck of the 155-foot ship and at least one in the ship’s staircase, when he heard noises and thought police were making an assault.

The Defiance, owned by Swift Ships of Morgan City, La., pulled into the marina on Sunday for minor repairs, a company spokeswoman said.

Thursday’s drama began at 3:30 a.m. after Parrillo told an unidentified woman he met on Fort Lauderdale beach that he was depressed and wanted to kill himself, Detective Steve Palazzo said.

“He told her he would arrange it so he wouldn’t have to live anymore. Then he headed off toward Bahia Mar and she called police,” Palazzo said.

When officers arrived, Parrillo fled toward the Defiance, apparently picking the ship at random from the yachts docked in the marina.

Because Parrillo told police several different stories, what happened next isn’t clear, but Parrillo apparently swam to the back of the Defiance, climbed onto the rear diving platform and went up a staircase where he found Schneck.

“The captain was telling him there was a crew, when hotel security guards headed toward the boat,” Palazzo said. “[Parrillo) fired two shots at them and warned them to stay away.”

In the next few minutes, Schneck, 50, persuaded Parrillo to let Schneck’s wife and the rest of the crew off the boat and gave Parrillo a gun kept on the ship, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, Palazzo said.

James described what it was like to have time out of the cell for the one or two hours during the week to ‘exercise’.  “They would run us like dogs in kennels literally made for dogs.  A man could at least stand up straight.  The Arab men would walk together and pace from one end to another yelling at the top of their lungs in their language, “Yes, yes, yes..!”  It wasn’t necessarily peaceful at that precious time, and they don’t adjust their voices when close to people as we do in the United States, but at least they got it out so that life in the cell would be quieter.”

From about 5:30 a.m. until his surrender, police negotiated with Parrillo as he walked around the ship talking on a portable phone. During the negotiations, Colin Sutcliffe, the ship’s engineer, sketched floor plans of the ship for the SWAT team.

“Parrillo was very calm, very articulate and polite. He even said `sir’ and `thank you,'” said Sgt. Bob Smith, who supervised Officer Lou DiBonifazio as he talked to the suspect. “The gist of it was that he wanted to die. At one point, he said, `I didn’t want it to turn out like this.”’ Schneck was calm throughout the ordeal, Smith said.

The captain said he was concerned to have “a guy with a gun stuck in my face,” Smith said.

James Parrillo color snap1Parrillo told police and the captain that he was a Navy SEAL, an elite group of men trained to make underwater assaults.

“We have our doubts about that,” Smith said. Detectives said they will check today to see if Parrillo served in the military.

As time passed, Parrillo became agitated. “His breathing became labored and we got the feeling he wanted us to kill him,” Smith said. “He asked us why our snipers hadn’t taken him out.”

At 7:53, Parrillo released Schneck.

I suggested to James that he view my latest re-discovery of the lost cure for all diseases.  I actually convinced him to watch the youtube not because I wanted to show off or anything like that.  I’m not about that.  I wanted to plant a seed with the hope he would initiate a desire to administer the therapy, or simply use conventional known EFT therapy to restore him to sanity.  Not that he’s crazy.. I mean that having gone through the deplorable conditions that he would adjust to society. I felt he would definitely be a candidate to flush out the trauma pain inflicted upon him for all that time.  The physical and psychological.  If anything, I think that’s the only thing I could offer of value to this person I crossed paths with.  James put himself out there by giving all of us his valuable testimony of a diseased world and a peek into a torture chamber of madness that we should hope to never experience ourselves. 

“That’s when we thought he might kill himself,” Smith said.

But, DiBonifazio persuaded Parrillo to throw out his guns and meet on the dock. That’s where the SWAT team took the suspect into custody.

“It was strange. He never asked for money or food, to be released or anything,” Smith said.

[Paragraph deleted for respect to James in which he cannot respond to at time of the interview]

Parrillo was charged with armed burglary, false imprisonment, attempted murder of a police officer and aggravated assault with a firearm. He is being held in the Broward County Jail without bail.


Parrillo is a well educated Marine Biologist and has a PhD

blue crab reaching outJames wouldn’t describe his doctoral thesis as he felt it wasn’t important, but I will.  In a nutshell, he proved that the Blue Crab, I believe, has a stellar intelligence and memory.  It was a simple study done while diving and it took no more than an hour or so to conduct the ‘flipper’ experiment.  It shows that scientists either don’t have the sensitivity and understanding of the animal world.. just too academic or lazy.  So, it seems those that previously studied them took their grant money and squandered it while writing diatribe to cover their you know whats.  His colleagues were jealous because he received a big ol’ fat “A+” for his work.  Those are the stories I like to hear!  Incidentally, since I re-discovered the treatment that allows all conventional treatments to be for the most part near 100% effective, in other words “The Cure For All Diseases“, can I get an “A++?”


Unfortunately for the time being, I have lost contact with James

“It’s been a couple of weeks since our interview and I think about James Parrillo daily.  I’m concerned.  I happened to re-read this article and while doing so, thought I’d listen to Crosby Still & Nash’s song title “Southern Cross” that I had downloaded from Amazon.com to lay in a sound track for a project underway.  Instead and by accident (habit), I played a youtube video of the song.  The video was a montage of sills that the creator had move in motion of beautiful images of dolphins.  I’d seen it before several times, but this time a phenomenal and overwhelming feeling swept me.  I began to transcend time and space as I did when Brandon Lee Pittman, a suspect in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting investigation had his pistol pointed between Sheldon Day’s eyes.  A rare occurrence on the level I experienced.. apparently it has to be an important moment.  During this, my heart ventured all over the world and I embraced the imagery of aquatic animals that I know are near extinction.  It was as if I was communicating with them saying that I’m here to defend them as James has done.  I broke down as if saying goodby to my animal friends I’ve never met, but feel in me.  I re-listened to see also why I felt the way I did to discover that the lyrics were symbolic to me in what I’m doing (not literal) and what both James and I are all about.  My last thought when the song ended and the video was over was, ‘Why do we wait until we’re dying before we do anything to prevent it?'”

ADX aerialOur interview was impromptu and unrehearsed.  I knew knew nothing about ADX Supermax Prison, just enough to follow along with what history of the Uni-Bomber and the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing and even referred to Terry Nichols as “McNichols” when thinking of McVeigh.  Just a bit of confusion during the interview and I stand corrected.  Had I known to read the Sun-Sentinal article he showed afterwards, I would have questioned James about the police account and what was conveyed by Captain Schneck, etc., for clarification.  We’ll see if James gets back into contact with.  For now, I believe based on his feelings at the time we met.. and the fact that while doing the interview he read his email to find that his father had passed away that very day (which is why he asked that I turn off the recording at one point), that James needs to decompress from all that time in isolation in order to re-acclimate himself with people.

I commend James for his strength.  He was very much uncomfortable even with me at times, however, he handled himself well under that circumstance as well as the confusion as to what to do next for himself.  And yet despite the feeling of discombobulation, he felt it was important to voice his experience as best he could — he did so valiantly.  Greenpeace was no help as you can imagine based on his account.  I could sense although he didn’t verbally say it, he expressed that all of us know that together, we won’t have to be taken advantage of.  He’s a compassionate human being.  I think we all are..


(Off camera) “Showers were twice a week.  We’d be cuffed with the black box wrist restraints that were hell.  Just imagine not being able to move your wrists AT ALL and you’ll get the picture.  They’d remove them through the slot in the door of the secure room between our cell and the hall and then the same for the shower area.  We had one minute to wash off and if the soap doesn’t all come off, well then you’re soapy until you can figure something out back in the cell.  By the way, the water didn’t shower from above, it sprays out at you horizontally from your mid-waist” – James Parrillo


black box cuffsI’d like to also express my appreciation for the opportunity offered for this interview by James with a concerted hope that, because I didn’t ask permission to reprint the Sun-Sentinel article with them or the author, that they honor James by allowing it without repercussion to myself or James.

James William Parrillo suffered greatly at the will of ‘above the law’ individuals who crushed his face, hands and feet during punishing torture while handcuffed.  You can see the “Black Box”.. a device that completely restricts hand movement almost completely.  This is a device these men at ADX must wear even when escorted to the showers twice a week for the few minutes of bathing.. if I remember straight.  Deplorable conditions are what are to be expected after the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last day of the year 1011 in the complete safety and protection on a Hawaiian Island paradise.  This Act ‘green lights’ this behavior by federal agents of this country to do what they did with James to each and every individual in this country without representation as demonstrated by Greenpeace.  I’d rather be bombed by the drones than spend a life in an ADX.. both sponsored by our commander and chief against anyone he wishes.. decommissioned citizens for any reason.

“I thought about what I was doing in ’94 and what it would be like missing out all of two decades.  I’d have been committed if I was in James’ shoes.. not as balanced by a long shot.  All I can say is that he conducted himself as best he could harboring the resentment he had for Paul Watson of Greenpeace.  Paul sent him to die a slow emotional and physical existence at the hands of the most inhumane lock down facility I’ve heard of to this day.  Paul ordered the sinking of the ship that got James the charges just as Manson did the Tate & Labianca murders through the ‘Joint-Responsibility Rule’.  It should have been Paul Watson and his attorneys sitting there instead of James.” – realnuz


Response to a query about James:

AG wrote:   “Hello again. I finally got to watch the full video this morning. Thanks for the mention! Sounds like Parrillo is pretty defensive and skeptical.  I wonder why?  What are your thoughts on that?”  AG

“Hi anonymous..  James spent 20 years in complete isolation from people.  His experience was the re-education protocol involving an imprisoning indoctrination over the years. Guards training their weapons on him, shackles and a ‘Black Box” to shower with, mace, pepper spray and CS gas, brutal cracked ribs and broken feet & hand beatings in which they didn’t set his broken bones after crushing them with their boots, showering twice a week, sunlight once a week in a literal dog kennel for only an hour, fluorescent lights, shitty food (he’s a vegetarian), no contact with other inmates hardly, and Ted, his friend never goes out of his cell so that he could see his face.  There are more, but these were comments shared off camera.  One inmate kept a calendar going so that the days could be calculated and logged by chalk on a surface or some paper hidden away if memory serves me right.  They knew of the holidays when the food would represent it.  Twenty years. 

When he went in, our earth was healthier than it is now.  Project Cloverleaf hadn’t been fully engaged until 98.  By 2005, it made its way to Tucson, Arizona, and I saw the expanse of our heavens become veiled with greenhouse effect poison immediately.  From then on to now, James’ first view of the sky was “What the hell?”  His last view of a 360 view was still fresh in memory of the deep blue skies with actual moisture clouds with distinct edges, moisture was in the air, and one could actually smell life and nature.  It is not so now.  James can tell off bat the difference, but because we on the outside were slowly acclimated to the changes, we sheeple people aren’t as aware as James is.  Keeping in mind he is one to cherish our earth and its biosphere over its people, he is not an Eco-terrorist, but ecology’s savior.


James Parrillo is an Eco-savior

Me?  I felt that he broadcasted a projected genuine care and thought for others, our world, and a clear differentiation between right and wrong.  The skepticism if there is any is merely his opinion of what the public is told and thinks versus what actually happens in the corporate world as well as within underground prison walls.  That’s my take!  And, I miss James very much”

James had just been released.  He had nowhere and no idea what to do and just came to Tucson to think it out.  He was alone, starving, cold because it snowed, and he was not adjusted to people.  I had to take him in.  He is still watching his back as he had to survive the viscous attacks of not the inmates, but the guards.  The inmates and guards as well respected James so much so that he was the one who granted permission on whatever.  He never said what they were because that’s privileged information. 

The gladiator case at that other DOC was something they also did in this supermax without being caught.  James developed a new understanding about folks and is why you may have detected an alert modality, however, he also has his mental stability once he decompresses.  He had to learn the hardest of ways as to how to hold and give information which i believe an explanation for a defensive air about him.

– realnuz



  1. darby said:

    James William Parrillo is a complete liar…I wouldn’t believe a word that man says. Greenpeace?? Where did that story come from?? What really happened is he told someone on the beach he had taken pills to kill himself; then he took off running towards Bahia Mar. Afterwards, the woman he had spoken with called police. Police enlisted the chopper, which is probably why he jumped on board the “luxery” ship…to avoid police. He was never shot, and the only person doing any shooting was James himself (at security guards, at police, and inside the yacht). The real hero was Sgt. DiBonifazio who got that nutcase to give up without loss of life.

  2. Hi..
    James Parrillo described on and off recording not only to me, but the people in the place we did the interview what it was like to be isolated. He said that it was “No Human Contact” which is true for sitting in the cell, however, he’d see people who elected to go to the dog kennel runs for outdoor exercise and sunlight. He said that he would see people as incidental encounters when led to and from the infirmary or elsewhere in the prison. I never asked if they had to wear hoods, but I highly doubt it. They’re cruel, but not that cruel. The guards were masked if I remember correctly. That would be to protect them and their families. Ted K was the man next door. They talked to each other through the air passage of the air vents that are shared along the ventilation conduits.

    I feel badly for the reason James never returned emails in which I tried to connect him with people saying they were a son and another a sister. The sister said not to believe him either. I don’t even have a DOC number which means it all may be a lie. Lie or not, it’s an account that can be absolutely true not just for him, but anyone sitting in a death trap of the soul. James had been there for 2 decades and was really spooked being around more than two or three people. That’s what happens having been isolated. Why would a guy like that lie for twenty years carry a big story like that if he’d never been away for that long? I don’t know of anyone calling me back to say they saw him a year, two years… anytime between 1993 and 2012-13 in the bars or anywhere making up stories. I tend to think his account is real. As long as he has a valid DOC number and you know Ted Kaczinski, ask him. James told me to visit to verify him and having said I would, he knew I would, but I never did. I could, but now there’s you! Ted doesn’t take visitors easily as I was warned, but would have me for knowing more than anyone the 19 year account.

    One thing is, James knew his shit when it came to Marine Biology. How I know that is because I trained under Joe Blankinship who was absolutely close to Bruce Halstead of the World Life Research Institute (marine biology and toxicology). He was the model for “Medicine Man”. Nothing James said was made up in that field. So I don’t know, he has deep seated feelings and traumas like many of us… actual accounts may not match up with the story, but his story of incarceration was honest I think because both on and off camera, James said that he respected them for not telling their personal intimate stories. That was to insure honor to their families and I agreed. I know what he said and I promised to honor that wish. I met him the day or two after he had been released. James, regardless of what people think, is a human being and one day I would be proud to see him again. He volunteered to do something that was valiant regardless of what had ultimately happened. If only I had that courage.

    Please DM, update me here or in private…

    Lee lnbracker@hushmail.com

  3. DM said:

    Realnuz….I am not a crew member nor am I a relative of anyone on that boat…As far as the cause goes I agree those ships need to be stopped…I also believe Paul W. Gets people to do the dirty work for him …What I don’ t believe is no human contact….He himself has said he became close friends with Ted K…. I know the man !!!! I will not prove anything to you , like you said it really doesn’t matter…I also stand for the cause and if someone ever told me to take a gun to get my point across the answer would be hell no. Jim got used and paid the price and don’t worry he’s still around …Just look for Kim…And I’m telling you..Don’t believe everything he says…

  4. realnuz said:

    Anonymous, you sound like a family member or an actual crew member. It means you’re interested in yourself than the whales being killed leaving their babies to die too? Sorry your lives were spared to be living a life of remorse for being held up at gun point. Get over it. This man spent 19 years in complete isolation “No Human Contact” and I believe him. We talked quite a bit off camera and now he’s completely disappeared. It’s because of people like you. I think that’s what James would say, not me, just standing up for someone being taunted by a coward, otherwise, you’d announce who you are. I’m not one to research someone’s credentials, so if you’d be so kind as to prove he never finished any school you claimed he had not finished, well be my guest and prove that he lied. He can say he was the president for all I cared.. I was as angry at the world as he was and understand that nobody should accept even what’s happening all around us today. Just that James had the balls in his youth to do something about it. Let me ask you something… do you know what it feels like to have been ordered to sink a ship and then tricked into signing away his right to the true offender? Greenpeace promised they’d help him out of prison, but because he signed a waiver, everyone including you left him there for dead. So, now that James served an inhumane amount of time under that circumstance, you should be vindicated regardless if he had a PHD or not. I don’t have one and am proud not to. Otherwise, I’d be regurgitating lies like all PHD’s do anyway. And, it’s not their fault.. it’s the fault of a false educational system. So, that’s what Greenpeace did, so it’s them you should have a beef with.. don’t you think? Sorry if you’re anonymous for the reason you were a crew member or associated with one and that you or whoever didn’t make money illegally that day because of that incident… I’m sure you did something else illegal or supported those close to you who did to make up for it.

  5. Anonymous said:

    1st …Let me say have you checked his credentials ? I knew him years ago to be a liar and thief…..Show me where he even finished High School , let alone got a Doctorate….Do some research at a young age he was destined to go to Prison for something ….He had alot of police contact as a minor…..He did a stupid thing……you wanna protest go ahead but you don’t stick a gun in someones back to make your point……Did he one time consider how all those people on the boat felt being held at gunpoint ? How frightened they were ? or did he just not care ? Sorry I will save a human life over any animal ……Don’t worship him , the way he went about things was WRONG !!!!

  6. Daniel Leach said:

    Reblogged this on http://www.AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com Blog! "1984=1776" Public Intelligence Analysts and commented:
    I had a chance to talk with James William Parrillo of Greenpeace who was part of the action team to Save the Whales he was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment isolated from people for two decades in America’s most secure Supermax Prison located in Florence, Colorado then became close friends and next door neighbor to the infamous ‘Uni-Bomber’, Theodore “Ted” John Kaczynski.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Of course Greenpeace was of no use. The organization was systematically neutered when the eleven top donation call centers were shut down and campus students were left begging for part-time work. I was told by a high level activist that the woman that ran Greenpeace was devastated after she gave control to the charge she had groomed-only to have his real agenda show in such fashion; our government is using homosexuals with an agenda to aid in the destruction of our society.

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