Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon



Knights Templar, the Illuminati, their museums and foundations & the matrix of secret societies all know

By the year 1936, a brand new Pyramid was built right before the eyes of 6 billion people.   It was named after a president that few wanted it named after.  Hoover Dam was the greatest engineering feat ever accomplished at that time in modern history.


Most think it was designed to be a hydro electric power plant, but the truth is, it was much more than met the eye.  Nobody knew but for the circles of secrecy that this construct was destined to be a Stargate.

While researching utilizing many investigative approaches, I had to ascertain why this massive project was uniquely designed with overkill of occultic symbols from the design layout itself to the art and details as well as its location.  What I discovered is that the Grand Canyon itself may also have secrets.


What people did know was that Arizona’s first governor, Hunt, preferred pyramid shaped tombs for he and his wife.  He died two years before the dam was officially completed. There was another person who died in the year 1936 when the dam had been completed.  Reclamations Commissioner Dr. Elwood Mead whose last project, the largest of its kind in the world, so happened to complete the lake mead water reclamation project with his very own death.

Grand Canyon topo map - dot pattern

“There are many categories of 7 wonders of the world. I wonder about everything which means there are many sets of several hundred questionable things I ‘Wonder’ about.   The Canyon” itself is deemed a natural wonder by some decision making body I’m unaware of. while Hoover Dam is an architectural one, the ‘monuments’ are by definition architectural, sculptural and plain ‘intelligently crafted’ constructs completely foreign to nature, hence should be architectural.. if the secret societies who guard the canyon’s secret did not mask the true history, its ‘alien equation’ history and the historical ‘cover/ would be compromised.”

Grand Canyon topo map - Orion text


Grand Canyon topo map - Copy

Nothing qualifies the Grand Canyon to be a “Natural Wonder”

By definition, the ‘Monuments of the Grand Canyon’ are not considered natural features, but a deception that they are.  This is why the national park is incorrectly a natural ‘Wonder’.  It should really be an ancient architectural one.  This is why the secret societies call them wonders.. they keep us wondering what they truly are.


n   1)  A statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.  2)  A statue or other structure placed by or over a grave in memory of the dead.  Syn:   memorial – cenotaph

(Wiki), The word “monumental” is often used in reference to something of extraordinary size and power, as in monumental sculpture,  but also to mean simply anything made to commemorate the dead, as a funerary monument or other example of funerary art.  The word comes from the Latin “monere,” which means ‘to remind’ or ‘to warn.’ The term is often used to describe any structure that is a significant and legally protected historic work



n    A monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere.

(Wiki) A cenotaph is an “empty tomb” or a monument erected in honour of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek: “empty”, and taphos, “tomb”. Although the vast majority of cenotaphs are erected in honour of individuals, many noted cenotaphs are instead dedicated to the memories of groups of individuals, such as the lost soldiers of one country or empire.


It took ten minutes.  Now I have to look at Monument Valley, Sedona, and anywhere natural features are considered ‘monuments’

George Hunt cropped


While it is known that Egyptian and Asian underground cities existed deep beneath the River bed that are accessible, but now cordoned off by the US government, I needed to know why the ‘monuments’ of the Canyon strangely were named after Egyptian rulers.  Could they be more than natural features?  Where they aligned to the stars.  I set out to see if my assumption would yield hard facts.  I thought it would take months.

George Wiley Hunt, 1st governor of Arizona, is entombed with his wife in this pyramid before it had turned into state park overlooking the Phoenix, Arizona.

Using logic, I felt that the star system ‘Orion’ before working with Pleiades would be the first place to begin for the reason the belt stars of  ‘The Hunter’ lined up with the great pyramids of Egypt. It would be probable I would stumble into something.  And so I did and it took all of ten minutes to do.  All the stars line up….. pretty much by design.


Grand Canyon topo map - Orion1

The Grand Canyon lines up with Orion, but what is it about the Pleiades that inspired the occult?

Pleiades?  It may very well be there too.  Hoover Dam commemorates the Seven Sisters with a terrazo tiled floor design featuring Alcyon, the brightest star in that system.

Many thanks goes to the University of Arizona’s main library for their extensive archive of maps and also the Planetary Sciences / LPL high definition image and archives department curator, Maria.


Proof the ‘monuments’ cannot be officially be considered natural wonders

AlcyoneIn November 2006 the USA Today in conjunction with Good Morning America revealed a list of ‘New Seven Wonders’ as chosen by six judges.  The wonders were announced one per day over a week on Good Morning America.

An eighth wonder was chosen on November 24, 2006 from viewer feedback  If viewers only knew the truth.. experts certainly don’t, but should.  One of the many existing lists was compiled by CNN and included the Grand Canyon and its ‘monuments’ as a natural wonder.


The USA Today Magazine Panel

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle, is a marine biologist and Time magazine’s first “Hero for the Planet.”  Earle is also a National Geographic Society explorer in residence and has led sixty expeditions with over 6,000 hours of underwater research and exploration.  There are pyramids under water, so why hasn’t she reported on them?  Fail.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler, author of of best-seller “Walking the Bible and Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths”, Feiler is a self-proclaimed “theological tourist” and has visited over sixty countries on five continents.  I haven’t left the city limits of Tucson to realize the facts.   Fail.

Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer,  has authored over eight books, including “Video Night in Kathmandu” which is considered one of the best travel books ever by USA Today.  Iyer has twice been a ‘Fellow of the World Economic Forum’ in Davos, Switzerland.  And yet, he fails as well. Wonder if he travelled to the canyon.  Fail.

Holly Morris

Holly Morris, wants you to think she is one of these ‘global explorers’.  These are cruise ship opportunists looking for a good time.  She directs, hosts, and executive produces “Adventure Divas” which is a PBS documentary series that profiles innovative women around the world, Morris also is co-founder of Adventure Divas Inc.  Hmmmm, another one of them elitists.  Fail.

Johan Reinhard

Johan Reinhard,  What?  A high-altitude archaeologist?    Never heard of such a thing.  Reinhard is a National Geographic Society explorer in residence.  He discovered the perfectly preserved “ice maiden” Inca mummy on Peru’s Mount Ampato in 1995, among other finds.  I think these are ‘accidental stumbling or tripping over’ finds.  The credit is due to someone who figures out the existance of these ‘finds’ and then finds them.  Big fail.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson,  is an  Astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City as well as director of the Hayden Planetarium.  Tyson has explored star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies and the structure of the Milky Way.  This then is the biggest failure yet.  He of all of them should have known that the star pattern of Orion is a perfect non-coincidental alignment of the monuments of the Grand Canyon chasm.  EPIC FAIL.


  1. …. that I’ll vomit the synthetic recombinant all over your ugly intellect…

  2. nobody fly said:

    excuse me, Looks like a Reservoir dam and not an alien gate. But if you eat enough pills…..

  3. Russell Turner said:

    “It’s not nice to say these guys fail when they are in fact succeeding. They excrete as they’ve been taught=success.”

    “It’s not nice to say these guys [committee of six experts]

    fail when they are in fact succeeding. They excrete [disseminate or disclose?]

    as they’ve been taught=success.” [‘taught’ which equates to ‘success’? Are you suggesting that it is proper that these people are inappropriately accredited with supposed official knowledge to pass off to the masses? Are you suggesting that they are a success for themselves, or that society is a success because of them? Do you not see that it is the makers of the educational curriculum (their text books and instructors conditioned with misguided information) you’re in support of? Are you a secret society soldier helping them to achieve the success they seek? Are you aiding their cause by suggesting that I should be diplomatically ‘nice’? I have much damage control to do with my children because of these simple minded decision makers who make enough on their decisions to send their children to become indoctrinated in very expensive Ivy leagues]
    realnuz: Who ever said I had to be ‘nice’? I’m not amicable to anyone who gains attention, advertises their intellectual awards, and sits on the truth whether they know it or not while propagandizing historical facts. This committee should be reprimanded for being lazy to you, me, and our children that grow up believing that these committee members are true research specialists.. your child will question you and refer you to what they believe to be official study/decision when you’re arguing with them saying that you know the truth and that your child should listen to you instead of what their history books claim.. it most definitely should not be a decision based on popularity.

    Russell, are you aware that Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, has asked that Obama “really ought to consider” returning his Nobel Peace Prize Medal immediately? He and the committee said they’d never before asked for the return of a Peace Prize, “even from a damnable war-criminal like Kissinger.”

    What this means is that this committee may not have known, since nobody really did, about the prospect that the grand canyon in fact is not natural. It means that they didn’t question it nor do their homework. They are specialized in their fields and together could have figured it out and reported the truth, Russ. For now, my post remains intact until they retract the old decision with a new verdict on the matter. As the Nobel Prize committee ‘woke up’ one day years too late and asked that Obama “really ought to consider returning..” The panel that decides and classifies what is a notable ‘wonder’ stands as testament to the fact that they must prove that they either did or did not do their research that they were influenced, or bamboozled into their decisions. I’m asking the ‘Wonders of the world panel” to simply apologize to the public and render a new decision that lists the Grand Canyon as one of the seven wonders that represent what the canyon should represent. It is wrongly categorized in eighth place, incidentally, as a natural wonder because the public requested it. The panel could swap it in place of another wonder in another category, but won’t. All I’m doing is putting pressure on them to reconsider investigating for themselves.

    It’s like me asking you to prove what you claim about Gurdjieff to me with some artifact.. just a couple lines or pages of his work.. to show me what you need to prove in that argument that spawned mine. Until you do, the Gurdjieff article stands and you appear silly and misguided. I’ll take that down with an apology to you along with an admittance I was wrong if you get off your ass and do something that takes 10 minutes for once. Remember, this has been a year and a half request of you and I remind you almost every time we speak, write, or text. It would take that committee 10 minutes as well to make the list change now that I’ve proven the canyon attraction synthetic and not natural. I don’t even think that both you and that committee has a problem with procrastination or laziness.. it’s plain negligence and self-favoring for profit and ego. See how this works? Meanwhile, you’ll never move on my suggestions for the reason you are a self-preservationist rather than a logical thinker. “Where’s your website complete with profound original thoughts and opinions that means something?” I always ask. Now, please, find another friend to piss off because I’ve given up on you man..

  4. azseamonkey said:

    interesting, thanks.

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