Supersoldiers Speak – Grand Canyon’s Ancient Pyramid City & The Hoover Dam Stargate


The 2013 Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit II was the impetus for a documentary I created designed to flush out more counterintelligence aside from Douglas Dietrich and Solaris BlueRaven.  The video was pulled within 24 hours of release.  It was decided to produce a video that did not prove the controversy


It was one that is focused on my research regarding the secret society secrets – Pyramids and Stargates of Arizona.  the result of the time spent with these fine people was my understanding of how deep mind control’s grip on the innocent is.

Tyler Clark & James Rink

In our interview with Tyler Clark and James Rink, I convey the message that there is a solution to the attacks by mind control programs like that which converged on the summit in which several people reported being abducted.

Don Mitchell

Don Mitchell is my new friend and technical adviser.  With his help, I finally could put two thoughts together driving a long sought after resolve to the mystery surrounding what GRAVITY is.  Soon, I’ll publish my theory with the hope I can prove it using a sensible theorem.  If not, I’m sure it is the meal ticket for scientists all over the world.

Above: An 1:30 minute interview with Tyler Clark and James Rink with a commentary interview with technology specialist, Don Mitchell Just before I was asked to leave the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit II held in Henderson, Nevada May 17-19, 2013.  It was there that I realized a new “Law of Attraction” that explains just about everything that has to do with ascension, gravity.. the works.  It is a secret hidden right before our eyes and I found it.

Alara Blackwell

Alara Blackwell is a supersoldier who I had interviewed at the UFO Congress Conference earlier in March, this year 2013.  I asked if she would like to take part in a study involving several other people with varying psychological, bio-mechanical, and health problems.  She was receptive during the interview, but for personal reasons elected to place the idea on hold.  You may view our time together discussing the protocol with her acknowledgement at the time we conducted the interview.   I tried to approach her at the second conference where I had met James and Tyler, but she avoided contact with me for unknown reasons at the time, however, it is suspected that the mind control program MILAB interfered with our successfully crossing paths.



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