Sentinel Peak may be an ancient pyramid

A stone’s throw west of Tucson, Arizona, stands an unusual 883 meter tall “hill”

This geological landmark is part of a group of peaks known as the Tucson Mountains.  I had never suspected it as being a more than a possible ancient pyramid until earlier this year.  I had just concluded research in which an ancient series of pyramids and structures within the Grand Canyon’s “Monument” area align with Orion’s star pattern.  Although the Tucson mountain range that is geologically older than Sentinel Peak have no star pattern matches as of yet, there is circumstantial evidence indicating that A Mountain may be a construct as opposed to being a naturally formed – attraction.


I spent a number of hours discussing with University professors whether or not the logic stands – Was this mountain formed from magma projectile spewed in a constant straight lined direction from the Catalina Mountain range? The Santa Catalinas are approximately 15-20 miles due North of the city, and downtown Tucson, where Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain is located.  “We go by what we’re taught… no, there is no true substantiated evidence A Mountain was created by a volcanic eruption from the Catalinas”.  I asked a student, “Yup, I’m just going through the motions to make a paycheck when I get outta here, bro.  You’d be hard pressed to change the curriculum”.


Joe image crop

Orion’s pattern did not work of course and I put the idea on the back burner.

The geology of Sentinel Peak as described by the AZGS is dominated by 20 to 30 million year old (Ma) volcanic rocks, unlike most of the rest of the Tucson Mountains which are composed primarily of much older volcanic rocks that were largely produced during a single enormous eruption.  It appears that Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain is separate and different.

Back in my “ancient days”, I ran up and all around that mountain.  I was in pretty good shape.  Little did I know that I was cruising an ancient pyramid, or so I now think.

I studied with Joe Blankinship before his passing late December, 2012.  He was highly knowledgeable regarding pyramids.  His teachers were those of the highest standing in world research and publications on the subject and when combined with his vast knowledge of minerals, gold in particular, that made my education much more valuable.  It’s how I managed to discover that the Monuments of the Grand Canyon are not natural.  I asked Joe if he felt that Baboquivari Peak in Arrivaca, Arizona (image to the right), had ever been mined for gold and if it was an ancient pyramid as I had regarding Sentinel Peak.  Interview with Kyle Dayton Part I  &  Part II

Sentinel Peak

A-Mountain-Tucson composite

At first, before conducting research, I felt that the “A” never represented Arizona or the University of Arizona.. it’s the NASA insignia “A” shape. How I sense this is because it should be a “T” for Tucson.  Under research, however, Wikipedia with no citations tells the history as it may have happened.

A“The idea for the “A” began in 1914 after the Arizona team defeated Pomona College in a big football game.  A civil engineering student on the team convinced one of his professors to include the project of creating the “A” atop Sentinel Peak as a class assignment.”From what I know about engineers, it is possible that the young man was influenced either by secret society members in a fraternal order or his father with the idea so that the letter “A”, and not “T”, be used.



This would be difficult to prove which means I’ll accept that the story is true.  What confuses me is what is reported as Sentinel Peak as “Not a volcano” although it is made with volcanic rock in layers.  The text reads that Sentinel and Tumamoc peaks are unlike and younger than the rest of the Tucson Mountains.  I suspected Baboquivari Peak in Arrivaca (side bar image), Arizona before moving on.



A big mountain made of volcanic rock is not a volcano?

“Sentinel Peak is made up of a series of volcanic rocks that represent different types of volcanic activity, though the mountain itself is not a volcano.”

The question is; How can a pyramid shaped object that is not a volcano be made of volcanic rock?  I feel that if it was a volcano, then I’ve lost the theory and that it would be difficult to prove without a star pattern match. The reference may have meant that Sentinel Peak is not an ACTIVE volcano.


Could alien races have built different kinds of pyramids?

ancient-aliens-pyramid-hd-wallpaper theory goes beyond in saying that if volcanoes are in fact pyramids built by an alien race with different methodology, that it was the Vulcans that used geothermal activity to create them.  In the film AFTER EARTH which is a story about creating supersoldiers in a very distant ‘Earthly’ future, Jaden Smith who is the son of Will Smith must climb the top of a volcano.  Are volcanos alien creations that use geo-thermal energy to power… something?

The free thought process went on by suggesting that a secret military base exists underneath.  It would be accessed both at the Carnegie research facility 1/3 of the way up and from the network of underground tunnels that link Raytheon, The UofA, Davis Monthan AFB, and so on.


Other suspects in the United States

fotolia_1051341_XS - Copy

mountain-motelTenderfoot Mountain is sometimes called the “S” Mountain by virtue of the fact it contains a large S near its summit. The S Mountain is a Salida landmark and serves as the base for many activities, such as jogging, hiking and biking. During the winter holidays it is decorated with numerous lights. The mountain is just east of the Arkansas River.


  1. I admire the thought put forth, however, note that the mountains that primarily make up the Tucson Mountain Range are a result of volcanic activity according to the geological survey. They are volcanoes so to speak. Just south are two including Sentinel Peak that do not have magma shafts and are more recent developments than the more ancient Tucson Mountains. I question where your research lead and to what source says that ‘Every Mountain in the range is of volcanic rock, but not a volcano?’ Thank you for your input, professor, and please don’t think that I’m stuck on this theory.. I’d like to be proven wrong with affirmative proof. Incidentally, if not a pyrmaid, if indeed it is a construct not created by the Catalina range as is “suggested, not proven” in geology circles, it can be something else, like a temple.

  2. John Wesley said:

    Your leading argument is that A Mountain cannot be made of volcanic rock without being a volcano itself. That’s . . . that’s just wrong. I like the imagination and would maybe like a team to explore the mountain but there’s just no further evidence to support that it’s a pyramid. The mountains in the Tucson valley were once as big as the Himalayas They were volcanic and left huge mounds of lava that cooled and became covered in vegetation. Much like Hawaii, the plates shifted west but the magma chamber underground stayed, creating the Catalinas and Rincons. As those mountains were built up, the Tucson mountains eroded into what we see today. Every part of what was once the lava-spewing volcano eroded into sand and traveled to the ocean via waterways. When humans got into the picture, we found an already eroded mountain chain to the west of a valley. It’s very possible to be volcanic rock but not be a volcano. Every mountain in the Tucson mountain is volcanic rock but not a volcano.

  3. realnuz said:

    The entertainment industry needed a goofy not so bright hero so that they could achieve what they did with Saddam and that area plus the planned banker bailout, etc. Four years before his being placed as that puppet, a film was made showing us the Hollywood ‘tell’ while at the same time grooming us to accept absurdity. In other words, Jr. would have been impeached before even finishing the infamous presidential quote, “The Constitution is nothing but a Goddamned piece of paper”. That would never been allowed and it would have been called treason. The movie was Forrest Gump. The kid knows everything.. they are taught how to act and what they aren’t told is too complex for the reason all of them are tiered, or Compartmentalized to those above them I’m sure, but The Bush Dynasty is as powerful as any of the other Illuminati. The Bush’s stole that gold from the Trade Towers and shipped it to Paraguay, so how could he not be aware??

  4. Bob Newton said:

    When you say influenced by a secret society,,, they trick people into doing things they aren’t aware of. Especially the children of people in them. I know because, look at what they did to George Bush Jr…… Not that it is an excuse to save him from the firing squad, but, they will use anyone to get their job done.

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