Jeff Flake poised to kill 5,000 jobs – Tucson affected

August 16, 2013:  Jonathan DuHamel says“Good catch. I didn’t see anything about this in the Arizona Daily Star, but the Star did report a $2 break in trash fees for people in Ajo.”

August 16, 2013:  Colt Cassidy says“The Flake, Mayor Jonny (Jonathan Rothschild) & the COT council dummies won’t rest until there’s nothing left of Tucson but rattlesnakes, tumbling tumbleweeds & dust devils.  Get a clue, and leave Davis Monthan AFB and our freedoms alone!  We happen to appreciate jet noise!”

Richard Carmona has yet to comment on Senator Jeff Flake’s ‘firing’ of 5,000 employees, many of which reside in Tucson, Arizona, involved with Davis Monthan AFB A-10 project.  Are both these men in on the ‘game’ of dismantling jobs in Arizona?  Would Carmona have done the same thing?

Flake Carmona text

In one of the few free opportunities to hear from their senator, Jeff Flake, Tucsonans were told that the Air Force plans to phase out the A-10, which will result in an estimated loss of 5,000 jobs.

In one of the few opportunities to hear from the Senator without paying a cover charge, Flake confirmed for listeners of the James T. Harris radio show that one of their worst fears was true: the A-10 has been marked for elimination in the next 1 to 2 years.

Just recently, officials report a low flying A-10 near Ajo surprised a cartel convoy that was being confronted by a lone border agent. The curious A-10 made numerous low passes over the confrontation. The result, the cartel fled south. A border patrol source says there is no doubt the arrival of the A-10 saved the border agent’s life.

davis-monthan_afb_aerial1Many residents wondered why the Senator had not afforded an opportunity to defend the A-10 critical mission set by informing them before laying on the bad news… it is as if Flake himself fired them all.

Flake responded during the interview with James Harris that he doubted the Air Force “would make a decision that would harm the national security.” Flake then claimed that the F-35 would provide an alternative to the A-10, ignoring the fact that the F-35 would not provide an alternative source of jobs for Tucsonans who lost the F-35 last year to Luke Air Force base in Phoenix.


The Air Force will argue that the A-10 is expendable

Gabrielle Giffords was tied into the military force in Southern Arizona.  A staunch advocate of the 2nd amendment right to bear arms is now actively setting the presedence to disarm Americans.  Would she have defended our rights to keep our jobs, or allow Senators like Jeff Flake to give it all away?

Giffords servicemenThe Air Force will argue that the A-10 is a single purpose aircraft and as a result, is expendable. The decision makers in D.C., like Flake, will likely have only the information provided by the powers that be upon which to make an “informed” decision.  What they will not be told is that the A-10 is critical to combat operations and the KC-10 crucial to mobility, say experts.


Supporters of Davis Monthan and the A-10 mission say it is not too late to save the life-saving attack plane. They are urging local officials and the public to call upon Flake to come to the defense of national defense.


amnesty rights to non citizens seems to be Jeff Flake’s national defense plan by ‘letting them all in..” will foreigners defend our nation, or will we support them with services single white males here do not qualify for?

Flake is a member of the dangerous “GANG OF EIGHT”

Flake McCain textUnfortunately, Flake being a member of the GANG OF EIGHT is using the summer recess to sell immigration reform as his national defense plan.  The irony is not lost on the residents of the area, who have seen the illegal entrants change over the years from poor people looking for opportunity to hard core drug runners taking advantage of a country who lost all interest in national defense.

What does this mean?  It means that granting amnesty to foreigners who will bleed our economy dry by stripping our tax money to support them is simply more important than preserving American jobs.  What lunacy.

While Flake is trying to sell the border residents on the idea of drones overhead as part of their future, he is trying to convince them that the loss of the A-10, a source of their livelihood, is a thing of their past.

  1. Realnuz: Awesome, thank you for your comment. The Executive Branch is the US based drug cartel that is the opponent of the south border cartels from Mexico on down the line. The news media makes it appear that the competition is among them, but the truth is the corrupt sheriffs in the state of Arizona is protecting the passage of drugs by the mafioso styled cartel disguised as our federal government. I believe that the example set by corrupt elected officials with Barbara LaWall, Chuck Huckleberry, Dupnik, Roberto Villaseñor, Pia Carizone (not Barber yet) at the time Giffords was recovering, and the rest of them were at the helm of the Guereña SWAT exoneration scheme claiming justice was served when it wasn’t at all. So, it is obvious that the killing of Jose Guereña was a message to all the competitors using homes as bases that they will kill innocent family members, primarily male husbands, right in front of their wives and children. It is in my opinion that it is not the allowance of Mexican drugs to proliferate, although the Bush Dynasty operates Mexico and you may be correct, that the fed is using the Border Patrol and Customs to see the product cross the border unobstructed while stopping the competition simply for the money.. they could care less that their drugs cross because it’s the confiscated money they crave (which is why John Roll was murdered for his ruling going against the executive branch’s desire to have that money delivered to the White House door step). It is so sick I’m sickened even today when I remember these things. They killed the last judge in the US almost three years ago who would have seen through the Guereña murder to expose them, but, he was already murdered.. timing is what they aim for.

  2. Anonymous said:

    this explains a lot of what i have seen in recent months. now without military backing we are more vulnerable to mexican cartel take over. which may be sooner then you think. they have recently raided all the know drug houses that were not affiliated with the cartels so the government seems more concered with helping the spread of mexican drugs and ending that of american drugs!

  3. realnuz said:

    CharlaK wrote:

    I knew Flake is a flake!

    realnuz: He’s not really a flake according to his secret society purpose and mission.. very effective and not flaky in the least. The thing to know is that all of our elected officials are working together. There’s no doubt that one is intimately linked to the other. In my article, I point out that key current and former officials are saying absolutely zero about the loss of 5,000 jobs just in this one area. Gabrielle Giffords moved back and resides right here and why she’s not in the public nor every will be, why she engages in media events to push weapons controls instead of advocating for the retention of these lost military personal she went to DMAFB to serve food to during Thanksgiving when the food ran out at her food bank and shit like that. Rothschild, look at him (well, you can’t because basically in hiding too) and see how little effort he puts forth to save those jobs. Such a sham, no? thanks for commenting. – realnuz

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