3D Mapping on buildings – The grooming for a faked alien invasion

Within the past couple of years, a technology has emerged in the form of public appeal which is entertaining and awe inspiring.  The truth behind it is a disclosure about how illusive projection to fool people is proposed.  Wernher Von Braun said that the secret society would pull a wild card as the last attempt to pull off the emergence of the New World Order.  He said that there would be an invasion of aliens at war with earth’s people in as an illusion projected in our skies.

A cutting room floor sequence intended for the film “John Carter” describes a blue light that has ultimate power.  That light was said to be the “9th Ray Isolate”.  Is this the essence of Project Bluebeam?

My friend, Carol Rosin, was one person Von Braun confided this information to and one, Serge Monast, was killed for disclosing this information.  What I have done is prepared a presentation showing how the masses are being groomed to accept the technology, but be fooled when it is implemented.  Click below to understand today’s deceptive technological preparations.

WikiIn the 1970s and 1980s, Monast was a journalist, poet and essayist. He was an active member of the Social Credit Party of Canada.  In the early 1990s, he started writing on the theme of the New World Order and conspiracies hatched by secret societies, being particularly inspired by the works of William Guy Carr.  He founded the International Free Press Agency (AIPL, l’ Agence Internationale de Presse libre), where he published most of his work on these themes, achieving some prominence with an interview on esotericist and ufologist Richard Glenn’s TV show Ésotérisme Expérimental, in which he repeatedly warned his audience about the dangers of a World Government.  Click the image to the right to view my video.

In 1994, Serge Monast published Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he detailed his claim that NASA, with the help of the United Nations, was attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ. He also gave talks on this topic. Other conspiracy theorists have noted the similarity of Project Blue Beam to the plots of Gene Roddenberry’s unreleased 1975 Star Trek movie treatment The God Thing and the 1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Devil’s Due.

In 1995, he published his most detailed work, Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6), modeled upon The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, wherein he said a Masonic group called “6.6.6” had, for twenty years, been gathering the world’s powerful to establish the New World Order and control the minds of individuals.

Serge Monast

By 1995 and 1996, Monast said he was being hunted by the police and authorities for involvement in “networks of prohibited information.” He had home schooled his two children, who were then taken away and made wards of the state in September 1996 so that they would receive a public education. He died of a heart attack in his home in December 1996, at age 51, the day after being arrested and spending a night in jail. His followers claim his death was suspicious, suggesting he was assassinated by “psychotronic weapons” to keep from continuing his investigations, and that the Mel Gibson character in the 1997 film Conspiracy Theory was modeled on him.

Copies of his works still circulate on the Internet, and have influenced such later conspiracy theorists as American evangelical preacher Texe Marrs. Some of his later works have been reissued by French publisher and conspiracy theorist Jacques Delacroix, along with others writing on the themes of Monast’s conspiracy-related work.



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