2013 Oct shutdown means big NWO movement

What happened in 1995 is happening now… It was the beginning of the “Mental Health Care” agenda.

At that time a presidential mistake was made, but the primary objective to shutdown government prevailed.  Bill Clinton was the first president to be deemed mentally insane (or inept enough to admit he was).

Had Bill Clinton not suggested that the people have power over himself, then this reprimand would not have happened.  For history’s sake according to Wikipedia’s description, the incident had to do with conflicts with the Republican party over funding for Medicare, education, environment, and pre-Obama fraudulent health care agenda (he’s puppeting global affair) in the 1996 budget issue that resulted in a federal paycheck stop for “incidental” employees. This occurred after Clinton with the House Speaker, Newt Gingrich in tow, vetoed the spending bill which placed employees on ‘hold’ for a total of 28 days.

I have sinnedBill Clinton erred during a public announcement regarding his NOT signing a budget bill in 1995.  What he said is something not one person outside the circles of knowledge understood.  He said that even because he couldn’t agree on a budget agreement, that the people could.  This declaration, one that told us plainly that there is a true Constitution affording  “We The People” as the authority, was actually a misstep against the powers that be.  It is why he was put on the personal discrediting chopping block resulting with the Monica Lewinski sex scandal.

How could a media enterprise happen unless something happened?  This is why… Bill told us that we had the power.  Establishment had to teach him a lesson.


This time, Establishment aims to move the medical agenda forward

(NOTE:  This article is the start of a long series describing the epic stategy that spawns the huge medical madness protocol)

Even though at that time this happened, Clinton’s ‘perverse’ privacy, was exploited and he suffered the same fate as Gabrielle Giffords as being a sacrificial lamb.  It was for an NWO cause agendized as primarily a mental health fueling of the privacy invasion agenda.  It was the set up for the Iraq invasions plus the trillions of dollars stolen upon his exit when Bush took rule with all that we are experiencing today… it happens to be a well prepared script and it is extensive in scope.  It is so complex that there cannot be any one term that indicates it.  There are three principles that stand out over the decades, however, and the three are those that I’ll describe in October 2013’s threats regarding a federal payment stop on innocent people’s income.  Meanwhile, to keep their jobs they ‘better go to work’ at that time and this time it’s ‘furlow’ without any guarantee they’ll return once this issue is resolved.

But that’s not the end of this story.  I cover a topic I term “Pima County Corruption” and what is happening here satisfies the “tell” in government industry exactly how a lock down of this country is progressing.


The lockdown has to do with the 2nd 9/11 the killing of the last honest federal judge agenda

A massacre was staged as a psyops, or better known as a false flagged staged NWO orchastrated (planned for many years) known as the neo-911 “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman” occurring 1-8-2011. The jist of it was the insert of a script that has much to do with the second, or scaled over, step taking place as of October 1, 2013.  The Obama medical care plan is going through a “back door” installment.

For an informative view into the logistics of the Safeway Shooting (Congress on Your Corner Massacre), venture into the insight of Stephanie Sledge’s report.  My contribution is here.  Keyword search using Giffords, Jared, Green, or Roll.


Why are a million people who already have health plans with the government being layed off with no guarantee that they’ll have they’re original plan?  Go figure.

I’m a surveyor of the future.  I look at what is happening in order to predict when future events will occur.  It means that October 1st’s “Shutdown Orders Issued” decree that has been declared after a media scare days before is in the midst of a so-called Congressional missed a deadline.  It  is a ‘mass’ propaganda.

The Arizona Daily Star which covers Tucson, Arizona, heavily suppresses anything that has to do with a native resident who became a Democratic Representative who had been mortally wounded same as Brady during a presidential assassination attempt.  Her name was, Gabrielle Giffords.  She is part of the “script” that is being played out perpetrated upon the people of the United States of America to give up our 2nd amendment rights.  Also, it is the preemptive strike against our medical rights.  Their focus is precurring an offense against anyone who bear arms which means when they achieve their fake laws to ban weapons rights (a butter knife included), that not one person would have a legal right according to them to bear a defensive mechanism if they are “MEDICATED”.


A person on medication will not have Constitutional Rights under their stipulations

The attention focuses on the Right To Bear Arms and our health sovereignty.  It is a partial script that dovetails with this article regarding a hardball act against innocent people who work for the Government.  This script is exactly the same game book used to seduce US citizens into a morbid human incarceration.


What does this have to do with Arizona?

Reported in the news for quite some time has been three basic “schemes” that are agendas:

1) Mental Health Care (Obamacare program)

2) Environment

3) Education


“ENVIRONMENT” to make a point

cactiThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Monday granted endangered species protection to two cacti found in Arizona.

The move comes two years after the Center for Biological Diversity signed an agreement with the agency to look at hundreds of plant and animals species through 2018 and decide if they deserve protection. These plants, the Acuña cactus and the Fickeisen plains cactus, are the latest two to go through the process and be put on the endangered list.

It seems these two are the only ones that are claimed to inhabit Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima county.  Also, they are found along the international border of Arizona and Mexico.  They say it is, “the best safety net to ensure their survival. The Fickeisen plains cactus is located on the Colorado Plateau.

What this means is that they found two species of plants that they somehow fit right into metropolitan cities and along the entire border from New Mexico to California.  At least that is how the Associated Press makes the article to read.

Why?  Because this happens to be a new reason to not protect a cactus, but to incarcerate people for intruding on land that is being stolen from the American people.


Yesterday, they closed the Grand Canyon.  See?

The article reads that, “Even the monuments have issues.  Thousands of people crossing through the border area illegally still represent a substantial impact to the landscape.”

They don’t say which monuments.  There are the monuments of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, but they don’t happen to be in the counties that are suggested the cacti thrive.  ??


danger zone 100 miles

So why is is the topic of environment important over education and health care?

It’s not.  It is, however, showing how the police state and Martial Law is working its way to fruition.

This is because of several things, but the main issue is to secure the International Border.  There will be a nationwide lock-down and the establishment needs several reasons to razor wire Americans into a national prison.

(Above) Early 2012 proposal H.B. 2586 to create a border safety zone that has since expanded 40 percent.


20 million acres in Arizona federally militarized

A legislative move to expand a mass border territory in an acquisition for a government’s logistical ‘Safety Zone’ pictured to the right is being considered to expand up to Phoenix. The British Royal Air Force practiced at Davis Monthan AFB for an entire month as they do every year under ‘Operation Snowbird’ within this multimillion acre territory.  It is now nearly a 20 million acre acquisition by the feds.

map arizona


Some of the laws US Border Patrol agents would be allowed to override within 100 miles of U.S. land boundaries:

The House Natural Resources Committee amended the bill to limit the waiver of regulations to Border Patrol activities within 100 miles of any of the United States’ land borders with Canada and Mexico.

• National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
• The Endangered Species Act of 1973
• The Federal Water Pollution Control Act
• The National Historic Preservation Act

• The Migratory Bird Treaty Act
• The Clean Air Act
• The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979

Their mission is to practice under SIMILAR conditions as South East Asia.  What?  That’s tropical over there, no?  Dense rain forests, humid, lots of water and rice paddies, and, well, we know the difference between the land of cowboys and Indians and dense forestry such as that over there.  What do they think we are?  Lamb chops?  Sure.. sheeple people who don’t even stop to think.

• The Safe Drinking Water Act
• The Noise Control Act of 1972
• The Solid Waste Disposal Act
• The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980
• The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
• The Farmland Protection Policy Act
• The Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972
• The Wilderness Act
• The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976
• The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966
• The Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956
• The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
• The Otay Mountain Wilderness Act of 1999
• The National Park Service Organic Act
• Sections of the National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978
• The Arizona Desert Wilderness Act of 1990
• The Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974
• The Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960




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