LAND GRABBING.. park closures equate to the falling of heroes

It is a ploy to take over this country in a POLICE STATE GOVERNANCE

Every article you’ll read about the state park closures are redundant regarding a “Federal Mismanagement of Cost Protocols” to keep “governmental operations in a skeletal form operational”.  During the river basin flooding in the Missouri and Mississipi basins shortly after the Horizon oil rig episode, the effort to injure farm land was in effect.  George Soros took claim of farmland in an enormouse and swift take just as  Ted 

park closed

All I had to do was read the local paper in my community where local areas are being cordoned off from the public to see this.  What they are doing in Pima County Arizona is off limiting people in areas that belong to them, us, for the specialized lockdown.

The big target happens to be the Grand Canyon National Park

Why?  Because the area is rich with natural resources that the power elites require for their purposes.  It is a mining project.  At the same time, it is a reason for all that is being purpotrated upon the mass of people who don’t venture to parks, free areas, places of ‘interest’, and so forth.

These places are actually being sectored off so that all of us eventually aware of it will not find security for fear of our right to be in a safe zone.

The Saudi Arabia Israel alliance is exactly how I explained it over the phone last we talked (my confidant).  You posted an RT article on your site which I saw today.

All of the countries that have been seized by the US (The Power Elites) form a band across the African and Asian continent with the exception of Saudi Arabia because that peninsula region will be the headquarters.  It is why Israel has protected it.  It is the reason Egypt’s presiding officer was over thrown in order to take control of the Suez Channel; a waterway that would compromise Saudi Arabia.  If you see it, you’ll note that naval forces are harboring the area.

All elected officials in the Federal Government play a part in the NWO scheme of schematics.  Gabrielle Giffords, willingly or not, played a role.  Her name is pasted on a naval ship that is Littoral Class as we talked about.  This type of ship has a hull that can skim right at the beach front in low waters.  What this means is that when Iran is invaded, you’ll see this ship classification used.

Iran.  Well, it happens to be the fashionable target to fill in the gap of the countries that form this protective land grab beltway band.. a fence if you will.. so that Arabia is like a continent of its own.  It is bordered by water east, west and south.  Bush W had a mansion in this country.. the question is, why?  It is because the powers have always planned to create a central hub, an NWO state as well as the new world religion.  My God, it’s all happening at this time before our very eyes.

It is a STRATEGO global game.  Wikipedia lingo is as follows:

Stratego is a strategyboard game for two players on a 10×10 square board.  Each player controls 40 pieces representing individual officers and soldiers in an army. The objective of the game is to find and capture the opponent’s Flag, or to capture so many enemy pieces that the opponent cannot make any further moves. Players cannot see the ranks of one another’s pieces, so disinformation and discovery are important facets to gameplay.

The mentally slain representative in the Democratic party was a game piece, but was ousted out of the ranks in place by another, Mark Kelly.  He is her husband and controller.  Gabrielle is nonthing other than a showcase ‘puppet’ that moves the NWO closer to its goal of showing that there is a miraculous recovery of a mentally defunct popular person.  They have waited a long time for this move.  I have been told that Giffords could be a clone.  I don’t discount this although I never believed this woman was a duplicate for the reason I never discount anything.  It is the sign of the reverse engineer.

There is a plan in staging.  The plan is for the emergence of an ANTICHRIST.  Gabrielle Giffords could become this person.  Hillary?  She has a bad rap and cannot become an Antichrist figurehead.  Bill?  Heehee.  The London boy of aristocracy?  Good question.  All things are hidden in plain sight.  I believe the figure is someone who is a clone.  This rational comes from an article that premiered in the 1970’s.

The 10×10 sized board has a remarkable connection to the Loughner incident.

The ‘play’ happened at 10 minutes after 10.  Most all game boards are proportioned accordingly.

Saudi Arabia happens to be the ‘hidden’ central hub where all power will be placed and it happens to be in Dubai.  This city was built, but never came into fruition as an international place of ‘business’.  There is that question.. why so many billions of dollars spent on a city that was uninhabited?  Jerusalem will become secondary once the NWO is operational.  And, all of the cities that have the huge NSA intels will be online and operational on a level that has not been disclosed, but I figured it out.

I resolved another issue (mystery) that of course will go unknown. I now know how ascension works, and it has to do with black matter and what you talk about.

I thank you for sharing your ideas.  We humans cannot do this unless the proper procedure which is simple whence it is done.  I figured it out a while back, but kept it private so that I could make sure.

My work on earth isn’t complete.  There is something that I have no idea what it will be, but it will be expressive revealing more mysteries I’ll solve.  I don’t know why I’m doing this.  When I told you that I decoded the Voynich Manuscript, I never told you what the book says.  It is because it is only a resource for astrology and seasons based on Mars that was one of many books that were stolen by the Elite.. it survived and was not sequestered because they knew it would never be decrypted.

I’m going to die Stephanie.  I cannot take care of myself.  As you know me all I am is a thinker.  I think for everyone but for myself.  Grace told me that I will pass at age 53.  I’m going to be 51 in January.  I have two years, or so, to discover a secret so bizarre.  I just have no idea when it will surface in my mind.

My brain works differently than the normal.  It is crazy.  I write, therefore, I can show my ideas.. right or wrong, I’m putting it all out there just in case someone can carry any of the many messages I’ve written about.  I did prove that the Monuments of the Grand Canyon is a city construct complete with Pyramids, temples, and so on.  We live above undisclosed continents of different names, histories, and incredibly… alien.  How could that have been?  Not one person has taken the idea and shake it down.. not one.  And yet, nobody cares.

Why is this important?  Because they did shut down the Grand Canyon to citizens of the United States that have all the rights of ownership to it.  All parks are being seized.  It took over a year to prove what I’ve proved on so many levels.  Ascension, my dear, has to do with the Hoover Dam Stargate proposal (and the others around the world).  It is why all of that will be condemned after Rocky Mountain water as well as the Yangtze River, etc., has been off-loaded and then those gates not needed.  All of the Stargates are positioned near waterways.

What I realized is that because you and I cannot ‘ascend’ on our own, they have created  ‘machines’ for the Elite.  They are the one’s who have been waiting for a time where they can navigate the universe.  Navigation, Steph, is ascension into the matrix dimension that is talked about beyond the human 3D.  It is a pathway into leaving here.

Question.. why after thousands of years that people who have signed over to the evil side doing the work (inside the circles of knowledge they know) live their lives for this time?

Why did Elitists devote their livelihood to something they knew they couldn’t have for themselves?

The answer happens to be that there is an anti-Christian move of a mind conversion for the new religion.  This will prevent people from ascending through the Stargates.

After contemplating all is happening, I feel that while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being monitored as well as planned as a planetary harvest of a natural resource.

Water is liquid crystal

And it is highly prized by alien beings.  It is H20, hydrogen with two oxygen molecules, that they want.  My years of research into the Hoover Dam issue being a STARGATE was an epic find, but the danger behind it is what I suspected.  Aliens want our water resources.  You see it in the papers or the television news in which national parks are being closed off due to their line “Federal Shutdown”.

The truth is, the weather modification program known as Cloverleaf (Chemtrails) is a process by which the atmosphere is being shut down.  It’s called dessication.  Dessication simply means removing water from the planet.



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