It is water ‘they’ want

Oblivion water fusion converters

After contemplating all that is happening,

I feel while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being earmarked for a mass planetary harvest of a natural resource.


A Stargate is born

Pat Tillman arc structure 3

Hoover SG1And it is highly prized by alien beings.  It is H20, hydrogen with two oxygen molecules, that they want.  My years of research into the Hoover Dam issue I suspect is a STARGATE was an epic find, but the danger behind it is what I suspected.  Aliens want our water resources.  You see it in the papers or the television news in which national parks are being closed off.


The truth is, the weather modification program known as Cloverleaf (Chemtrails) is a process by which the atmosphere is being shut down.  It’s called dessication and simply means removing water from the planet.  This includes the atmosphere, the oceans, rivers and streams, underground water aquifers, caves, cisterns and if there is any water in Hollow Earth, then that too.

Could water be slated to be off world loaded.. perhaps to Mars, other worlds, or simply to anywhere in the world the Elites want it?

They are making a New Order out of this planet as they may have done, if it was done, to the planet Mars.


Water is a liquid crystal

Lake Mead low levelMy theory on Hoover Dam as a Stargate and Jonathan Kleck’s look into the fact they’ll destroy it blend together.  Once they complete the gate, they may blow the crest for water to flow downward, or go underneath flooding

the speculated underground DUMB, but really it is a way to get water to flow underneath and then up through the portal in which water disappears upward instead of downward, or both.  problem with water flowing over a part that is above doesn’t jive with the fact that Mead is at low water table levels.

One theory coming to me as a Hollywood ‘tell’ suggests that an incredible explosive device, man made or other, is nestled deep within the bulk of Hoover Dam’s immense amount of concrete.  If this is the case, then the whole darn thing comes down.  The 20 dollar bill that indicates two buildings on fire do not show them disappeared.  So, logic says that the whole dam goes just like both towers did.


Jonathan Kleck determines the destruction having folded the 50 note

SNC 4-21-2012_html_m6aa0613d


Does the film TRANSFORMERS tell us what could happen?


Transformers Borg cubes compared

In the 2007 film Transformers in which a cube of unknown origin is sought after by aliens known as the Transformers, or something like that, and that this rather ubiquitous looking object, a cube, is warehoused within the confines of a large concrete pyramid.  Hoover Dam was built in the plot of the movie to keep this weapon of mass destruction, so to speak, from destroying something as well as being found.  Megatron, a character in the form of an alien transformer, is also kept in Hoover Dam.


Could the cube in Transformers represent an explosive device that blows Hoover Dam from within?

Thing is, the trade towers were rendered to dust (Dr. Judy Woods), all of the concrete and steel.  This indicates that they’ll vaporize the dam, but then that destroys the crest which is part of the portal gate.  Hoover Dam, and really it is unimportant how much concrete is there.. just a figure, would turn to butter having been blitzed with scalar vector technologies.  These forces may have been used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers in 2001.  Two massive building ended up being a heap of dust brought down on what is knows as its own footprint.. a demolition term when destroying old dilapidated structures into one nice package remnants ready to be removed conveniently.



world trade tower dust


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