Local restaurant’s stratagy to enrich themselves one last time

Bruegger's University areaA general manager allegedly agreed to a Pima County Sheriff’s suggestion, it seems, to remove me from a bagel restaurant. The management was delighted to serve me, or so it seemed because he was smiling until the sheriff ordered me to move as far away from him as possible inside the store as he sat to sip coffee.

None of this the management has the right to deny service.  They told me to never come back.  And for what?  I wasn’t dancing naked on the tables.  I was oinked at loudly by a pig though.  :)

And yet it also appeared that the manager who smiled and served me a refill of coffee waited until I made that initial meal and coffee purchase before barring me from returning in the future.  This is unjust enrichment in the face of discrimination with frivolous excuses.  Or, It also demonstrates the power of authority over all of us including those who operate business that the police direct our conduct from the acting management to the unsuspecting customer…….. who should always be considered right.

Why do people turn so easily?  I gave them my money!   What, do I stink?  Look at my picture.. I’m not that ugly.  I’m white I guess.. nobody who is white any longer gets anything in Arizona.  I can’t get AHCCSS nor a transportation card because of it, but everyone else can. 

This is very similar to what happened at another local restaurant.   In every attempt to find true answers as to why I am being 86ed out of these places, I pretty much get the runaround, but clearly it’s all about discrimination.  You see, I pay for my meals before ousted.

The other restaurant had not contacted me back either when I demanded an apology before posting an alarming to them evidence of fault.  Attorneys, I suppose, make sure their clients don’t make contact.  All I ask is to be able to return comfortably, because I’m not doing anything wrong, otherwise, citations would be issued.  The thing is this, people can be nice up until one little thing happens which negates the 99 good things when we’re looking at percentages.  I think I’ve made 99 purchases at all the Bruegger’s Bagels in town in the past 120 days and the one that really is important is this one.  It is because this visitation with a purchase was choreographed for a corporate interest when it didn’t have to.

Bruegger’s Bagels is a terrific place to eat a little something, get coffee, and do WI-fi work without a problem.  I think it’s better than Starbucks for the reason it’s quiet, less crowded, and the coffee isn’t jet fueled-like.  I liked it for quite sometime until today when I, a paying customer, was discriminated against.

I accept that accusation as I do get extremely tired after being up for days sometimes completing the work I do.  It’s not only computing, but I can’t sleep many nights for the reason my mind cannot allow it.  It processes information until solutions avail.   This is why I can do what I do – solve master crimes, solve ancient civilization mysteries, and the myriad of problems that I solve and am in the process of resolving.  I can’t stand it at times, but it happens and when it does, I’m walking on clouds.  And so, sometimes I do five minute power naps with my head resting on my arms on a counter top or table.


But, they waited until I bought breakfast before exiling me

The best way to handle the McDonald’s, Beyond Bread and so on issues that I have exposed on Dismantle The Beam Project is by creating a documentary that shows that people who are being more and more conditioned to authorize law need to change.  McDonald’s is the big one.  Karen E. Osborne who is the franchise owner happens to be the Maricopa County Elections Director.  It means she’s tied into corruption in Arizona and Pima County in which when I told her what I do, I then was completely ignored by McDonald’s Corporate customer service and legal team.  They know I’m dangerous to them.  And, I didn’t even know it at first.  Karen just didn’t like me working past an hour at one of her stores while everyone else can.  Beyond Bread is beyond me at this point.  I don’t even want to do what I’m doing and it’s just so yummy that I can’t resist.  I video taped there and in Phoenix as well me being discriminated against.  I give everyone of these people chances because really, I just would like to be left alone, buy their products, and not be swept out the door.  Everyone is always so pleasant until for some reason, there is a very bad apple that doesn’t understand.  Yes, Bruegger’s may lose credibility, but then why not?  Will you stand down?

I entered the Bruegger’s Bagels location on Speedway and Campbell where I go first before using the University library computers or do my research.  I sat with a friend and chatted.  He asked if I wanted a bagel.  I said “no thanks”.  He insisted and handed me a dollar and change.  I said “that’s okay”.  He insisted and I didn’t want to insult him so I took it for a bagel and cream cheese.  Turns out it wasn’t enough, I didn’t have pocket change, and so I decided to get a coffee and that bagel on my card.  I offered the money back to my friend.


Napping seems to be a crime when threatened to be jailed by sheriff deputies

While I fixed my coffee with condiments, I turned to one of the several Pima County Sheriff Deputies who frequent the store and of whom I talked with at times, had an apple sitting on the table and said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, aye?”  He was intense when he glared, “Don’t even talk to me.  Just go away..”  and repeated it.  I’ll give him credit for not swearing.  The rest of the cops in there were definitely not thrilled I was gracing their presence.


I sat, ate, and then said good luck to my friend.  And then

I was told never to return by one of the managers.  He threatened that if I don’t leave, he’d tell the deputies to arrest me for refusing to leave, loitering, and or trespass (which was the suggestion without saying it).  I said, “Why did you wait for me to spend money when you knew you were prepared to send me off never to return?” is basically what I asked.  His reply was, “Did you eat?”  Duh, of course I did.  I wouldn’t have eaten there if I’d known they were conspiring to turn me away.  He repeated this three times after I asked three times why they waited.  Oye vey.


I asked why he didn’t turn me away before making the purchase?

Obviously they didn’t want me there.  The reason, they needed to enrich themselves first.  this is premeditation and it is so business unethical it’s not even a question.  They didn’t want me there before I walked into that store, but were satisfied that an hours worth of pay for the day.   One customer is insignificant, but when one tells thirty others over the course of years when the topic comes up, the bad sentiment sticks with people.  Sure they’ll continue going to Bruegger’s for example, but the purpose of the article is to show that one voice spread over the internet in a prolific website that can and will infect their reputation nationally should be a concern.   I was not one to do this to without recourse.  The franchise owner, Shawn Carter, should be aware that this is important even though the bean counters will say don’t worry.  I have a radio show.  they don’t know that yet and I talk talk talk like the rambling of this article.  And, I’m global.

The point of this is that I’m not upset at any of them including the sheriff.  All of us rely on the police to satisfy our needs.  There are many points to make and in this case I clearly have a discrimination suit.  I’m wired.  I always have a recorder on.  I video tape the people and places I’m at so that I can insure that I’m not being monitored.  I’m respectful to people I become friends with and tell them that I am.  And then I’m done until I see something suspicious, but for the most part the establishments surveillance takes care of the time I frequent the places I go, and in this case, I accidentally had my recorder ON.

Usually in these establishments I don’t bother with the video camera or recorder for the reason, well, the sheriffs or detectives are there too, I’m doing work or talking with friends and I’m not out there interviewing people like it’s supposed to be used for.  In this case, I had just charged my audio recorder and tested it without turning it off.  So, I have the sheriff, manager, and my conversation with my friend on record.


What will happen is

that, because I’m not about law suits because that’s what I’m fighting against, is that this will unfortunately have to be added to the corruption documentary with regard to corporate theft and unjust actions.  I like the store, but things like this need to be exposed.  Nobody has any idea who I am and why I’m doing this.  It’s a shame for them, however, it is so valuable in reminding Americans that we don’t have to take orders.  That manager was ready to have one of his regulars, a deputy sheriff roll me up which means they have their own police force working for them in a privatized capacity.  That deputy has no idea that I investigated the Giffords case and has no idea that I was not at fault for anything, but for putting my head on my arms and asked to leave a single time.  What law says that is a crime?


The audio will tell otherwise.  The manager said I had been asked to leave several times.. a lie

The proof is I have witnesses.  I’ve told people I visit at that location what happens to me.  They see what happens and they know.  So, if this ever went to a suit, I’d win.

I belong to the Breakfast Club in Tucson, Arizona and there we discuss Constitutional Law.  There are constitutional experts and we are connected to the rest around the country.  Marshall Home who ran against Jonathan Rothschild is on my side.  Randall Santiler, Ron Lesnik and many more.  Any advice coming from them would help in an effort to battle Bruegger’s Bagels Restaurant in a case that would pretty much be another thorn in their side.


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