Helical fun

Try this on for size!

The Helical theoretical model of how our solar system works is three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional plane of the Heliocentric model.  It happens to the be the true model complete with vortexing, STARGATE (I add that), and that explains what black holes are and I’m adding that too.  Before I complete the model as a video representation, I’d like you to view an edited version of both djsadhu’s video renderings with music I chose in a preliminary cut of what our presentation on black holes is.


According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the Indo-Europeann root for black is ghel- with a variant form bhleg- or bhelg- which means shine, flash, or burn.  The Proto-Germanic developments of bhelg- are blakaz, which specifically means burned, and a variant form blaikjan, which means to make white.  The ancient Germanic meangs of black provide the immediate semantic source for both the literal and the metaphorical uses for black today.   The association between the Indo-European root and its Proto-Germanic equivalent blakaz is that the Indo-European root and is Proto-Germanic equivalent blakaz is that the Europeans used bhelg root for any thing light process like burning and the Germanic people used it to describe the process after an object burns.  In Old English literature, it suggests that the two forms were used interchangeably in which depending on the spelling means shining or dark.  This is the two faces of the sun. 

In this rendition, we see how the Helical model works with relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy.  Make sure you have your headsets or a nice sound system on a little louder than usual because you’re in for a wild ride:)  Click image below to play video.

Helical model screen grab

The sun travels at 70,000 km per hour with the planets in tow.. that’s Dr. Keshava Bhat’s model.  We see the back side of the sun, but not the front.  So, what does the sun look like from the front?  All the plasma is trailing behind which leaves a bald spot at the leading edge which means it’s quite possible that the sun appears black from a distance.  Since it is speculated that the sun is a STARGATE it means that the front end is the entry and the sunny side is the, well nothing exits because whatever goes in, disappears I suppose before going out the hot end.

Bhleg means “Shine, flash, burn…”

The word BLACK originates from the proto indo European root word BHLEG.  What if the leading edge of the sun is what our interpretation of the word black is today and the trailing edge, the bhleg side, is bright as we know it?  When looking at all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, it may be that the estimated 100 billion is actually half of the total count for the reason the others are showing their dark side.  A bhleg star passing behind a Black star is simply being hidden, not swallowed up, as the esteemed Stephen Hawkings suggests.




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