ELYSIUM: The movie motives “Obama Care and open borders”

Elysium facial markings compare

Elysium was the place of the blessed inhabited by those who died for their country, those of pure lives, truly inspired poets, the inventors of arts, and all who have done good to mankind. It was a delightful region where souls could converse with whom they pleased. Elysium, a paradise for those who found favor with the gods. The home of heroes and the virtuous. Fields of the pale liliaceous asphodel and poplars grew in Elysium. This gave rise to the name of the place known as the Elysian Fields which were the final resting place of the blessed chosen by the gods – paradise or heaven.”




1.  a place or condition of ideal happiness.

2.  Greek myth the dwelling place of the blessed after death.

3.  a state or place of perfect bliss.

The film Elysium while in the form of science fiction is showing the audience that there is a “state” populated with people living in Greek style palaces.


Neil Blomkamp wrote a pro Obama Agenda movie

Elysium space habitatDirector and script Writer, Neil Blomkamp, brings you an Obama Administration Immigration Reform, Homeland Security, and the scandalous health care program to your viewing experience, retraining rather. Their effort is to groom you into the belief that affordable health care is Barack Hussein Obama’s true intention.. it is clearly not.  I’m not the only one expressing this prediction.


Jodie foster Omni compare

IMDBIn the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. Secretary Delacourt, a government official, will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium. That doesn’t stop the people of Earth from trying to get in by any means they can. When unlucky Max is backed into a corner, he agrees to take on a daunting mission that, if successful, will not only save his life but could bring equality to these polarized worlds.”

Above: Jodi Foster represents A.I. of Elysium.  New-Age archetype: the androgynous goddess of artificial intelligence” is the theme of OMNI Magaine’s May 1984 issue

Global Voices“Elysium centers its focus on a former convict named Max (Damon), whose deplorable health condition forces him to seek the services of a criminal political leader who also wants to get a hold of Elysium’s exceptional health care resources in order to find a cure for ailing earth inhabitants. Nevertheless, they will face Elysium’s rogue Secretary of Defense Delacourt (Foster), who relentlessly keeps inhabitants (or as the movie calls them, “illegals”) from entering Elysium at all costs.   As Elysium unravels, one would think that the main reason these “illegals” want to flee planet Earth for a more comfortable life in Elysium is paralleled to the reason why many immigrants decide to cross the border and find a better life in the United States (of course, the U.S. being the “Elysium” for all hopeful immigrants overseas). The movie also shows that immigrants go to Elysium to find better health care, but they need to become Elysium citizens in order to enjoy it. In real life, many undocumented immigrants face the same problem, as they don’t have access to health care.” – Robert Valencia”


There are 4 major points to consider when viewing this film.

“Homeland Security”?  This is a space station that is not specific to any single country.  Jodie Foster’s character originally written for a male character has a last name without a first – Defense Secretary (of a state) Delacourt.   The name Delacourt can be deconstructed as a symbol of a rogue ruling system.  A court run by the defense secretary of Elysium who uses a militia of today’s likeness – The Department of Homeland Security.  Because the film is paralleling the executive branches continued desire to flood the United States with Mexicans as well as South Americans for votes that would undoubtedly insure ObamaCare, one may view the secretary’s name Delacourt as “De la Court” which is a blending of two languages, English and Spanish.  This is ‘of the’ court system’s above the law actions emulating Obama’s out of control signing of executive order after order.  Delacourt’s ambition to operate above the president is a reversal when compared to real life political moves. Obama is a tyrannical dictator in which Elysium applies a fake Obama persona using the character President Patel.

1.  Immigration Reform in which free medical care is the primary concern of the poor, and, will do ……anything to receive it.

2.  The importance of Homeland Security even though it will not exist 141 years from today.

3.  The lure of free health care in lieu of the Executive Branch’s push to implement ObamaCare.

4.  The power of the police state on a global level.  Robots assume the responsibility of enforcing ……martial law as well as rule in judgement outside courts of law.


Underlying themes include:

Homeland security text

Matt Damon’s role as savior to the needy and destitute represents death to America and the transition over to the New World Order.

Elysium’s configuration is a combination of the five pointed star, or pentogram, within a circle representing reproduction.

The branding of an entitlement code (Mark of the Beast) on the forearm’s of the residents of Elysium correlates completely with NAZI Germany’s IBM number system tattooed on incarcerates within concentration camps throughout Europe and Germany.

Antiquated displays

The symbol Frey draws on Max’s hand as children.  She illustrates the human hybrid program drawing a circle (Elysium  = symbol for reproduction) with the letters F + M underneath.  This obviously indicates the mating of a female with a male using the first letters of each word.


Above:  141 years from now, computers from before 2013 are favored


Time seems to stop in 2013

The weapon of mass global destruction in which Earth is shown as a One Global Slum is revealed on this “CHEMRAIL” shooter.  The word closely resembles Chemtrail as in global particulate dispersion.  For nearly two decades, earth at this time has undergone a mass sterilization and atmospheric dessication due to project Cloverleaf “Aerial Plumbs” as coined by chemtrail expert Cliff Carnicom. 

ChemrailTechnology and product production has ceased to advance and by the year 2154 when this story takes place, Earthly objects are dated between 1970 or so through 2013.  We do not see consumer products of the future.  We see the same automobiles, kitchen appliances, clothing more or less, garbage, and items found in thrift shops of today.  Are manufacturers still making tires 140 years later?  Computer technology is a blend of DOS and maybe a little beyond, but not the predicted hologram imagery depicted in many previous films including THE ISLAND and Hunger Games (plus many more showing advanced computing that takes place more recently than 2154.  For an overview analysis of the Hunger Games, follow this link.

Elysium clearly shows the fate of humanity on earth sequestered under powerful robotic madness.  Today, we are abused with probation.. a tracking and monitoring system for those not yet incarcerated or recently released, and the merging of corporate law vesting the power of the judge and jury with these A.I. (artificial intelligence) entities.

Probation officerThe purpose is to reach the audiences who can only think in terms of contemporary concepts.  The selling point is today’s push for opened border health care at the expense of those who slave for the Elite corporations.  The high technology belongs only to the Elite and its militia with the exception that in this film “Spider”, the leader of a rogue band of thieves, have access to their technology.

In this way, the film can successfully promote free health care to the masses further depressing people by creating an air of submission.  Max submits to the dangerous order in which his life is risked for the sake of his job, otherwise, he’s a dime a dozen and easily replaced.

Cancer and radiation is a hot topic in the last few years with the chaos in Japan’s Fukushima’s highly toxic nuclear power plant contamination.  Who would not want free health care to help recover from radiation poisoning?  We all want to feel saved by medicine especially if it comes free, however, that is NOT the intent of Obama’s health care plan.  Thousands of pages of the proposal say so quite plainly.. when decoded by the experts and they have successfully proven its true intent to deny care TO EVERY ONE!

Nazi tattoo



  1. Thank you. They’re blatant for sure. One of the main characters in Disney’s new release Fire & Rescue is a helicopter with the number 33 stamped on it. I posted a video to another site that might interest you in which crop circles can be linked to elements in film.

  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction said:

    Fantastic analysis. I had never noticed the “Homeland” insignia on the robot’s choppers… How very un-subtle!

  3. realnuz said:

    The definition of a critic is in essence a person who doesn’t know the subject matter. If you were educated, you wouldn’t be chiming in as anonymous nor tossing in a pissing match retort. I challenge you to comment back with your real name and who you work for and, well, let’s discuss natural science. Bet you won’t. To not accept the challenge is the sign you’re not only a coward, but indeed the retard… ignorant one. The definition of the word dumb, my pupil, means one without a real voice and can’t speak. It means you’re dumb for not calling me on my phone to tell me how you feel… I have a voice.

  4. Anonymous said:


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