All Summer in a Day

The CHEMTRAIL program has dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in Ray Bradbury’s inspired film adaptation “All Summer in a Day”.  Compared to two decades ago, it never rains with consistency.  Today, people wear sunglasses for style rather than to protect from a glaring sun and umbrellas, at least in the southwest, are used for thirty minutes in entire year.


Based on a short story by Ray Bradbury

When I was even younger I  noticed that people would forget what times were like as recent as the previous week. Without having the words to describe what I observed, I sensed the conditions of social engineering groomed by media mind control.  It burned in the back of what I felt to be a common sense oriented mind. In other words, I had premonitions way back since I could remember of times when what we expect and take for granted like our Sun is stolen.  Few people take notice and when told, don’t care but for a momentary thought or concern which diminishes within two minutes. Our problem with CHEMTRAIL programs that have dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in this film adaptation, that it never rains with consistency, is what I felt thirty one years ago.

Teacher and Williamand written for television by Mike Konczewski., “All Summer In A Day” (IMDB) directed by Ed Kaplan was distributed by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). The story of this early 80’s after school special takes place on the planet, Venus, where it hardly ever stops raining.  The plot focuses on a classroom full of young children who are excited to learn that the rain will stop on that day, but for only one hour.  One student is resentful of a new classmate from Earth who remembers what it’s like to see the sun, and when asked what it’s like, she tells them how glorious it is.  A viscous act of cowardice compels him to lock her in a closet.  She will have to wait seven years for the next opportunity to enjoy what she misses on Earth.

.I was Nineteen and entering my second year of University studies at the time of airing. What was striking to me was that I was riveted with fear whereas anyone other than my experience is that of entertainment… sci-fi and that’s it. I had a problem. The problem is with what a dialogue exchange that took place where, Margot, the girl born on Earth, says to the cynicism spewed from a Venetian student named William, regarding the relevance of the sun’s importance:


William steps on the foot switch turning on the sun tanning lamps.

                  (To Margot)
          There you go. Just like the real sun.

          No it's not.

          How do you know?

          Because I remember.

          No you don't, nobody remembers.

               (turns away from William)
          I do.




.Today, people mostly wear sunglasses for style rather than to protect from a glaring sun

Those residing In the Southwest quadrant of the United States may use their umbrellas for 30 minutes out of an entire year.

miniature setting of earthAll Summer in a Day was a highly memorable Learning Corporation of America contribution, however, and felt that with an update to the musical score and stitching the three part youtube segments together, I’d have something special to present for my BRICK WALL CINEMA outdoor educational internet broadcasting project.

To view a short clip of Brick Wall Cinema by following this link:






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