Comparative Analysis: Real Steel, The Iron Giant, C3PO & the Mars robot head

The analysis of the Hollywood film REAL STEEL reveals a common thread trait that has remained intact for decades.  It happens to be the overall basic feature characteristic style and form of a robot’s head that has its origin found on Mars.  On Mars, a photograph clearly shows the head of a robot lying on the ground with the same look as all animated film robots do that portray fighters, fighting for others, or are militaristic such as THE IRON GIANT and C3PO of STARWARS.  Meanwhile, robots noted in BICENTENNIAL MAN, and even in old movies including the TIN MAN of the WIZARD OF OZ are modeled more human like because they are servants, not soldiers of war operated by our video gaming indoctrinates of today.  The company to watch out for, BOSTON DYNAMICS, that is represented by CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, in the second installment of the franchise, Terminator Judgement Day, is the real life company creating terminators for our Military Complex.  You think they won’t use them against US Citizens?


In the video that accompanies this article, take note that the art director when speaking to the design of the boxing fighter robot in the film REAL STEEL says that he had no preconceived ideas about the design for the robot.  This simply cannot be true when I clearly can make out the common traits that are basic although slightly unique in style, the foundational design follows ‘rules’ that go back decades in science fiction film making involving robot head design.


  1. I fear not getting approval from my family and relatives for what I’ve achieved.. that’s my main life issue. It is a longing for trust and the support that follows. It places me in a position of mental abandonment, disharmony, and so on with regard to my place with those I am closest to. But, I know that people do appreciate that I show my findings in the world of truthing and finding solutions to problems of so many areas. Health in particular if you’ve visited my companion site Now, in the world of conspiracy, the theories, the anger and fear mongering and so forth, I don’t fear an impending doom feeling that most do for the reason, I understand the why and how of the agendas to figure out the solutions. There, I fear that not enough people will unite to implement these solutions. Most are satisfied with the entertainment and with thriving in the chaos of it to not want to stop and try something to stop those dynamics. To summarize the “why”… it is because when our nation falls under martial law and complete tyrannical dictatorship that folks will ask, “why didn’t someone do anything about this? knowing full well they had the opportunity as truth seekers themselves to work with me. My biggest fear then is, failure. How’s that for honesty in the truther movement? lol:) Lee

  2. jason said:

    When I watch these presentations. I find myself compelled to ask you a question. What do you fear and why?

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