Exposé – Chris Kitze of Before It’s News

Before It’s News seems to be a website where breaking news is brought to the public and considered authentic journalism.  While many contributors work especially hard to bring fresh news to the world, I’m one to also show the solution.  According to BIN there is no discretion as to what is valid and not.  Find out who is behind the decision making, what the general policy is, and how ludicrous and highly dangerous it really is.  This video demonstrates how serious the personal denials and non logic from one person permeates the masses who assume that true decision making and care is taken regarding dissemination of intel.  I’ve been censored countless times by BIN.  I’m nice till I can’t be nice.  This is one case of telling the truth as revealed by the unethical ones.  I didn’t flush them… they did it themselves.


“Just go somewhere else.  Go to Godlike Productions.” – Chris Kitze

Click on the image to view video:



Understand who the Health Ranger really is and what he was positioned to do for 10 years (Long version video): Mike Adams Exposé




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