Lucy = Lucifer – Analyzing the film “Lucy”

Luc Besson is inducted into the secret societies Hall of Fame for “LUCY”

When the film The Big Blue came to the United States, I was completely blown away by Luc Besson’s directing style.  The story was me.. a person who loves to swim and hold my breath for as long as I can under water.  When Luc created his director’s cut version, he did away with the intellect of the great editors of sound and content to make a flop.  If one sees this movie, it must be the original theatrical release.  Unfortunately, it is only available in VHS.


From that point on after filming Le Grande Bleu, Besson may have been inducted into the Illuminati hall of fame for film making in which he’s not making beautiful love stories, but those with the most impact when it comes to telling and showing occult messages.  Lucy happens to have those signatures.  The story hits on matters of trans-humanism and integration of human beings into the machine, or technology of artificial intelligence.  The computer model of the next route evolution takes.  “From evolution to revolution.” as stated by dialogue coming from Morgan Freeman.


“Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”

Lucy’s character played by Scarlett Johannson is the embodiment of decades of scientific evolution for that revolution in which it is our destiny according to them that we genetically modify, or morph, into self-proclaimed gods.  Lucy says, “I am God, watch me kill these guys.” and at the end of the film when she integrates into an old fashioned mainframe computer, within a second of Morgan Freeman’s query as to where she disappeared returns a text to his phone showing “I am everywhere”.  This happens after Lucy goes back in time to pass all knowledge to  “Lucy” in her very ancient habitat depicted as the missing link.

“I am God…”

Lucy-2014-Movie-ImagesJust before reaching maximum human intellectual brain capacity, or 100 percent, she says “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”.  George Bush said something like that when he announced to Americans that there is Order out of Chaos.  In this film, there’s so much chaos that in the final scene, order takes place when the spark of intellectual life is passed on to the beginnings of mankind.  When seen in reverse, it is actually about the retardation of the human mind through what is best known as the dumbing down of society to make way for the supersoldier who will take drugs to enhance the speed at which they think, feel less or no pain, and have zero remorse for those they inflict pain, incarceration and mostly death when engaged in war.  Well, we see that happening on our soil without an official declaration.  It’s happening now.

“We will be worthy of your sacrifice”

(Spoiler) Lucy travels back when the missing link “Lucy” was alive and reaches out to touch her.  At the point of connection, Lucy, or Lucifer, installs all the knowledge that will impact human being to their final destiny – self destruction at the aid of the alien race, Reptilians.  The reptilians happen to be the serpents depicted in the Holy Bible.

mich5This is the beginning of the matriarchal movement by the New World Order regime.  They are doing away with a male dominated era showing us that women preside over them.  The sacrifice of Lucy to transform her into a deity of control and deceit is exemplified here with indiscriminate killings of male figures in order to reinvent the human race back to “Lucy”, the missing link.  She spares the life of one woman and there are no women killed, women attacking women… there isn’t a thing aggressive regarding an attack on a woman… except for Lucy of course.  She takes this knowledge and gives creates a ‘Do over’ at modern man’s beginnings. 070828_lucy_bcol_1p.standard

Are all men ruthless?  Look at what she did to the hapless chaps that didn’t do a thing to her.  I’m not clear on how accessing more of the brain allows this to occur. It has Lucifer’s intent written all over it.

This is a movie about domination over all humans because when men are neutralized by death, sterilization, and incarceration, there is less success of the society surviving for the absence of reproduction.  But, because of science and technology, there’s plenty of sperm in sperm banks and there’s the genetic programs who take the opportunity to fiddle with the DNA of that sperm.  It is called the human genome project.

There are the montage scenes showing us propagation… animals mating in the wild.  Without human men to mate with human women, what is the resolve?  The resolve comes from science.  It is clear that women can be artificially impregnated with altered genetics.   At this point, there is no such thing as evolution.

“From evolution to revolution”

The alien enterprise has a single objective.  It is to control all human beings from the top down.  All that you experience is a result of the work by alien intentions for their dominion over the resources of this world we call home.  The film describes time in a way that is a clue by which the Reptilian and Zeta Reticulans (Grey Alien) have battled stealthily against that which is in their way.  We are in their way.  But we were necessary to do the heavy labor – the dirty work in the 3rd dimensional plane they cannot function in.  It is why our atmosphere has been modified and at some point, the planet sterilized for their survival on the surface.  They are mining this planet and planning to snatch every soul in mass during the mass extinction of man.  This is the description of Professor Newman’s quote from the film Lucy, “From evolution to revolution”.  Newman, incidentally, is the sign of the revised (revolutionized) human being into something that we are not.  It is the separation from of man from earth.


Where have we seen a real life attempt at creating an antichrist?

(Below)  The person person pictured below has been identified as a CIA agent using biometric verification methods.  He was involved with the Pablo Escobar assassination in 1994 as a DEA agent.   After two decades, both being the same man have yet to be officially identified by name by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and acknowledged by the NSA. 

Joe Zamudio comparison

The Gabrielle Giffords shooting that occurred the first week of the year 2011 made its fashionable false flag debut in which a convincing case against Jared Lee Loughner was established.  Not one person you meet will say the event happened any way other than the media’s presentation, therefore, the Manchurian candidate is the only one at fault.


This idea is even set in the mind of the skeptic and is why mind control is so effective. It is why no person can see it for what it really was. I however, am the one who found the actual operations personnel who took the other shots and the one who with circumstantial evidence bring Joe Zamudio to court for assassinating Judge John McCarthy Roll by bludgeoning him on the head with a billy club.

It was speculated that Gabrielle Giffords was sacrificed as part of a plan to create a superhuman who had “miraculously healed from a mortal head wound and would become the antichrist”  Revelations 13:3.  The genomics program involving human beings at the University of Arizona in concert with UMC took part in an experimental cryogenics procedure performed on Giffords in which she was placed under the influence of suspended animation for the removal of practically her entire left hemisphere brain tissue.


Giffords did not personally agree to sacrifice her life for a cause against the people.  If she did, she would not have survived only to change her views on the Constitutional right to bear arms against Government.  This is a reversal of all that she had worked for protecting our rights.  She was sacrificed as a lamb by secret society members, primarily corrupt elected officials who both partake in the Freemasonry and paid positions as public servants.  They physically removed her left hemisphere, the logic processing area that was destroyed by a bullet and then placed her right back into a decision making forum.  She continues a campaign announcing that it is to lay down your weapons.

background memorial wgifford picture .

Thank you for your sacrifice 2

(Left) A peculiar card was left at the UMC Hospital outside in the midst of the votive candles and get well wishes people left as a memorial.  It was written in such a manner that it contrasted all else that was placed at the memorial.  The written message had repeat elements to something Morgan Freeman said in the movie “…we will be worthy of your sacrifice”.  The card at the hospital read,

The similar words shared by both the card left behind in 2011 at a hospital and the dialogue from LUCy are inter connected..  Gabrielle may have been earmarked to be a US based antichrist that would help reign in the New World Order paradigm.  The script that permeated the media all through Giffords recovery was the notion that it was nothing short of “miraculous”.  This comes directly from the Bible verse.
Your commitment to democracy came with a heavy cost. Thank you for your sacrifice for us.” 

In the note, Gabrielle Giffords is being thanked regardless of her being receptive to the fact she’d been shot.  It has a sick tone in which she involuntarily contracted to sacrifice herself “with a great cost”. The card has been determined to have been written by a self-serving manipulating organization.  A dialogue exchange in LUCY has Morgan Freeman, a mason himself, telling Scarlett Johannson:

“I just hope we [us] we’ll be worthy of your sacrifice [for us]” – Professor Norman “Lucy”

The character, Lucy, was LUCIFER… an antichrist who was sacrificed for the sake of science.  It’s all about mad medicine, transformation, and the dehumanizing of the masses.  This is the quietest war ever perpetrated upon people in world history.  A mental psyops of mind control by psychically oriented aliens. It is the Reptilian species that the film LUCY makes reference to and the Reptilians are the serpents.  Incidentally, the Zeta Reticulan Greys are equally a part of this psyops.  We see them depicted in such films as MARS NEEDS MOMS and WAR OF THE WORLDS. .

A board certified psychologis writes:

“[Lee] not 100% consciousness, but 100% waking consciousness for anti-christ…” – NYS Licensed Psychologist

“Doctor ____,  I don’t understand what you meant by the difference between waking and not waking with regard to an antichrist.  Remember when I talked to you about pain MEMORY trauma being unconscious negative memories?  It resides at the synapse, not at the DNA level.  An invisible force field that keeps the brain from feeling emotional pain as well as the physical.  It is not the modification of the Cell itself, but the nervous block between neurons.  If you viewed the film LUCY, note that she lacks remorse and everything else,  I describe her as a match according to the sociopath doctrines:

Lucy (to Professor Norman)

“I don’t feel pain, fear, desire. It’s like all things that make us human are fading away. It’s like the less human I feel…”

This leads me to question many things.  First, when Lucy reaches 100% consciousness, in an instant she jettisons into the ether and no longer is in a human form, therefore, she’s “Everywhere” and requires no sleep in which the unconscious is tapped.  She’s tapped into both.  Mike, look at the word conscience.  Con means something in reverse and or to spin someone negatively as in Con Man.  Science is attached  You know that definition.  Reversescience.  The film is attempting to convince me that it can create God through genetic manipulation using chemistry.  If you put your logic to this, what they are really saying is that they are arriving at science, not the reverse (conscience) and telling you straight out that they’re creating an antigod or antichrist (Christ or God consciousnesses).  So, to see this right, they are creating 100% “Mad” science which is the antichrist.”





  1. Duane Lawson said:

    I have done a half-analysis on event’s taking place in this Movie as well. I believe that the lecture that Prof. Norman has a lot of juicy information in it as far as telling about the Reconditioning we could possibly be undergoing now. Norman states that “Humans are too obsessed with having instead of being.” I think of how in the recent decades, financial development and the Technologicalization of the Family Home increased spending and therefore kept the financial market on a good leg around the globe.

    In the lecture’s entire context, Prof. Norman is essentially saying “Humans are too obsessed with [innovation] instead [primitivity]”. Norman is subtly suggesting in his lecture that we not try so hard to progress advancement through creativity and ambition instead suggests that we ‘self-destruct’ by becoming apathetic. It’s interpretation could be taken so far (yet not by a stretch) as to imply we shouldn’t focus on having children for the survival of our species.

    When put in plain English, it is somewhat clear to me that many movies and forms of entertainment are encouraging me to lay down and die for nothing in order to become all powerful. It is a toxic message, but the message is given with flowers, candy, good tunes, and dopamine rushes, which feel good and gives us an air of positivity with that message. (Edited for brevity)

  2. I’m glad that you took a second glance at that picture. There was a time that I thought these science fiction movies were ‘brilliant’. And, they are really, but with just as powerful detrimental motion away from what’s right. I awoke from a dream in 2011 while independently investigating the Gabrielle Giffords shooting with a figure in my memory from the dream. It was 2.2 billion. I called my investigator friend and asked if she could help me think it out. My conclusion having spoken it through was that the number could be the actual world census instead of 6-7 billion for the reason we’re not told the truth by any official survey. The other was that it was the amount of people that would be exterminated at a time when the NWO would have been officially declared, in complete power, and so on. An ugly thought. Two weeks went by when I came across a single paragraph article, if one can be called that, buried deep in my local paper announcing that there are approximately 2.2 billion Christians world wide. The answer was that those were the people my duty was to protect in some way, because it is the Christian that is attacked the most. If I got one to blink twice on a concept such as the film LUCY, perhaps that one person can spread the message to stop the downfall of Christianity. I’m Jewish, btw, but most likely a more direct blood line to our ancestors from that time. Who knows, but we all need to work together!

  3. Luis said:

    Im a Christian , and i thought lucy was a great movie but thanks to people as yourself i am now well aware that i was being brainwashed by this demonic production. Thank you and God bless you .

  4. Anonymous said:

    I knew all along…

  5. Cassandra said:

    Thanks, when I saw the preview for Lucy I was creeped out because I knew what it was really saying.

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