Bridge of Spies – Friending Russia

“We need to have the conversation our governments can’t” – James Donavan (Tom Hanks)

What struck me the most was the smash cut immediately following an elementary classroom viewing a nuclear response film and what to do, “Duck and Cover”.  This scene is followed by the teacher and grade schoolers reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands covering their hearts.  I hadn’t thought of this for some decades other than in passing, but when I saw the scene, it truly rocked me as to what we’ve become.  Desensitized from our allegiance… few show the reverence as seen in Bridge of Spies at contemporary ball games.  We can’t wait for the clock to start ticking.

What we see

“The question Bridge of Spies wants the viewer to consider is the same one that could have been asked during the Cold War era: “What does the United States of America truly stand for? Are we willing to uphold those constitutional convictions even when we feel threatened by outside forces?” Rotten Tomatoes review

IMDB – In the cold war, A lawyer, James B. Donovan recruited by the CIA and involved in an intense negotiation mission to release and exchange a CIA U-2 spy-plane pilot, Francis G. Powers that was arrested alive after his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union during a mission- with a KGB intelligence officer, Rudolf Abel who was arrested for espionage in the US.


PTB preparing for WWIII grooming the masses “bridge relations”

“In order to understand our own times, we need to be able to understand earlier periods as well. Bridge of Spies provides a reasonably accurate portrayal of the case, but its portrayal of the late 1950s—designed by Spielberg and a team of writers who include the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan—appeals more to the prejudices of our own time than it would the reality of the world back then. The image of an intolerant anti-Communist citizenry and a hopelessly evil U.S. government has been popular for decades, and we seem eager to believe it. Perhaps that makes sense: in a post-9/11, post-PATRIOT Act, post-Snowden world, the idea that the CIA might be out to trample American ideals in order to track an upstanding citizen, supposedly in the service of keeping us safe, is completely feasible. But a half-century ago, despite the very real excesses of the CIA abroad, Americans believed more deeply in the Constitution and the American criminal justice system than they do today.” – David Kaiser

Tom Hanks, James Donavan, could care less about the adversaries concern for five human beings in an arbitration regarding multiple injury lawsuit against his single client, but when it came to an American doctrine that everyone counts, he managed to salvage a poor soul caught in the political/war crossfire which to our government was unnecessary except for himself and an altruistic conscious.  My question is who does Tom Hanks serve in real life to flip flop when it comes to true human ideals.  You and I sitting in the audience watching applaud when we reach the end and the outcome is positively reinforcing to all, but what about the five motorcyclists either killed or injured in the accident discussed at the beginning of this film?  Those poor souls considered ‘causualties of the corporate world’ happen to be you and me.  What we saw in the movie were militants and spies with human feelings, but without regard for all human life.  It’s about selection.  This includes Donavan (Hanks) whose character shift ‘bridges’ into transitioning into being an American spy… learning from experience and a natural at it.  This is his job as an actor for the Elite class to convince us that there are special people deserving of a chance, even if they’re doing their job as a spy, and that we’re not.

The secret societies who control the propaganda messages from Hollywood who arm both sides in war use Tom Hanks as the poster child to bridge relations between the US and Russia.

Visual Imprinting – Is there a Nazi message hidden in plain sight?

Liesl and fiance compared to assistant 2Tom Hanks’ legal assistant is also a poster child of the Aryan look bringing in the Nazi youth movement in an apparent nuance staging of infiltration.  That one was quick to my eye, but not easy to catch for the average analyzer of Hollywood’s ulterior task of type casting characters.  When the assistant carelessly barges into the Donavan home interrupting supper without an apology, the eldest daughter who happens to not only be stood up for a date, but beautiful, is completely ignored by the young single man.  This has been a standard treatment in most all spy films comical and serious that goes way back to the days of epic film making – most notably The Sound of MusicLiesl, the eldest of the Von Trapp family daughters, is completely abandoned by her Aryan fiance for his allegiance to a cause.  Hollywood has demonstrated this iconic, or stereotype, of young men with insensitivity in both films. 

Additional techniques of the media psyops agenda

hitler interstellar 'Brand'

morgan-fry-compare4Piers Morgan was placed in the US as a media psyops agent 9 days following the Gabrielle Giffords shooting replacing Larry King as an advocate against our the Constitution.  His job was and continues to enchant US citizens to relinquish their rights to freely bear arms.  The film V For Vendetta was a campaign to ease Morgan into the hearts of Americans by an association with Stephen Fry who played the same character role as a media man friendly with the anti government character role of the protagonist.   Burghart Klaußner’s character in Bridge of Spies is an effort to relate the latter as an imprint called “deceptive engineering”.

True message from Abel?

rudolf abel self portraitThe Russian spy, Abel, ingratiates Donavan with a gift.  As Donavan’s job is complete, he receives the gift that turns out to be a painting Abel creates from his mind without the use of a photograph.  This says two things.  First, Abel has a photographic memory, catches all that is seen and said, and is the epitome of a true collector of information indicating to Donavan that he carries more intel than one would expect, even while jailed before being set free.  Second, that it means to the general audience he merely is showing his gratitude.   To craft a realistic rendition of someone takes time to complete.  It means that Abel began the painting from the moment he was incarcerated to the moment he was traded.  It shows that he calculated every move the Americans made.  If you experience this film, note that Abel must use a mirror throughout an entire process to replicate his own photo realistic impression of himself.

Example of what is seen in an East Berlin office.

Why couldn’t he have done this from memory as with Hanks?

square compass

The point of this is that a spy must have the ability to out think, decode, make sense, and calculate their moves and the outcome of their actions.  It’s what I practice and this movie helps to validate myself as an in-faith investigator.  My background happens to be in art and design.

The Mark of the Beast

Behind the desk of Harold Ott (Burghart Klaußner) in East Berlin hangs an enormous image banner depicting some sort of emblem with a compass as its focal point.  No rhyme nor reason to it in real life other than the stage seal stamped as a reminder to the NWO their agenda.  Striking, as it is the mark of the Freemasonry.

Toning down water boarding

toning down water boardingWater boarding has been an interrogation practice since time began.  This scene in which the downed U2 pilot, Powers, is punished with a bucket of water is a diversion from the truth.   The point is, the entire film and recent movies within the past decade have all been kind to Russia and its demeanor.  This is mainly to convince Americans that it will be acceptable to buddy with them against the Chinese in a world war.  The analysis of War Horse may help to exemplify the dynamics.




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