Virgin Sacrifices involved euphoria mushrooms

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Have you ever wondered about the shape of a volcano that it appears from a distance to be a pyramid?  This may be the case.  While geologists have formed their opinions, so too has Dismantle The Beam Project.

Volcanic pyramid energy machines

visible-portion-hoover-dam-stargate1 the ancient metropolis formation theory of the Grand Canyon is correct, then perhaps most all if every one of the mountains we conclude as natural forming may not be at all.  If an Alien race, or multitude of them, created a global star map reflecting the celestial star patterns of the heavens, then volcanoes too must be pyramids energy engines using natural subterranean heat as their fuel.  These conical shaped constructs differ from the four sided pyramid.

Above:  Studying Hoover Dam with the consideration that it may be an intended pyramid structure.  It would not be a full four sided pyramid, but 1/3 of a conical formation that relies on a body of water as diamagnetic forces with its paramagnetic constitution of quartz giving it the fundamental components for being an aetheric energy machine – for some purpose.  This study concludes that Hoover Dam may be a stargate.

They must be pyramids nonetheless?

It is understood that the occult uses the film industry to showcase their stories in riddle form.  While the general audience assumes reality based on selective science disseminated through the educational system, the volcano that a character in the movie AFTER EARTH must climb to save his life has an underlying meaning.

ant hill dam compareHoover Dam may be 1/3rd of a conical modern day pyramid constructed to work as an energy machine other than generating hydro-electric power.  That remains to be determined, however, new evidence proves it to be the case.  Ants create an electromagnetic ring field around the crest of their ant hills making an EMF address that they identify as their unique homing device to lead them to and from home.  These are interesting trivia notations, however, may be important to a yet to be discovered purpose for ancient volcanic mountains dormant or active.


Were people forced into volcanoes, or did they go willingly?

It is quite possible that folklore has somehow deleted the main ingredient as being the integral element for the practice of human sacrifice by inducing a young young virgin into an erotic state of mind whilst being thrown, or voluntarily thrown to their death.  Reminding ourselves that the powers of the illusionaris, the secret societies and their Satanic methods posing as priests, ask us to decide for ourselves our fate.  We are allowed to make our decisions although plainly coerced or deceived into them.  The bio-chemical aspect cannot be excluded in these diabolical self serving practices of the voyeur who prescribes the mushroom to the gullibility of the youth.  The occult induldges in so many ritualistic events using nightshades and a myriad of natural occurring poisons.

virgin sacrifice 1How, not why, were virgins compelled to be sacrificed? Did they commit themselves to suicidal dives into volcanoes?  Or, were these young ladies forced as commonly assumed through speculation without reasonable scientific or written historical facts?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am inclined to believe they volunteered for there may be a viable answer.  It was customary to do this with virgins who had never experienced intimacy to have the ultimate feelings of ecstasy – an orgasmic experience.  A young girl would not have second thoughts based on the love for an eligible young man for starters.  This coupled with the extraordinary magnetism of religious doctrines, they would submit to a power such as a deity or God.  There is a mushroom that to women induces an orgasmic feeling, but does not create the spontaneous arousal in men.  In fact, it has the opposite repulsive effect and reaction.  This mushroom known as one of a variety of the Dictyophora mushroom species.  It grows on lava flows that are 600–1000 years only grows in high altitudes.  This means that there is a correlation between virginal sexual sacrifice and volcanoes.  What if beyond that, there’s a relationship with the volcano doubling as a cone shaped pyramid?  What else did those Mayans do on top of their pyramid temples?

No way!  A female aphrodisiac symbiotic with a monumental phallic looking cone pyramid?    Or, way…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASex has been a staple metaphor in religion all over the world and in history.  I won’t even go into the Catholic Church to delineate word origins such as the “seminary” “seminal” chambers and what “peni-tance” this and that relate to.  It’s so obvious.  With the definition of this smelly fungus as follows:

DICTYOPHORA is a genus of stinkhorn fungi closely related to those of the genus Phallus but distinguished by an indusium that hangs like a skirt from below the pileus)

The phallic symbol is wide spread as well as the reproductive system, its parts, and the list is seemingly endless.  But, nobody has ever related this mushroom to the ancient practices, or acts of sexual reenactment without the sex in a ceremony as epic as a human sacrifice…. why the volcano and nothing else?  A pool drowning a cause for this sensational group activity?  No.  It has to be a volcano and under the possible influence of an intense feeling of rapture, euphoria and how ever one explains it. (source)




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