Crop Circle Identified as a Primer Field

magnetic bowls cropcircle


Does this crop circle explain the PRIMER FIELD theory of magnetism?

torus 4

CERN primer fieldCan a CERN diagram (European Council for Nuclear Research) be related to the above pictured Crop Circle?  If so, will it help the Flat Earth Theorists with more evidence that our world is indeed a flat disc based on a Primer Field?

(Above) The doughnut shaped torus field is an emf expression that surrounds the earth and living organisms.  This stable electromagnetic field may also be the companion force now understood as a Primer Field.

Experiments demonstrate that opposing electrical fields in the form of bowl shapes arranged as illustrated create a plasma field that can be compressed from a spherical shape into a disc.  If our world formed this way, then it would not be surprising that a unique compression took place as seen as a universal model that shaped our galaxies as well.

What concerns me about the Flat Earth theory, Earthica, is not the fact it may be flat, but flatearthers making a fanatical stink about it without the smoking gun evidence. They require reasonable proof.  I’ll find your proof if you wish – just say the word” – Lee B.

CERN primer field 5Not surprising will be the skeptics who disprove the flat earth concepts claiming lack of convincing evidence.  While many questions arise as to the importance for proving the theory, the argument is that it seems nothing of value benefiting mankind would avail.

flattened earth space view

It is assumed that because CERN is developing destructive technological devices against humanity, perhaps there should be meritable reason to establish a framework by which the “Powers That Be” attempts to refute this case for flat earth complicates their hiding of the truth from those of us outside their circles of secrecy.  A solution to this issue is to support the flat earth theory regardless of one may believe for the reason, it could test “science” forcing it to yield and expose itself as propaganda.


Astonishing laboratory experiments demonstrate proof that forces other than the torus field are at work

Published on Dec 17, 2012 In this first of three video series argues that the currently accepted theories established by the scientific community are not exactly correct.  The whole of physics, astrophysics, mathematics and conceptual out of the box fantasies by our entire industry of science is shaken to its core with this fundamental theory defining the forces governing all matter. (Note) The author of this video does not directly advocate the Flat Earth theory in his documentation.  The inclusion of the documentary suggests scientific evidence that supports the Flat Earth theory.




  1. Good question. It’s why the FEers scramble for answers they can’t prove such as a a great ice barrier that keeps the water in around the edges. I created this article with the hope people advance the Primer Theory and merge it into existing ones so that something interesting results from extended research. This is my method for attracting answers for myself instead of me being a skeptic for skeptics sake:) See how nice I am?

  2. Klare said:

    Omg where does all the water go 🤔

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