“Alien” agenda spelled out in HUNGER GAMES

reptilian catLionsgate Films makes movies that announce New World Order Agenda messages.  The Hunger Games franchise is loaded with them.  Important here is a focus on the alien intrusion against humanity and this planet.  At the end of the fourth film and part 2 of what appears to be a Mockingjay series embedded in a quadrilogy (so damn confusing)  is a simple phrase shared to an infant by the hero, warrior, leader…. slave.

John Carter (Disney) uses symbols as background and makeup design which crosses over in many films.

“… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”

John carter circ de solie logo compare - Copy

Who is “they” and where in the plotlines of any of the four films were “they” coming with a absolute desire to remain without contest?  Katniss Everdeen kills the ultimate evil while the equal party is torn to pieces… who then is in power or who isn’t yet exiled?  If it was so important that the audience had to hear this as a final goodby to Hunger Games, why isn’t the hero the actual leader?  This is because that which cannot be removed must be that which has utter control over humanity – Alien races.


We find two profound alien entities represented

Like media manipulation, terrorism, ancient Roman “Bread and Circuses”, nationwide imprisonment, work camps, forced subservience, perpetual war, hints of the dissolve the Reichstag and call for a new parliamentary election.  It’s a bold statement about the unforgiving nature of war and rebel insurrection that takes place largely underground or in dangerous urban ruins.  This is what we see in film today.  We also are shown both the reptilian and alien gray alliance.  This is an off world influence that has predicated what Hollywood shares with the public… much truth wrapped in fictional tales using very close symbolic references..

Hunger Games baby 1 txtThe last scene is where the disclosure takes place and is set to categorize this franchise as an Alien driven series.  I was stunned to find the message spelled out in plain earshot. Jennifer Lawrence “Katniss Everdeen” speaks a dialogue that has no reference, says nothing specific about any of the film plot themes, and yet there it was to state what I feel is the Alien Agenda. Oh no, here comes the conspiracy theory.

The last scene’s dialogue where Katniss talks to her baby just before “The End”. Firstly, a description of the baby is, and people in blogs all over the place concur, that the baby’s head is twice as big as normal and that it appeared to be Asian. One person said it had black eyes. I observed all the above, but in addition to the eyes, they were all black and non blinking. Now, how does that message out that an Alien agenda statement is being made. Here’s what Katniss says after a lead in: “… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”  Then she explains how she deals with bad dreams and things by writing a list of good things she’s ever done for people and that it’s routine, but manageable for existence.

Hunger Games baby 2 txtWhat she meant in my opinion is that it is the Aliens that came and won’t ever leave.  There was nothing in the plot that lead her to say what she said for the audience to understand because it made absolutely no sense. Not unless one has studied the NWO like I have.

Ask anyone who has seen the film HUNGER GAMES – MOCKINGJAY PART 2 and ask if they thought the baby Katniss held had an over-sized head, appeared Asian, and had unusual black eyes. 

I observed that the baby’s head was proportionately oversized. I overheard a person leaving the theater who noted the same.  I’m sure people in the cutting room as well as the the oversight of the director knew it.  In other words, if that was striking and unusual, it would have been a scene to re-evaluate and re-shoot.  But, because they may have used a doll instead of a real baby (it never moved a twitch), there is little doubt in my mind it could have been purposeful to represent an alien.  The lighting created the illusion the eyes were completely black.  Subtle as it was, in most films, a baby of interest or significance is cinematically presented in full light exuding happy baby like illumination.

Ask anyone if they thought the predators released in the underground tunnels appeared to be sightless reptoids.  What we see is a representation of what the human transformation program is – the hybridizing of human beings with both species of aliens.

underground reptilian Alien compareKatniss killed off the PTB in the movie, and is the hero who if she wanted, could rule the people to sovereignty. So, who was in charge for her to say that they’ll never leave? I can say without a doubt until shown otherwise that the last book did not include that thought line.

Katniss also survived the onslaught of aliens.  In this feature, the aliens were depicted as the Alien of the Alien series.  This reptilian form is emulated throughout the sci-fi film industry’s conceptual think tank forums.


Mind Control

Peeta mind control 1The element of torture induced mind control is made evident with the character married to the protagonist.  “Love concurs all” is the running theme behind Katniss Everdeen’s success, however, she adopts the submissive attitude of subservience to the powers that be.  She gives Peeta the benefit of the doubt as to her and her children’s safety.

effie and h

Effie Trinket plays a role in which she doesn’t hesitate to select a child to compete in a deadly game.  She is noted as wearing the sign of a Monarch known to be mind control MKUltra.  These are women groomed to service the Elite and perform inhumane functions while pretending to do service work.  In the last scene, there is the long awaited romance in which she and Haymitch exchange a kiss.  Now, why is she glorified and why accepted back as humane individual?  In a world where there is an advanced technological society complete with medical remedies, why isn’t Peeta, an untreated victim of mind control, treated conclusively for the condition?

(Above and right) This character represents the MKUltra also known as a Monarch.  She is symbolically represented as such with the costume of monarch butterflies.  There a thousands of insects to choose from… why the Monarch?  Who then is she handling?


Why shot in Berlin?

Berlin wall iron blocksThe second to the last scene where the Capitol’s people are baited with the promise of food and shelter to their deaths as they cross through the streets toward the Reichtag-like stronghold of President Snow, we see the same I-Beam barriers as were placed in the no crossing zone between East and West Berlin of the cold war era.

“Greg, I saw the final Hunger Games movie to see that they did have an “Alien” agenda actually disclosed.  It took them until the final words of all four films to cap it off.  I was amazed because for me it was easy to catch, but for anyone else impossible to differentiate the intent.  What she said made absolutely no reference to anything that happened across all four films.  Here’s my article which will bore you to death, but show exactly why they made that franchise, Lee”





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