BIN readers ignore MTV call for conspiracy experts

MTV call


Mainstream television’s iconic show MTV is interested in covering conspiracy theories for the mainstream audience, and not one person visiting the website was interested.  If I could I would, but I’m twice the age they’re seeking.  Yet, beforeitsnews being the mecca for conspiracy gurus like yourselves, gets millions of readers and traffic and is nearing a billion in traffic presents an issue.. are you all chicken?  I spoke with MTV casting agent, Marcial Rios, to evaluate their authenticity as well as validate the call for their mainstream media network that reaches vastly more than we can do in our independent alternative forums.  Without an intention of confounding the truther movement, why not give Marcial a call and see if you can get the opportunity to speak for us all?  The following video audio interview explains what they’re looking to do.
The truth is, most everyone aspiring to be truthers are far from being truthers.  Living in fear, paranoia, selfish interest in the end of the world with no intention of fixing the problem and thinking everyone is out to get them is the reason for no shows.  “Others should, but I’m not stepping up to the plate” is the common consensus and reality for independent network news affiliates and owners, hosts, guests, readers and viewers alike.


NOW CASTING: True Life: I’m a Conspiracy Theorist

If I fit within the demographic, I’d be interested in appearing nationally at risk of the content I deliver distorted and out of context.  The probable case is that MTV is driven by the occult (just maybe?) to which there’s really no possible way I’d get air time.  But, because the opportunity is here for someone half my age to chance it, unless someone under my advisement goes, someone else will be chosen to botch it all up.  It’s why I felt lucky to have been asked for advice so that I could engage in a possible damage control situation in which the New World Religionists and cooperative companies such as MTV establishing this religion have no choice but to cancel the show.

[Rios bio] It’s no secret that governments hide things from its citizens, but how far do you think one will it go to cover up the truth? Conspiracy theories abound that bring into question what we think we know about both history, and the measures being taken to control the future.

Are you concerned that the government is adding fluoride to the water supply as a means of mind control, or that the vapor trails left by planes in the sky are actually chemicals? Are you a cautious consumer, that’s always on the look out for subliminal messages in movies and advertising?

Do you have trust issues with the government that stem to those you’re closest to? Have you gotten arrested while protesting or demonstrating against false information? Maybe you’re actively fighting the government to bring the truth to the masses? Are your potentially polarizing truths making it hard to form new relationships or sustain the ones you have?

No matter your beliefs, MTV’s Emmy-award winning True Life series wants to hear how they’re affecting your life. If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 30, email us at and tell what makes you a conspiracy theorist. NOTE:  Please include your name, location, phone number, your conspiracy theory focus youtube or facebook page, and a recent photo of yourself.

Marcial Rios




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