kidz intel hub is a page filled with items that I have come across that I feel are important for youngsters.  Since I find them particularly engaging, actually brilliant, I also recommend what you find here for you to experience.  One day, I’d like to grow up to be president!


All Summer in a Day   6 +


Margot just moved to the planet Venus where it rains every day no matter what.  William, a classmate who doesn’t believe Margot when she says the sun always shines on Earth locks her in a closet, she misses her chance to see the sun for the first time in five years. Age 6-18 and adult.



From Teaching to Remediation  9 +

Rachel Parent 2

We take a good look at the problem with education in our schools today.   In not so pretty terms, it is called the new era of Educational Fascism.   Rachel Parent is a teenager who decided not to let big business rule our lives.  She is a productive activist who is letting people all over the world know that genetically altered seeds is not good business and not healthy.   Corporate interests are successful in orienting grade school children into the belief that chemtrails and altered food is beneficial.  The youth are not buying that argument and are attempting to make the change elected officials dare not. .

What Are They Spraying?  6 +

CityGypsy, Catherine Itule, created videos for children to understand what they really are seeing when they look up at the sky.  Our school system is teaching them that the condition is normal and that they are beneficial.

“There, it is said that the pollution is good for our health and that it protects us from world violence.  This is far from the truth.  Chemtrails specific job is to sterilize our planet by killing off everything, eventually.  Do you see your favorite bugs these days?  what ever happened to the lots of butterflies, moths, stink and ladybugs?  They’re almost all gone!”


A three part series about the not so real clouds being sprayed in our atmosphere.  Catherine Itule, “CityGypsy”, brings us brilliant work in the area of animated children’s educational tools to help clear things up about what’s dirty in the sky.  The student learning here is different than what is taught in grade school.  Chemtrails are persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails that are formed from water vapor and disappear quickly, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together


Cathy Itule’s second addition to her trilogy regarding chemtrails is just as powerful as the first.


In the last episode of my Chemtrail Cartoon Series: “Another Full Day of Chemtrails”, the main character (our heroic young lady) vows to set out to prove that chemtrails are harmful to all forms of life. In this episode: The CHEM-X Files, she makes good on her promise.


Rosalind Peterson who spearheads California Skywatch discusses the fact that chemtrails, aerosol spraying above commercial traffic, exists.  She describes their presence and their dangerous repercussions regarding humanity to Congress.


Protecting yourself and your children

amazon I won't take the mark

I love God certificate cropAuthor, radio show host, and consumer privacy advocate, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, brings to our children this beautifully illustrated and scripturally accurate book that gently conveys the warnings of Revelation while celebrating the ultimate triumph of good over evil.  These pages guide children as well as adults to a closer relationship with Christ’s teachings.  The purpose as I see it is that each comes with a certificate of commitment for your child to sign, promising to worship only God and never accept the idea nor take the mark of the beast.

You can reach Katherine by clicking here.



Dr. Peg LuksikCommon Core Curriculum (video)”  Parents and young adults

Dr. Luksik identified the government strategy to change original teaching practices in our public school systems to the outcome based movement that is remediation based.   A member of the Pennsylvania Parent Teacher’s Association, she tirelessly investigated and isolated the truth behind the deception and presented the results of the study at Johnstown, PA on August 3, 1992.  Her analysis is remarkable and I recommend it be a mainstay in your educational tool box about education itself. .

Internet Safety Tips


The “Parents Internet Safety” web page is  for parents, primary caregivers and educators addressing cyber attack prevention and internet safety. Authored by Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., a New York State licensed psychologist and author of the iPredator construct, he provides internet safety tips and cyber attack prevention strategies to help insulate children from being cyber attacked by peers and adults engaged in online sexual predation.

Michael and I have been friends during our concerted investigations into internet fraud, deception, and harassment by internet media personalities.  Our hope to continue creating a safe place for everyone who has concerns with safety and privacy continues.

Michael Nuccitelli portraitInternet predators are always preparing for children & teens around the country to return to school and look to the Internet and their Information and Communications Technology for their academic and social networking needs. The beginning of a new school year guarantees a significant increase in online usage, and most important to iPredators, patterned and predictable times of online usage.


Now that children will be back to class and have schoolwork, their time spent online significantly increases along with patterned and predictable times they access the Internet. Online sexual predators, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers prepare themselves for what they hope will be another year of unsuspecting groups of vulnerable, discouraged and high risk taking children and teens.


Radio Shows


Collin Napper age 11 shares his ideas about aliens!  9 + (audio)

I asked an eleven year old boy what he thought about aliens.  “Are they real or not?”  We got on the phone and did a radio show where we talked “shop” about them. .

Dr. Katherine Albrecht and I talk about the mark of the beast relative to RFID technology. Parents

CDAutism book cover

Kerri Rivera  (Video) discovers the protocol that reverses vaccination induced AUTISM!  A simple solution for a perplexing problem the government does not want you to learn.  Parents

CDAutism book cover PDFHealing the Symptoms Known as Autism SECOND EDITION  Activist for health, Kerri Rivera administered chlorine dioxide for her ten year old son who suffered from autism due to vaccinations.  At the time, the intent was to clear up another matter, but the result was that the child began to show signs of recovery over a short period of time.  Now, subjects suffering from autism around the world who are aware of the protocol are benefiting from their original mental and physical condition using chlorine dioxide.  As a result of the interview, the realization that vitamin B deficiency, in particular niacin, can be addressed using chlorine dioxide to effectively treat schizophrenia.

Order your new book today!


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